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Can be uncapped to 4★
Level 1 32 440 ??
Level 100 182 2690 ??
Level 150 210 3140 ??
Character UnlockObtaining this weapon unlocks a character.
Drawing additional copies beyond the first will instead earn a Gold Moon.
Unlock Uncap
4★ Complete Silva Lvl 45 Fate Episode "Sonorous Ring"
ID 1040502400
JP Name ヴリスラグナ
JP TitleIn the past many weapons had custom titles. Now replaced with series titles in game. 撒旋流
Release Date 2015-05-31
4★ Date 2017-09-19
Other Sites KamigameHuiji Wiki
(Chinese wiki)
The solemn droplets squeezed from this gun wash away any possibility of defeat. No matter how many millions of enemies may surge against you, victory will always be yours with this weapon in hand.
Charge Attack
Dead-End Massive Water damage to a foe.
Bonus Plain damage.
Additional effect at 4★:
Gain Charge Bar +20%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 20%
Strength: 20%
Weapon Skills
Hoarfrost's Might Big boost to water allies' ATK
Zion's Might Big boost to light allies' ATK
▶ 120 Unlocks at level 120: Unlocks at level 120:
Hidden Aim When main weapon (MC Only): 10% boost to C.A. DMG cap.[1]
4★ Uncap
Rupies ×10,000
Base Reduction Materials
This weapon is safe to reduce. Do not use as fodder.