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This is the Manual of Style for character Lore subpages. These example pages are structured purposefully with headers and subheaders in specific order, from top to bottom. The order is strictly enforced for all associated pages.

Page template (for copy and pasting)[edit source]

  • Use this when creating fresh Lore pages.
== Official Profile ==

== Background ==

<!-- Journal Entry section is only for characters that were NPCs before becoming playable. 
== Journal Entry == 

== Events ==

== Trivia ==

== Special Cutscenes ==

== Fate Episodes ==

== Side-scrolling Quotes ==
== References ==

CharacterTabs[edit source]

Template:CharacterTabs is at the top of all character pages and subpages. It serves a directory for a single character's pages.

Official Profile[edit source]

Use Template:CharTrivia. Characters sometimes have profiles on the official blog with various trivia such as age and interests. Not all profiles have background text.

Characters with multiple versions[edit source]

When dealing with multi-version characters, you can reuse sections from the original character's lore page if applicable. Generally, basic profiles and background information does not change between variants. Reuse specific sections by using

CHARPAGE: The wiki page name of the character.
SECTION_HEADER_NAME: The name of the section to be transcluded.

For an example, see Percival (Summer)/Lore and Percival/Lore

"Official Profile", "Background", and "Events" are good sections to specifically transclude between variants.

Background[edit source]

Personality and background write-ups may be extensive and may use various official sources such as:

  • Fate Episodes
  • Events
  • Light Novels
  • Anime

Inferences are allowed as long as references (<ref>) tags are used. See Referencing for beginners for guidance on usage.

Personality[edit source]

A subsection focusing on the character's personality is optional.

Relationships[edit source]

A subsection for inter-character relationships is optional.

Journal Entry[edit source]

In the event that an NPC character becomes playable, enter their original Journal entry page here.

Events[edit source]

Events that the character appears in. Can be a simple bullet list and/or subsections that detail the character's involvement in that event.

Trivia[edit source]

Character trivia/lore that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Etymology[edit source]

Etymology related to the character's name, skill names, status effect names, etc.

Special Cutscenes[edit source]


Fate Episodes[edit source]

See Meta:Manual of Style/Fate Episodes for steps on how to archive Fate Episodes on the wiki.

Individual Fate Episodes are archived within the Scenario namespace on the wiki. These are then transcluded with Template:FateTabs.

  • intro: the character's introductory episode which rewards 50 crystals.
  • skill: fate episode for learning a new skill
  • lvlcap: Lvl Cap +1 Fate Episode
  • maxlvl: 5★ max level fate
  • cross1: cross-fate episode
  • crosschar1: the other character(s) part of the fate episode
  • cross2: cross-fate episode
  • crosschar2: the other character(s) part of the fate episode
  • cross3: cross-fate episode
  • crosschar3: the other character(s) part of the fate episode

If there are extra fate episodes (such as the Eternals), please see Template:FateTabs on how to add a custom tab.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit source]

Use Template:VoicelessQuotes.

Other Appearances[edit source]

Gallery of character official appearances in other media, sorted by release order if possible.