Compound Gadget Bow

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Label Rarity SSR.png Icon Element Earth.png Compound Gadget Bow
Compound Gadget Bow.png
Label Weapon Bow.png Level 1 Level 100
HP 30 186
ATK 320 2000
Obtain Platinum Sky
A mechanical bow shaped from brass and iron, it fires arrows with incredible speed and accuracy. Sturdy yet flexible, it is truly a masterwork worthy of the crafter's skill. Though slightly on the heavy side, it is still relatively easy to wield.

Weapon Skills
Ws skill job weapon.png
Overdraw When main weapon, boost to all allies' skill DMG and skill DMG cap
Ws skill atk a 3 3.png
Point and Shoot Unlocks at lvl 100:
Big boost to earth allies' ATK
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Turbo Shot Massive earth DMG to a foe / 1-turn cooldown cut to damage skills

Final Uncap Materials
Rupie cost: -
20% boost to skill damage, 10% boost to skill damage cap. [1]