Tiamat Bolt Prime

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Tiamat Bolt Prime
Level 1 29 454 ??
Level 100 178 2696 ??
Character UnlockObtaining this weapon unlocks a character.
Drawing additional copies beyond the first will instead earn a Gold Moon.
ID 1040509000
JP Name ティアマトボルト・オリジン
Release Date 2018-02-28
Other Sites KamigameHuiji Wiki
(Chinese wiki)
At times the winds grow calamitous and put to question the truth of one's nature. When these chaotic winds gather, they become an unstoppable bolt of arcane energy, reducing all of creation to nothingness.
Charge Attack
Aerial Blitz Massive Wind damage to a foe.
Inflict ATK DownATK is lowered
Duration: 180 seconds
and DEF DownDEF is lowered
Duration: 180 seconds
Weapon Skills
Ventosus's Dual-Edge Big boost to double attack rate for wind allies
Whirlwind's Might Medium boost to wind allies' ATK
Base Reduction Materials
Save for potential 4★.