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Official Profile[edit]

Age 27 years
Height 179cm
Race Human
Hobbies Collecting Swords
Likes Joking around, toying with people
Dislikes Illogical things, cheating
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Background and Personality[edit]

The Eternals are the strongest crew in the skydoms and as Seofon is the leader, he had a hand in recruiting several of its members in the past. Due to the reputation of the Eternals, it can be inferred that Seofon contributed to their fame through feats such as challenging swordsmen and women to take the spirits of their swords.

Encountering the Eternals I

Lyria, Vyrn, and the Main Character first meet Seofon after the first upgrade of the Seven Star Sword. They make a visit to Sierokarte for advice on further unlocking the Revenant weapon’s power, finding Seofon complaining to Sierokarte about all of the trouble his crew gives him along with how certain members don’t visit him. Once Vyrn attempts to catch Siero’s attention, Seofon immediately rushes to the crew and asks for a closer look at the Seven Star Sword. Siero steps in, informing Seofon that his behavior may be intimidating the Main Character and company along with pointing attention to the fact that Seofon has very keen interests in weapons. Apologizing, Seofon states that he would appreciate a better look at the Sword during their next meeting, leaving without giving them his name.

Encountering the Eternals II

During their next encounter, the crew have come once again for advice to further upgrade the Seven Star Sword. With the last impression Seofon made left on Vyrn’s mind, he calls Seofon the “Weapon Nut,” though Seofon takes the name in stride and apologizes for rushing off without a proper introduction. Hearing Siero call the Main Character by their name, Seofon proceeds to share his own and his status as an Eternal. The crew having no knowledge of the Eternals startles Seofon but finding it as an opportunity, he describes the Eternals as premier weapon experts and skilled enough that it would only take one member to solve a large problem. Siero promptly shuts the description down with an innocent comment. He explains that the Eternals are actually more scattered, doing their own thing instead of anything grand like Seofon. Siero does agree that Seofon and the Eternals are indeed very powerful, however. When asked about why he brought the Eternals together, Seofon jokes about doing so only to collect weapon masters along with their weapons.

Then, he becomes serious. Speaking of Noblesse Oblige to the crew, he reveals his real reason for forming the Eternals. With great power comes great responsibility and since the members of the Eternals have great power, Seofon believes that they should be using their strength for the sake of others.

With that out of the way, he pleads with the Main Character to show them the Seven Star Sword again. The crew show him the Sword, prompting him to explain how the weapon has the power to destroy the skies seven times over. That is possible, however, only in its awakened form. As it stands, the Sword barely has any power yet Seofon states that he could be a witness to a turning point in history. He then parts with the crew abruptly to head to a meeting, leaving them with a comment that sounds somewhat irresponsible.

Encountering the Eternals III

The third meeting occurs once the Seven Star Sword nears completion. This time, the crew walks in on Seofon showing his collection of spirit swords to Siero. Vyrn asks about them and Seofon happily explains that while he loves collecting swords, he doesn’t like taking them away from their owners. Instead, he challenges the wielder of a sword he takes a liking to and take’s the sword’s spirit if he wins. Spirit swords are spectral blades that appear on Seofon’s command and he comments to Lyria that they may not sound dangerous but they are in fact, bundles of energy that carry the same power as the sword they originated from.

His demeanor quickly changes as he shifts the topic of conversation to the awakening of the Seven Star Sword. Seofon correctly infers the status of the sword’s completion, spooking Vyrn with his guess. Placing the accuracy on his intuition, Seofon remarks that he is curious about the skills of the wielder of a Revenant weapon. Sensing a flash of aggression from him, the Main Character takes on a defensive stance but Seofon merely comments that they have good eyes and cheerfully leaves them to their business.

Trial By Celestial Blade

Once the Seven Star Sword is fully awakened, Seofon boards the Grandcypher without invitation during a celebration held for the sword’s completion. Claiming that he knew to come because the sword called to him, and that it was likely many skilled swordsmen sensed the completion of the sword as well, he becomes aggressive again. Seofon reminds the Main Character of the danger of the sword and how the destruction of the skies is possible now that it has been awakened. If a good person wields it, the sky would be saved but if a wicked person takes control of it, they can destroy the world. Lyria and Vyrn deny vehemently that the Main Character is a bad person so Seofon rephrases what he said. The Eternal believes without a doubt that the Main Character is a good person but the sword could still fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, Seofon seeks to test the Main Character through a duel.

Once the player defeats Seofon, his tone shifts and he admits defeat. Back to his easy going persona, Seofon asks the Main Character to put their sword down as he understands their strength and that the Seven Star Sword acknowledges them. At Vyrn supposing that Seofon thought he was going to lose, however, the Eternal remarks that he still had energy but saw that either he or the Main Character could have died. He gladly gave the Main Character the win and joins the festivities. Later, Seofon pulls the Main Character aside and asks to join their crew. He can hear the voice of the Seven Star Sword and its desire to further awaken the Main Character as a person. Seofon knows exactly how to do that and wants to know if the Main Character is willing to give him a chance.

The player is given two choices of dialogue.

Should they choose “By all means!” Seofon decides to personally give the Main Character sword lessons, wondering about how the Main Character will use their power in the future. He thinks to himself that, should the Main Character stray from their path, Seofon would have no choice but to take certain actions. What those actions may be is a mystery as Vyrn cuts off that line of thought when he tries to get his attention.

Should they choose “Please stop following me.” Seofon rues that the Main Character has come to see him as some sort of weirdo before summoning his spirit swords. If they want him off of the ship so badly, maybe they were willing to fight him again to kick him out. Lyria protests any more fighting and Seofon apologizes lightheartedly, admitting he was joking around again. The crew then allows him to join after Lyria asserts that Seofon is going to say that he is about to make a joke before he makes one, getting a dubious reply from the Eternal.

Seofon smirks to himself, excited about how strong the Main Character will become and that there could be a rematch in the future. Even a spirit sword. Hearing that, Vyrn becomes angry and Lyria asks Seofon to leave before he admits that it was just another joke. Seofon declares that the real celebration is beginning now that he has joined.

The Boy and the Blade King

In a merchant town where the antique street divides new buildings and the slums, the crew takes a visit. Lyria is excited at the many stores and accidentally bumps into an erune child, or so it seems. She apologizes as the boy leaves but Seofon stops him. He asks politely for the boy to return Lyria’s wallet to her and though he protests at first, the boy throws the wallet back with a few biting words before he parts. Lyria and Vyrn shower some compliments on Seofon and instead of his usual reaction, the Eternal is troubled. The boy’s eyes reminded Seofon of certain other kids he's seen and he decides to follow the boy, worried for him. Though he tells them to go sightseeing without him, Vyrn, Lyria, and the Main Character insist on coming with Seofon.

The crew follow the boy into the alley they last saw him go into, commenting on how this area of the town is falling apart. Seofon explains that the damage was from a civil war that broke out years ago. The other end of the city is clean because the government renovated it for tourists. Monsters interrupt the conversation and the crew fight them.

As the search continues, members of the local mafia appear and attempt to force a toll on the crew. Seofon notes that the monsters are easier to talk to than the thugs, refusing to comply. Then, one of the mafia members lunge at Lyria only for Seofon to grab him and twist his arm around his back. Attacking Lyria thoroughly sours Seofon’s mood and the rest of the crew help him fight the mafia members.

Once the thugs are defeated, the search for the pick-pocketing boy goes on. They find him in a back alley much to his surprise. The boy assumes that they’ve tracked him down to turn him in but Seofon lays his sword on the ground, saying that he’s only there to talk. Reassured that he wouldn't be caught, the boy tells the crew about how his parents had died in the civil war and the mafia took him in when there was nowhere else to go. Since then, he’s been handing the money he steals to the mafia each day. Seofon advises the boy to cut ties with the mafia before his situation gets worse, frustrating the boy. The Eternal concedes that he really has no idea about what the boy has gone through and that’s why he came to talk to him. The only way to make things better was for the boy to change himself and Seofon asks him about how he could change his situation. The conversation continues with the boy arguing that he would have done so a long time ago if he could have. At that moment, the mafia arrive again. Immediately, Seofon picks out how many mafia members there are and where they’re hiding, stating that the mafia will not have any more to do with the boy. As the mafia members surrounds them, Seofon asks the crew to aid him in the fight and they enthusiastically join.

Even as the crew successfully ward off their attackers, waves of mafia members continue to throw themselves into the fray. They were using their sheer strength in numbers to overpower the crew and Seofon decides to match them by summoning his spirit sword collection. One of the mafia members recognizes the swords right before Seofon formerly introduces himself as the Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals. They have until the count of three to retreat before Seofon goes full force against them. The mafia members scatter when Seofon was about to finish his count, allowing for the Eternal and the pick-pocket to finish their discussion.

The boy wonders why Seofon would go out of his way to help him. Seofon replies that the boy’s eyes remind him of a pair of twins he ran into some time ago. They had the same untrusting look that the boy had and Seofon advises the boy to go to Stardust Town. He would even write a letter of recommendation to Feower and Tien to help him along. Thanking Seofon, the boy accepts his letter and promises that he’ll become strong just like him.

As the boy leaves, Seofon notices how Vyrn is looking at him. The small dragon notes that Seofon could be cool sometimes. Seofon protests, saying that he’s cool all the time and asks for Lyria to agree. Lyria attempts to answer, replying that he’s a wonderful person despite all the things she doesn’t know about him. The Eternal readily accepts it as a compliment and nudges the crew to continue their shopping trip. Lyria suggests that they should go find something to eat and Seofon urges them to come along, asking what they’d like. The crew had caught a glimpse of Seofon’s strict but kind-hearted nature in what had just occurred but were slightly disappointed to see him return to his usual jokey self after.

Just Another Day for Seofon

One afternoon, Seofon comes across the Main Character polishing the Seven Star Sword on the deck of the Grandcypher. He compliments the Main Character and talks about how he there’s nothing he respects more than kids taking care of their belongings. The Eternal then begins to ramble about how a cloud looks like a sunny-side up egg before wondering aloud about what would be good to have for dinner. The Main Character seems to be barely listening or annoyed with his meandering conversation but goes along with it anyway. Then, Seofon asks for a duel.

The player is given two dialogue options.

Should they choose “Sure.” Seofon is pleased, having bought “you-know-what” as a reward to eat together after. The Main Character can’t help but smile and the duel begins.

Should they choose “Nahh.” Seofon predicted they would decline and brings out a bag of the Main Character’s favorite “you-know-what” to entice them into dueling him. The Main Character’s mind is changed and they resignedly agree.

Once the Main Character wins, Seofon comments that they’re quite strong today and that it is indeed that strength that has the Eternal head over heels for them. The Main Character is annoyed though that changes once Seofon takes the bag out and they sit together, stuffing their faces. Talking through a mouthful, Seofon asks if the Main Character wants to get even stronger.

The player is given two dialogue options.

Should they choose “I sure do!” Seofon observes that the Main Character is direct and their personality is straightforward and easy to read as a blade.

Should they choose “Whatever.” The Eternal complains that the Main Character is acting like a rebellious teenager and that they know it hurts him deep inside, though he speaks with the same laid back tone as per usual. He sighs and decides to tell them anyways. The Main Character realizes that ignoring him is going to be just as difficult as listening so in the end, they don’t have a choice.

Seofon tells them that there’s a way to reforge the Seven Star Sword into an even more powerful weapon if they get their hands on silver something-or-others.

The player is given two dialogue options.

Should they choose “Silver what nows?” The Eternal says that he’s not too sure himself. Perhaps it’s silver relish.

Should they choose “So basically you have no idea.”Seofon laughs and admits that the Main Character is right.

Whatever those silver things are, Seofon thinks that having someone come out and tell you what it is would be too boring. With the Main Character wrapped around his finger, the Eternal promises that he’ll be with the Main Character all the way as they figure out how to awaken the Seven Star Sword further.

Appearances in Other Characters' Fate Episodes[edit]

Lowain (Event) "Party On Shopkeep": Lowain and his brothers, Tomoi and Elsam, are at their usual hangout, imagining a backstory for the Shopkeep and why his guestbook is filled with SOS notes. Seofon enters and grabs the attention of both the Shopkeep and Lowain’s gang. Apparently, the Eternal and the Shopkeep know each other and begin to chat. Offered his usual order, Seofon accepts and asks if the Shopkeeper has been getting any visitors. Seofon had been telling people to rely on the Shopkeep if they needed help. The Shopkeep realizes this was why the guestbook was filled with SOS notes and reminds Seofon that he runs a café, not a troubleshooting business. Though Seofon finds that it’s a waste of the Shopkeep’s talents, the Shopkeep tells him that his life as an agent is over. After all, the reason he became one in the first place was to get enough money to open the café. Accepting the fact, Seofon finds that eleven eternals would have been weird. People don’t like odd numbers so the Eternal goes ahead and orders a parfait. Lowain and his brothers are astonished at this development, unsure whether their imagined backstory for the Shopkeep was real or not. They eavesdrop on Seofon and the Shopkeep for the rest of the night.

The events of the fate episode play out slightly differently depending on whether they player has Seofon in their crew or not. If they don’t have Seofon in their crew, Lowain and his brothers overhear snippets of the conversation and realize and piece together that the leader of the strongest crew in the skies knows the Shopkeep. If the player does have Seofon in their crew, Lowain and his brothers recognize Seofon right away.

Tweyen "All-Seeing Huntress": After Tweyen’s Two Crown Bow induced rampage is stopped by the Main Character and Silva, Seofon arrives and asks if her if she’s returned to her old self. The other Eternals had become worried for her and Seofon even came up with a plan to help her but in the end, things worked out fine. Tweyen stops Seofon from leaving, wanting to give him and the rest of the Eternals an apology for her behavior. He assures that it can be a matter saved for later as he has called a meeting for all of them. Silva demands to know if the meeting is going to put Tweyen on trial but that isn’t the case. Seofon explains that the Eternals aren’t petty enough to hold grudges over a couple of spars. The crew was just going to try going out for dinner together like they used to. Besides, Tweyen had her reasons and every Eternal has past struggles. He doesn’t think they’ll hold what happened against her and if she’s still worried, she can still apologize. Maybe treat them to tea. Laughing a little, Seofon makes his departure. [1]


While Seofon is the Leader of the Eternals and holds a great deal of power, he does not usually carry himself in a manner that would make those facts obvious. One of the aspects most notable about Seofon is his easy and silly demeanor. Often, he refers to the Main Character and Lyria with endearing names and speaks colloquially, and is joking around almost every other sentence. The Eternal’s jokes usually involve telling a fib before admitting that it was just a jest, such as an instance where he joked to the Main Character’s crew about Sierokarte being his only friend. At the same time, other characters such as Lyria in that same instance imply that they don’t actually believe the things Seofon says are jokes. It is also hard for other characters to tell when Seofon is joking or not and Sierokarte warns the crew of taking everything he says with a grain of salt. Seofon himself may not realize when his jokes go too far and upset others, as did happen when he joked about fighting the Main Character a second time after their first duel after a possible dialogue choice, or knows and does so anyway for fun.

The next quality that defines Seofon is his love of weapons, shown through his collection of spirit swords and fawning over the Seven Star Sword. Despite this, Seofon doesn’t like the act of taking weapons away from a wielder he respects and would rather take its spirit instead. Often, the Eternal speaks excitedly of weapons to anyone who could listen willingly or not, as well as leap at the chance to examine rarities. It’s seen when he shows off his collection to a half listening Sierokarte and rushes at the Main Character abruptly when he catches sight of the Seven Star Sword.

At the same time, his described goofy demeanor can turn on a dime. Very suddenly, Seofon can grow serious and on separate occasions, other characters have described him to be aggressive and frightening as when he speaks to the Main Character about the Revenant weapon’s coming full awakening in his third encounter. This behavior isn’t borne out of any ill intent, however. Seofon’s hostility arises either in the face of enemies as it happened against members of the mafia in his skill unlock fate episode or over the possible dangerous like the possession of the destructive powers of the Seven Star Sword falling into the wrong hands. As an aside, this hostile bearing can also disappear as quickly as it appeared with Seofon returning to his jokes.

A sense of responsibility is something Seofon values. If an individual has great power, they should use it for the sake of the skies. This is the reason why he brought the Eternals together and tests the Main Character’s strength when the Seven Star Sword is fully awakened. Seofon takes serious action for this ideal, even implying to intervene should he see the Main Character stray from their path.

Besides his skill as a swordsman, Seofon is regularly seen playing the role of mediator in the Eternals. In several other Eternals’ fate episodes, he had a hand in aiding his crewmate’s with their problems whether he made plans in advance to help them (Seox), attempted to (Tweyen), or was directly involved in the end resolution (Feower)[2]. These actions and his eagerness to aid the pick-pocket speak to his attentive, kind, and generous nature. In other occasions, he pays for Lyria’s shopping, has treated the Main Character to their favorite snacks, and frequently hands out compliments.

Seofon’s charity doesn’t save him from being insulted and seen by a notable many as being a pest or difficult to talk to due to his jokey personality, weapon obsession, and inscrutableness. The Eternal complains about that along with having to take care of his crew’s messes and being ignored but takes so lightheartedly in stride, continuing his usual antics. In rare moments, such as his second New Year’s dialogue, Seofon does shed the jokes and is genuine to those he has come to know well.



  • It is stated by Anre that Seox was initially enlisted into the Eternals by Seofon [3].


  • Seofon's name in Japanese is "Siete," which is Spanish for "seven."
  • Seofon's Charge Attack is possibly supposed to be "Diez Mil Espada", based on his voice-over line and its correlation to his 5★ Charge Attack.
  • Cuore Di Leone translates to "Heart of Lion" in Italian. It can also be interpreted simply as "courage." It may also be a reference to "Richard Coer de Lyon" which was a fictionalized account of Richard I's conquests and crusades.
  • Deus Mil Espada is a mistranslation of Diez Mil Espada, which translates to "Ten Thousand Blades" in Spanish.
  • Cien Mil Espada translates to "One Hundred Thousand Blades" in Spanish.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday! I'm happy to be able to celebrate it with you!
Huh? A present? Haha... Of course I didn't forget!
Alright, you got me! Let's go out and buy something right now!


Happy Birthday, my dear (Captain)!
Hehehe... I've assembled all the presents you've ever wanted, (Captain)! Go ahead. Open them!
How did I know what you wanted, you ask? I can read minds. What? You didn't know, (Captain)?
How do I read minds? Today's special, so I'll tell you, but keep it a secret from the others, will you?
These two hairs on my head act as antennae, granting me telepathy and future sight...
You want me to try predicting what you're going to do next?
Oh dear, that simply won't do, (Captain)!
If i use my powers any more, the Society will sense it! Some other time!


Happy birthday! Looks like you've grown one year older.
I baked a cake just for you, (Captain).
What? Didn't I tell you? I used to be a chef. I was the cream of the crop.
But a life full of food became dull. So I made my sword-fighting hobby into a profession.
Why are you laughing! You don't believe me? (I guess I've told too many jokes... Must be used to it...)
Cough... Well then just enjoy this tasty cake I've made for you.
I've even put candles on it, so blow them all out in one go!


Happy birthday! Here's your present!
Don't you see? The present is yours truly, Seofon, Star Sword Sovereign!
Whoa, hey! Wait a minute! Sorry, sorry! Don't just leave without saying anything!
Ahem! All right... From now on, I'm gonna be serious for real.
What I wanted to say was, uh, always remember your fundamentals, and let's keep fightin' that good fight together!
You have your own ideals, and I have my own. Our destinies lie at the end of different paths.
But with our combined talent, there isn't anything we can't do together.
That's why I wanna keep supporting you in any way I can. So just go on ahead and take a load off.
Heh-heh... Today is your special day, after all. Let's spend it in style.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year! Got any resolutions lined up, (Captain)?
Mine is to collect a spirit sword every day... Hahaha! Kidding, kidding!


Happy New Year!
It's already been a year, has it? How time flies... Care to go watch some fireworks? Or just continue lazing about?
We fought a lot of strong foes this past year. And you never once gave up. No matter what happened, your blade remained true.
Honestly I'm not sure what to say. You've exceeded my every expectation.
Which is why I want you to keep exercising your power for the sake of the world as you always have.
I'll be always by your side. Heheh... As the greatest swordsman in the skies of course. How could you ask for more?
Hm? Do I detect a hint of embarrassment? It's fine! Just for today... let me be Serious Seofon.


Happy New Year! Are you ready to start a new chapter in life?
Last year we really fought tooth and nail against some tough opponents.
The way you cared for hurt comrades and cheered everyone on... You shined like the tip of a brand new blade.
You really excel at leading everyone. You have my word which means a lot since I'm the leader of the Eternals.
I want you to hold onto those qualities. Your compassion and swift decisions are what makes you so great.
I'm just trying to say that I'm depending on you, (captain). Let's give it our all this year too.
Hahaha... This year I went all out for the cool-guy vibe. Sometimes a change is nice, right?


New Year's fortunes, eh? Drawing your own fortune itself is a real thrill.
I don't need to draw one though. Having you by my side is all the good fortune I need, am I right?
But yeah, I really feel lucky to be able to spend another with you. From the bottom of my heart.
I mean, all kinds of crazy stuff's happened this last year. It's like, man, how bad is my luck?
The path ahead may be rough and abounding in obstacles...
But I know that together, we can overcome them all again this year!
Huh? Just draw already? Oh, (Captain)... read the mood, won'tcha?
Anyways, here goes!
Oof! B-bad luck...
It looks like having you next to me didn't work, so I'm gonna pull again!
Don't make childish excuses? Ahahaha! If it's come down to this, I'm gonna keep drawing 'til I get great luck!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's Valentine's Day, yes?
Get any chocolates, (Captain)? Me? I've already received about three thousand...
Huh? No, that's not a joke. Hahaha!


That joke I made last year about receiving three thousand chocolates didn't seem to go over very well with you. How to fix this, I wonder...
What's that? How many chocolates did I get this year? Well. About that...
Ten thousand! (Well? There's no way that joke's getting misinterpreted!)
As you might expect, I hardly need any more.
But my dearest (Captain) deserves something special. So... here!
I already gave those chocolates away to those who helped in my search for swords, so consider this a token of my everyday thanks!
Here you go. Hahaha! You're just trying to see how I react today, aren't you, (Captain)?


How much chocolate did I get today? Oh, soooo much! I've got an endless supply.
That's what happens when you're popular. I'm packing so much chocolate the ship might start sinking. Hahaha!
Hm? (Captain)? Are you crying? What's wrong?
Oh... I see... You're just really into me. Being handsome is both a gift and a talent. Hahaha.
Sooo... are you going to stop crying any time soon, (Captain)? Pick your head up, come on.
Wait... It's not an act?
Hey! You know what! About all that chocolate... The thing is, Threo and Fif ate most of it anyways, so I'm starving.
Of course I'll take your chocolate. Hahaha... (So it was a trick! (Captain)'s crocodile tears are amazing!)
Thank you, (Captain). Next time you can save the water works, okay? (Sheesh... Gave me a heart attack!)


How many chocolates did I get this year? Let's see... I guess I should give you a serious answer this time.
Zero, zilch, nada! Shocked? ('Cause I've been going out of my way not to run into anyone!)
What—don't believe me? No, it's true! Really!
You see... I thought if you were giving out chocolate today, I'd want yours to be my first, you know?
Not to say that yours wouldn't be less special if it wasn't my first, though!
Wait, this actually makes it harder for you to give me some? Damn! Looks like my plan totally backfired, huh?
Oh? But you're giving me some anyways! Ahaha... You're really kind, (Captain).
Thanks again, (Captain). I'll be sure to savor this.
(Hold on... (Captain) didn't believe me at first. Could it be... that people think I'm a popular guy who gets loads of chocolates?)

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, today's White Day?
Hm? You're wondering about how I'm returning the favor for those thousands of chocolates I received? So you remembered.
Sigh... It's been difficult, to say the least!


Ah, good timing (Captain)! Here you go. A little something special for White Day.
Huh? You got thirty thousand chocolates this year and you can't eat anymore?
Ha ha! That's quite the number! (Nice! You're playing along like a champ, (Captain)!)
Very well. I suppose I'll just have to give the rest to Siero. What a shame.
Hm? You'll take them after all? I'm very happy to hear that!
Ahem, from the top then...
Thank you for everything, (Captain). (Whew... Dodged a bullet there.)


(Captain), I'd like to give you something for White Day, do you have a sec?
Oh? You've already gotten a million presents? Amazing!
Though your popularity is amazing, I'd still like you to take my chocolates as well.
Receive them as a symbol of my appreciation. You and I are heroes who overcome danger.
What? Don't look at me like that. That's how I really feel. I'm not lying to you.
What? You like it when I'm my usual, stiff self? Hahaha. Of course you do.
But you know, it gets boring being the same old, cool me, you know?
Just let me act a different way from time to time, okay? Especially on White Day! You know you liked it.


I bet you think my White Day gift will be something real nice since I don't have anyone else to give one to...
But not quite! I forgot to mention this, but I got about five hundred million more chocolates after yours on Valentine's this year.
So I've been hard at work... Coming up with five hundred million presents to give back in return. Man, it sure ain't easy being this popular!
Of course, I spent the most time preparing yours especially.
Hey now, (Captain)! What's with that look? I'm not joking! You really don't believe me?
But as long as you take it, that's still good enough for me. So it's fine!
Heh-heh... The flavor's out of this world—I guarantee it. I've been getting ready to make these since the day I got your chocolates!
Thanks for everything as always, (Captain). Appreciate 'ya!
(Now what should I do for next year, I wonder...)

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or Treat!
I gave Fif some candy earlier, and she still played a prank on me...


Us Eternals want to have a costume party too, but I wonder if everyone would come... Ah! That's right. I should just get Siero to help!
Hm? Why the long face? Oh, you want some candy too, eh, (Captain)?
No problem! Come on over!
Huh? You don't want any? You tell me not to treat you like a kid, (Captain), but aren't you one?
And now you wanna play a trick... Did I ever have a choice in the first place? And playing tricks is a little childish, no?
Ha ha ha... You're not taking no for an answer today. Well I don't mind. So come at me with your best trick!
Uh... Why do I need to close my eyes? I dunno... This sounds a little scary. Just promise me it won't hurt!


It's finally Halloween. (Captain), you're going to pull another prank on me, aren't you?
Huh? Pranks are for kids? That's not what you said last year. What's changed since then?
You want candy instead? Hmm... Okay, hold on a second. (Wait... Didn't I have something on me...)
Oh! Look at that! I've got something good in my pocket. Here you go.
Hmm? It's already been opened? That's because I was eati- I mean, I just played a trick on you! Hahaha!
What! You're so mad that you're going to play a trick of your own? Hey, wait a minute. Isn't getting a treat and pulling a trick the most childish thing you can do?
All right... If you say so. Do your worst on this Halloween.
Sigh... I thought this was going to be fun, but (Captain) is as bossy as ever.

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
This is finally going to be the year we get the Eternals together for a party. I can feel it!
Wonder if they'll show up, though...


Oh, hello, (Captain)! Perfect timing. You wouldn't happen to be... free this evening?
You are, are you? Gotcha, gotcha. Care to spend this most splendid evening with me then, my dearest (Captain)?
Oh, don't ask why. You want it spelled out for you?
It's a secret, I'm afraid! Let's just say that sometimes a leader like myself wants an excuse to show off.
Heheh... Some other night then. I trust you'll be ready?


Even I have fond memories of this holy night. For example, I used to ride with Santa in his red sleigh and we would travel the world.
What? You don't believe me? My memories are not lies. I even remember how fluffy the reindeer were.
Proof? Why would you ask for something like that? These are my childhood memories!
A-all right. If you must have proof, I guess I could show you some. Oh! But wait! All the proof's at home.
What? We could write a letter to Santa? Haha. You're a clever one.
All right. You write the letter and then give it to me. Then I'll go get a reply.
Why? Because Santa is my friend. We meet every single year.
Enough with the details. Go to it. I'll be sure to get a response from him. (Hmm... Now what should I write in the response letter to (Captain).)


(Captain)! Feast your eyes on this tree! I cut it down in the woods and decorated it all myself!
Well? Pretty gorgeous, right? Man... Brings me back to the days when I was known as the timber wunderkind!
With my unparalleled sword accuracy and technique, I mastered the art of carving trees. Did you know?
Something about your face tells me that you don't believe me now, do you?
(Aww... I actually did though.)
Huh? You don't believe me, but it's fine since the tree looks nice?
Hahaha! I see, I see! Welp, it's fine if you've taken a liking to it, I guess!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Encountering the Eternals I[edit]

The crew visits Sierokarte for advice on awakening the Seven-Star Sword and finds another customer upon arrival. Quite the weapon fanatic, the mysterious customer asks the crew to show him the Seven-Star Sword the next time they meet.

The crew successfully unlocks more of the Seven-Star Sword's hidden power.
They stop by the Knickknack Shack to ask Sierokarte's advice about the next steps to awakening the weapon.
Lyria: Hello, Siero! Huh? Is that a new customer?
???: So about my crew, right? They're always blowing me off and causing all kinds of problems.
???: You know how much pain and suffering they've put me through, don't you, Siero?
Sierokarte: I do indeed! So much that it hurts actually!
???: Haha. Oh, Siero. You don't hold back your feelings at all, do you?
???: Anyway. Are they doing okay? You know... them.
Sierokarte: Yep! Your concern is very much appreciated!
???: Tch! No one ever bothers to come see me, so maybe you can let them know the next time you see them.
???: I mean, gimme a break... They clearly have no idea how much time I spend putting out their fires! It's like an eternal job!
Sierokarte: Ah! (Captain)! Welcome!
Vyrn: Hey... Is this customer of yours okay?
???: H-hold on a sec. Could I see that weapon of yours? That golden sword!
Vyrn: Huh? What's this guy's deal?
???: This is incredible...
Sierokarte: Easy there. You're imposing quite a bit on (Captain)'s crew!
???: Ah! How rude of me.
Sierokarte: Sorry about that. He's crazy about weapons almost to a fault!
Vyrn: Crazy about weapons, huh? We came here with a request, but...
???: Ahem... Sorry for the interruption, but I would appreciate it if I could take a long, hard look at that sword the next time we meet.
???: Later, Siero! I'm off. Good luck with 'em! They can really be a handful.
Sierokarte: Okay! See you next time!
And with that the weapon fanatic leaves the shop.
Lyria: Haha... What a unique customer.
Sierokarte: Yep... He gets this look in his eyes every time he sees a weapon...
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Wait... That's right!
Vyrn: We need some advice on how to awaken the Seven-Star Sword.
Sierokarte: I see, I see! Let me take a look at it!
Sierokarte: Hmm... I don't think I have any specific advice to give you right now.
Vyrn: Aw man... And after we came all the way here too...
Sierokarte: If you just continue what you've done until now, the weapon itself and the magical power inside will keep getting stronger and stronger!
Vyrn: Sigh... Looks like we've still got a long way to go before we can awaken it.
Lyria: Vyrn! (Captain)! I'll be rooting for you too, so don't give up!

Encountering the Eternals II[edit]

The crew once again encounters the visitor from before, who introduces himself as Seofon of the Eternals. Upon reexamining the Seven-Star Sword, his expression grows serious, and he mutters something mysterious to himself before leaving the store.

(Captain) and crew continue working to awaken the Seven-Star Sword.
Today they stop by the Knickknack Shack to ask Sierokarte's advice on what to do next.
Vyrn: Hey, Siero! Can you take a quick look at that weapon we were asking you about?
???: Oh my! If it isn't the group from the other day...
Vyrn: Wait a sec... You're the weapon nut from the other day!
Lyria: V-Vyrn, that's rude...
???: No, no... I should be the one apologizing. I didn't even tell you my name the other day.
Sierokarte returns from the back of the store.
Sierokarte: Why if it isn't (Captain) and crew!
???: So your name is (Captain)... A good name indeed.
Seofon: My name is Seofon. But what if I told you my title... is Seofon of the Eternals?
Vyrn: The Eternals? Who are they? Some kind of boy band?
Seofon: Y-you... You haven't heard of the Eternals?
Lyria: N-no... Sorry...
Seofon: No worries, no worries! I'm actually glad you haven't!
(This means I've got free reign, baby!)
Seofon: Ahem... Allow me to explain. The Eternals are a gathering of ten of the sky's premier weapon experts.
Seofon: Some say we are a menace to the skies. But if a problem were to arise, it would only take one of us to solve it.
Vyrn: Gulp...
Seofon: As for me... I am Seofon, Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals!
Vyrn: That's so cool! So I guess you're more than just a weapon nut...
Lyria: Right! And now we completely understand just what makes him so incredible!
Seofon: Hahaha! Aren't I, though? By all means keep the compliments coming.
Sierokarte: I see, I see... So that's the kind of organization you wanted the Eternals to be...
Seofon: Now, now, let's not say anything we can't take back, Siero...
Sierokarte: The Eternals are really quite the relaxed crew! Everyone does their own thing.
Vyrn: Hmm... They're still super strong though, right?
Sierokarte: Of course! I can personally guarantee that Seofon and the rest of the Eternals are very powerful indeed!
Seofon: Heh... Siero has a way of making it harder to talk...
Lyria: Why did you create the Eternals, Seofon?
Seofon: Huh? Isn't it obvious?
Seofon: As a hard-core weapon fan, I wanted to collect not just the strongest weapons... but the strongest wielders of those weapons as well!
Lyria: Ah, I see...
Seofon: I'm just joking.
Vyrn: That was a joke?
Sierokarte: Yes. You should take most of what he says with about a pound of salt.
Seofon: Oh geez... You really know how to throw me off my game, Siero!
Seofon suddenly turns serious.
Seofon: Do you know the meaning of the words... noblesse oblige?
Lyria: No bless, no cheese? What does that mean?
Seofon: Hehe... To put it simply, it means that with great power comes great responsibility.
Vyrn: Responsibility?
Seofon: That's right. Every member of the Eternals possesses tremendous power.
Seofon: Power that—if misused—could become an unspeakable threat.
Seofon: That's why I brought all of them together. I believe we have a responsibility to use our power for the sake of all the skies.
Seofon: What more suitable calling could there be for those in power?
Lyria: I agree wholeheartedly!
Vyrn: Wow, Seofon. You seem like a real joker, but you've given this a lot of thought, haven't you?
Seofon: Okay then. Enough serious talk for now...
Seofon: I'm begging you, (Captain)! Won't you let me see that revenant weapon of yours once more?
Vyrn: That was sudden... I can't get a read on this guy!
Lyria: He doesn't seem like a bad person though. Let him look at it!
(Captain) hands Seofon the sword.
Seofon: Goodness... There can be no mistake. This is one of the revenant weapons: the Seven-Star Sword!
Seofon: I never imagined I'd have the chance to lay eyes on one myself... Not in my lifetime.
Seofon: And not only that... Its wielder intends to awaken it.
Vyrn: Hey, Seofon. What's the big deal about this Seven-Star Sword anyway?
Seofon: Hm? The Seven-Star Sword is a legendary weapon said to be powerful enough to destroy the skies seven times over.
Lyria: That's pretty scary sounding...
Seofon: Don't worry about it! It hasn't been awakened yet, so it barely has any power at all.
Seofon: Mm... But I may just be bearing witness to a turning point in history!
Lyria: Um... Seofon?
Vyrn: Good grief... And just when I was starting to think he might be more than a mere weapon fanatic too.
Sierokarte: Seofon, are you doing okay as far as time goes?
Seofon: Huh? Oh no! At this rate I'm going to be late for the meeting!
Seofon: Until next time, (Captain)! Work hard—but not too hard!
With those words, Seofon hands the Seven-Star Sword back to (Captain) and disappears.
Lyria: He's gone...
Vyrn: Yup... Hard to get a handle on that guy.
Seofon, leader of the legendary crew known as the Eternals...
What does the encounter with him mean for (Captain)?

Encountering the Eternals III[edit]

Seofon is surprised to hear that the Seven-Star Sword is close to awakening and makes an unexpectedly threatening remark about testing (Captain)'s skill before leaving the shop with a smile.

(Captain) and crew visit the Knickknack Shack with the very nearly awakened Seven-Star Sword.
Inside the Knickknack Shack, the crew finds Seofon showing something off to Sierokarte.
Seofon: Ooh, ooh! Look at this one, Siero! It's the newest addition to my spirit sword collection!
Seofon: The owner of this little beauty was quite the swordsman. And as for this one...
Sierokarte: Ah! Welcome, (Captain), welcome!
Seofon: That's my girl! Always quick to move on to whoever's next in line!
Seofon: Oh! Why if it isn't (Captain) and friends!
Lyria: Hi there, Seofon! We always seem to meet here, don't we?
Seofon: Well, you see... Siero is pretty much my only friend...
Lyria: Huh? But you seem like you have lots of friends...
Seofon: Haha! Aw, c'mon! I'm just messing with you!
Lyria: Um... Of course you are! Hahaha...
Vyrn: Hm? What's the deal with all those swords floating around Seofon?
Seofon: Hehehe... I'm glad you asked...
Seofon: This... is my spirit sword collection!
Seofon produces an array of floating, spectral swords as he says this.
Lyria: Wow! They're really pretty!
Seofon: Aren't they? See... I love swords and sword collecting, but I don't love taking them from people.
Seofon: So when I see a sword I like, I challenge its wielder, and if I win, I get to take the sword's spirit!
Vyrn: Gulp... Considering how many you have, that's no mean feat!
Lyria: So these... spirit swords? What are they exactly?
Lyria attempts to touch one of the swords, but Seofon quickly steps in to ward her off.
Seofon: Ah! Careful there. They may not sound very dangerous, but spirit swords can pack quite the punch.
Seofon: They're bundles of energy just as powerful as the swords they're based on, which makes them quite dangerous!
The jokey Seofon suddenly turns serious.
Seofon: So... (Captain). The Seven-Star Sword will soon be awakened, yes?
Vyrn: Hold on... We came here to tell Siero about that. How did you know?
Seofon: Hmm... Intuition I suppose? Let's just say I'm curious to see the skills of a swordsman capable of wielding a revenant weapon.
(Captain) senses aggression from Seofon for only a moment, but quickly takes up a defensive stance in response.
Seofon: Heheh... You have sharp eyes. Anyway. We talked more than enough last time as well, so I think I'll get going.
Sierokarte: Okay then! See you next time!
Seofon: (Captain)... The Seven-Star Sword will be awakened soon.
Seofon: I can't wait to see what happens either, so keep it up! Later!
Seofon leaves the shop with a massive grin on his face.
Lyria: Do you think Seofon will join us to celebrate when the Seven-Star Sword is awakened?
Vyrn: Y-yeah... He got really aggressive and scary for a second when the topic came up though. Just my imagination?
(Captain) thinks back to that moment and can't stop trembling.
(Captain) struggles to calm down, tightly clenching the Seven-Star Sword. The moment of its awakening draws near.

Trial By Celestial Blade[edit]

As the crew celebrates success in awakening the Seven-Star Sword, Seofon appears once again. In order to determine whether (Captain) is worthy of wielding the Seven-Star Sword, Seofon challenges (Captain) to a duel.

(Captain) finally awakens the Seven-Star Sword.
The crew is thrilled, but Seofon soon appears unannounced on the Grandcypher.
Seofon: It seems you've finally awakened the Seven-Star Sword, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey! How did you know?
Seofon: I suppose you could say the sword called me.
Seofon: All swordsmen of a certain caliber likely felt it as well...
Vyrn: You're, uh... scaring me, Seofon. Something about you seems a little off today.
Lyria: Oh! Are you nervous because this isn't Siero's shop?
Seofon: Hahaha... That's not the case, I'm afraid.
Vyrn: Are you here to make a special spirit sword out of it or something?
Lyria: Oh, I get it! Go right on ahead, Seofon!
Lyria: I bet (Captain) would be happy to let you make one!
Seofon: That's off the mark too.
Seofon becomes unusually fearsome and aggressive as he says this.
The crew senses that this is not the usual Seofon.
Seofon: Hey, (Captain). I told you once before, didn't I?
Seofon: With great power comes great responsibility.
Seofon: The Seven-Star Sword has the power to destroy the sky seven times over. And now that it's been awakened, that is a very real possibility.
Seofon: If a good person wields it, they can save the world. If a bad person wields it, they can destroy the world... You understand what I'm getting at, don't you?
Lyria: (Captain) would never use it for evil purposes!
Vyrn: Got that right! If you think we'll let you get away with underestimating (Captain), you're as dumb as your haircut!
Seofon: Sorry. I... don't think I did the best job of phrasing that.
Seofon: I believe in you of course. Your eyes tell me you're a good person without a shadow of a doubt.
Lyria: Then what do you want to do, Seofon?
Seofon: I want to make sure that you are the right person to wield the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: You were strong enough to awaken it. However...
Seofon: What will you do if it falls into the wrong hands? You do know what will happen then... don't you?
Seofon: Therefore as the greatest swordsman in the skies... I will test you.
Vyrn: Uh-oh, (Captain). Looks like you're gonna have to make Seofon give you his seal of approval!
Lyria: It's okay. (Captain) won't lose! No way, no how!
Seofon: The time has arrived, (Captain). Draw the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: You now face Seofon, Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals... En garde!

Trial By Celestial Blade: Scene 2[edit]

With a detached air, Seofon admits defeat and asks to join the crew. (Captain) accepts.

Seofon: Stop, stop, stop! Time out! I give, I give! You beat me!
The crew is taken aback by Seofon's sudden shift in tone.
Vyrn: What the? He's gone back to normal!
Seofon: I'm calling uncle, so put that sword away already, (Captain)!
Lyria: Does that mean you two don't have to fight anymore?
Seofon: That's right! I understand exactly how strong (Captain) is now!
Seofon: Talk about surprising! I never imagined the Seven-Star Sword would acknowledge you!
Vyrn: So to make a long story short... you thought you were about to lose?
Seofon: Heheh... Did I? I had plenty of fight left in me, you know.
Seofon: But one of us could've died back there! So I'm totally okay with giving you the win.
Seofon is detached and inscrutable as usual.
But after the fight, Seofon happily partakes in the Seven-Star Sword awakening extravaganza.
Seofon: This is a most auspicious affair! The greatest swordsman in all the skies has been reborn!
Vyrn: Geez... To think you were fighting for your life just a second ago...
Lyria: Now, now, Vyrn. Let's just be happy no one was seriously hurt!
In the middle of the festivities, Seofon speaks to (Captain) with a grave expression on his face.
Seofon: I've got something I want to ask you about, (Captain)... Can I join your crew?
Vyrn: Hold it, hold it! First you want to fight us, and now you want to join us? What's the deal?
Seofon: Now, now... No need to be so cold!
Seofon: I can hear the voices of swords... and the Seven-Star Sword wants to see you awaken further as a person.
Lyria: A further awakening... for (Captain)?
Seofon: That's right. And I know just what you need to do to make it a reality.
Seofon: How about it? Willing to give me a chance?
  1. By all means!
  2. Please stop following me.

Choose: By all means!
Seofon: It's decided then! I'm gonna personally give you sword lessons, (Captain)! Hahaha! Something tells me I'm gonna be busy!
Seofon: (You're still young. I wonder... How will you use your power going forward?)
Seofon: (If you should stray from your path, I'll have no choice but to...)
Vyrn: Hey, Seofon! Are you listening? (Captain) said it was okay!
Seofon: Hm? Y-yes, of course I'm listening! I'm looking forward to working alongside you, (Captain)!

Choose: Please stop following me.
Seofon: How shocking... You... You think I'm just some weirdo...
Seofon: Heheh... If you want me to leave that badly, will you grant me another fight?
Lyria: No more fighting! Right, (Captain)?
Seofon: Sorry, sorry! Just having a little Seofun!
Lyria: From now on if you're going to joke, say so beforehand!
Seofon: Ha... hahaha... Right.
With Lyria's concerns assuaged, (Captain) agrees to let Seofon join the crew.
Continue 1
Seofon: Heheheh... You're going to get even stronger from here on out, (Captain)! I can't wait!
Vyrn: Good grief... What are you smirking like that to yourself for?
Seofon: I was just thinking... I can't wait to have a rematch after (Captain) gets even stronger!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! You're going to fight (Captain) again?
Seofon: Can I? That'd be the perfect chance!
Seofon: To make a spirit sword, I mean! After (Captain) levels up a bunch!
Vyrn: I knew it! You just wanted another one of those spirit sword gizmos to add to your collection!
Lyria: If you want to start another fight, I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave...
Seofon: Sorry, sorry! Forget I said anything! Just joking around!
Seofon: Okay then! And now that I've joined, the real party begins!
Vyrn: Geez... This guy really needs to learn to draw the line somewhere.
And thus the Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals, Seofon, joins the crew.
One thing is certain: he's going to involve the crew in no shortage of trouble going forward.

The Boy and the Blade King[edit]

A young boy attempts to pick Lyria's pocket, but Seofon notices and makes him return the stolen goods. Concerned about the boy, Seofon heads to the old part of town with the rest of the crew.

The crew heads down a crowded antique street in a well-known merchant town.
Seofon: The antique street divides this town down the middle, with newly renovated buildings on one side and slums on the other.
Vyrn: Wow, look at how nice this part of town is! Hard to believe there are slums right next door.
Lyria: Whoaa! (Captain)! Look at this cute general store!
Lyria: Oh! There's a clothing store over here! There are so many little stores lined up, it's hard to choose!
Seofon: Hahaha! You're like a kid in a candy store, Lyria!
Seofon: Just tell big brother Seofon if you find something you want!
Lyria: Thank you, Seofon!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! Watch where you're going!
Boy: ...
Lyria: Eep!
Lyria bumps into a boy as he is walking by.
Boy: Hey! Watch it!
Lyria: I-I'm sorry!
Seofon grabs the boy by the shoulder as he tries to walk away.
Boy: W-what do you want?
Seofon: Hmm... Now that's no way to behave! Give it back now, and I won't get mad, okay?
Boy: Ugh... Lemme go! W-what do you think you're tryin' to pull?
Seofon: Now, now. Give it back to this nice lady, okay?
The boy tosses Lyria's wallet back to her with a resigned air.
Boy: Hrmph... Quit acting like a big shot, you stupid outsider!
The boy runs away into a back alley.
Lyria: Seofon... Thank you.
Vyrn: That's our Seofon!
Seofon: Sigh... This is troubling.
Vyrn: Hey now... What's wrong, Seofon? You're lookin' real glum all of a sudden.
Lyria: Y-yeah, I can't even remember the last time we saw you like this.
Seofon: Aw, c'mon! I have bouts of sadness too, you know!
Seofon: Like when I cry myself to sleep because the other Eternals never give me a moment of peace...
Lyria: Wow... So even Eternals have bad days...
Seofon: It's okay! It's never a dull moment with them around! Hahaha!
Lyria: I knew it. I'm sure you would have cracked another joke or two if everything was okay!
Seofon: Oh! You're learning, Lyria!
Lyria: Hehe... I've been learning every day!
Vyrn: Anyway... What's troubling you? Tell us.
Seofon: Well, the thing is... something about that boy's eyes bothers me.
Seofon: I know kids with hardened eyes like that. Kids with troubled pasts. Seeing those eyes reminded me of them.
Seofon turns away from the crew and begins walking away.
Lyria: S-Seofon! Where are you going?
Seofon: Sorry! I'm worried about that boy...
Seofon: I'm gonna go talk to him real quick. You guys have fun sightseeing!
Vyrn: We can't go sightseeing after hearing that!
Lyria: Exactly! Take us with you!
Seofon: Heheh... I knew you'd say that. But that's what I like about you guys.
Seofon: Well then. Shall we?
The crew steps into the back alley of the old town where they last saw the boy.
Vyrn: This place is falling apart... I can't believe it's part of the same town...
Lyria: Yeah... It's practically a ruin at this point...
Seofon: This place still hasn't recovered from the civil war a few years ago.
Seofon: The new government redid the other part of town to look good for tourists but left the old town festering as is.
Lyria: I see... I had no idea.
Seofon: Hm? Wait just a second...
Seofon suddenly instructs the crew to stop.
Seofon: My goodness... What's happened to this town? Ready yourself, (Captain).
Vyrn: What's going on, Seofon?
Seofon: Looks like some monsters have made their nests here. Let's clean house... carefully.

The Boy and the Blade King: Scene 2[edit]

As (Captain) and crew search for the boy, the mafia appears and demands the crew pay to pass. When the crew refuses, the mafia attacks.

As the crew searches the back alley for the boy, members of the local mafia appear.
Mafia 1: Hey! This is our turf you're walkin' through!
Seofon: Goodness. Looks like some scary characters have made their nests here too.
Mafia 2: Hey, you got somethin' in your ears? Walkin' here isn't free, so pay up!
Seofon: Sorry. I'm not sure I understand the meaning of the words you're using.
Seofon: Is this street your property? Hm? Is it?
Mafia 1: What kind of stupid question is that? If you don't wanna get hurt, then shaddup and hand over the cash!
Seofon: Gracious me. Even monsters are easier to talk to than you.
Mafia 2: Enough of the yammerin'! I'm gonna shut you up right now!
Lyria: Eek!
The mafia soldier lunges at Lyria with a blade.
Mafia 1: Rgh! Yeooowch!
Seofon grabs the mafia soldier by the hand and twists it around.
Lyria: T-thank you, Seofon!
Seofon: What kind of scum would dare attack a defenseless little girl like that?
Seofon: You've put me in a seriously bad mood. But you're a big boy. You won't cry after what I put you through.
Mafia 2: Oh, a tough guy huh? Get 'im!
Vyrn: (Captain)! Let's go help Seofon!

The Boy and the Blade King: Scene 3[edit]

The crew defeats the mafia; Seofon kindly talks to the boy, who remains guarded. Before much else can be said, the mafia attacks.

Mafia 1: Argh! Listen, pal! You ain't about to make it out of here alive!
Seofon: Whatever you say! See you later! Oh, and not even an army of your buddies could stop us, just so you know.
The crew defeats the mafia underlings and goes after the boy again.
Seofon: Well then... These slums sure are hard to tell apart.
Seofon: The mafia doesn't care who gets sacrificed to fuel their rise...
In the back alley, the crew finds the pickpocket boy from earlier.
Boy: Y-you guys again... What're you doing here?
Seofon: No need to fear. I'm just here to talk to you.
Boy: Y-you're lying! What do you want? Are you here to turn me in?
Seofon: No, no... Here, I'll put my sword down. Does that put your mind at ease?
Seofon lays his sword on the ground.
Reassured about Seofon's intentions, the boy soon relaxes.
Seofon: Are you doing this because you like it? Come on. Tell me about yourself.
The boy reluctantly begins to talk.
Boy: My life ended the day my parents died in the civil war.
Boy: I lost my home... and became an orphan. When I had nowhere else to go, the mafia took me in.
Boy: I guess you can guess the rest. I do whatever I need to do to live... and hand over the money I collect each day to the mafia.
Seofon: If this keeps up, things will only get worse for you. You need to cut ties with the mafia right now.
Boy: Don't talk like you know me! It's not that easy!
The boy grows increasingly frustrated and looks away.
Seofon: You're right... I don't know anything about you. That's why I came here to talk. Now look me in the eyes when you speak to me.
Boy: ...
Seofon: Your only choice is to change yourself. Give it some thought... How would you go about escaping your current situation?
Boy: If I could do that, I would have done it a long time ago!
In the next moment, the mafia soldiers from earlier return with backup.
Mafia 1: Hey, you! What kinda garbage are you spoutin' to my good buddy there?
Seofon: You have nothing to do with him any longer.
Mafia 2: Oh yeah? And why the hell should I listen to you?
Seofon: (Captain)... Some of his mafia buddies are hiding behind him.
Mafia 1: How'd you know?
Seofon takes advantage of the mafia's surprise by quickly picking up his sword.
Seofon: Just looking at people like you disgusts me.
Mafia 2: Ugh! Come on out! He knows you're back there, guys!
A horde of mafia members surrounds the crew.
Mafia 1: Heheheh... Like I said earlier, it's all of us versus your little group... You ain't makin' it outta here alive!
Seofon: Sigh... That is so what a grunt like you would say in this situation, isn't it?
Mafia 1: The hell you say?
Seofon: Go ahead and cover the rear, (Captain).
Vyrn: Got it! Leave this side to us!

The Boy and the Blade King: Scene 4[edit]

Seofon summons countless swords to strike down the group of mafia soldiers. After things calm down, Seofon convinces the boy to go to Stardust Town, revealing his kind-hearted nature to the crew.

The crew wards off the mafia attack.
But the mafia has strength in numbers and begins closing in on the crew.
Seofon: Goodness gracious... They're practically like cockroaches.
Mafia 1: End of the line, pal! Not so big now, are ya, tough guy?
Seofon: Very well... An eye for an eye. I'll answer your numbers... with those of my own.
In the next moment, Seofon unleashes his spirit sword collection.
The mafia members look upon the countless swords hovering around Seofon and despair.
Mafia 1: T-those swords floatin' around 'im... It can't be!
Seofon: I am Seofon. Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals.
Seofon: Get out of my sight before I count to three.
Seofon: If not... these swords will be upon you without mercy.
Mafia 2: S-Seofon? O-of the Eternals?
Seofon: One...
Mafia 1: No way... Why would he be here?
Seofon: Two...
Mafia 2: S-screw this! No way I'm fightin' one of those guys!
Seofon: Thr—
Mafia 1: L-let's get out of here!
The mafia members scatter like baby spiders as soon as they find out Seofon is one of the Eternals.
Seofon: Hm... Judging by the way they reacted, they must have heard some nasty rumors about the Eternals.
With the mafia gone, Seofon talks to the boy again one-on-one.
Boy: Why are you going so far out of your way for me?
Seofon: Who can say? All I know is... when I look at you, it reminds me of the time I ran into a certain pair of twins.
Seofon: Heheh... They had the same untrusting look in their eyes.
Seofon laughs as he reminisces and then looks the boy in the eyes as he continues to talk.
Seofon: You should go to Stardust Town... You'll find friends there. I'm sure of it.
Boy: Stardust Town?
Seofon: Yeah. I'll write a letter recommending you to Feower and Tien. They run the show there.
Seofon: The rest... is up to you.
Boy: Thanks, mister...
Seofon: Hey, that's hardly any way to address someone! Call me Seofon!
Boy: Okay, Mister Seofon! I'm gonna head to Stardust Town!
Seofon: Heh... Hold on to that rambunctious spirit, and something tells me you'll be all right.
Seofon: Do your best... and learn all that you can.
Boy: I will! I'm gonna be strong... just like you!
Seofon gives a handwritten letter to the boy and sees him off.
Seofon notices Vyrn looking at him from the corner of his eye.
Seofon: Hm? What is it?
Vyrn: Oh, nothin' really. I was just thinkin'... you're a really cool guy sometimes, Seofon.
Seofon: Come now. I'm always cool! Right, Lyriaaa?
Lyria: Yeah! There's a lot I don't know about you, but you seem like a wonderful person!
Seofon: That's right! An easily understood man is an easily dumped man. Don't you agree, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I'm not sure if Lyria meant that as a compliment... Wait. I guess she did?
Seofon: Don't stress the little things, or you'll end up a sad little lounge lizard!
Vyrn: Huh? I ain't becoming no lizard!
Seofon: Now then, Lyria! Let's continue our little shopping trip, shall we?
Lyria: Okay! But... why don't we go eat something first?
Seofon: Sounds good to me! What would you like to eat? Come along now, everyone!
The crew catches a glimpse—however brief—of Seofon's strict but kind-hearted nature.
They're slightly disappointed to see him return to his usual goofy self soon afterward.

Just Another Day for Seophon[edit]

Seofon, leader of the Eternals, visits (Captain) for some pleasant conversation and a duel with the captain.

In the gentle warmth of the afternoon sun, (Captain) polishes the Seven-Star Sword.
It is at this moment that a certain swordsman casually makes his appearance.
Seofon: Yaaawn... Great weather we're having today, eh, (Captain)?
Seofon: Oh ho, keeping the Seven-Star Sword in tip-top shape? Very impressive! There's nothing I respect more than kids who take good care of their belongings!
Seofon: Take a look at that cloud... It looks absolutely delicious! Like a big ol' plate of sunny-side up eggs, don't you think?
Seofon: I wonder what would be good for dinner tonight... Meat? Fish?
Seofon: Hey, (Captain). Are you listening to me?
Seofon: Huh? Did I say something to make you angry?
(Captain) continues one of their meandering conversations as usual.
Seofon: Right then, right then. Wanna duel? It's been a while.
  1. Sure.
  2. Nahhh.

Choose: Sure.
Seofon: Oh ho! Ready to play along today, (Captain)?
Seofon: That straightforwardness is exactly what I wanted to reward when I bought some you-know-what. Wanna eat it together after this?
(Captain) can't help but smile at Seofon's unexpected invitation.

Choose: Nahhh.
Seofon: Hehehe... I thought you might say that, which is why I made sure to bring this!
Seofon pulls out a paper bag, dangling it at arm's length for a moment.
Seofon: I bought some of your favorite you-know-what, (Captain)...
Seofon: If you duel me, you might just have a nice present in store...
(Captain)'s expression suddenly changes.
Seofon: Oh ho... Does that mean you'll accept?
(Captain) resignedly agrees to Seofon's request.
Continue 1
Seofon: Hehehe... Okay then. Here I come!

Just Another Day for Seophon: Scene 2[edit]

After finishing their duel, Seofon asks if (Captain) wishes to become stronger, and the captain says yes. When Seofon reveals a way to make revenant weapons even stronger, (Captain) decides to work alongside him to gather information on how to best move forward.

Seofon: Yup, yup! You're super tough today too!
Seofon: That's the kind of strength that has me falling head over heels for you, (Captain).
Seofon nods in satisfaction. (Captain) grimaces in annoyance.
Seofon: Right. Here's your present as promised.
(Captain)'s eyes sparkle in delight as Seofon hands over the goods.
The pair sit side by side, stuffing their faces.
Seofon: By the by... don't you want to become even stronger, (Captain)?
  1. I sure do!
  2. Whatever.

Choose: I sure do!
Seofon: Ooh, aren't we forthcoming today!
Seofon: How nice. Your personality is as direct and easy to understand as a blade.
Seofon: It's about that Seven-Star Sword of yours. There's apparently a way to make it stronger...

Choose: Whatever.
Seofon: Whateverrr...
Seofon: Wait! Don't give me that cold attitude like some sort of rebellious teenager! You know that hurts me deep down!
Seofon: Sigh... Just listen to what I have to say, okay?
Ignoring Seofon is going to be just as difficult as listening to him. (Captain) has no choice.
Seofon: It's about that Seven-Star Sword of yours. There's apparently a way to make it stronger...
Continue 1
Seofon: From the sound of things, if you get your hands on some silver something-or-others you can reforge the Seven-Star Sword into an even more powerful weapon.
  1. Silver what nows?
  2. So basically you have no idea.

Choose: Silver what nows?
Seofon: Y'know, I'm not too sure myself. Silver... relish? Something like that?

Choose: So basically you have no idea.
Seofon: Ahahaha! You got me! I have no idea what I'm talking about!
Continue 2
Seofon: But, like... wouldn't it be boring to just have someone come out and tell you everything?
Seofon: I'm with you all the way on this one, so let's get out there and see what we can figure out!
Seofon may not know what's going on, but he's got (Captain) wrapped around his finger.
From here on out, they'll be working together to collect information on how to awaken the Seven-Star Sword even further.

Seven-Star Encounter[edit]

(Captain) notices the Seven-Star Sword seems to have a strange aura, and Seofon agrees to speak with it about the issue. When he does so, however, the ancient blade recognizes Seofon as more powerful than (Captain) and attempts to take over his consciousness.

(Captain) notices something strange about the Seven-Star Sword and decides to speak with Seofon about it.
To better hear its voice, Seofon borrows the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: Hmm... What's going on with you, I wonder?
Seofon addresses the Seven-Star Sword directly.
Seofon: My name is Seofon, Star Sword Sovereign and gatherer of all the sky's blades.
Seofon: I command you to answer me, Seven-Star Sword.
Seven-Star Sword: You are Seofon, the Star Sword Sovereign...
Seofon: That's me. In the flesh.
Seofon: Seven-Star Sword... What are you thinking right now?
Seven-Star Sword: You know the answer to that question already, do you not?
Seven-Star Sword: I seek the strong. To be wielded by ever stronger hands.
Seofon: I see. (Captain) is quite the fitting choice then.
Seofon: The captain is strong and will only get stronger.
Seven-Star Sword: However... you are mightier still.
Seofon: Heheh... Isn't that obvious?
Seofon: Here's the thing though. (Captain) doesn't just have raw power.
Seofon: The captain may just have a hidden something that will ultimately lead to strength even greater than mine.
Seofon: So be a good sword and lend (Captain) your strength, okay?
Seven-Star Sword: You refuse? Then I shall bend you to my will.
Seofon: Huh? Everything sounded great up until that last par—
Seofon: Whoa! Time out, time ouuut!

Seven-Star Encounter: Scene 2[edit]

Seofon emerges victorious against the Seven-Star Sword, which declares that it has chosen him as its true owner. He refuses at first, but when he attempts to make a spirit sword out of it, the Seven-Star Sword quickly overwhelms his consciousness.

Seofon: Hey, what was that all about? You scared me half to death!
Seven-Star Sword: ...
Seofon: You don't get to just play the strong, silent type whenever you feel like it, even if you are a sword.
Seven-Star Sword: Take me in hand... You have been chosen!
Seofon: You just don't take no for an answer, do you? Were you listening to me earlier?
Seven-Star Sword: ...
Seofon: And now you're giving me the cold shoulder again. Could you not?
Seofon: What's up with this sword? Talk about annoying...
Seofon: But, hey... I bet you get pretty lonely all by yourself too, huh?
With a defeated look on his face, Seofon reaches out to the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: Guess I might as well get a spirit sword made out of you to commemorate the occasion.
Seven-Star Sword: It begins!
Seofon: Huh?
Seofon: Rgh... Waaargh!

To Rule the Skies[edit]

Seofon meets with Anre and tells him he wants to decide who the strongest Eternal is. Anre is baffled by the peace-loving Seofon's sudden turn and suspects the Seven-Star Sword may be controlling him.

Seofon has called Anre to a distant location where they shared history.
Anre: This place certainly brings me back, Seofon. Is there a reason you called me here?
Seofon: Aw, you remember, Anre?
Anre: Heh. If I'm not mistaken, this is where you originally shared the idea of the Eternals with me.
Seofon: Yep. If you hadn't been there, the Eternals wouldn't exist.
A smile creeps onto Seofon's face as he talks to Anre.
Anre: Indeed... So what did you need me for?
Seofon: So, like... I've been wondering about this for a while now, but... who d'you think the strongest Eternal is?
Anre: I'm... not sure I follow.
Seofon: Then let me spell it out for you: I want to find out who the toughest Eternal is.
Anre: There is no stronger or weaker within the Eternals. You made that design decision yourself, did you not?
Anre: To be quite frank, it's shocking to hear you even say such things. You despise the idea of obsessing over raw power, don't you?
Seofon: Nothing gets past you. I've decided that the only absolute power this world needs is yours truly.
Seofon: Trying to divide such power among multiple Eternals only threatens the world order.
Seofon: From now on... me and the Seven-Star Sword will rule the skies on our own.
Anre: You were the one who decided infighting within the Eternals was to be prohibited!
Anre: Gasp! Is this... Is the Seven-Star Sword making you—
Seofon: Will you hurry up and get ready to fight, Anre? If you keep screwing around... you'll die.
Anre: Return to your senses at once, Seofon!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 2[edit]

After his defeat at Seofon's hands, Anre has but one question: why? All Seofon can do is apologize.

Anre: Huff... Huff... Seofon...
Seofon: Looks like I win.
Anre: Why... What would drive you to behave this way?
Seofon: Anre... I'm sorry.

To Rule the Skies: Scene 3[edit]

Seofon visits Niyon to prove the sword reigns supreme. She immediately recognizes the strange way he is behaving but reluctantly accepts his challenge.

Niyon: So? What do you need me for?
Seofon: You knew I was coming? That's the Niyon I know...
Niyon: I could hear your sound.
Seofon: Right, right... I wanted to chat with you about something.
Niyon: A chat? It would have been better to gather the rest of the Eternals...
Seofon: No. That wouldn't do.
Niyon: Make it quick then. I want to go home.
Seofon: Heheh... You never change, Niyon.
Seofon: I have some unfortunate news though. You won't be leaving.
Niyon: Is this another one of your jokes?
Seofon: I want to prove something... I want to prove that in the Eternals, the sword reigns supreme.
Seofon: So fight me, Niyon.
Niyon: Are you being serious right now?
Niyon: I'm having an even harder time than usual pinning you down today.
Seofon: Are you? That's perfectly fine by me.
Seofon: Ready to fight? Then here I come!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 4[edit]

Seofon defeats Niyon and heads to face the next Eternal.

Niyon: Huff... Wheeze...
Seofon: That's all for now. I win.
Niyon: Can't make sense of your melody... What are you... doing...
Seofon: Right then. Bye.

To Rule the Skies: Scene 5[edit]

Third on the list of Seofon's challengers is Threo, who claims that she is the strongest Eternal.

Threo: Ooh! Glad to see you, Seofon!
Threo: Wanna have a race to see who can bust the most monsters? Y'know. For old times' sake?
Seofon: A monster hunt? Heh. Sure brings back memories.
Threo: We never settled our score! This is our chance to finally decide who's the best!
Seofon: Sorry, Threo. I'm going to have to pass.
Threo: Then why'd you come here? You're acting strangely... not-strange today.
Seofon: Today... I came here to fight you.
Threo: Uh-huh? And why are we fighting? Eternals aren't supposed to fight each other, right?
Seofon: I want to find out which of us is the strongest.
Threo: Hmm... Whatever you want. I'm the strongest though!
Seofon: Heheh... I'm going to beat you into submission!
Threo: Ha! I have no idea what's gotten into you, but I'm gonna beat it right the heck out of you!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 6[edit]

The scarily strong Threo refuses to give up, demanding another fight from Seofon. But he coldly responds that a rematch would be meaningless.

Threo: Hurgh... That... sucked...
Seofon: And with that... the Eternals' purest reserve of pure brute strength has been subdued.
Threo: This ain't over yet... I can still fight!
Seofon: The match is over. I'm done with you, Threo.

To Rule the Skies: Scene 7[edit]

Seofon visits Seox to prove the supremacy of the sword. The masked claw fighter thinks Seofon utterly pathetic but agrees to fight him nonetheless.

Seox: Hey, Seofon. Why in the world did you call me out here alone?
Seox: Some kind of classified mission that the others can't know about?
Seofon: Yeah... I have something very important to talk to you about today, Seox.
Seofon: Something I have to convey to you directly, one-on-one.
Seox: Hrmph... If it's from you, it can't possibly be good.
Seox: Enough preamble. Spit it out already.
Seofon: Why, thank you! You're ever so kind, Seox!
Seox: Hrmph... Are you going to tell me or not?
Seofon: Well, y'know... I want to figure out which of us Eternals is the strongest.
Seox: What did you say?
Seofon: I mean... I always thought swords were number one, right? Might as well prove it.
Seox: Humph... So you called me out here for some pointless drivel. How very like you.
Seox: If you want to fight that badly though... I'm not going to stop you.
Seofon: That's my Seox! I'm glad you understand!
Seox: Save it. And don't talk to me like we're friends. Disgusting.
Seofon: Now then. We're going to decide which of us reigns supreme right here!
Seox: Humph... Don't blame me if you end up with a few more holes in your head.

To Rule the Skies: Scene 8[edit]

After meeting utter defeat, all Seox can do is ask for death. But Seofon denies his request and moves on to the next Eternal on his list.

Seox: Rgh... How dare you...
Seofon: I win this one.
Seox: Dammit! Just get it over with already...
Seofon: Too busy to play with you right now, kitty cat. So sorry.

To Rule the Skies: Scene 9[edit]

Fif demands that Seofon give her some candy, and he kindly complies. The young Eternal then demands that Seofon treat her to dinner, and Seofon agrees under one condition: she has to beat him in a fight.

Seofon: Thanks for showing up, Fif! Now to decide who's—
Fif: You sure were in a big hurry to get me here! Oh! I bet you have candy for me!
Seofon: Huh? Candy? Oh, er... Yes. Just a moment.
Seofon: (Wow, I can't believe I actually had some.)
Seofon: Righto, righto, here's some candy for you. Delicious, don't you think?
Fif: Ooh, goody! This is why you're the captain!
Fif: Om nom nom...
Fif: You're so... munch... thoughtful... chomp, chomp...
Seofon: Ahem. Now to decide who's the stronges—
Fif: Hey. Got any more?
Seofon: Oh, er... Very sorry, Fiffo dear. I'm all out.
Fif: Okay... Wanna treat me to something then?
Seofon: I don't believe I so much as mentioned the word treat since we met up.
Fif: Hmm... Okay. I'm goin' home then.
Seofon: Hold on! Am I just here to feed you things? Is that what I am to you?
Fif: Huh? Hmm... Maybe you are...
Seofon: Fine, fine! I get it! I'll treat you to dinner! Happy?
Fif: Ooh! Goody, goody! I knew there was a reason you were our super cool leader!
Seofon: Under one condition. You have to beat me in a fight.
Fif: Huh? A fight? Are we allowed to do that?
Seofon: It's fiiine. I'm just figuring out who the strongest one among us is.
Fif: Really? That's me!
Seofon: That's right! You sure are, Fiffy dear! So let's talk like grown-ups to prove it!
Fif: Okay! Ready or not, here I come!
Seofon: Hit me with everything you've got!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 10[edit]

Fif is frustrated after losing to Seofon but vows to win next time. Seofon heads to the next Eternal.

Fif: Aw... I lost...
Seofon: Heheh... Not bad at all, Fif.
Fif: Waaah! I-I'm gonna win next time no matter what!
Seofon: Hahahaha! I am waiting for your challenge!
Seofon: And now... goodbye!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 11[edit]

Eternal number six is none other than Eahta, who senses something strange about Seofon's manner and correctly determines the Seven-Star Sword to be the cause. With few words left to be said, Eahta accepts Seofon's challenge.

Seofon: Hey, Eahta! Doing well?
Eahta: Seofon. My life is a battlefield. I spend my days in constant training.
Seofon: Oh, Eahta. Never change.
Eahta: Your demeanor seems slightly different from the last time we spoke.
Seofon: Heheh... I knew you'd be able to tell. I'm trying to determine who the strongest Eternal is!
Seofon: I'm going from Eternal to Eternal and challenging them to one-on-one duels for supremacy.
Eahta: That sword of yours... Hrm. So you've obtained a newfound source of power.
Seofon: Yup. This bad boy called out to me personally. Told me to show it what I can do.
Eahta: Heh... That hardly seems like something you'd care about...
Eahta: But so be it. I shall face you.
Seofon: Heheh... Finally someone who gets it!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 12[edit]

Seofon loses all interest in Eahta after besting him in combat and heads to the next Eternal.

Eahta: Magnificent... How careless of me.
Seofon: Goodness... Just as tough as ever, Eahta.
Eahta: I was no match for your blade.
Seofon: Right then. I'm off.

To Rule the Skies: Scene 13[edit]

Tweyen is aware that Seofon has been fighting the other Eternals when he arrives and tells him she'll stop him herself.

Tweyen: ...
Seofon: Hm? What's up? Why the cold expression?
Seofon: Cheer up! Show me that gorgeous smile of yours, won't you?
Tweyen: Seofon. What do you think you're doing?
Seofon: What am I doing? Well, it seems that you're already on to me...
Seofon: I mean, isn't it obvious? I'm hosting the Eternal Battle Royale!
Tweyen: Spare me the stupidity.
Seofon: Hey, it's not stupid. I'm deadly serious here.
Tweyen: But why? You hate fighting. Why would you start this war yourself?
Seofon: Why, you ask? Decentralizing power only leads to conflict. So I've decided to unify.
Seofon: I'm going to centralize our power... in me.
Tweyen: Oh? One of us will have to stop you then. That's why the Eternals were formed, right?
Seofon: Ooh, nice! At least that'll make it fun to take you down!
Tweyen: As much as it pains me to say this... I can't go easy on you.
Seofon: Heh... It's been a while since I got to see you playing at the top of your game.
Tweyen: You won't be making any more wisecracks once I'm finished with you. Here I come!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 14[edit]

Despite striving her hardest, Tweyen is no match for Seofon, who offers to fight her again once she gets stronger.

Tweyen: Ngh... I couldn't stop you, huh...
Seofon: That was very impressive nonetheless. You fought well.
Seofon: So long... Tweyen.
Tweyen: Wait!
Seofon: I can't wait.
Seofon: If you're ever worth my time, I'll give you another shot.

To Rule the Skies: Scene 15[edit]

In search of Feower and Tien, Seofon has come to Stardust Town. Feower berates Seofon for being consumed with strength before agreeing to wake him from his delusions by force.

Seofon visits Stardust Town in search of Feower and Tien.
Seofon: Ooh, there you are, Feower! Gone through a growth spurt recently?
Feower: I was wrong about you... Leader.
Seofon: Oh, you were? How so?
Feower: You told me not to let power consume me. Again. And again. And again.
Feower: And then you get consumed by power yourself. Are you some kind of idiot?
Seofon: I might be. Some kind of idiot, I mean.
Seofon: And right now... I'm practically itching to fight you.
Feower: You'd be giving me a chance to open your eyes.
Seofon: That look in your eyes is so good. I'm getting shivers.
Seofon: Your big brother Seofon is going to show you exactly how little power you have, you unruly child...
Feower: Whatever... When it comes to tyrants like you, I've got all of Stardust Town on my side!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 16[edit]

Seofon gloats over the defeated Feower when a ray of light suddenly appears at his feet.

Feower: Huff... Huff... Dammit!
Seofon: Heheh... Finished already?
Feower: If you don't want these daggers in you, then shut up!
Seofon: Hahaha... Still wriggling, huh?
Seofon: If you want to keep going, by all means go ahead. I won't stop you.
Seofon: But you're beyond done, aren't you?
Feower: Shut up!
Seofon: Heh...
A single ray of light appears at Seofon's feet.
Seofon: ...?

To Rule the Skies: Scene 17[edit]

Tien stands against Seofon as the final Eternal on his list. She informs him that she knows how he fights and promises to pull out all the stops to defeat him.

Seofon: ...!
Tien: You're up against me now.
Seofon: Ooh, you've got me shaking in my boots!
Tien: Spare me.
Seofon: Tien... you're the last one.
Tien: And I'm not going down without a fight, Seofon.
Feower: Huff... Huff... Sis...
Tien: Feower... Get some rest.
Feower: But I have to—
Tien: Listen to what I say. Please.
Feower: Dammit...
Seofon: Heheh... I'd happily take you both on, you know.
Tien: You wouldn't stand a chance. I know how you fight.
Seofon: And I know every trick in your playbook as well.
Tien: Whatever.
Tien: I can find not even the slightest hint of meaning in this battle. Which is why I'm going to end it quickly.
Seofon: Think you can stop me, do you?
Tien: I won't know until I try.
Tien: You taught me that lesson yourself.
Seofon: Hahaha! That is exactly right, Tien!
Seofon: Now then! Here I come!

To Rule the Skies: Scene 18[edit]

Tien loses her composure following her defeat to Seofon, who whirls behind her, Seven-Star Sword at the ready.

Tien: Nrgh...
Seofon: Whatever is the matter, Tien? I'm still just fine, as you can plainly see.
Tien: I'm not finished...
Seofon: You'd better try extra hard to kill me this time.
Seofon: You were never able to protect a single thing in your entire life.
Tien: Damn you!
Seofon: That won't do. What good are you without that calm and collected nature of yours?
Seofon dodges Tien's desperate strike and whirls behind her back, sword drawn.
Tien: No!
Seofon: Sweet dreams... Tien.

Seophon's Grand Finale[edit]

(Captain) and the rest of the Eternals arrive in the nick of time to save Tien and put an end to Seofon's rampage. Seofon summons seven spectral swordsmen to even the odds, and (Captain) cuts through the chaos to strike down the leader of the Eternals once and for all.

Seofon swings the Seven-Star Sword but (Captain) deflects it.
Seofon: ...!
Tien: (Captain)!
Seofon: Aren't you something? That was as nice as timing gets!
Vyrn: Whew! Right in the nick of time!
Lyria: Tien! Everything okay?
Tien: Thanks... I'm fine.
Seofon: Can't slip anything past you guys, can I?
Anre: My apologies for our late arrival, Tien.
Tien: Anre? You brought everyone?
Tien raises her head to find the Eternals stoically standing before her in formation.
Tweyen: We assembled with (Captain) under Anre's orders.
Niyon: You have nowhere to run, Seofon.
Threo: Hey! Seofon! It's payback time for before! With interest so crazy it'll take you a million years to clear the bill!
Seox: Hrmph... We weren't about to just sit down and watch.
Eahta: I am not one to surround an opponent with superior numbers... but if that is what is required to see you defeated, so be it.
Fif: Seofon, you stupid dummy! You're gonna be saying sorry to us for weeks after we're done!
Feower: I hope you've said your prayers.
Tien: Even you don't stand a chance against us, Seofon.
The assembled Eternals face Seofon head-on, with (Captain) leading the charge.
Seofon: Goodness! Just look at what you can accomplish when you set your minds to something!
Anre: Turn yourself in quietly, Seofon. You are an impressive fighter, but you are outmatched.
Seofon: Yeah, you're right. Even I'm not gonna be able to handle all of you alone.
Anre: Then release your weapon.
Seofon: Hmm... That being said...
Seofon: I'm not actually in this alone.
Tweyen: You really need to stop trying to act tough.
Seofon: Oh, how awful of you, Tweyen! I am blessed with many, many friends, regardless of how it may look at the moment.
Niyon: How odd... Seofon doesn't seem at all flustered. His music actually sounds upbeat.
Seofon: Niyon, you have to save your ace in the hole until the very last moment...
Tweyen: An ace in the hole? You must be joking!
Seofon: It's already too late.
In the next moment, an interdimensional vortex expands outward from Seofon's feet.
There's no time to respond, and the Eternals are incapable of advancing any closer against the vortex's staggering energy waves.
Seofon: My name is Seofon, Star Sword Sovereign.
Seofon: Under that title I command thee, Seven-Star Sword...
Seofon: From the sea of stars, call forth the deities of the blade... Arise, Seven-Star Avatars!
Seofon: Dubhe...
Seofon: Merak...
Seofon: Phecda...
Seofon: Megrez...
Seofon: Alioth...
Seofon: Mizar...
Seofon: Alkaid...
As Seofon recites their names, the sword gods take corporeal form behind him.
Feower: What... in the skies...
Seofon: Well, Feower? They look awfully tough, don't they?
Fif: Hey, no fair! One bully was enough!
The Eternals take up arms against the overwhelming might of the Seven-Star Avatars.
Anre: (Captain)!
Anre: We'll handle the rest of them!
Anre: You fight Seofon!
Seofon: Heh... You think that's how it's going to be, do you?
The Avatars respond to Seofon's gestures, drawing steel themselves.
Dubhe: Alpha...
Merak: Beta...
Phecda: Gamma...
Megrez: Delta...
Alioth: Epsilon...
Mizar: Zeta...
Alkaid: Eta...
Seofon: Time to end this! Cien Mil Espadas!
With a grand flourish, Seofon commands the Avatars to unleash a flurry of sword strikes.
Anre: Arm the bastion!
Thanks to Anre's efforts, however, the attack is neutralized at the last second.
Anre: Huff... Huff... Such astonishing strength...
Seofon: Tch... Just what I'd expect from you, Anre. I unleash the coolest attack in the universe, and you weather it like a champ.
Anre: Ngh... I can't defend against another attack like that.
Anre: It's now or never. Separate Seofon from his Avatars!
Tweyen: Got it.
Threo: Smash 'em!
Feower: Slash 'em!
Fif: Lemme handle this!
Seox: Hrmph... I'll make you regret starting this whole sorry affair.
Eahta: I shall handle this.
Niyon: Time for my solo.
Tien: I won't miss.
Threo takes the first step, charging Seofon's forces head on.
Threo: I'll smash you to pieces!
Seofon: ...!
Threo: Astro Divergence!
The force of Threo's mighty attack sends the Avatars flying.
Seofon: Rgh...
Seofon: Well, one strike from her is enough to take just about anyone out. So it goes.
Tweyen: Let's go, Niyon.
Niyon: Understood.
Tweyen and Niyon: Astral Howitzer!
Nebilusa Fryude!
The attacks from Tweyen and Niyon hit like a tidal surge, preventing the Avatars from working together.
Seofon: Tch... What a troublesome duo those two are.
Seofon: Well, whatever. I'll just have to play your little game and face you all myself!
But the Eternals have teamwork on their side, and they efficiently work to separate Seofon from his Avatars.
Eahta: Prepare yourself for the hereafter! Almighty Flurry!
Dubhe: Worgh...
Seox: Too slow! I'll tear you to ribbons! Void Claws: Terminus!
Merak: Nrgh...
Feower: Here we go, Sis!
Tien: I'll back you up!
Feower and Tien: Memento Mori!
Dance of Death!
Phecda: Curse you...
Without wasting a moment, the Eternals hunt down and obliterate the remaining Avatars.
Seofon: Gwah... Looks like my Avatar control could use some work...
Fif: Okay! Time to blow you away with my super awesome magical mega magic!
Anre: Sorry, Fif. I need you to provide defensive support.
Fif: Aw...
Anre: Seofon and his friends lack ways to heal themselves. If we prolong this battle, we'll have the advantage.
Anre: And that's something only you can do.
Fif: Right... Got it!
Seofon: Heh... I'm not interested in seeing this go into overtime!
With an excellent display of teamwork, the Eternals manage to completely separate the Avatars from Seofon.
But the battle isn't over. Each Eternal must now battle against an Avatar in heated combat.
Seofon: Haha! Would you just look at 'em go! No wonder I picked you guys as Eternals!
Seofon: (Guess I'll just have to power through this one...)
Anre: Okay... now! The rest is up to you, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and turns to face Seofon.
Seofon: Heheh... I knew you'd be my last hurdle, (Captain).
Seofon: I mean, who else could it have really been?
Seofon: Or to put it another way... I might have wanted this from the beginning.
Seofon: Now c'mere.
Seofon: If you can't stop me... who will?

Seophon's Grand Finale: Scene 2[edit]

Seofon is freed from the Seven-Star Sword's grasp. After all the trouble he's caused, however, (Captain) and his fellow Eternals won't be forgiving him for quite some time.

Seofon: Ngh... Gwahagh...
Seofon sinks to his knees, defeated. (Captain) has emerged victorious.
The Seven-Star Avatars vanish into the ether.
Seofon: Huff... Huff... You've gotten really tough, (Captain).
Seofon seems to have been freed from whatever was possessing him, but (Captain) isn't ready to let up.
Vyrn: H-hey! (Captain)'s actin' kinda funny!
Lyria: W-wait, (Captain)!
Lyria's plea falls on deaf ears as (Captain)'s blow falls.
But the Eternals dart in to protect their leader.
Seofon: Y-you guys...
Anre: We made it in time.
Seofon: Guess I might as well get a spirit sword made out of you to commemorate the occasion.
Seven-Star Sword: It begins!
Seofon: Huh?
Seofon: Rgh... Waaargh!
Seven-Star Sword: Just as I suspected... You possess power most astonishing, Star Sword Sovereign...
Seofon: Dammit... I've really done it this time...
Seven-Star Sword: Heh heh heh... You are a vessel most fitting... Now yield yourself to me.
Seofon: Gwaaagh!
Seofon: Hrm!
Seofon writhes in pain and screams as he finally wrests control away from the weapon.
Seven-Star Sword: What? You broke free? On your own?
Seofon: Uh... Do you have any idea who I am?
Seven-Star Sword: Ngh... Do you not lust after power? Yield your will to me, and yet more strength will—
Seofon: But I'm already the strongest there is, swordster. And how boring would it be if I were the only one at that level anyway?
Seven-Star Sword: I see... A shame. The other revenant weapons seek the Eternals as hosts as well...
Seofon: Huh? Did I hear you correctly?
Seven-Star Sword: Indeed. The revenant weapons possess a shared consciousness.
Seven-Star Sword: I know what drives you... You wish to prove yourself the strongest swordsman of all, yes?
Seofon: Hmm... I see how it is. Hold on a sec...
Seofon: Or rather... let's play a little, shall we?
Seven-Star Sword: Heh heh heh... Allow me to bestow great power upon you—
Seofon: Hey. Let's not get any wrong ideas here.
Seofon: You didn't pick me. I picked you.
Seven-Star Sword: Heh... That is precisely what makes you a worthy master...
Seven-Star Sword: Now take me in hand!
Seofon: Give me a break... Fine. If you insist.
Somewhat exhausted, Seofon sluggishly picks up the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: Rgh! Gwaaargh!
Seofon: Ahahaha... Anyway... I guess I should have been more careful.
Anre: This isn't a laughing matter.
Seofon: I figured I'd be able keep a lid on the sword through sheer force of will...
Seofon: But the thing's thoughts started mashing up inside my head, and before I knew it I was having the time of my life!
Fif: You were having the time of your life beating up your friends, dummy!
Tweyen: ...
How do you think we felt about it?
Threo: Ahahahaha! Well, I had fun!
Feower: You came close to ending your friends' lives. You're garbage.
Seofon: B-but it was perfect training for emergency situations! Right, guys?
Niyon: It was a perfect nightmare.
Seofon: Yeah... Maybe you're right.
Vyrn: What would've happened if the Eternals hadn't shown up to keep (Captain) from bashing your head in?
Seofon: Well, er... We would've crossed that bridge when we got there!
Lyria: Oh, did you still have some of the sword's power left?
Seofon: Nah... I basically drained myself. Didn't quite get the power distribution right.
Tien: So if we hadn't shown up to stop (Captain)...
Seofon: Hmm... Can't really say for sure, but (Captain) probably would've taken me out!
Niyon: Is your brain out of tune?
Feower: It sure is.
Threo: Ahaha! Everyone's hopping on the bandwagon! Seofon, our beloved idiot leader!
Seofon: Still... it's kinda weird.
Seofon: I felt like... like it would've been okay if (Captain) had just ended it back there.
Seofon: I thought, hey, even if I bite it, there are still another nine Eternals lookin' out for the world.
(Captain) looks at Seofon in stunned silence.
  1. Idiot.
  2. I'll put you out of your misery!

Choose: Idiot.
Seofon: Sorry, (Captain).
Seofon apologizes with rare sincerity.
Seofon: Still, it seriously bums me out that I caused so much trouble for everyone.

Choose: I'll put you out of your misery!
Seofon: Huh? N-no way! I was just joking!
The crew stops (Captain) from brutalizing Seofon any further.
Seofon: Still, it seriously bums me out that I caused so much trouble for everyone.
Continue 1
Feower: Get on your knees and prepare to die.
Seofon: That's a rather harsh thing to say, Feower!
Tien: This time... I think you might have to die to make amends for your actions.
Seofon: N-nice joke! You... are joking, right, Tien?
Niyon: She's not. Her melody is deadly serious.
Seofon: Eeek! Let's all make up and be friends again! Right, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Huh? Oh, okay...
Seofon: That's the kindhearted Tweyen I know and love! Let's go get something good to eat after this, okay? My treat.
Tweyen: Okay. Jut make sure to treat everyone.
Seox: Hrmph... This is pointless. I'm leaving.
Eahta: Hrm. I will take my leave as well.
Fif: I'm comin' with, grampy!
Anre: Goodness... That puts an end to that then.
Anre: I thought I understood you better than anyone else. I never expected something like this to happen.
Vyrn: That's puttin' it lightly, gramps!
Lyria: Now, now... What matters is nobody got hurt!
Seofon: Y-you're such a kindhearted soul, Lyria!
In a conference held by the Eternals shortly thereafter, they find Seofon entirely responsible for the incident.
(Captain) and the rest of the Eternals don't speak to him for some time after.
Seofon: Hoo boy... Looks like I'm back to counting on Siero to find out what's going on with everybody...
Seofon, leader of the Eternals. Is he amazing... or just amazingly bad at his job? Only time will tell.


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