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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Lowain: Happy birthday, captain! We’re going to have to party reeeally hard to celebrate!
And you know what? I even got you a present! Yay!
OK, you ready to open it? Three! Two! One!
All Three: Waheey!


Tomoi: Boom chicka boom!
Lowain: Hey, happy birthday, Captain!
Tomoi: Chika chika boom boom!
Elsam: Yeah, congrats, man!
Tomoi: Whoa, hold up now, guys.
Didn't we say we'd be singing acapella for the captain's birthday?
Lowain—vocals, Sammy—bass, and me—beatbox. That's what we agreed on. No backing out now, guys.
Lowain: My bad, man.
Elsam: Ahaha! Chill, man, I'm ready whenever you guys are.
Lowain: Then we're doing it now! Three! Two! One!
Tomoi: Boom chicka boom!
Lowain: So we were thinking of what to get you this year, and...
Tomoi: Dude! You're supposed to sing!
Elsam: Bwahaha! Loosen up, bro.
Lowain: Ahahah. My bad, my bad. Let's do it for real this time.
All Three: Celebratin' (the captain's) birthday (oh man)...
We could do this all day (and forever)! Happy birthday...
Tooo yoouuu!


Lowain: Yep, yep, yep! It's that day again!
Tomoi: The best kinda day.
Elsam: We can never get enough of these.
Lowain: Are we ready...
Elsam: To congratulate...
Tomoi: (Captain) on a...
Lowain: Happy...
All Three: Birthday!
Lowain: Duuudes! I thought we agreed on "happy macho"?
Tomoi: Bwahahaha! My bad, bro. Forgot to tell you about the last-minute change in plans.
Elsam: Brou-hahaha! My bad too, bro. Kinda figured "macho" wouldn't fit the occasion, ya know?
Lowain: What the fudge! You still holdin' a grudge for last year?
Tomoi: Ain't all that mad really.
Elsam: How 'bout we...
All Three: Let bygones be bygones.
Lowain: Aight! Let's roll out the red carpet and get this party started!
All Three: Jeah!


Lowain: Aight, (Captain)'s out on a mission. Time for a totally rad strat meet to figure out how to celebrate the captain's b-day!
The Trio: Whoo!
Lowain: You dudes come up with anything?
Elsam: I thought we could maybe go with some kinda surprise?
Tomoi: Sounds pretty rad. Give us the deets.
Lowain: Not the booby trap kinda surprise, but somethin' that'll make the captain feel all warm and fuzzy.
Elsam: That's the only way to do it for an anniversary-type of event.
Tomoi: I've got a few issues of Guide to Love and other trusty tomes that could help us kick off Operation HBD!
Lowain: Let's see... "The surprise starts with mistaking your partner's panties for a handkerchief and using it to blow your nose." The heck?
Elsam: "The opportunity to present a fresh pair of charming undergarments will then present itself..."
Tomoi: Dude, I don't understand a word of that. Stuff is, like, on a whole nother level.
Lowain: Yeah, we shouldn't be joking about (Captain)'s undies... That's outta bounds, man.
Choose: What's everyone talking about?
The Trio: Gaaah!
Lowain: (Captain)! We thought you were out on a mission!
Tomoi: You finished early?
Well, that's our captain!
Choose: Did someone say "undies"?
Elsam: Ah, that's for your birth—
Lowain: Dude! That's supposed to be a surprise!
Tomoi: Nah, we might as well just blow the lid on it.
The Trio: ...
Lowain: Aight, here's the deal! (Captain)! We totally wish you an HBD!
Elsam & Tomoi: Jeeeaah!
Lowain: (Captain), happy...
The Trio: Birthday! w00t!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Haaappy New Year, bro! I'm ready to party like there's no tomorrow!
Huh? You wanna know my New Year's resolution? To score a date with Kat one of these days!


Lowain: Yo, Sammy! Can you bring me the chopped veggies?
Elsam: I'm on it, dude.
Lowain: Tommy, get me some dried spaghetti!
Tomoi: You need me to drain the pasta? I'm on it.
Lowain: Ah, (Captain)! Happy New Year, man!
Elsam and Tomoi: Happy New Year.
Lowain: Man, you seriously helped us big time last year! I'm so glad to be on the crew, Captain!
Elsam and tomoi: Me too!
Lowain: Ah, my bad. We shouldn't be greeting you while cooking.
Elsam: I don't know about this New Year's party, man. Everyone's ordering so much that I don't know if we have enough food to keep up.
Tomoi: It sure is a fun challenge though, even if we're just helping.
Lowain: Anyway, did you guys see Kat's...
Elsam and Tomoi: Ki-mo-no?
Lowain: Oh yeah! I only caught a glimpse, but she looked so good in it!
Elsam and Tomoi: Totally, man!
Lowain: All right, bros! Let's get this next dish out, then we'll go take a peek at Kat's kimono!
All Three: Waheey!


Lowain: Sup, (Captain)! We're chillin' out to celebrate the new year!
Tomoi: This past year's seriously kicked butt, and we'll just have to keep it up for the next one.
Elsam and Tomoi: Whoa, (Captain)! No offense, but you're lookin' a bit emo!
Lowain: Our captain's just beat from welcoming in the new year. C'mon, bros, let's do what we do best!
Ready, set...
Elsam and Tomoi: Dude!
All Three: Duuuuude!
Lowain: Three, two, one...
All Three: Waheeey!


Lowain & Tomoi: Happy New Year!
Lowain: Sammy's just about done flying his kite.
Elsam's Voice: Wahey!
Tomoi: I think we're breakin' new ground with this free-form style of kite-flyin'.
Lowain: We figured doin' it on the deck of the G. Cyph can't be all that safe, so we made sure to tack on a lifeline.
Tomoi: See, Lowain went zoom and ran right off the deck. Good thing we were prepared.
Lowain: I thought I was a goner for sure, but man, what a thrill...
Elsam: Huff... Huff...
Elsam: Whew... That was the bomb!
Lowain: Climbing up the kite via the lifeline is hella tough, I gotta say.
Tomoi: You gotta try it out, (Captain)—kite-flying like you've never experienced it! Whaddya say?
Elsam: Pant... Wheeze... Seriously though?
Elsam: Do we even need a kite for this?
Lowain & Tomoi: Good point.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's!
Aww yeah, I am totally pumped and ready to fill the Grandcypher with all this chocolate I got from the ladies!


Lowain: Ah, (Captain), I... I've finally gotten my hands on Katalina's you-know-what!
Elsam: No way, you've gotta be kidding!
Tomoi: Katalina gave you some of her handmade chocolate! Mm, you lucky dog!
Lowain: Just one bite, and then I'm gonna make another move on her.
Well, here goes nothing...
Elsam and Tomoi: Lowaaaiin!


Lowain: Nom, nom... Dudes, I gotta be real. Kat totally blew my mind and then some when she gave us these chocolates.
Elsam: Munch... Y'know, I think she's gotten better at it.
Tomoi: Yeah, they're actually edible for once. Chomp...
Lowain: Don't forget it's also possible we've just gotten used to the taste.
Tomoi: Dude, I never thought of that. It's like how after you catch a cold, you can never catch the same type again.
Elsam: Aw, shoot. Now it feels like I just cut a few years off my life.
Lowain: Nah, we gotta take it like men. Now we're man enough to—
Elsam: What the? Lowairrrgh! Lo... wa...
Tomoi: Oh, snap. We might've taken more than the recommended dosage...


Lowain: ...
Ah, (Captain). We got some from Kat this year too.
Elsam: We've decided life's too short to be wimping out every time we see her chocolates...
Tomoi: Figured it was do-or-die time again this year, but Lowain made me see the big picture.
Lowain: I mean, as a cook, I know all too well what it means to put your heart and soul into good grub.
Her chocolates are handmade after all. And she makes 'em every year.
Elsam: We sorta came to expect it, but, man, does it put a smile on our faces...
Tomoi: Point is, (Captain)...
The Trio: It's chow time...

White Day Cutscenes
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Lowain: Hey, Captain!
We're gonna take the day off to get a present for Kat.
All Three: Way!
Lowain: We've been pulling our weight on the Grandcypher, all in preparation for today!
It's gonna be a beautiful White Day with Kat!
All Three: Waheey!


Lowain: This here's what we picked out for (Captain)...
Gotta get something for Kat too, of course, but that could take a while, so (Captain) first...
Hey, isn't today the day for... Well, you know... You do know what I'm talking about, right? That totally epic...
Elsam and Tomoi: Epic...
Lowain: Return gift!
All Three: Think (Captain)'ll accept?
Lowain: I'm gonna hand over this letter too. I sure hope she looks inside...
Elsam: (Captain)'ll love it! I stake my reputation on it!
Tomoi: In Lowain we trust!
Lowain: And off I go!
All Three: Wahey!


Lowain: Oof, (Captain)!
(Wait up, (Captain).)
Tomoi: We White Dayed!
(We ran out to town to buy you a gift for White Day.)
Elsam: Ss yours!
(It's all yours.)
Lowain: Huff... Talk about a close call. The date almost changed on us.
Elsam: Whew, I'm beat from all that running. (Captain)'s all confused from what we were trying to say.
Tomoi: Our bad, Captain. We musta tried too hard picking out the perfect store for gift shopping.
Lowain: Hm? What's that, (Captain)? You think we would've done better picking out a shop beforehand?
All Three: True dat. True, true, true...
Lowain: Come to think of it, kitchen duty wasn't on us yesterday.
Tomoi: Shoulda taken the chance to check out the area instead of goin' on what felt like a wild goose chase...
All Three: Joke's on us...


The Trio:...
The Trio: Agh!
Lowain: Whoa! All it took was one bite outta Kat's Valentine's chocolates for an out-of-body experience!
Elsam: Feels like our bodies actually did move though. Wait, where are we?
Tomoi: What's that. (Captain)? Today's event? It's Valentine's, of course.
The Trio: Today's White Day?
Lowain: Wait a sec... You sayin' we were out of it that entire time?
Elsam: Nuh-uh-uh, you're kiddin', right? The G. Cyph kitchen must've been a mess without us!
Tomoi: Wha? We were workin' the whole time, just more quietly? Seriously?
Lowain: Dude, I don't even know where to get started...
Elsam: How 'about we whip up something for White Day?
Tomoi: Which reminds me... We gotta give some to (Captain) too.
Lowain: ...
Elsam: ...
Tomoi: ...
The infectiously dazzling smiles of the brosome trio puts (Captain) in a good mood.

Vacation Slip square.jpg Vacation Slip

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Huh? You'll strike me down if I so much as try to play a trick on you? Understood! And my bad, bro.


Lowain: Sorry, Captain, but do you mind if we spend the day away from the ship?
Elsam: Yeah. The crew's pranking powers are, like, crazy strong.
Lowain: Seriously, bro. They've been merciless recently. I got scared so bad this one time that I thought I was gonna die.
Tomoi: Even Lily was telling me to prepare myself. I was so ready to write my will.
Lowain and Tomoi: True, true.
Lowain: These ain't your average pranks either. They're straight up deadly. Huh? You're letting us leave the ship? Sweet! You're our savior!
Tomoi: We gotta get outta here while we still can! Thanks, (Captain)!
Lowain: All right, let's jet, dudes!
Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi: Aaaah!
Lowain: Dude... the captain totally owns at pulling pranks...
Elsam and Tomoi: Word.


Lowain: Kitchen duty is da bomb, amirite?
Elsam: Totally, Lowain. No one comes in here tryna prank us.
Tomoi: Plus, we get to treat everyone. Don't get much better than this.
All Three: Totes genius, man.
Lowain: Aight! You bros up for makin' the treats to end all other treats?
All Three: Jeah!
Elsam: Dude, did that potato just explode?
Tomoi: All right now, who set up the potato—or whatever that thing was?
Lowain: Check out this note.
"Forgive my trick, Lowain."
That supposed to be a butt chin symbol on the end?
All Three: It's Ty...
Lowain: Bwahaha! Bro's one-upped us for once!


Lowain: So what's the action plan for Halloween?
Elsam: This is our fourth time. Maybe we oughta be the ones playing a trick this year.
Tomoi: High five to that. I've already got somethin' up my sleeve...
Lowain: Spill it, bro. You gonna, like, sprinkle some impossible-grade spices on someone's grub?
The Trio: ...
Lowain: Nah, I wouldn't be able to stomach seein' people in pain while munchin' on my chow.
Elsam & Tomoi: Word.
Tomoi: How 'bout we let off some firecrackers? Sparklers would be kinda tight too.
Elsam: Nah, I dunno know about that. Wouldn't want any kiddies in the crew to get caught up in the stuff...
Elsam & Tomoi: Totes.
Lowain: So our fate—more like our calling—is decided then?
Elsam: We let the kids prank us...
Tomoi: While we dish out candy.
Lowain: Trick...
Elsam: And...
Tomoi: Treat...
Lowain: All righty, let's do this, bros!
Elsam & Tomoi: "Aight!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
This season's gonna be the best ever! Be merry!


Lowain: Smarts!
All Three: Woo-hoo!
Elsam: Moolah!
All Three: Woo-hoo!
Tomoi: Generosity!
All Three: Woo-hoo!
Lowain: Well, if it ain't the captain! Season's greetings!
Elsam and Tomoi: Happy holidays!
Lowain: We were talking about the presents we want from Santa!
I could never ask for Kat though. If she really came to me all gift-wrapped, it could only mean Santa brainwashed her! And that's not what I want!
Wait up, bros! I just realized something!
Elsam and Tomoi: Tell us about it, man!
Lowain: Listen good... Santa... and Kat...
All Three: Kat dressed up as Santa?
Elsam: My mind's exploding just thinking about it!
Tomoi: Oh man, can you picture that?
Lowain: Aah! I think my heart just skipped a beat!
All Three: Tubular, dude!


Lowain: You bros got any ideas?
Elsam: It ain't ever an easy choice...
Tomoi: Might as well just stick with the usual chicken.
Lowain: Goin' traditional's always nutritional, but with our crew gettin' so big, I dunno anymore, man...
Elsam: Word up. Everyone's got different tastes.
Tomoi: We could always go eeny, meeny, miny, moe, you know.
Lowain: Ah, season's greetings, (Captain). We were sweatin' hardcore over what to serve tonight.
Tomoi: This is, like, boss-level stuff we're talkin' here.
Elsam: Well, if we're just goin' up against a few imperial imp-eciles, us three with Kat wouldn't even break a sweat.
Lowain: But when the ship hits the fan, Kat ain't against getting a helping hand from Lancey.
Elsam: Synergy's everything in battle, if you know I'm talkin' about.
Lowain: But, dude, we're still kinda screwed with this dinner menu...
How 'bout we kick up the vibes for now? Might spark a few ideas.
A one, and a two...
All Three: Wahey!
Lowain: Whoooaa! I just got, like, a major flash of inspiration, dudes!


Elsam & Tomoi: Season's greets, (Captain)!
Elsam: Oh, Lowain? He's preppin' tonight's holiday grub.
Tomoi: We're tryna reach new heights, so it might take a while.
Lowain: Dum-de-do...
Whew, talk about a close one... Almost infected the grub with my barf...
Ah, happy holidays, (Captain). We were tryna make eats the Baotorda way.
That Draph hunk's really got his own style down.
Elsam: He's just burstin' with Lumiel vibes.
Tomoi: We figured Lowain could be more Lumiel-like by incorporatin' humming into his routine.
Lowain: Tonight's, like, the Holy Eve after all. We figured a change of pace was in order.
Elsam: So I thought long and hard about what makes the dude's cookin' so special, and then I figured it out! The secret ingredient's gotta be his hummin'!
Tomoi: I can't get enough of how his low-frequency humming's totally in sync with the simmer of his frying pan.
Lowain: The Lumiel way ain't so much about vibes; it's more about goin' with the flow.
Like, if you put too much heart into it, the flavor ends up full of heart too.
Tomoi: Anyways, we figured humming would be a good place to start...
Lowain: La-di-da—
Elsam: Looks like you're not cut out for that bass sound, Lowain...
Lowain: Shoot... I might have to get in some voice training before next year rolls around...

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Summer Fling[edit]

While talking to a woman on the beach, Tomoi suddenly runs off to mess around with his two friends. When he comes back, he is devastated to find that she is no longer around.

Lowain not in crew

Since the outset of the journey, each crewmate has met with various difficulties along the way.
Katalina was no exception. Although among her experiences, her meeting with Lowain in particular was to have a lasting impression.
It all began when the crew chose to stay at a certain restaurant...
Katalina: Humph! The quality of the cuisine isn't in question, but can't anybody do something about that loudmouth?
Lowain: Oh? Your first time here by any chance?
The youth, whose name was Lowain, had not made a favorable impression on the elite skyfarer Katalina.
In the end, pushed to her limits, Katalina snapped at him.
Lowain: My darling Katalina... Kat, may I call you Kat? I do believe I've just fallen head-over-heels for you. Would you care to go out with me?
Kat: What? Don't jest with me! What are you up to?
Katalina appeared flustered by the confession. Despite having been clearly rejected, Lowain refused to give up.
All Three: Waheyyy!
The next day, Lowain quit his job out of love for his darling Kat and intruded on (Captain)'s crew as the cook, along with his two friends.
Thus, (Captain)'s crew saw the addition of the cook, Lowain, and his two buddies, Elsam and Tomoi.
Always coursing with energy, the three seemed to cause trouble wherever they went. Things would be no different at the resort.
???: Waheyyy!
Venera Beach in Auguste. The sound of the waves lapping quietly along the shore of the high-class resort is drowned out by a blaring voice.
Lowain: Aw yeah! Here we go, dudes!
All Three: Wahooo!
Lowain's friends catapult him toward the sea.
Though more or less the leader, he is subject to varying treatment from his friends. Despite this, they have a good relationship.
Lowain: Man, I just can't get this killer technique down. I'm losing the will here.
The three of them are in the middle of developing a new killer move, modeled after the human pyramid.
Elsam: Let's call it quits today. You can't keep up with the pace. We can't be savin' you every time you go down.
Tomoi: Gahaha, true that! Without Lowain, we woulda been kicked off that ship by now.
Lowain: Hate to break it to ya, but I'm pretty serious about this. My romance with Kat is resting on it, y'know?
Elsam: Well, to be honest with ya, the human pyramid thing was quite a classic. Ya sayin' we gotta go beyond that masterpiece?
Lowain: C'mon boys. We gotta be an eager beaver! We're pullin' an all nighter for this, I tell ya!
Tomoi: Ugh! Something tells me I'm gonna, like, have my whole body achin' in the mornin'...
That night, two women are wandering listlessly down the beautiful shoreline.
Woman 1: Sigh... Men just can't be trusted.
Woman 2: Come on now, I'm sure someone else will come along.
Thug 1: Sure will. Like me, for example.
Thug 2: Hehehe, I'm not half bad myself.
Woman 1: Huh? Wh-what?
Woman 2: Stop it! Who are you guys?
Accosted by the two scoundrels who suddenly appear, the women let out a collective scream.
Many onlookers, wondering why no one bothers to call the guards, neglect to act themselves.
Except for...
All Three: Wahoo!
Woman 1: Eek? Wh-what's that voice?
A mysterious human-shaped projectile comes to the aid of the women.
Woman 1: Huh? What was that just now?
Elsam: Oh. Oops. Did either of ya catch which way Lowain flew past just now?
Tomoi: Rocketed past, you mean. That guy had a turbo charge just now!
Woman 2: Huh, turbo charge?
Lowain: Ouch. Dang. Guess it's no good. Have to polish it a lil' more...
Elsam: Yo! You all right, dude? Hahaha!
Tomoi: Sorry 'bout that, I'll clean up here.
Woman 1: Oh my!
Tomoi: Huh, whassup? Somethin' on my face?
Woman 1: Um, what's your name?
Tomoi: Eh? You want to know my name? Uh, I'm Tomoi.
Woman 1: Hey... Could we chat a little? Afterward is fine.
Tomoi: Eh? Uh, yeah, sure.
Woman 2: Hey, what's hit you all of a sudden?
Woman 1: Well... I don't really know, but I'd kind of like to have a talk with him.
Lowain: (Maaan! I don't really get it, but it looks like the technique has a useful side effect!)
Elsam: (Oh yeeaaah! Bar's just been raised, dude!)
Lowain: That girl's got some nice, refreshing vibes, don'cha think? Not bad!
Elsam: Bwahaha! This is, like, a miracle development!
Lowain: Awright! We're clearin' out, dude. You give us the lowdown after, yeah?
Tomoi: Whoa! Uh, like, what am I supposed to say? Hey, Lowain? Sammy?
Lowain and Elsam depart, leaving Tomoi, the sudden object of affection, to fend for himself.
After leaving Tomoi, the two settle themselves on a perfect spot to get a peek of the beachside affair.
Tomoi: Ahaha... The sea's, like, beautiful, huh?
Woman 1: It is...
Tomoi: ...
Woman 1: ...
Elsam: Uhh... I'm getting kinda restless here!
Lowain: Tommy's acting too low-key. What's up with him?
Elsam: I guess you could say the Lowain hitting on Kat phenomenon is, like, in effect.
Lowain: Ah, shut it. So full of yourself, ain'tcha? Well, I'm goin' back to practice.
Elsam: Bwahaha! You mad, bro? Hey, hold on!
Tomoi: (Oh man! I've, like, no idea what to talk about here!)
Woman 1: Um... Tomoi? You guys came to save us earlier, right?
Tomoi: Hm?
Woman 1: Oh? That's not it? I thought Lowain and you guys took down those scoundrels for us.
Tomoi: Yeah, I was kinda wondering who they were and all. But scoundrels, huh? No one was interfering, so I thought it might be a mistake.
Woman 1: Hehe, you're feeling sorry for those guys? You're really sweet, aren't you?
Tomoi: Uh, well... Not really, like...
Both: Off we go!
Tomoi: Tsk, those guys are so loud.
Woman 1: Um, so are you always with them?
Tomoi: Ah... Yeah, like, we're pretty much always together.
Elsam: Ugh! We can't do the human pyramid properly without Tommy. You're not exactly light either, dude!
Tomoi: Oh man, what're they up to now? Idiots... Such a pair of kids, don'cha think?
Woman 1: It seems fun though.
Tomoi: I dunno... It's, like, really tough work, y'know?
Lowain: Hey, hey, hey! Watch yourself, yeah? Your balance is all over the place!
Both: Oof!
Tomoi: ...
Woman 1: Hey, aren't you concerned about them? Wouldn't you be having more fun over there?
Tomoi: Uh, well...
Woman 1: Teehee. It's okay, you can go check on them.
Tomoi: O-okay...
Lowain: Awright! One more time, yeah?
Both: Yeah!
Woman 1: Hehe... They're just like children.
Tomoi rejoins his companions, and the trio resumes their human pyramid training.
While the three are refining their technique, the woman disappears quietly.
Lowain: And that's how Tommy here got himself a girlfriend this summer.
Katalina: Er... That's what you claim, but it seems he was rejected pretty much straight away.
Lowain not in crew

Lowain: Naw! It wasn't like that now, was it?
  1. We learn from our experiences.
  2. He clearly got dumped, idiot.

Choose: We learn from our experiences.
Elsam: You said it, man! We're, like, constantly improving and stuff. Experience points all around, right?
Lowain: Improving, huh? That's exactly why we gotta perfect the technique, then!
All Three: Totally!
Vyrn: Sigh... Guess you still haven't figured out why he was dumped, then?
Lowain: Oh? What do you mean, Vyrn?

Choose: He clearly got dumped, idiot.
Lowain: Hey, hey, what's with the harsh words, (Captain)? Drop the negative vibes here!
Elsam: Like, just watch us, dude. We're going straight to the top!
Lowain is a crew member

Lowain: Naw! It wasn't like that now, was it?
  1. We learn from our experiences.
  2. He clearly got dumped, idiot.

Choose: We learn from our experiences.
Elsam: You said it, man! We're, like, constantly improving and stuff. Experience points all around, right?
Lowain: Improving, huh? That's exactly why we gotta perfect the technique, then!
All Three: Totally!
Vyrn: Sigh... Guess you still haven't figured out why he was dumped, then?
Lowain: Oh? What do you mean, Vyrn?

Choose: He clearly got dumped, idiot.
Lowain: Hey, hey, what's with the harsh words, (Captain)? Drop the negative vibes here!
Elsam: Like, just watch us, dude. We're going straight to the top!
Continue 1
Vyrn: I mean, if you go off and leave a girl like that in the middle of a date, of course she's gonna do that.
All Three: That's what it was?
All Three: Hmmm... hmmm... oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Lowain: That's gotta be it! Vyrn, ya little genius. You got the moves down, bro!
All Three: Gnarly!
Elsam: Hold on, you mean when we get a girlfriend, we gotta act, like, independently and stuff?
Lowain: H-hold on a minute here, dudes. This whole independence thing ain't us. We're bros. Y'hear me?
Lowain: Ain't that right?
Lowain: Ain't that right?
Lowain: Totally!
Lowain: Waheey!
All Three: No can do, dudes!
Elsam: The mental pressure would be, like, overwhelming!
Lowain: That was close, dudes. We barely got out of that one.
And there lies Lowain's problem in a nutshell. The reason behind Katalina's repeated rejections now seems painfully obvious.
Still, since the matching personalities of the three bros make for such a beautiful bromance, perhaps it is for the best.
Full of charm and excitement in equal measure, the trio's adventures at the resort come to a close.
What happened to the woman Tomoi was speaking to on the beach?
Woman 2: Sigh, you really do have no luck with guys. Well, there are still plenty around.
Woman 1: Yeah. And plenty of oddballs like Tomoi, I bet.
Woman 2: Ahaha... I don't think you'll find many more as strange as that guy.
Woman 1: Heehee. Yeah, I know.
The love story, precipitated by the odd incident at the beach, ends in disappointment. Still, things are looking up again.

The Never-Ending Vacation[edit]

Lowain and the guys are surprised to see an imperial soldier come up to the beach house stall for food. Things quickly become heated when all parties recall their previous hostile encounter.

All Three: Here we go!
(Captain) and the crew are enjoying a vacation at Venera Beach of the Auguste Isles.
While everyone else is whiling the time away, Lowain and bros are working happily at the beach house's food stall.
All Three: We're working in the kitchen, we're working everyday. Making all the yummy-yummies, just don't forget to pay!
All Three: Fried squid! Corn on a cob! Grilled fish and steak! Straight from the grill at our legendary stall! Get it before it's all gone!
Lowain: Food's ready! Thanks for waiting! Make sure to gobble it down while it's still rad hot!
Child: Wow! It looks fantastic!
Lowain: How does it taste, little dudette? C'mon, don't hold back now! Three, two, one!
Child: Hmm, well...
It's delicious!
Lowain: Say what now! Such lovely words of praise from such a lovely, little broette. Thank you!
All Three: Awesome!
Sierokarte: Heehee. Well, you can't say they aren't lively.
Lowain and bros accept a job at the Knickknack Shack, and are quickly known for their lively energy.
Lowain: Heeey, Sierokarte! Business is booming thanks to all your tubular produce, dude!
Sierokarte: Not at all. It's all down to your hard work!
Elsam: If we keep raking in the cash like this, maybe we can join the ranks of the boudoirsie!
Tomoi: Pfft! Hahahaha! It's bourgeoisie, you doofus! Hahahaha!
Sierokarte: Heehee, you should be looking forward to payout later.
Drawn to Lowain's curious methods, Sierokarte had entrusted the stall to them, and is enraptured by how well it had gone to plan.
Sierokarte: Seeing as everything is shipshape here, I'm going to see how the other shops are getting on.
All Three: Ciao!
Lowain: Sierokarte is totally awesome. She's, like, legendary genius level awesome.
Elsam: I know! With her influence, you could see her ruling an entire skydom before long.
Tomoi: She's totally mysterious though! She's got the air of someone who takes charge!
Lowain: Sammy, Tommy, get with it! If Sierokarte so much as blows a fuse, the depths of the sky would explode!
Both: Totally!
Man's Voice: Excuse me, can I make an order?
The three are chatting behind the stall when the voice reaches them.
Lowain turns to greet the customer in his usual pleasant way.
Lowain: Whoa, another lovely customer! Welcome to the gnarly stall! Pull up a chair and relax, bro!
All Three: Woah!
Imperial Soldier: ...
All Three: (Guys! It's an imperial soldier!)
Lowain: Welcome to the stall! Are you ready to order, br—I mean, sir?
Imperial Soldier: Humph... Any recommendations?
Elsam: Ah, can we interest you in our daily specials?
Tomoi: Er, indeed, sir. We have all these great dishes to choose from.
Imperial Soldier: Humph, I'll have that then.
All Three: Get to work, guys! We have an order!
The man didn't seem to recognize them, but they were on tenterhooks nonetheless.
Forcing a smile on their pallid faces, the three of them manage to keep calm while rushing to prepare the food.
All Three: There you go!
Imperial Soldier: Thanks.
All Three: Please come again!
Lowain: That was close! I've never heard of imperial soldiers, or should I say imps, turning up around here!
Elsam: Yowzers! If we got into a fight like last time, it could've been the end of the line for us!
Lowain: It's, like, the first time I've seen imps at the resort. You'd think they'd ease up on the armor a little though.
Tomoi: Seeing him munching on fried squid in that getup was surreal, dudes. Totally surreal!
Lowain: Bwahaha! We totally dodged a bullet there, dudes!
All Three: Awesomeness!
Lowain: Well, well, well. When it boils down to it, we are pretty awesome!
All Three: Yeah, aweso—
Imperial Soldier: Huh? Hang on, it's you guys from before! I knew it!
All Three: Duuude!
Katalina was once nearly captured by imperial soldiers.
All Three: Human pyramid!
Lowain: Gnarly dude! Who's next? Let's give these imps a beating!
Imperial Soldier: What's with these guys! They're a lot stronger than they look!
When Katalina was caught in a tight spot, it was Lowain and the guys who pulled her out and gave her the chance to fight back.
While Katalina escaped unscathed, the incident left an insatiable hatred in one of the soldiers.
Imperial Soldier: Mwahaha! What luck that I should find you here! Now I shall have my revenge! Prepare yourselves!

The Never-Ending Vacation: Scene 2[edit]

Learning that the imperial soldier was only trying to regain lost respect from his son, Lowain and bros agree to play along in a farce.

Hearing the commotion, (Captain) and the crew rush over and tie up the imperial soldier.
Imperial Soldier: Tch! Release me at once!
Vyrn: Man, who'd have thought we'd be attacked by an imperial soldier here... Guess it's not our lucky day.
Lowain: Time to take out this imp with the rest of the trash!
Vyrn: Yeah, but we should totally get outta here before any more soldiers turn up.
Elsam: It's no problemo, dude! Anyways, doesn't seem like any more of 'em are around.
Tomoi: So, like, hold the fort for us, Vyrn! Ciao!
Vyrn: Huh? W-wait!
They're gone...
With no sign of other imperial soldiers nearby, it appears that the soldier had came at them alone.
Suspicious that there was more to this attack than meets the eye, Lowain cross-examines him.
Lowain: Dude, so you're telling us you decided to take us all on by yourself? Doesn't sound like regular imp behavior.
Elsam: Yeah, dude. Like, what are you really doin' here?
Imperial Soldier: Hah! Like I would talk!
Lowain: Jeez, guess it can't be helped... Sammy! Fetch the hot sauce!
Imperial Soldier: H-hot sauce? Don't tell me you're actually gonna torture me!
Elsam: Bros, I don't think I've got it in me... This goes totally against my flow.
Tomoi: Me too!
Lowain: Dang, me three!
All Three: Awww...
All Three: Dang!
Imperial Soldier: ...
Disturbed by their suggested torture, the soldier reveals the reason he came at them alone.
Lowain: Wut? Duuude, you picked a fight with us just to impress your kid?
Imperial Soldier: Blast it! He said he didn't want to be the son of someone who would lose to some thugs!
Unable to repair his relationship with his son, the soldier went on extended leave, when he encountered his old enemy, Lowain.
The soldier thought that if he could defeat Lowain in front of his son, he could earn back his son's respect.
Elsam: Dude! Don't be such a doofus!
Tomoi: Like, bro, you think it's cool to pick a fight to impress your kid? You're just wasting his vacation! Not cool!
Imperial Soldier: Gah! But I have my reasons...
All Three: Like, you could have just said, dude!
Imperial Soldier: Huh?
Lowain: Like, you see, bro, the thing is, I used to hang out with my shop manager's son.
Lowain: If he ever said something like he hated his old man, the manager would get crazy mad.
Lowain: So the way you're feeling, dude... It's not like we don't understand...
Both: Yeah, dude.
Lowain: So, what we're saying is...
Both: What we're saying is?
Lowain: Dudes, it's time! Time for Operation Take Back Respect!
All Three: Duuude!
Imperial Soldier: Wh-what are you guys planning?
Vyrn: Phew! Customers seem to be coming quite frequently now. Where in the skies did those guys go?
Vyrn: Eh? Oh, they've just come back?
Imperial Soldier: Pah! You've found me!
Lurking Youth: (Huh? It's Dad!)
Vyrn: Watch out, it's the soldier from before! Hey, what have you done with the others?
Imperial Soldier: I... I won't give up! I will return to my son's side no matter what!
All Three: Wait!
Vyrn: Hey, are you guys okay? Are you hurt?
Lowain: Hey, dude! Don't think you can outrun us!
Elsam: You're making a big mistake! Running from us is totally not rad!
Tomoi: You're not getting away! You're gonna be our new yes-man, grilling squid till you cry of boredom! Bwahaha!
Vyrn: Huh? What's going on, you guys?
Imperial Soldier: Ugh! If you think I'll lose, then you are sorely mistaken! I promised that I would come back alive, and I will!
Lurking Youth: (Dad! Let 'em have it!)
Vyrn: I'm so confused I can't tell my tail from my wings anymore!
Thus begins Operation Take Back Respect.

The Never-Ending Vacation: Scene 3[edit]

Thankfully for the imperial soldier, Operation Take Back Respect is a success. Lowain and bros look forward to the rest of the summer vacation.

All Three: Whoa!
Lowain: This soldier dude is mondo strong! (Captain), Kat, I think we've lost this time!
Elsam: Ugh, so this is his true strength.
Tomoi: It's a miracle we were able to beat him before.
All Three: Bummer!
Lurking Youth: (Wow! Dad's actually kinda cool!)
Vyrn: Hey! Where are you guys running off to! What are we supposed to do about this soldier!
Vyrn: Aw, shucks! I'd better get out of here too before he calls for reinforcements!
Imperial Soldier: As much as I'd like to call for help, I'm actually on leave currently, and am not here with the imperial army!
Imperial Soldier: Nor do I have any way of contacting them! I guess I have no choice but to pretend I saw nothing and let them escape!
Imperial Soldier: You cowards! You got away this time, but you better hope you don't bump into me again!
Vyrn: Hold it! What in the skies is going on here?
All Three: Awesomeness!
Elsam: Bahaha! That was primo, bros! Mondo primo! Pulled it off without a hitch!
Tomoi: Yeah! The imp's son was totally amped!
Lowain: Did you see the look on the little guy's face! I'm beat now though...
Lowain: Well, dudes, shall we go back? Things have calmed down a bit by now.
Lowain: We'd better get back to work before Siero gets back. Things'll get disasteriffic if she knows we were slacking!
Imp: ...
All Three: Duuude!
Lowain: You doofus! We told you that you can't be seen around us anymore!
Imp: I had to come and say thank you. It's thanks to you that my relationship with my son has been fixed.
Elsam: Doofus! If your kid saw you here, the operation would be a total failure!
Tomoi: Yeah, you doofus! If Kat sees us talking to you, she'll hang us out to dry!
Lowain: Never mind her! If we get caught slacking off...
Sierokarte: ...
All Three: Mega bummer!
Sierokarte: Huh? So this is where you were!
Elsam: (Psst! What are we gonna do, Lowain?)
Tomoi: (This is the worst person in all the skies to find us like this!)
Lowain: (Hide the imp and we'll be safe!)
Elsam: (W-we haven't been seen, right?)
Lowain: (Like I know! Let's cover him up in seaweed too!)
Sierokarte: Huh? What was that just now?
All Three: Safe!
Sierokarte: Oh yeah, I heard there was some trouble at the shop earlier...
All Three: Totally, safe!
Sierokarte: Well, I'm glad you're all safe...
All Three: Totally, totally, safe!
Sierokarte: ...
All Three: Safe! Safe! Safe! Safe!
Sierokarte: Urm, I'm glad you're okay and all... I hope I can rely on you again tomorrow.
Sierokarte departs with a smile on her face as if nothing had happened.
Elsam: So she didn't realize we hid the imp?
Tomoi: Dunno, she's kinda hard to read.
Lowain: Siero can be totally fierce... Let's bring the imp back out before anyone notices.
Sierokarte: Tee hee hee! Well, I didn't see a thing!
All Three: Not cool!
Sierokarte really leaves this time, while the three stay on the beach.
Lowain: Bummer! I can't help but get the feeling our reward for helping out is gonna decrease somehow...
Elsam: What did she mean when she said she didn't see a thing though?
Tomoi: Bros, there's no way she'll make us work for free or something as punishment for helping the imp out, right?
All Three: Nah!
Lowain: Probably.
Elsam: She wouldn't do something that uncool!
Tomoi: Right!
All Three: Totally!
All Three: Cowabunga!
Several hours pass by without much happening. The three chill out, watching the waves roll in until the sun sets.
Tomoi: Huh?
Elsam: Wassup, Tommy?
Tomoi: It's just, the beach over there looks darker than normal.
Glancing across the shore, they notice the number of lit torches to be down from previous nights.
Lowain: Like, dudes, I guess the vacation season is over soon...
Elsam: Seems the number of visitors staying over is decreasing...
With the vacation season coming to a close, everyone would soon be returning to their daily lives.
Sensing this, Lowain feels a glimmer of sadness in his heart.
Lowain: We've been through a lot on this island.
Elsam: Tommy managed to find himself a broette that time.
Tomoi: I didn't think I was gonna meet anyone new at my part-time job.
Imp: ...
Lowain: C'mon, bros. Let's not get bummed out over this!
The overcast expressions on their faces are soon dispelled.
Solely because...
Lowain: Our...
Elsam: ...summer...
Tomoi: ...is only just...
All Three: ...beginning!
Though dismayed at the thought of the ending summer, the sea breeze and light of the sun is all it takes to perk them up.
Summer vacation for the three high-spirited youths is still far from over.

Other Appearances[edit]



SV Lowain of the Brofamily.png SV Lowain of the Brofamily E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put an Elsam of the Brofamily into your hand.

Sorry to keep you, like, salivating. Here's your grub with all the—whoa! That lady knight sitting over there... Total babe city!

Guess I've got Katalina fever, you know? But I won't stop till I show her the way this heart beats. Kat, watch out! Cuz someday I'm gonna be your numero uno! Waaheey!
Class Neutral
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Lowain of the Brofamily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Elsam of the Brofamily.png SV Elsam of the Brofamily E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put a Tomoi of the Brofamily into your hand.

Yo! I'm Elsam. It's, like, I'm so honored everybody could get together to share this grindage. As for my lady type... I've got a thing for fashionable girls. Here's to a rad evening, everyone!


All right, you guys ready to begin the forty-fifth grand tourney of the primal beast name game? w00t! w00t!
Class Neutral
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Elsam of the Brofamily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Tomoi of the Brofamily.png SV Tomoi of the Brofamily E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put a Human! Pyramid! Attack! into your hand.

Prime Minister Freesia... Nay, dearest Freezie. Just order me to protect you, and it's done!


Freezie, stop... I'm still on duty... Zzz...
Class Neutral
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Tomoi of the Brofamily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Human! Pyramid! Attack!.png SV Human! Pyramid! Attack! E.png
Click to reveal card data

Whenever this follower attacks, randomly give +1/+0 to all allied followers or restore 2 defense to your leader.

"Brofams! Time to let 'er rip!"
"This formation is undefeated back home!"
"Dudes, let's get on it! Three, two, one..."

(Same as the unevolved form.)

"H!" "P!" "A!" "HPA!"
"Human Pyramid Attack!"
Class Neutral
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Human! Pyramid! Attack!
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other