Mirror of Divinity

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Mirror of Divinity square.jpg

This sacred mirror presides over the sun, shining light upon all that lies in the concealed darkness.



Can only be obtained after clearing Chapter 1 (115) Quest: In Search of Lost Treasures, which presents the player with a riddle to solve, seen below:

Researcher: Look upon the mirror and see a confrere. In the world inverted would you step fifteen tens. There divinity consumes the battlefield.
Lyria: Confrere? What is that?
Sierokarte: It loosely means friend in this case.
Researcher: A captain would cross into the inverted world beyond, then walk 150 steps with said person to obtain the mirror on a battlefield.
Vyrn: What the heck is the world beyond? And why is it inverted?
Researcher: If a man knew that, he would not ask for help!
Vyrn: Hey! Indoor voice, pal!
Mirror of Divinity hint.png

Use your Star Character in battle for 150 turns.

  • This can be across multiple fights, and must be in a quest/raid that has a result screen.
  • On progress the result screen will show the message "The bond between confreres has deepened!".