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Voice Actor
NameJP ルリアノート
Voice ActorJP -
ID 3990529000
Release Date
Mahou no Note CD - Bonus Serial Code
First acquired at Port Breeze, this is the sturdy journal in which Lyria chronicles her travels. Tiny scribbles and sketches can be found scattered along its margins. Though the earlier sections are littered with spelling mistakes and rough handwriting, any reader can see Lyria has improved slowly but surely with every page.

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Mahou no Note

Early one morning, Lyria sits alone in a restaurant, scribbling in her journal about the crew's adventures. Siero appears, and the two reminisce about the crew.

Lyria: ...
Early one morning near Siero's Knickknack Shack, the sound of a scribbling pen fills the otherwise silent air.
Sitting alone in an empty restaurant, Lyria breathes a sigh of relief as she finally sets her pen down on the table.
Lyria: Whew...
Siero: Well, what have we here?
Lyria: Eek! Oh, good morning, Siero...
Siero: Good morning. What are you doing here alone at this hour?
With some hesitation, Lyria glances down at the journal on the table.
Lyria: Umm... I was just writing in my journal.
Siero: In your journal?
Lyria: Ever since we started on this adventure, I've been keeping a journal of all the things we've done.
Siero: Ah, I see. An adventure log of sorts, eh?
Impressed, Siero crosses her arms and begins to think back.
Siero: As I recall, the first time you and I met was in Port Breeze.
Lyria: Yeah. We were looking for a helmsman.
Lyria: When we started asking around, you were the first person we talked to. And that's how we heard about Rackam.
Lyria: To be honest, when we met him, I thought he was kinda scary.
Lyria: But as it turned out, he just had great respect for the sky.
Lyria: It was thanks to him that we were even able to stop Tiamat.
Siero: And we're all glad you did, too. I usually have another ace up my sleeve, but that time I was really starting to get worried!
Siero: You didn't just save the island—you saved Rackam, too. He seemed to be in a funk. Everyone in town was starting to get concerned.
Siero: Fighting alongside (Captain) made Rackam change his mind about everything.
Siero: When I saw him after the battle, I could really tell something was different! It made me tingle all over!
Lyria: It made you tingle?
Siero: Yes! I suppose you could say my business sense was tingling.
Siero: That's when I decided to start handing more requests over to (Captain)'s crew.
Siero: And even in Valtz, you all did such great work! I was so proud of you!
Lyria: Valtz... That's where we became friends with Io.
Lyria: Io was my first really close friend. We've always been like two peas in a pod.
Lyria: When we talk, it makes me feel like a regular girl.
Lyria: I'm so glad to have someone like Io in my life.
Lyria: If it wasn't for you, we might never have met Io or Rackam.
Lyria: You've helped us meet all kinds of new people, Siero. We're really grateful!
Hearing Lyria's kind words, Siero smiles from ear to ear.
Siero: Hehehe! You don't know how happy it makes me to hear you say that!
Siero: Really, though, that trip you took to Valtz helped me out, too.
Siero: Ever since then, I've been doing a lot more business in the Valtz Duchy.
Siero: I guess you could say my profits have increased Draph-stically! Hehe.
Lyria: Ahaha. Oh Siero, you and your puns!
Lyria chuckles at Siero's joke, but then she remembers something strange.
Lyria: Hey wait... We didn't see you in Auguste after that, did we?
Feeling somewhat ashamed, Siero bows her head.
Siero: Yes... I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.
Siero: I was busy going around to other islands, preparing to open the beach house.
Lyria: Oh, okay. I mean, if you were busy, I guess that can't be helped.
Siero: Auguste is such an important island to me, too...
Siero: If I get a chance, I'd like to talk more about it with Eugen.
Siero: Being from Auguste, he must have lots of great insider information.
Lyria: Eugen knows about all kinds of stuff!
Lyria: He's always telling us about the different islands he's been to. It seems like he's been just about everywhere!
Lyria: Which reminds me... I wanted to ask you about Rosetta. You've been friends with her for a really long time, haven't you?
Lyria: Just as we were arriving in Lumacie, she asked us to do something unusual...
With a look of interest, Lyria asks more about Rosetta.
Lyria: How exactly did you get to know her?
Lyria: Rosetta seems like she's hiding all kinds of secrets.
Lyria: But she's also nice and playful. So, I've been wondering how you met her.
Siero chuckles and does her best to dodge the question.
Siero: Hmm... Well, it's sort of difficult to explain...
Siero: But, I do agree that Rosetta is a very nice person.
Siero quickly turns the tides and begins to ask Lyria a few questions of her own.
Siero: You know, I would actually like to hear more about how you and Katalina met.
Siero: I'd also like to know more about what happened before you all came to Port Breeze.
Each word that Siero speaks evokes memories within Lyria's mind. Lyria soon begins to explain.
Lyria: Katalina and I met when I was captured by the empire.
Lyria: While I was being held captive, Katalina would sometimes take me out to see the sky.
With a smile on her face, Lyria goes on telling Siero about all her fond memories.
Lyria: There are still some things that I don't quite remember...
Lyria: But, I do remember that Katalina has always been there for me. We're like family.
Lyria: That's why she's always so nice to me.
Siero: Oh, I see...
Lyria: And (Captain), well...
As Lyria speaks, a puzzled look creeps over her face.
Lyria: (Captain) is really important to me.
Lyria: And someday we're going to do great things together.
Lyria: When I think about (Captain)... so many feelings come up I can't quite put it into words.
Lyria: But all I can say, all I know is that... wherever we go and whatever we do, I want us to always be together.
Siero: Hehehe. Oh, so that's how you feel!
Siero nods and listens understandingly, but then another question pops into her mind.
Siero: Well, then... What do you think about Vyrn?
Lyria: Vyrn?
Lyria: ...
Lyria furrows her brow. She takes a moment to think, then slowly begins to answer.
Lyria: Umm... Vyrn is just... Vyrn.
Siero: Oh, I see now. Vyrn is just Vyrn, eh?
After hearing all this from Lyria, Siero glances at Lyria's journal with newfound interest.
Siero: And all this is written down in your journal?
Lyria: Yes... I wrote it all in there in case I ever need to remind myself.
Lyria: I never want to forget our adventures... All these days we've spent setting out across the great blue sky.
Lyria: And as we go on more adventures, I'll continue to write more.
Siero: I wonder what you'll write on the last page someday...
For a moment, Lyria looks unsure.
But then, suddenly brimming with determination, she turns to Siero.
Lyria: On that last page, I'll write... I'll write...
Siero: Hehehehe. You'll write down the thing you've always wanted.
Lyria: Yes! My greatest desire.
Seeing Lyria smiling brightly makes Siero smile herself.
Siero: Well, good conversation sure does make time fly!
Siero: It's almost time for breakfast. Why don't you go and wake everyone up so they can get ready?
Lyria: Okay! I'll go get them!
Lyria closes her journal, and with a skip in her step, scurries out of the restaurant.
Watching her as she goes, Siero sits there in the restaurant with a smile on her face.