Light Staff

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Rarity R.png
Light Staff
Weapon b 1020402600.png

Label Element Light.png Label Weapon Staff.png HP ATK
Level 1 22 170
Level 50 138 1035
Character UnlockObtaining this weapon unlocks a character.
Drawing additional copies beyond the first will instead earn a Bronze Moon.
Npc s 3020039000 01.jpg Philosophia

ID 1020402600
JP Name ライトスタッフ
JP TitleIn the past many weapons had custom titles. Now replaced with series titles in game. 光灯杖
Release Date 2015-06-26

Weapon ls 1020402600.jpg Weapon sp 1020402600.png
Weapon s 1020402600.jpg
Weapon m 1020402600.jpg

This small staff gently lights the darkness. It is typically used for prayers, though adventurers have long carried it for its ability to ward off evil.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Out of Sight Medium Light damage to a foe.
Weapon Skills
Ws skill hp 5 1.png
Light's Aegis Small boost to light allies' max HP