Enchanted Broomstick

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Enchanted Broomstick
ID 1040416000
JP Name ウィッチブルーム
Release Date 2019-10-16
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(Chinese wiki)
There once lived a timid girl. Because she was afraid of ghosts and ghouls, she hid herself away on Halloween for many years. One day, a witch took pity on the girl and gifted her a magical broom. When the girl sat upon it, ribbons and charms sprouted from the wood. She rose high into the air and, for the first time on a Halloween's night, began to laugh.
Charge Attack
Bonbon Bash Massive earth DMG to a foe
1-turn cut to MC's damage skill cooldown
Boost to skill DMG cap
Weapon Skills
Terra's Might Big boost to earth allies' ATK
Earth's Verity Small boost to earth allies' critical hit rate
Base Reduction Materials
Save for potential 4★.