Dalmoran Partisan

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Label Rarity SR.png
Dalmoran Partisan
Weapon b 1030207600.png

Label Element Dark.png Label Weapon Spear.png HP ATK C.A.×
Level 1 17 223 ??
Level 75 136 1276 ??

ID 1030207600
JP Name ダルモアン・パルチザン
Release Date 2020-09-27
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The three-pronged spears employed by the Dalmore army are designed with thin tips and shaved sides for optimal slash-and-stab techniques.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Ternary Stabs Big Dark damage to a foe.
Gain Status TripleUp.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Duration: 3.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 3 turns remaining.
Weapon Skills
Ws skill hp a 6 2.png
Struggler's Aegis Medium boost to dark allies' max HP
Base Reduction Materials
This weapon is safe to reduce or use as fodder.