Mezieres (Dark)

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Label Rarity SSR.pngWeaponSeries Class Champion Weapons icon.pngClass Champion Weapons
Icon Blue Star Full.pngCan be uncapped to 4★Icon Blue Star Full.pngCan be uncapped to 5★
Weapon b 1040513100.png

Label Element Dark.png Label Weapon Gun.png HP ATK C.A.×
Level 1 70 314 ??
Level 200 312 3033 ??
Crafted from Weapon s 1030502400.jpg Onyx Gun Relic
Only Cavalier can equip this as a main weapon

ID 1040513100
JP Name メジエール
Release Date 2020-05-19
4★ Date 2020-05-19
5★ Date 2020-05-19
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Weapon ls 1040513100.jpg Weapon sp 1040513100.png
Weapon s 1040513100.jpg
Weapon m 1040513100.jpg

A suitable firearm for the mounted warrior who commands the battlefield. Its sturdy wood body makes it heavy and stable, so that even astride a galloping steed, its wielder can sight accurately and pick off their targets.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Landau Massive Dark damage to a foe.
All allies gain Status Dodge.png30% Dodge Rate UpChance to dodge DMG and debuffs
Strength: 30%Duration: 2.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 2 turns remaining.
Weapon Skills
Ws skill job weapon.png
Dragoon's Nature When main weapon: All allies gain Status Uplift.pngCharge Bar +20%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 20%
Strength: 20%
upon using Ability Dragphract.png Dragphract5-hit, 100% elemental damage to random foes (Damage cap: ~75,000 per hit~380,000 total).
Spear: Restore 20% of MC's HP (Healing cap: 3000).
Gun: Gain Status CB DMG Up Stack.png40% C.B. DMG Up (Stackable / Max: 120%)Chain burst DMG is boosted (Stackable)
Strength: 40% (Max: 120%)Duration: Indefinite
and Status CB DMG Cap Up Stack.png15% C.B. DMG Cap Up (Stackable / Max: 45%)Chain Burst DMG Cap Boosted (Stackable)
Strength: 15% (Max: 45%)Duration: Indefinite
Ws skill job weapon.png
Dragoon's Apex When main weapon (MC only): Bonus Dark DMG effect based on Status 6814.pngEquestrian AffinityMultiattack rate is boosted and hostility is lowered based on Equestrian Affinity lvl (Max: 3 / Can't be removed)
Base Reduction Materials
Note: This is the amount you get for a 5★ uncapped weapon.
Weapon versionsThis weapon has alternate versions.
Weapon m 1040512600.jpg
Weapon m 1040512700.jpg
Weapon m 1040512800.jpg
Weapon m 1040512900.jpg
Weapon m 1040513000.jpg
Weapon m 1040513100.jpg
5★ Class Champion Weapons
Weapon m 1040308400 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040012600 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040411600 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040412200 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040508000 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040013200 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040609100 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040707500 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040807600 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040209700 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040018100 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040312000 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040812100 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040214000 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040512600 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040613100 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040417200 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040710000 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040021100 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040513800 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040509700 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040910300 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040909300 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040014400 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040510600 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040413400 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040111600 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040810900 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040114200 note.jpg

Gameplay Notes

Dragoon's Apex

Lvl Status Bonus DMG
1 Status 6814 1.pngEquestrian AffinityDEF and hostility are boosted based on Equestrian Affinity lvl (Max: 3 / Can't be removed)
2 Status 6814 2.pngEquestrian AffinityDEF and hostility are boosted based on Equestrian Affinity lvl (Max: 3 / Can't be removed)
3 Status 6814 3.pngEquestrian AffinityDEF and hostility are boosted based on Equestrian Affinity lvl (Max: 3 / Can't be removed)