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Official Profile[edit]

Age 27 years
Height 180cm
Race Human
Hobbies Searching for talent.
Likes The noble path, People with good hearts.
Dislikes Heroes, People without good hearts
Percival is the third of three brothers born into an aristocratic family. Originally, he served as deputy commander of the Order of the Black Dragons in the Kingdom of Feendrache, but left due to certain circumstances. Since then, he went on a journey to study abroad in order to learn how to build an ideal nation. Percival is unaware of it himself but the inability to stop himself from helping those in need is a part of his nature. It is a habit of his to make up a reason to help others, and he believes that reaching out to the weak is a natural reaction for a person of noble standing. He is curt to others and serious to those he acknowledges.[1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.


Percival was born to Herzeloyde and Ghamuret, both aristocrats of the House of Wales, along with two older brothers, Aglovale and Lamorak. Sharing a healthy competition with his brothers and having loving parents made for a happy childhood. It was from Herzeloyde that Percival learned to be kind and offer help to those in need.

At some point, a war broke out between two countries neighboring Percival’s home. Refugees came to Wales and the noble family offered them as much help as possible. Soon, the war worsened and trouble spilt into areas of Wales. During this time, Percival, his brothers, and his mother were travelling in a carriage when it was attacked by a pair that had been some of the refugees they had aided. His mother was killed when the carriage was flipped on its side, asking Percival to not hold grudges with the last of her strength. Her parting words were that she loved Percival and his brothers.

Years later, Aglovale inherited lordship of Wales and Lamorak became a talented wandering sorcerer, leaving Percival to follow an ancient custom of his House. Percival traveled to the Kingdom of Feendrache to become a knight. He eventually took the rank of co-deputy commander alongside his rival, Lancelot, under their leader, Siegfried.

Then, the King was murdered and the culprit was believed to be Siegfried. When his once trusted commander fled, Percival struggled with his beliefs. Though he did stay to see his order of knights reformed, Percival left once Lancelot was promoted to commander. The now former knight began to travel, learning about how a country should be run. He does so in the hope of creating his own, where even the most vulnerable people can live in peace and prosperity.




  • Percival's name is based on the Percival of Arthurian Myth. Sir Percival was a knight of the round table and was a brother to Tor, Lamorak, and Aglovale. He was one of the knights to achieve the Holy Grail. [2]
  • Lohengrin, the weapon that unlocks Percival, is a reference to Sir Percival's son from a German Romance story by Wolfram von Eschenbach.[3]
  • The names of Percival's abilities are German.
    • The status Anzuenden, or Anzünden, roughly translates to "ignition" or "to ignite".
    • Zerreissen, or Zerreißen, means "ripping" or "to rip".
    • Traeumerei, or "Träumerei", means "Reverie".
    • Lohen translates to "raging flames".
    • X-Seele means "X-Soul".

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
Growing one year older brings you one step closer to being an old timer
There's no time like the present to fulfill our dreams. Let's continue onwards together, (Captain)
What? Of course i want to celebrate with you, but I haven't gotten you a present or anything...
Huh? You want me to sing you a birthday song instead? As if I could do that!
Humph. Well... I guess i could, seeing as it's your birthday. Don't you dare laugh though!
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear (Captain),
happy birthday to you!
Ahem, surely that should be sufficient! Now leave me be!


Happy birthday. Why do you look so surprised? I never make the same mistake , you know.
I know everything my vassal likes. I got tickets to the concert you wanted to see, and even made a reservation for that restaurant you wanted to try.
Humph... You 're so happy you're blushing. Shall we go?
Wait, let me check you forehead... You've got a fever!
Sorry, but today's plans are canceled. No whining. Go to bed. Besides, I can rent out the restaurant anytime i want.
Let's see, I'll make you something good to eat to make up for it. It won't taste as good, but I'll suffer no complaints.
There's no making up for the concert? Well, how about I sing you a birthday song? Hey you gagged on purpose!


Happy birthday. This is a bit sudden, but come with me.
Hm? Well, the reservations for the restaurant and concert have already been booked. You weren't able to go on your birthday last year, as I recall.
What? You also made plans to hunt monsters for a mission today?
Hmm... Very well. Take me with you, and we'll clear this mission in no time.
Those reservations I made are for two, and I'm not about to wine and dine by myself.
Come. Let's be off.

Monsters turn to ash by the blade of the Lord of Flames. It doesn't take long for the mission to be completed.
And finally the sun sets.

Looks like we made it before the restaurant closed.
It's a fair bit later than I expected...
But this nighttime view is actually quite stunning.
Once again, happy birthday, (Captain). May tonight delight you to your heart's content.


Happy birthday, (Captain). This makes the fourth time we've celebrated your birthday together.
I knew you were something special from the moment I met you, and to this day I still feel the same way.
I can tell how much you treasure your crew by the lengths you're willing to go to protect them.
As a leader myself, I've been inspired by you countless times.
You're my vassal and trusted attendant, so I hope you'll continue to hold that attitude.
Hm? You don't often hear me praise your ability as a captain?
It goes without saying that you're a fine vassal, but your skill as a captain is no less worthy of praise. You deserve to hear it straight-out.
Once again, happy birthday, (Captain). I look forward to seeing your continued growth and further achievements in the years to come.
Here's to your future, (Captain). Cheers.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
I'm still short on vassals... (Captain), will you continue to accompany me on my journey to find more?


I'm very grateful for everything you've done for me this past year. It's hard to believe so much time has passed since we first met.
We've battled fierce foes, but you've stayed by my side through thick and thin.
You believe in me and trust me with your life. And for that I'm deeply grateful.
So can I depend on you to serve by my side again this year?
Heh... I'm counting on you, Captain.


Look, the sun peeks over the horizon. What a sight to behold.
Having perfect weather to see the first sunrise is the sign of a good start to the new year.
You really looked out for me last year and met my every expectation, (Captain).
It's thanks to reliable people like you that I can continue to build what I deem to be an ideal kingdom.
I hope this year will be no different. Will you continue on at my side?
Heh. That's what I like to hear.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm delighted to be able to greet another year with you by my side.
Feendrache wasn't built in a day. I intend to spend this year seeking to determine what makes an ideal kingdom.
Hm? You think I ought to go into town with you?
I see. By taking part in the New Year's festivities, I can broaden my views on the people and culture of the town itself.
In that case, give me a moment to change into appropriate attire for New Year's.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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So today is Valentine's... Too bad I don't care for chocolate.
Wait. Stop! Don't look at me like that. Fine, I'll take yours... But only this once, okay?


Who is it? Oh, it's you, Captain. What are you doing visiting me so early? You wanted to be the first to give me chocolate?
Humph. You'll freeze out there. Now come inside. I'll get you something warm to drink.
Hm? You made it a little less sweet this year? I suppose I can reward your effort. I'll let you try my special tea.
Now we'll just wait for the water to boil. While we wait, how about we ask each other questions to get to know each other better?
What's wrong? It's all in good fun. Ahem, I'll go first...


Are you ready? Then let us begin our inspection of the town.
Hm, I see that you're shivering, (Captain). It's because you're going out into the cold so lightly dressed.
You just bought thost clothes? Humph. You should dress appropriately to suit your surroundings. It won't do to have you catch a cold in that.
I'm going to heat things up a bit. Stand back.
Cupping the tip of his sword in his hand, Percival produces a crimson flame.
Good. It appears your shivers have stopped.
Hm? Are you giving me a Valentine's Day gift? Then I'll accept it with sincerest appreciation.
I'd rather not have the heat melt these chocolates and ruin the taste. I shall consume them with haste.


It's gotten quite late... (Captain) wanted to meet with me, but I'm sure the captain has already left by now.
Urgent business or not, it grieves me that I couldn't keep my promise. I'll have to apologize to the captain tomorrow.
Hm... Who is that standing outside my room? Oh, why if it isn't (Captain)!
Valentine's chocolates? Were you waiting here all this time just to give them to me?
Humph... How foolish. It's freezing out here. Hurry up and come inside.
I'll fix you something warm to drink. I can't have you catching a cold because of me.
Oh, I forgot to show my appreciation for your thoughtful gift. Thank you for the chocolates. I'll try one now.

White Day Cutscenes
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I don't know why you look so surprised.
I did say I'm not one for sweets, but that doesn't make me some ungrateful monster. Here, take this.
Your dissatisfied face says it all. You're accusing me of giving you the same thing I gave everyone else, aren't you?
Don't be ridiculous. You've always been there for me, (Captain). For the last time, your present is more special than the others.


After completing a mission, (Captain) and the crew are finishing up a meeting on the deck of the airship.

Good job today, everyone. I'm sure you're all exhausted, so be sure to get some sleep.
By the way, (Captain), do you have a minute?
It's not much, but I just wanted to express my thanks to you with this gift. And don't worry. This year I had something specially made for you.
Hm? What's with that face?
Wait! Why are you leaving? I command you to tell me why!
I see. You make a valid point. It might seem like favoritism to give you something special so publicly.
If that's the case, it's fine now, right?
It's just the two of us. Go ahead, take it.


Are you there, (Captain)? I came to talk to you about White Day.
Hm? Your arm is wrapped in bandages... Did you get hurt?
So you were injured by a monster that snuck aboard? Make sure you get enough rest to heal properly.
As for the matter of why I came here, I have a present to give to you.
Ah, but you won't be able to open it with only one good hand. I'll do the honors.
It's fine. All would be lost if you dropped it and ruined what's inside.
Here. Have a taste.
Delicious? Of course they are. It's a collection of superior pieces handpicked by myself.
Still, it's quite rare that I would be the one to be taking care of you, (Captain).
You have no confidence in your non-dominant hand? Are you really that clumsy with it?


There you are, (Captain). I heard you were out on a mission, and from the looks of things it was a success.
No, I wasn't waiting. I was simply on patrol making sure my vassals were fulfilling their duties, and I lost track of time.
And besides, if anything were to happen while you were away, it would bring dishonor upon the name of the Lord of Flame.
Now then, I've droned on long enough...
Today is White Day, correct? Here's a thank-you for the sweets you gave me the other day. Please enjoy them.
And splendid work on that mission. Your diligence benefits each and every one of us, so you deserve a heartfelt reward.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat? I think I'll pass on both. Um... What does that look mean?
Hold on... You can't force me to wear a costume! Hey, quit it! This is embarrassing!
All right, all right! I'll wear the ears, but that's it! You have to compromise with me here!


It seems Halloween's come around again... What are these ears doing on my desk?
Hm? Oh, Captain, your timing's perfect. I hate to tell you this, but I only promised to wear these ears last year. As for this year—
Hey... What are you hiding in your hand?
What? You've got to be kidding! There's no way I'm going for this!
...Making that face and shaking your tail won't work! ...Wait! Don't call the kiddies in here! That's not fair!


Hmm... Nothing peculiar placed on my desk this year...
I've been on edge since it's Halloween, but tonight has passed with nary a peep.
Tch... Again with those fake ears and tail. If you've got something to say to me, then just say it!
Argh! Stop scratching my armor with those claws!
You want me to put them on again? What exactly are you scheming against me this year!
Ugh... Fine. I'll wear them. Just this once...
But don't get any wrong ideas. I just couldn't bear the sound of that scratching anymore.


Humph... I see you've brought yet another new costume piece.
Every year you show up with fake ears, a fake tail, and paw gloves. It's practically a Halloween tradition at this point.
But this year is different. I refuse to let you talk me into wearing them! Year after year I tell you "just this once", but you never listen!
Just kidding. Come on now, hand over those fangs.
Heh. Surprised? A good sense of humor is vital to a proper ruler.
Now you want me to... howl?
Stop that! I don't need to hear an example!
Actually, hold on, (Captain). You call that a howl?
What's the point of the costume if you can't even produce a proper howl? I'll show you how it's done.
Awooooo... Awooooooo... Awooo!
Ngh... How did I end up playing along!
Hey, don't call the kiddies in here!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ah, the holiday season. I remember celebrating with my siblings when I was a child.
Would you look at that... I haven't seen this many people out on the town since my days with the Dragon Knights.
Heh. I suppose it doesn't hurt to enjoy yourself every once in a while.


Hm, have I caught a cold? Maybe I'll skip the festivities tonight and have a quiet evening to myself. Oh, is that you, Captain? What is it? It's not good to be alone? Wait! Don't come any closer! No! I mean, you'll catch my cold! Just listen to me! Hm? You'll stay and take care of me? But you promised to go see the night sky with everyone. I'll be fine, so hurry up and go. You're pretty stubborn, you know that? Fine, you can stay, but when I'm better, I'll show you a night sky like you've never seen.


Humph. This has become quite the blizzard.
Everything was in place for a most picturesque night until the capricious whims of nature had to go and spoil it all.
Heh, it's just like you to always be optimistic. If you'd like, we can go out another time.
The weather is unfortunate, but this food is first-rate. Let's enjoy ourselves with this bounty.
What comes to mind on a night like this? Hmm, I guess I could share some memories with you.
There was a snowstorm a long time ago, just like the one we're having tonight. Mother read a story to me and my brothers.
We were so absorbed in the story that we threw tantrums and pestered Mother to continue...
Heh... What a thing to remember. Now I'd like to hear one of your memories.


Enjoying five-star cuisine created by a top-ranking chef, all while surveying the breathtaking night view outside... I can't think of a better way to spend the holidays.
Oh, a shooting star. I just caught a glimpse of one by that mountain over yonder.
Heh. Put my hands together and make a wish, you say? Very well. I suppose it wouldn't hurt.
I wish that I would continue to meet suitable vassals.
What's that? You spotted another shooting star? And you want me to make another wish? Well, if you insist.
I wish that all skydwellers would be able to spend the holidays with those dear to them.
You think the scale of my wish is too large? But that's exactly what wishes are for—the grander, the better.
I've already been blessed with precious vassals such as yourself, so I thought it only right to wish for the happiness of others.
By the way—what was your wish, (Captain)? Care to share it with me?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Simmering Fire Within[edit]

(Captain) and company meet a fiery young man named Percival who is determined to have them as his vassals.

(Captain) and company are traveling in a carriage through a mountain.
A mother, fast asleep with her two children, and a man in extravagant armor are riding along with them.
Vyrn: What're we doing here? We could just fly over these mountains with the airship.
Lyria: Oh, Vyrn... Sometimes it's nice to slow down and enjoy the journey, don't you think?
They're on their way back from delivering supplies to troops in the foothills.
The horse-drawn carriage trundles on as the sun goes down.
Just then, two children sleeping on their mother awaken.
Thin Boy: Agh...
Young Girl: Yawn...
Frail Mother: Oh, it's all right children. Go back to sleep, my dears.
Thin Boy: Mama, I'm hungry. Do you have any snacks?
Young Girl: Me too, Mommy. I'm hungry too.
Frail Mother: I'm sorry, my dears. That bread earlier was the last of our supplies.
Thin Boy: Oh, all right...
Young Girl: Aww... But... I'm hungry!
The young girl begins to cry.
Frail Mother: Just wait a little longer, all right? At the next village I'll pick something up.
Young Girl: Nooo! I can't wait anymore!
Lyria: (Captain), do we have any food we could give them?
  1. We've got an apple!
  2. We've got a cookie!

Choose: We've got an apple!
Lyria: Let's see... Oh, here it is!
Lyria: It's an apple that Vyrn was saving as a snack!
Vyrn: Hey! What are you doing with my apple?
Lyria: Come on, Vyrn. You can give up an apple for the kids, right?
Vyrn: Oh yeah! Sure I can!
Vyrn: (Awww... There goes my apple...)
Lyria gives the apple to the children. Encouraged by her gesture, an armored man also offers up some of his rations.

Choose: We've got a cookie!
Vyrn: Oh yeah! I forgot about that.
Vyrn: Lyria was saving a cookie as a snack!
Lyria: What? Ah, well um, let's not be too hasty...
Vyrn: Ah, here it is! I found it!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! We can give this cookie to the kids, right?
Lyria: Yes! Of course!
Lyria: (Awww... I'll just have to get another one...)
Vyrn gives the cookie to the children. Encouraged by his gesture, an armored man also offers up some of his own rations.
Continue 1
???: Eat this. It's bland, but it should fill you up.
Frail Mother: Thank you, kind strangers. All of you...
Young Girl: Yay! There's so much food!
Vyrn: It's the least we could do to cheer you up!
Lyria: Don't mention it! Now eat up!
Young Girl: We will! Thank you, everybody!
Thin Boy: Oh, thank you so much...
???: Maybe now you'll stop whining and keep quiet...
Frail Mother: I'm sorry...
The man goes back to sitting in silence...
So the crew decides to strike up a conversation with the mother.
Vyrn: It must be hard traveling with young kids, I bet.
Frail Mother: It is... It pains me to take them on such a tough journey while they're so innocent.
Lyria: May I ask why you're traveling?
Frail Mother: Of course. Recently our country has been taken over by a real piece of work...
Frail Mother: There was a resistance, and now the country's in an all-out civil war.
Vyrn: Wait... Does that mean what I think it means?
Lyria: Yes. The soldiers we delivered supplies to were probably involved.
The carriage makes its way up the mountainside, giving the passengers a view of the foothills bathed in the fires of war.
Frail Mother: That's what we're trying to escape. That's why we're heading for the border.
Vyrn: Oh... And to think that we got involved without even knowing...
Lyria: Oh dear...
Feeling guilty, Lyria looks to the mother.
Lyria: If there's anything we can do to help you, please tell us.
Frail Mother: What? No, I...
Frail Mother: You don't even know me. I'd hate to be a burden to you.
Lyria: But we want to help you!
Lyria: You see, we're actually skyfarers. If you want, we can take you to a nearby city on our airship!
Vyrn: Yeah! It's no trouble at all. And we don't mind either!
Frail Mother: Well, if you're sure... Thank you so much.
Frail Mother: I'll never forget the kindness you've shown to us today.
Suddenly, the armored man breaks his silence.
???: There's no escape. Wherever you go.
Vyrn: What's that you say?
???: I said that wherever you go, it will all be the same.
Lyria: What do you mean?
???: I've been traveling around for longer than you can imagine. This woman's story is all too common.
???: Wherever you go, there will be people who only look out for themselves at the expense of the country.
Vyrn: Well, not everyone's gonna be model citizens.
???: Of course not. That's my point.
The man then poses a question to the crew.
???: So I have to ask... Will you folks reach out the same way for every sob story you come across?
Vyrn: Of course! Why wouldn't we?
???: Humph...
The man smiles in answer, but his eyes reflect both pity and curiosity toward the crew.

The Lord of Flames's Requiem[edit]

After visiting a town with Percival, (Captain)'s party receive a request to solve the bandit problem plaguing the town. Just as Percival asks the Mayor about the bandits, they show up in the town. The party face the bandits, and draw their weapons.

After befriending Percival, the party continued on their journey.
Stopping at a town to get some rest, the crew were asked by the Mayor for help defeating the bandits that plagued the town.
Percival: To be asking for help from total stranger, the circumstances must be dire indeed.
Town Mayor: Y-yes… I'm truly sorry we cannot offer you much in hospitality when you come so worn out…
Percival: Let's put that aside for now. So then, is there any form of defensive force in this town?
Town Mayor: Well, while our forces weren't insubstantial they were all too slow to stop the bandits. Now most of them are injured…
Percival: I see, so in other words the only ones able to even defend the town is us?
Town Mayor: That is unfortunately the case, won't you help us?
Percival: Hmm, how unfortunate. If the bandits attack, I suppose that would ruin our chances of enjoying a quiet rest.
Percival: Well, (Captain), should we help out?
(Captain) nodded along with Percival's words.
Town Mayor: Th-thank you! Everyone, thank you!
Percival: Save the thanks for later. For now, pray tell us more of these bandits.
Town Mayor: Of course. Well… They're holed up in some nearby ruins, and every night they come and raid our stores.
Percival: Ruins, you say? And how would you rate their fighting prowess?
Town Mayor: W-well… It's the young men of the town who actually fight them, so you might want to ask them.
Percival: Then call these young men over here! Double time!
Town Mayor: Y-yessir! Right away!
Just then, a young man appeared, panting after running over so quickly.
Townsperson: Mr. Mayor! Come quick!
Town Mayor: Oh, what perfect timing! These people would like to talk to you about?
Townsperson: Bandits! The bandits are here!
Town Mayor: Wh-what! This is terrible! Please, everyone, help us!
Percival: Humph… (Captain), do you intend to join battle with an unknown enemy?
Percival: But then, I suppose we have little choice. Let us advance!
Vyrn: Oho! Just leave it to us!
The party quickly headed to town to face the bandits.
By the time they arrived the bandits were already busy causing trouble.
Thief 1: Mwahahaha! D'you like what ye see?
Townswoman: AAAH!
Percival: Cur… Take your hands off that poor maiden!
Thief 1: Huh? Who the hell're you?
Percival: Apologies, but I never give my name to the likes of you.
Thief 1: Heh! Well, I don' need yer name to beat ye senseless!
Percival: You may try. (Captain), charge!

The Lord of Flames's Requiem: Scene 2[edit]

The crew are awed at both Percival's power and his kindness as he beats back the bandits to protect the young girl. Percival orders the crew to join in the battle, and they head off to take care of the remaining bandits.

Percival: Haaa!
Thief 1: Ugh… Wh…what the…
Thief 2: Oi! You all right?
Thief 1: These guys, they ain't from this town!
The young girl took the opportunity to escape from the bandit's grasp.
Townswoman: Y-you rescued me, thank you!
Percival: Get behind us, now!
Townswoman: O-OK…
The crew faced off against the bandits who had come to ransack the town.
Percival: En garde!
The party were blown away by the infernal blaze that Percival summoned forth to dispose of the bandits.
Lyria: I-incredible. Percival could take them all on his own.
Vyrn: Oh come on. He was just complaining that we care too much…
Vyrn: But now look at Sir Burnsalot here, looking out for the little guys.
Lyria: Heehee. I guess Percival is just one of those people.
Lyria: Someone who needs a reason to do anything.
Percival: (Captain)! Now's not the time for idle banter!
Percival: They're coming back!
Lyria: R-roger!
Thief 1: Oi! Watch out fer the fiery feller!
Thief 2: Awright! Let's get 'im!
Vyrn: Hey! You're gonna regret forgetting about us!
Vyrn: Sir Burnsalot! Just hold on, we're coming!

The Lord of Flames's Requiem: Scene 3[edit]

Under Percival's command, the crew head toward the bandits' hideout. Arriving at the hideout, they quickly take care of the inhabitants. Once finished, however, Percival starts talking about the "order of the black dragons," and begins to shake. The crew rush to his aid.

Thanks to Percival's pugnacious prowess, the bandits were dealt with down to the last man.
The following day, under the command of Sir Percival, the crew headed to the bandit's hideout.
Percival: The enemy may be numerous, but they are undisciplined.
Percival: Steady… Remember, we didn't suffer through fire and flames to falter at the last step! Failure is not an option!
Lyria: Yes! Failure is not an option!
Vyrn: Hey, don't you think Sir Burnsalot is acting a bit strange?
Lyria: I don't know, this isn't so different to his usual self, is it?
Vyrn: I…I guess not.
Percival: OK, everyone! Victory lies before us! All that's left for us to do is take it!
Lyria: ARGH!
And so, under the influence of Percival's rousing words, the crew quickly dealt with the bandits.
The crew then headed off in search of the bandits' leader.
Leader: Ugh. I ain't never seen anyone fight like that before.
Leader: Who the hell are you guys?
Percival: My name…is Percival.
Percival: Lord of Flames, and second in command of the Order of the Black Dragons.
Leader: The…Black…Dragons?
Percival: If you surrender now, I promise you won't be harmed.
Leader: Dang it… What's a knight doin' round these parts anyhow?
Lyria: Erm… Sir Percival…
Lyria: What was that just now, about knights?
Vyrn: Don't look at me, I wasn't even listening.
Percival: Wha? Are you mocking me?
Leader: (…Hmm…something' seems off here…)
Lyria: Er…erm… Sir Percival! Are you feeling all right?
Percival: I am… A Black Dragon…knight…
Leader: (…Now's my chance…I can get him while he's weak…)
Vyrn: (Captain)! I don't know what's goin' on, but we need to help Sir Burnsalot!

The Lord of Flames's Requiem: Scene 4[edit]

(Captain) and the crew join with Percival to take down the rest of the bandits. Returning to the town, Percival reveals his past with Freedreche, and the source of his anguish. Lyria suggests that they all go and talk with Freedreche. Percival decides that it is time to finally put to rest the demons of his past.

With (Captain) and the crew's help, the bandits have been successfully eradicated.
After returning to the town and being welcomed warmly by the townsfolk, they headed to the nearest inn for some rest.
Lyria: Sir Percival hasn't been well ever since the incident in the hideout…
Vyrn: You're right. Ever since he started talking about "knights of the something or other."
Percival: I apologize for what happened earlier. I…I wasn't myself.
Lyria: Eh…ah…um… Sir Percival, all that matters is that you're OK.
Vyrn: But I gotta know, what was that about back there?
Percival: I thought…that just maybe…I had left that part of my life behind me.
Lyria: What part of your life? Only tell us if you're comfortable, of course.
Percival: It's a long story, but if you really want to hear it then I'll tell you.
Lyria: We really do.
With a loud sigh, Percival began to tell his tale.
Percival: I've told you already that I was born into the House of Wales, didn't I?
Lyria: Yes, I think you told us that the day we met.
Percival: Well there was one who stood to inherit all the wealth of that great family.
Percival: But there was an ancient custom in our house to join a holy order of knights, and…
Vyrn: Hmm… So you're sayin' that you used to be an actual knight?
Percival: Yes, I was… Though it was long before I met you.
Percival: Back then, I was the deputy commander of an order of knights stationed in a neighboring country.
Percival: But then… My commander, he took out the king.
Vyrn: Th-the king… Unbelievable…
Percival: Indeed. We had all of us put our faith into that commander. None of us could believe what was happening.
Percival: His betrayal was the beginning of the end for our order.
Percival: Since then I… I've been struggling to believe in anything any more.
Lyria: And your commander? What became of him?
Percival: He scarpered, to goodness knows where. Leaving behind him an empty throne, and a distraught consul.
Percival: I had been… charmed by that backstabbing monster. We all had.
Percival: I would have given my life to serve both the king and my commander.
Percival: I had to tell someone, so I confided in a friend, another deputy commander.
Percival: What do you think he said?
Percival continued his story, with a look of both great sadness and nostalgia on his face.
Percival: A knight's only objective is to serve his country. Once he swears his oath, his life is tied to the safety of his nation.
Percival: After the incident with the king, our order was reformed, and for a time, it was good.
Percival: After making sure that my friend was promoted to the role of commanding officer, I left the country.
Percival: The rest of the story, you already know. I set out on a journey, to learn more about how a country should be run.
Lyria: That's right…
Vyrn: Yeah, so this is where we come into the story, isn't it?
Percival: Indeed. But, though it's been some time, whenever I think back to those days…
Percival: I won't say that I don't have any regrets. For the longest time, myself and the commander of the now Order of the White Dragons…
Percival: We had a long-standing rivalry, each of us feeling we were the best.
With his final comment, Percival looked back at the crew.
Percival: I'm sorry. I'm afraid I went on for a little longer than I expected. You must all be bored stiff.
Lyria: Um… I think we might know the country that you're talking about.
Percival: Wh-what!
Vyrn: Yeah. Now that you mention it, the White Dragons really does ring a bell.
Vyrn: You're talkin' about that Freedreche guy who was protecting Sylph, right?
Percival: This..this is a surprise. I never thought I'd hear those names coming from you.
Lyria: Um… Sir Percival…
Lyria: I don't know if it will do much good, but why don't we go pay Freedreche another visit?
Percival: Humph, it seems you're not going to let this go, are you?
Percival: I admit, you're probably right. If…if I want to find peace…
Percival: I first need to deal with my unresolved issues from the past.
Vyrn: All right! And if there's anything we can do to help, just tell us!
Lyria: Yes! I… I'd love to see your dream country become reality!
Upon hearing Lyria's kind words, Percival actually broke into a little smile.
Percival: Come, the hour grows late.
Percival: Tomorrow is soon upon us, we must sleep.
Percival's ties to the group grew ever stronger, as did his affection for them.
Unbeknownst to all involved, this conversation set into motion elements that inevitably drew Percival toward his destiny.

A Royal's Resolve[edit]

Percival and the crew visit Wales, governed by his older brother Aglovale. Before seeing him they go to check a nearby floodwall, but a sudden storm urges them back to shelter.

Percival: Wales...
It's been quite a while.
During their journey, (Captain) and the crew decide to visit Wales, Percival's home.
The country is governed by Percival's older brother Aglovale.
Vyrn: So your brother's here in this town, Sir Burnsalot?
Percival: Yes, apparently for a visit. He's quite busy, so it'll be some time before we can see him.
The crew has come to a riverside town after learning that Aglovale is here on official business.
Percival: He guides the country as its leader. There's much I could learn, so I'm eager to speak with him.
Lyria: Sounds like there's lots to look forward to.
Vyrn: At any rate, this place is bustling with people!
Percival: With both the river and a large road nearby, the area here soon flourished into a town.
Percival: But rising waters brought flood damage every now and then.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? For a town as nice as this, the up-keep must be tough.
Percival: Well, not anymore. A floodwall was built recently, so there's no more concerns about that, I've heard.
Lyria: Oh, really? That's a relief.
Percival: Indeed. That gives me an idea... Hey, (Captain), let's go see it for ourselves.
  1. Lead the way!
  2. Aw... Do we have to?

Choose: Lead the way!
Percival: Hah... I see you've finally come around.
Percival: After all it's your duty as my vassal to accompany me on inspections.

Choose: Aw... Do we have to?
Percival: You're my loyal vassal, are you not? Why wouldn't you accompany your future king?
Vyrn: Now back it up a second. Why does the future king need to inspect a floodwall anyway?
Percival: It's obvious. A king must be familiar with construction efforts in order to ensure a comfortable standard of living for his people.
Percival: There's no better example than to see my own brother's achievement firsthand.
Vyrn: If you say so...
Continue 1
Lyria: Then let's be on our way!
Vyrn: Whoa, the water's pretty high.
Percival: Yes. It seems there's been a lot of rainfall these past few days.
Lyria: Even so, the wall looks well-built, so there's nothing to worry about.
Percival: Indeed. There's no concern of collapse. It should hold.
Vyrn: That's a relief. Your brother really did a good job here!
Percival: You're right. It's all the result of his policies.
Percival: ...
Percival knits his brows as he looks over at the opposite bank.
Lyria: Hm? What is it, Percival?
Vyrn: Are you looking over there at the riverbank?
Oh, it looks like another town.
Lyria: Hm... Oh! I see it. It looks a little smaller.
The crew strains their eyes at the opposite town when tiny beads of rain begin to fall.
Lyria: Is it raining?
Percival: It's starting to come down. Looks like it's going to be a storm.
Percival: Right, let's hurry back into town.
Lyria: Okay!
Whoa, it's really pouring now!
Vyrn: Yikes! Let's skedaddle!
The gang makes a run for it in the pelting rain, back toward the town in search of shelter.

A Royal's Resolve: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and company go to visit the floodwall again; it's sturdy, but the wall for the village on the opposite riverbank looks unsafe. This leads Percival to suspect that Aglovale had to make difficult decisions during construction.

The storm grows stronger through the night, but it slowly dissipates as dawn comes.
Then, early that morning...
Vyrn: The rain's stopped, but now the river is roaring with waves.
Lyria: It's a little nerve-racking to watch.
Vyrn: Well from the look of that floodwall yesterday, it's not gonna crumble anytime soon!
Vyrn: And anyway, Sir Burnsalot, what's gotten you so curious about that other town all of a sudden?
The crew accompanies Percival on his way to check out the town across the river.
Percival: Just take a look at that floodwall.
Lyria: You mean, the one over there?
Vyrn: Hm, I can't see it very well, but it looks shorter than the one over here.
Percival: Indeed, it does. It's most likely weaker than the one on this side too.
Lyria: But you don't think it will fall... do you?
Percival: It's been bothering me since yesterday. Factoring in the rainfall and the rough waters...
Percival: I'm not entirely sure about it.
Vyrn: Well, that doesn't sound good! And how come only this side gets a decent wall?
Vyrn: They're so different! Doesn't it seem unfair?
Percival: Unfair, you say... But the problem isn't as simple as you think.
Percival: It's impossible to carry out construction everywhere at the same time in equal measure.
Lyria: You're right... They'd have to do it in some order or another.
Percival: Exactly. Areas must be prioritized, and flood control is a tough undertaking in itself.
Percival: This is surely all according to Aglovale's calculations. This must've been the most logical way to carry out the task.
Vyrn: I see. I guess that makes sense. Not that I would know...
Lyria: I see... Being a king sounds hard.
Percival: Indeed...

A Royal's Resolve: Scene 3[edit]

Percival and the crew cross the river to find two sisters about to be swept away by the high water. Percival gets stuck trying to rescue them both and refuses help from the crew, but soon Aglovale appears and comes to their aid.

The gang crosses a large bridge and reaches the opposite side of the river.
Vyrn: Yikes... The water here is way higher.
Lyria: And the waves are choppy here too. It's a little scary.
Percival: Hm?
Quiet down for a second.
Lyria: Huh?
???: Waaah...
Vyrn: Hm? I hear a voice...
Lyria: Oh no! Look over there!
Big Sis: Hold on! Don't let go!
Lil Sis: Waaah... I'm scared!
Just ahead, a turbulent stream is threatening to carry away two young sisters.
Big Sis: It'll be all right! I p-promise... I'll save you!
With her body half-submerged, the older girl grasps her younger sister with one arm while clinging to the riverbank with the other.
Lil Sis: Waaah... I'm scared... And the water's so cold!
Big Sis: Nghh! My hand's... too slippery!
Percival: Tch...
Big Sis: Huh? Who are you?
Just before the girls are swept away from the riverbank, Percival jumps down to grab them.
Percival: Hold on! Don't let go of your sister!
No... My footing...
With the force of the waves and weak ground of the riverbank, Percival can't pull up the two girls, let alone himself.
Percival: Hey! Can you try and pull yourself up slowly?
Big Sis: Nghh... I can't...
Please, could you just save her first?
Lil Sis: Waah...
Percival: Nghh...
Percival: (If I save her sister, then I have to let go of her hand. But then that means...)
Lyria: Percival!
Vyrn: Hey! We'll give you a hand!
Percival: Stay right there!
Lyria: Huh? But...
Percival: The ground is weak! Don't come near the water! You won't help anyone by falling in!
Vyrn: But Sir Burnsalot! If we don't do something—
Monster: Grooar!
Vyrn: Yikes! A monster came out of the river!
Lyria: Percival!
Percival: Nghh... No!
Just as the monster is about to swallow up Percival and the girls, the monster and the water surrounding it freeze instantly.
Vyrn: What was that!
Aglovale: ...
Percival: Brother?
Aglovale: Have you lost your mind? Foolish brother.
Percival: Hey! Hold on to me and pull yourself up!
Big Sis: All right!
Using the frozen layer of water for footing, Percival pulls the sisters safely onto the riverbank.
Lil Sis: Waaah! I was so scared!
Big Sis: But you stayed brave. Good girl!
And thank you so much, everyone!
Lyria: I'm glad you both are okay! And thank you, Aglovale—
Percival: Hey! Don't congratulate yourselves yet. We've got company.
Monster: Grooar!
The monster jumps out from between the cracks in the ice.
Percival: Heads up, (Captain)!

A Royal's Resolve: Scene 4[edit]

Aglovale criticizes Percival for being unable to make rational decisions, endangering everyone around him. He gives Percival a new wardrobe and dismisses him until he can answer what it is to be a king.

The crew combines their strengths to fight off all the monsters.
Vyrn: Whew... Talk about a surprise attack.
Lyria: You said it... But at least everyone is all right! Aglovale really saved the day!
Percival: Indeed. Brother, I truly—
Aglovale: If I hadn't come, what would you have done?
Aglovale: In foolishly attempting to protect those two girls, as well as your vassals, you put everyone in even more danger.
Percival: ...
Aglovale: Seems you're aware to some extent... But do you understand? This was all caused by your weakness.
Aglovale: You've learned nothing from your journey. I pity the people swept up by a king like you.
Vyrn: What? Now look here, that's going too far!
  1. Spare us your pity!
  2. Tell us what you really think.

Choose: Spare us your pity!
Percival: Hey, (Captain)...
Lyria: That's right! We appreciate Percival for his kindness and...
Aglovale: Percival. What do you say?
Percival: ...
Aglovale: No response then?
Vyrn: Hey! Why are you being so mean? Aren't you supposed to be his brother?

Choose: Tell us what you really think.
Aglovale: Do you not get it? As his vassal, your stature is as worthless as Percival's.
Vyrn: Hold it right there, pal! Are you trying to start a fight with (Captain) too?
Continue 1
Percival: My vassals... Stand down. That's enough.
Percival raises a hand to signal (Captain) and the others to calm down.
Percival: This is my problem and mine alone.
Lyria: Percival...
Aglovale: Percival, what exactly is a king to you?
Percival: A king...
A king is...
Aglovale: Humph. That's enough. For now, let's do something about your deplorable appearance.
Percival's clothes are sullied with mud and water from the rescue.
Aglovale: I'll let you have this, so change into it.
Aglovale takes a bundle from a guard and tosses it over to Percival.
Percival: Wait, Brother. I...
Aglovale: I'll hear nothing more from you. When you have your answer, you may return to the castle.
Aglovale leaves without another word.
Vyrn: Wow! I've gotta say, that outfit really suits you!
Percival changes out of his stained and worn gear into the new outfit given to him by his brother.
Percival: ...
Vyrn: That's some pretty fancy armor!
Percival: This is an heirloom of the House of Wales. It was one of my father's most prized possessions.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Well, you can tell!
Lyria: Yeah, it's excellent! You look marvelous—just like a king!
Percival: Like a king...
Percival: (I wonder... Will I ever become worthy enough for this armor?)
With a quiet burning in his eyes, Percival gazes into the distance, contemplating his future kingdom.

Reaching for His Kingdom[edit]

Percival and the crew help the townspeople across the river fix the floodwall. The younger sister tells Percival how much she loves her town even though the flooding causes problems.

After rescuing the two sisters, the crew sees them off and decides to visit the other side of the river.
Lyria: So this is the small town we saw...
Percival: Yes, indeed it is.
Vyrn: Hm, it's not so much small as it is empty...
Lyria: Yeah. When you compare it with the other town, there aren't that many people, and it's not exactly bustling.
Percival: Well, the other town has a main road along with the river nearby, making it a major point for distribution.
Percival: (It's as clear as day which of these towns is more valuable to the country...)
Percival appears deep in thought.
Just then, a loud commotion can be heard from outside the town.
Townsman 1: Hey! We've got trouble! There's water coming in through the flood wall!
Townsman 2: What! We've gotta hurry. Let's round everyone up and head out there!
Townswoman: This again? I'm tired of worrying every time it rains around here...
Townsman 2: There's no time to complain. We've got to get out there to protect our homes.
The men get their tools in hand and march out toward the river.
Vyrn: Sounds like they could use some help! Let's get out there too, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go!
Percival: Hey! Wait!
Percival: Blast it... Didn't you learn your lesson just now at the riverbank?
Townsman 2: Hey! We need more sandbags over here!
Townsman 1: I brought some more! Is this enough?
Townsman 2: This area should be fine. But that area's looking a little shaky, so let's stack a little more there.
The crew arrives at the river to see people working together to repair the floodwall.
Vyrn: The work is going pretty quick. They're really good at this!
Percival: In fact, they're great at this. But it must mean that they've done this enough times to know it like second nature.
Lyria: That must be tough...
Percival: They've come to protect their town by putting in all this effort.
Vyrn: I know it's difficult, but it's great to have neighbors who really care!
Lyria: Yeah, it sure is!
Townsman 1: Hey, you over there! Are you passing through? Do you mind lending us a hand?
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's give 'em some help, (Captain)!
Percival: I suppose I'll help out too. If something were to happen to you outside my watch, it would surely be troublesome.
The sun has set by the time the repairs are finished.
The two sisters from earlier in the day offer the crew a place to stay for the night as a token of their thanks.
Lil Sis: Hey, mister armor man! Look at this...
Lyria: She seems to really like you, Percival.
Lil Sis: I folded these. I helped with laundry!
Percival: Oh yeah? That's good that you can help around the house.
Lil Sis: It's good? Because I'm a big girl?
Percival: That's right.
Lil Sis: Hee-hee! I knew it! My sister tells me I'm getting to be a big girl now!
Percival: You really like your family, eh?
Lil Sis: I love them! My sister is really good at cooking.
Lil Sis: And my granny is so nice! She teaches me how to sew, and do the laundry, and lots of other things.
Lil Sis: And my grandpa's a builder. He's always fixing people's houses and even the wall by the river. It's like magic!
Percival: I see...
Lil Sis: Yep! Isn't that neat?
Percival: Yeah, it's neat. You love your town, don't you?
Lil Sis: Uh-huh! I have my family here, and Emma next door, and my puppy dog Chee, and my kitty cat Mew!
Lil Sis: But... I wish the water outside would stay down so we can live better.
Percival: Yeah...
Percival smiles as he gently pats the young girl on the head.

Reaching for His Kingdom: Scene 2[edit]

Percival tells (Captain) that he will never sacrifice the few to save the many, even if it's the rational decision. They then visit Aglovale, and on hearing Percival's declaration, Aglovale challenges him to a sparring match.

Late in the night, Percival awakens and silently slips out of the house.
Percival: Hey there, (Captain).
Having followed after Percival, (Captain) walks up to his side and looks up at the night sky.
Percival: Why are you up? You couldn't sleep?
  1. Well, I sort of woke up...
  2. Well, why are you up?

Choose: Well, I sort of woke up...
Percival: Was it me who woke you up? Sorry about that...
(Captain) mumbles that it's all right and looks up at Percival.
Percival: Hm... I know what you're thinking.

Choose: Well, why are you up?
Percival: Don't answer my question with a question.
Percival: It doesn't matter... I know what you're thinking.
Continue 1
Percival: I'm thinking it too. About what my brother said today.
Percival: About what it means to be a king, sitting at the head of the ideal land I'm striving to create.
In the quiet of the sleeping town, his somber voice rings cold.
Percival: I've told you before that I want to build a land without war, where even the powerless can live in peace.
Percival: But in my land, I won't abandon the few for the sake of the many. I can't.
Percival: Even if it is the most logical way...
Percival: After seeing the people of this town today, I feel that more than ever.
(Captain) listens quietly as Percival continues.
Percival: Surely Aglovale's policy is to always choose the practical solution that will help the most citizens.
Percival: And surely, his choice must sometimes leave others behind.
Percival: It's not that I think it's wrong...
Percival: It's just that I want to follow my heart and find another way.
As if a weight of uncertainty has been lifted from his chest, Percival's mouth begins to curve into a familiar, confident grin.
Percival: (Captain), tomorrow we go to the castle and pay a visit to my brother.
(Captain) smiles and nods eagerly.
The next day, the crew stands before Aglovale inside Wales Castle.
Aglovale: So you've come, Percival...
Aglovale: Which means you've found your answer, correct?
Percival: Yes, Brother.
Aglovale: Good. Then answer me this.
Aglovale's voice echoes as (Captain) and the others hold their breath.
Aglovale: A mother and her daughter stand before you, about to be eaten alive by a monster. You can only save one.
Aglovale: Who will you choose to save?
Percival: I...
Percival lifts his head, staring directly into his brother's eyes.
Percival: I refuse to choose one. I will reach out to save them both.
Aglovale: ...
Percival: ...
The brothers quietly stare each other down.
Aglovale: Percival...
Aglovale slowly stands and walks toward the door.
Aglovale: Come with me.
Aglovale leads everyone to the forest behind the castle before unsheathing his sword and facing Percival.
Aglovale: Draw your sword.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's going here?
Aglovale: It's been some time, but let's have a sparring match.
Percival: As you wish...
Percival steps out before the crew and slowly draws his sword.
Aglovale: You've yet to win a single match against me, haven't you?
Percival: Indeed, I haven't. But I've improved quite a bit since then.
Aglovale: Humph. Enough talk. Let's see what you've got!

Reaching for His Kingdom: Scene 3[edit]

Percival refuses help when he's losing the battle, but then Lyria explains that vassals are meant to fight alongside their king. With renewed resolve, Percival and the crew take on his brother as one.

Percival fights against his brother but is soon brought to his knees.
Percival: Nghh... This can't be...
Aglovale: You've gotten a little better, but still you lack discipline.
Aglovale: You can barely land a scratch with your pitiful swordsmanship, and yet you speak to me of your absurd ideals.
Percival: Brother...
Aglovale: The weak have no right to speak of such things.
Aglovale: That's because your ambition will bring misfortune not only to you, but to the people around you.
Percival: Nghh...
Unable to stand and watch, (Captain) jumps out before Percival.
Percival: No! Stand back!
(Captain) turns to face Percival.
Percival: Just stand behind me...
Percival: Agh!
(Captain) strikes Percival across his cheek.
Percival: (Captain)... Why?
Vyrn: Say, Sir Burnsalot, that hurt, didn't it? My friend's pretty strong! Don't act like you didn't know!
Lyria: Percival, you are always protecting us because you say we're your vassals...
Lyria: But vassals aren't just there to be protected, right? That's not what loyalty is.
Percival: My vassals... (Captain)...
(Captain) nods at Percival, staring clear into his eyes.
Percival: Ha... I see.
I see now...
Percival slowly raises himself to his feet and faces his brother once again.
Percival: Brother, if it's all right by you, I'd like to change my answer from earlier.
Aglovale: Go ahead...
Percival: A mother and daughter are about to be eaten alive by a monster...
Percival: And I, with the help of my vassals, will reach out to save them both.
Aglovale: Humph...
Aglovale: Ba ha ha ha!
Aglovale: Then show me you have the strength to achieve it!

Reaching for His Kingdom: Scene 4[edit]

Percival beats Aglovale for the first time in his life. He assures his older brother that he's ready to walk the difficult path he's chosen with the strength of the crew behind him.

Percival: I beat him... for the first time...
Lyria: You did it, Percival!
Aglovale: Humph... Your vassals aren't all bad.
Percival: Yes. They are my pride.
Aglovale: I now know the combination of all your strengths. But... I'm still the strongest one-on-one.
The crew gives a small laugh at Aglovale's gentle, but slightly sulky, reminder.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! I guess that attitude runs in your family, Sir Burnsalot! You both hate to lose!
Percival: Brother... When we were younger, even I and Lamorak couldn't win against you as a team.
Aglovale: Ah... Is that right?
Aglovale chuckles lightly before gazing at his brother with a stern face.
Aglovale: Percival.
Percival: Yes, Brother.
Aglovale: The path you've chosen may lead you to your idealistic values, but that path will surely be trying.
Aglovale: Are you prepared?
Percival: Yes, I—
(Captain) silently stands beside Percival, who straightens his posture and nods.
Percival: I have the best companion by my side. Therefore, I shall see it through.
Aglovale: I see... Then do as you like...
Aglovale: May you never bring shame to that armor.
Percival: I promise. Thank you, Brother.
Percival places a hand over his chest and bows deeply as his brother leaves.
Percival: (Captain)...
Percival lifts his head to see (Captain) still standing by his side.
Percival: I owe you my thanks. From here forward I'll be counting on you as my greatest ally.
The two smile brightly at each other, brimming with pride and a new sense of determination.

For Her Homeland's Sake[edit]

Heles wishes to return to Alster Island upon learning of a trade dispute there, but she decides not to after Percival argues the importance of teaching the people self-sufficiency. Some time later she learns that conflict has been avoided, thanks in part to an unknown red-haired knight.

It's vacation time for (Captain) and the crew, who have decided to spend it on a peaceful island.
The central marketplace hums with activity; merchants and shoppers rush to and fro with giddy excitement.
Heles: Hm...
Lyria: Heles? Why the long face?
Heles: Sorry. Watching this lively marketplace brings back memories of how Irestill used to be...
Vyrn: Yeah, it'd be great if Irestill quickly returned to the way it was before.
Heles: Yes. And with that in mind, I want to exert even more effort to achieve that goal—to go beyond the level of my current endeavors.
Heles: (Yet what more can I do for my kingdom? That's something for me to think about further.)
Meanwhile another individual with a great burden on their shoulder, Percival, contemplates the ideal way to rebuild his own homeland.
Percival: (The citizens of this town go about their lives with a skip in their step. This is how a country should be.)
Percival: Hm? What are you staring at so intently, Heles? Is there something stuck to my face?
Heles: I see this town's grabbed your attention as well.
Percival: Indeed it has. These people prove that it is the citizens who form the foundation of a nation.
Heles: Yes. But unlike the common people, you and I are not the type of individuals who can easily lie back and relax on our days off.
Percival: I'd say that's a fair assessment. Then as you have pointed out, I believe wandering about town and making observations is the best course of action for us.
Percival: Hm... However, this day off is long overdue, and my vassals deserve to let off some steam.
Lyria: Um, where are you going, Percival?
Percival: I'm heading to the port to examine how this island conducts its trade.
Heles: I see... Then please allow me to join you.
Percival: Mm, as you wish.
Percival and Heles split off from the crew and head for the port.
A great many airships are flitting through the air when the pair arrives at the port.
Hundreds of cargoes line the docks, either ready to be exported or waiting to be unpacked.
Percival: Superb! What a smooth-running system...
Heles: Goodness... I could learn so much from this place. Let's go converse with the merchants!
Percival and Heles go around speaking to everyone they see, gleaning what they can to help rebuild their respective homelands.
Just then one particular airship docks rather abruptly.
Percival: Ah, that airship bears the flag of—
Heles: Huh? Irestill? It's an airship from my kingdom!
The two dash over to the airship that had just landed.
A messenger from Alster Island disembarks to greet them.
Messenger: Lady Heles! I wasn't expecting to find you so quickly!
Heles: What is the matter? And how did you know where I was?
Messenger: Well, the skyfarers you travel with are quite famous. We followed the rumors to track you down.
Messenger: Um... So I hate to be the one to tell you this, but...
The messenger explains that the people of Alster are nervous about the possibility of a violent clash breaking out.
It all started with a dispute between established local vendors and newly arrived traders from outside the island.
Up until now the Great Court and security forces had managed to keep the peace.
But the mafia had kept a sharp eye on the situation and then made their move when they saw an opening, exacerbating the conflict.
With no other recourse left, the Great Court wants Heles to return to set things straight.
Heles: ...
Messenger: Sigh... Like I said before, I really didn't want to break this news to you, Lady Heles, but—
Heles: Let's make for Alster. We'll block the mafia and put an end to this trade dispute once and for all.
Heles begins to board the airship, but Percival clamps his hand on her shoulder.
Heles: Percival?
Percival: Tell me, messenger... This trade dispute stems from an argument over vested rights, yes?
Messenger: Yes.
Percival: I'll put this simply. Upholding vested rights of the locals creates a closed, protectionist market.
Percival: Now, if you really want the kingdom to prosper, you should lower taxes and abolish the idea of vested rights.
Percival: Yes... If you do that, I think a free-market economy will be established that is as dynamic as the one found in this town.
Messenger: But what about the local vendors who have been around for generations?
Percival glances quickly at the messenger before turning his gaze back to Heles.
Percival: If Heles is the one to proceed with this course of action, then the matter will probably resolve rather quickly. But the people would soon grow overly dependent on her.
Percival: Imagine if that dependence lead to citizens standing in the way of their leader despite her guiding them toward prosperity. You wouldn't want that, would you?
Heles: ...
Heles: (Hmm... Percival makes a sound argument, but...)
Heles: You're exactly right, Percival, but my first priority is to stop tensions from boiling over!
Percival: Humph. Do you place such little value on the wardens you cultivated by your own hand?
Heles: ...
Percival: Well? If you were unable to return home, are you saying they couldn't even stop a fight?
Heles: That's not...
Imperial Guard 1: We'll protect the people in Lady Heles's absence!
Imperial Guard 2: Hah hah hah! Have no fear. We've been run through the gauntlet by Her Highness herself!
Heles: No. They're not weak in the slightest. They're my proud wardens who don't need me to babysit them!
Percival: Aha! Then believe in them. Let them sort things out with the people. That's part of what makes a kingdom grow.
Heles lets out a soft breath, then takes the messenger's hand in both of hers.
Heles: I will remain here. So please... Give my message to our vendors and everyone else.
Heles: Let them know that I understand how they all feel. But I also want us to welcome newcomers and follow a path of renewed growth.
Messenger: Very well. I will relay your message to everyone in full.
The messenger takes to heart Heles's conflicted decision and boards the airship to return to Alster Island without her.
A few weeks later, that same messenger from Alster arrives on the Grandcypher to speak with Heles once more.
Heles: Heh. I can already tell what you're about to say from the look on your face.
Messenger: I'm just relieved to be able to deliver some good news this time.
The security forces had completely routed the mafia before their plans could go into full swing.
As for the local vendors, they agreed to adopt a free-market approach upon hearing Heles's words.
Heles: (Hehe... I have Percival to thank for all of this.)
Heles: Speaking of which... (Captain), have you by any chance seen Percival?
Vyrn: Oh, yeah. So this actually happened a little earlier...
Percival: ...
Vyrn: Huh? You headin' out at this time of night, Sir Burnsalot?
Percival: Humph. I'll just be gone for a little while. Watch over things here, my vassals.
Vyrn: H-hey! Geez, slipping into the night so suddenly... What's up with that?
Vyrn: But I haven't seen him come back yet. I wonder what happened...
Messenger: That sounds like... Well, it's possible that... Um, there was a report from the guards...
Heles: Does it pertain to Percival?
The guards reported that a knight with red hair appeared out of nowhere and helped them destroy the mafia in a matter of days.
Vyrn: Whoa... That's gotta be him...
Lyria: Hmm... It sure sounds like Percival...
Just then the thud of clanking armor gets louder and louder as someone approaches the deck of the airship.
Lyria: Oh! It's Percival!
Percival: What's this? You all look depressed for some reason. Did something happen?
Seeing Percival safe and sound brings relief to (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: Hey, you could've just told us you had to go to Alster, ya know!
Percival: Hm? Now why would I have any reason to go to Alster?
Vyrn: Look at this guy, playing dumb when we already know the truth.
Percival: Hahaha! A red-headed knight, was it? He must be quite a fanciful fellow.
Percival: Ahem. I'm a little tired now. I shall retire to my room. Wake me up if anything happens.
With dirt and soot raining from his cloak, the knight with hair as red as flames strides gallantly to his room, an innocent smirk gracing his face.
Heles: Heehee... That Percival is a perfect gentleman...
Heles smiles and bows her head to Percival as he enters the bowels of the Grandcypher.

Other Appearances[edit]


  • Appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Swordcraft class.

SV Percival, Lord of Flames.png SV Percival, Lord of Flames E.png

Click to reveal card data

Gain Rush while an allied Siegfried, Dragonslayer is in play.
Whenever this follower attacks, gain +X/+0. X equals the number of other allied followers in play.

Humph. Plebian riff-raff like this dares to stand in my way to royalty? What insolence. We shall conquer them, vassal! Follow my lead!

(Same as the unevolved form.)

I want to build a land without war, where even the powerless can live in peace. To do that, I'll need superlative vassals. Captain, won't you aid me?
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Percival, Lord of Flames
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria[edit]


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