Spymur's Vision

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This article is about the Primal weapon. For the Militis weapon, see Spymur's Vision Militis.

Label Rarity SSR.pngWeaponSeries Primal Weapons icon.pngPrimal Weapons
Spymur's Vision
Icon Blue Star Full.pngCan be uncapped to 4★
Spymur's Vision.png
Gun Bullet Cartridge.pngGun Bullet Rifle.pngGun Bullet Cartridge.pngGun Bullet Rifle.png

Label Element Earth.png Label Weapon Gun.png HP ATK C.A.×
Level 1 28 399 ??
Level 100 168 2493 ??
Level 150 196 2913 ??
Icon Level Uncap.png Unlock Uncap
4★ Host Baal (Raid)

ID 1040506100
JP Name マイムールヴィジョン
JP TitleIn the past many weapons had custom titles. Now replaced with series titles in game. 界雷閃
Release Date ?
4★ Date 2018-07-15
Other Sites
Icon Kamigame.pngKamigame

The blue bolts from this gun's barrel traverse the sky in a flash, wreaking mortal retribution on foes near and far.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Visionary Shot Massive Earth damage to a foe
Remove 1 debuff from MC.
Additional effect at 4★:
Now removes 1 debuff from all allies.
Weapon Skills
Ws skill tyrant 3.png
Terra's Tyranny Big boost to earth allies' ATK / 10% cut to earth allies' max HP
Ws skill coki 3.png
Mountain's Restraint Medium boost to earth allies' double attack rate and critical hit rate
4★ Uncap
Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×10,000
Base Reduction Materials
This weapon should not be reduced or used as fodder.