A Tale of Intersecting Fates

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A Tale of Intersecting Fates is an upcoming side story. It is a collaboration event with the Tales of Asteria mobile game.

It is the first Tales collaboration event followed by A Tale of Skyborn Bonds.





For new players[edit]

Notable Rewards[edit]

Discussion Page[edit]

Discuss this event with other players or leave a comment on the talk page.

New Characters[edit]

Yuri Lowell
Npc m 3030081000 01.jpg
Rarity SR.png 6.5
Label Type Attack.png
Label Race Human.png

Raise Yuri Lowell's Loyalty to 1000 to keep him when the event ends.

Milla Maxwell
Npc m 3030080000 01.jpg
Rarity SR.png 7.0
Label Type Attack.png
Label Race Unknown.png

Reach rank 30 in Tales of Asteria to recruit Milla Maxwell.

Npc m 3030082000 01.jpg
Rarity SR.png 6.5
Label Type Attack.png
Label Race Unknown.png

Exchange event treasures to recruit Sophie.

Event Battles[edit]

Challenge Battle[edit]

Recommended Class: Dark Fencer

Guests: Milla, Yuri, Sophie

The implied goal of this challenge is having all three Tales guest characters use their Charge Attack on the same turn. The caveat is that Vacheron applies an unremovable debuff on all characters which causes -10% Charge bar after every turn. If Vacheron uses its full charge attack, it will one-shot the party. Dark Fencer is recommended to allow more time to build charge gauge before Vacheron fills all his diamonds.

  • Turn 1: Use Dark Fencer's Gravity Wave. Use Milla's 2nd skill (Sunburst). Use Sophie's 2nd skill (Angelic Ascent). You can use other skills as well, but do not use Milla's 3rd skill (Cloud Pierce) yet. Attack.
  • Turn 2: Use Dark Fencer's Stall II. Attack.
  • Use Attack until Milla has at least 80% charge, Yuri has at least 90% charge, and Sophie has at least 80% charge. Once these conditions are met, use Milla's Cloud Pierce to gain +20% charge and use Attack. This should result in a 3-chain burst which will kill Vacheron.

Event Rewards[edit]

Event Shop[edit]

Item Step Limit Vacheron Anima square.jpgVacheron Omega Anima square.jpg
Balanced Blade icon.jpg
Balanced Blade
1 1155
2 13020
3 15040
4 17560
Second Star icon.jpg
Second Star
1 1155
2 13020
3 15040
4 17560
Gauntlets icon.jpg
1 1155
2 13020
3 15040
4 17560
Premium Draw Ticket icon.jpg
Premium Draw Ticket
1 115-
2 1205
3 13010
Angel Queen icon.jpg
Angel Queen
1 30--
Half Elixir icon.jpg
Half Elixir
1 2/day
20 total
Soul Berry icon.jpg
Soul Berry
1 5/day
50 total
CP icon.jpg
CP ×10
1 2031
2 1052
3 1083
Champion Merit icon.jpg
Champion Merit
1 3155
2 33010
3 35015
Supreme Merit icon.jpg
Supreme Merit
1 35020
Fury Pebble icon.jpg
Fury Pebble
1 10203
Fury Stone icon.jpg
Fury Stone
1 53010

Voiced Trailer[edit]

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