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Official Profile

Age 15
Height 165 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Sleeping, reading maps, pull-ups
Likes Conflicts, pain, coffee (self-proclaimed)
Dislikes Obstacles, spoiled people, sweets (self-proclaimed)
Character Release
とある街の地下闘技場で行われている喧嘩賭博において、連戦連勝を誇る少年。 温かい家庭に生まれながら、ぬるま湯の生活に嫌気が差して家を飛び出し、地下闘技場に流れ着いた。喧嘩賭博に出場して日銭を稼ぎつつ、クズもぶちのめすことが出来て満足している。

Final Uncap

Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 15歳
Height 165cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 寝ること、地図を見ること、懸垂
Likes 闘争、痛み、コーヒー(自称)
Dislikes 閉塞、甘えた奴、甘い物(自称)
Character Release
とある街の地下闘技場で行われている喧嘩賭博において、連戦連勝を誇る少年。 温かい家庭に生まれながら、ぬるま湯の生活に嫌気が差して家を飛び出し、地下闘技場に流れ着いた。喧嘩賭博に出場して日銭を稼ぎつつ、クズもぶちのめすことが出来て満足している。

Final Uncap

Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Your birthday, huh? Not something I know much about. Doing this kind of thing makes you look your age...
As soon as you draw your weapon, though, you look like a hardened warrior. Like there's no battlefield you can't survive.
Well, so it goes. Let's make today a good one. You managed to live long enough to run into me after all.


It's your birthday today, right? This is the second time I've stood in front of you and said that.
Hah. Something about it gives me the creeps... On the outside you look the same, but I can tell you've grown on the inside.
But one day I'll take you down. Until that time comes though, we can continue pretending to like each other.
What? I'm not pretending at all? Ugh, it's just a figure of speech.
Stop smirking like that! And stop pinching my cheeks! Don't take a good thing too far just because it's your birthday!


Hmm. Today's your birthday, is it? Yeah, I remembered. Give me some credit.
Anyway, there's something I want to know. How come you never change?
I don't mean physically, but mentally. Even a captain's gotta have some fears and doubts, but you always have the willpower to persevere and soldier on.
So how can I—
Forget it. I'm rambling. Let's go make the most out of today.


Happy birthday.
Just a customary greeting, but thought I'd say it anyway... I mean, big day, only comes once a year.
How many of your birthdays have I stuck around for anyway? This exchange has become routine.
What? No way I was looking forward to this! I meant that—
Forget it. It's your special day. Don't feel like mouthing off and ruining it.
Oh, right. You have anything you want? Tell me now, or forever hold your peace.
Come on, spill it. Whatever's fine, okay?
Wait. One exception. Do. Not. Tell me to smile.


It's your birthday today, huh? Everyone in the crew's all riled up.
You know, I never thought I'd end up journeying together with you and the others for this long...
I mean, people can get annoying and noisy, always acting so carefree...
But I guess it might not actually be that bad...
Nevermind. Forget I said anything.
Anyway... Happy birthday, (Captain).
It's your special day today. For once, just let everyone else do things for you.
And, um, well... I'm looking forward to our adventures together from now on.
As in, I'm looking forward to beating you someday! That's what I mean, okay? Get that in your head!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

What's with all the festive nonsense? Like I care about the new year. It's just another day if you ask me.
Plus I hear other skydoms have different ideas of when New Year's is, and even the meaning changes depending on the custom. What's the point of celebrating this?
Huh? Yeah, I read it in a book a long time ago. Don't you dare call me a bookworm!


Yawn... Man, I'm so tired. Hey, Captain, your crew's freaking weird.
Making a racket from sundown on Near Year's Eve until sunrise on New Year's day. What's all the fuss about?
They even invited me to go make mochi. Like you'll ever catch me doing something so damn tepid again.
Huh? Y-yeah, I did it once. So what? If you don't make New Year's mochi, you can't enjoy New Year's adzuki porridge, right?
Hey! I didn't do it so I could stuff my face! I did it for all these brats we got running around on the airship!


Damn it. Are you kidding me with this... Listen, (Captain), I need you to talk with my sister.
Tell her she and I aren't that far apart age-wise, so stop giving me a New Year's gift.
When is she gonna stop treating me like a ki—hey. What's that in your hand?
You got a New Year's gift from Sis too? Where's your pride as the captain?


Yawn... Oh, it's just you, (Captain).
Happy New Year?
Right, it's today... Not that it matters...
New Year's resolution?
I don't wait until January 1st to think about that stuff.
You keep resolutions near your heart. Always.
What? I'm not a nerd! I stick to my goals. That's all.
Just you wait... This year, I'm going to wipe that smirk off your face.


Yaaawn... Mm... Morning, (Captain)...
I'm about to head out for some morning training... You're up early too.
You're gonna go watch the first sunrise of the year? Pretty energetic, aren't you... considering you were up having a good time till late last night.
Nope, I'm not going. I told you, I've got training...
Hey! I said I'm not going!
Argh... Fine! I'll come with you, so let go, okay?
I'll go with you, but I'm just gonna do my training as usual, you got that?
You can sit next to me and watch the sun rise or whatever.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

You got me chocolates? Don't make me laugh. You're my prey.
Besides, I don't like sweet stuff anyway. Give it to someone else... Hey. Why are you laughing?
And don't look through my personal belongings! Most of those chocolates aren't mine to begin with.
They're prizes from underground fighting arenas. I'm not interested in answering any more of your questions. I accept your chocolates. Now leave.


Seriously, again? Didn't I tell you last year I don't like sweet stuff? Listen to me this time.
What? You brought dark chocolate this time?
I see...
You didn't have to... I'm sure that it must've been a lot of—
Hey! What's with that smirk?
A joke? There's actually a chocolate daifuku in the box?
Good job remembering something so stupid about me.


Chocolate again. Geez, you just never learn, even after I shoot you down every year.
Obviously this year's no exception. Just eat it yourself, or pawn it off to someone else—
What do you mean you're gonna give it to my sister then? You'll tell her I said no?
H-hey, dragging family into this is a low blow! What's with this flurry of punches?
Damn it all... That'll teach me to face off against a veteran skyfarer... I'll have a counter ready next year, I swear...


(Captain)... I know why you're here.
Hand it over. I'll take it.
You came to give me chocolates, right? I'm not losing my composure over inconsequential bull. Just gives you more to laugh about.
Don't feel like playing into your hand anymore.
What? You have nothing for me?
N-no. Don't apologize. I kept saying I didn't want them, so...
What's with that smirk? And that box... Where were you hiding it?
Damn... Another ruse!


Oh, (Captain). These chocolates? Thanks.
Wait, what!
You gave them to me so quickly, so I just took them but...
Man, what am I even saying? You always throw me off stride...
Now I feel like a kid for always insisting I didn't want chocolates from you.
Oh! Not that I was lying or anything...
Anyways, I'll be taking these!
I already accepted them. Be rude to give them back now...

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, you got a second? I found this box outside the door of your room. You can keep it or throw it away. Up to you.
You're wondering who left it there? Whatever. Just take it already.
Huh? You can't just open it without permission? It's fine. Take it.
Listen, what you have to do is simple. Open it, eat what's inside, sleep. It's going to go bad if you stand here worrying.
You got that? You have three days.


Got a minute? Thought I'd return a book you lent me.
Oh and, uh...
This candy was sandwiched in its pages. It's yours, so I'll give it back too.
What do you mean there's no way you'd leave candy in a book? Shut up—books are full of unlimited potential.
Huh? The date on the wrapper says it was made yesterday? Who cares? Clearly the space-time continuum has gone crazy.
Just hurry up and eat it and then go have your little nap.
Oh, and about that book. I haven't finished reading it yet, so I'll be back to borrow it again later.


Hey, got a sec? Remember that book I borrowed from you? Have you seen the latest release yet?
No? You didn't even know it was already on sale? Come on, it's in all the displays of the bookstore.
You can be a real derp sometimes. Whatever. Already expected that to be honest.
So here, the newest book. Came with some candy in the appendix or something.
What do you mean that makes no sense? Don't ask me. I'm not the author.
Look, just eat the candy, flush it out, and hit the sack. But let me be the first to read that book. Give it here.


Oi, you have some free time? Train with me.
Course I'm not asking you to do it for free. Can't pay you, but I can give you this.
Er... Went to pick something up at the bookshop earlier, and they entered me into a raffle. I won that.
Means that, uh... I didn't pick it out for you.
Just take it!
Eh? The bookshop's closed? You serious?
No, I just remembered... I didn't win it at the bookshop. Must've been some other...
What! You lied about the bookshop being closed? You think you're so funny...
Know what? Doesn't matter! The thing's yours! Make sure you eat it. Dammit!


Why aren't you taking it?
When someone slips something to you, you grab it. That's how things normally go!
Wait, that's right... You aren't normal.
Look, I'm done playing games... Just take it!
What? No, I didn't go to a bookstore! You wanna go now? Go alone!
Why do you always have to bring up the dumbest... Ugh, you're gonna regret this!

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ugh... Hey, help me eat this huge pile of candy I ended up with.
This was Vyrn's and Lyria's doing of course. They figured I still wasn't feeling comfortable on the airship and invited me out trick-or-treating.
Why didn't I decline? It's hard to explain, but... saying no just makes them try harder.
Sigh... They're tough in their own way, those two.


Humph. How frivolous. You know Halloween wasn't originally this much of a spectacle.
It was originally a ceremony to tranquilize stray souls. Making a racket isn't...
B-baloney! What do you mean by that? I'm just reciting historical fact!


What do you want with me? I don't feel like going to any parties.
Come on, don't give me that disappointed look. Wait, you even got me a costume?
Can't believe you'd take it that far... There's something wrong with you.
All right, fine. Show it to me. This is dumb, but as long as it's not too out there—
Hey, this is a girl's costume! You little...
What're you trying to say, huh?


What are you doing here, (Captain)? You need something?
No, I'm not going out. Learned my lesson last year.
Stay in your room; let fools be fools.
You looking for fun? Well, you won't find any here.
What? You just say "trick or treat?" Why would you...
I don't do candy. Don't have any, don't plan on buying any.
Hey. Wipe that smirk off your face.
Don't even think about it. I'm not letting you play a prank on me!
I said I'm not letting you... Stop! Don't take another step!


I know you're there, (Captain). Come at me wherever you are.
I've started thinking of this day as a battle between us, and I'm fully prepared for it.
Heh... Trick or treat, huh? Fine, here.
It's candy. Are you happy now?
I'm not about to let you pull any pranks on me. No girl costumes either. You're not getting your way this time.
What? Of course I prepared all these treats myself.
W-what are you laughing about? You little...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Gah... Everyone's making a racket. Something tells me I'm not getting any sleep tonight.
Interested in tagging along, Captain?
You're one for bright, festive places, and I should be able to get some training done too.
Who're you calling lonely? You're asking for some serious season's beatings...


Ugh... You're back? You came to see me during the holidays last year too.
I don't get you sometimes, but as long as you don't mess up my training schedule, you can do whatever you want.
Huh? What do you mean by you're gonna let me stay?
You're not a baby; you don't need my permission. Besides, you wouldn't leave even if I told you to.
Sigh... Damn it...


What are you doing here? You should be off to the holiday party. Some others came by looking for you.
What? You gonna stick around here for a bit, huh?
Humph. Why not join me for a bit of training then? If I win, you leave for the party.
If you win, then... I'll buy you whatever you want in town—
Wha? You'll make me go to the party too?
Kn-knock it off! Who'd wanna go to that crappy thing... Like hell am I gonna lose!


Here you are. Again. Why don't you just give up?
It's the holiday season. I mean, I couldn't care less, but isn't it important to you? Don't waste it on me.
Hm? Today is important, and that's why you're set on spending it with me?
Wha—what do you think you're saying!
The madness of the season must've gotten to you. That's the only reason you'd screw with me like this.
Will I forgive you if you were being serious? That's not what I—
Argh! Whatever! Say what you want!


Sigh... Always so noisy around this time of year.
Of course I'm talking about you. Nobody but you is weird enough to come and invite me on a special night like this.
Fine... I'll go to that party or whatever, just for a short while.
But I'm leaving as soon as I get a few bites to eat, all right?
Hm? What is it?
Oh, er...
Happy holidays.
Tch... Didn't think I'd ever say something so cheesy. Have I gotten soft or what?

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Sunset Over the Coastline

While vacationing in Auguste, Ayer attempts to further suppress his alter ego through a grueling swimming regiment. Seeing this, a few older brother types in the crew hold a barbecue to hopefully help Ayer relax.

The crew has come to Auguste for summer vacation.
Among the throngs of visitors, one young man is swimming in a hazardous area definitely not fit for light sport.
Ayer: Huff... Huff...
Ten more... Before these high waves die down...
Vyrn: Uhh? Hey, Ayer's over by that beach. Looks like he's back to training again.
Lyria: Oh, you're right. He's still at it even though we're on vacation. It seems like he's obsessed...
Vyrn: No thanks to that other Ayer.
Lyria: Oh right... It could be about Bowman...
Ayer is a crew member

Bowman is a manifestation of Ayer's personality, a psychological phenomenon that has been manipulating the young man for half of his life.
With no way of knowing when Bowman will reappear to take control of his body, Ayer struggles to repress his other half.

Ayer not in crew

Ayer is a brawler who was earning his bread by fighting in an illicit arena.
However, once this arena was exposed by local authorities, the brawler and his partner Bowman fled and ultimately stowed away aboard the Grandcypher.
As a natural result, Ayer became a part of the crew and was reunited with his sister Jessica. It was then that Bowman's true nature and motives were made clear.
Ayer: Huff... Huff... What are you trying to pull, Bowman?
Bowman: Ha ha ha, calm down, buddy! I never meant any harm!
Ayer: Why didn't you tell me anything? My sister's been journeying in search of me because of you. She even ended up fighting a primal!
Bowman: Well, y'know... You were just a little squirt at the time. You never would've agreed to deceive your family!
Bowman: Listen, I'm sorry. That was my bad. Look, I'm real apologetic about the whole thing!
Ayer: You think apologizing's gonna do anything?
Bowman: You're real upset about this whole thing, aren't you? Were you that close to her? Heh. You're still just a baby after all.
Bowman: You've really gotta quit blaming others for this stuff. Sure, I told you to run away from home and become a fighter, but you were the one who decided to do it!
Ayer: ...!
Jessica: Ayer, what in the world is going on?
Ayer: Don't come over here. I'm not done talking with this jerk.
Vyrn: Talking with... who exactly?
Ayer: With Bowman, obviously! The guy right in front of me!
Lyria: Bowman? Is he one of the islanders here? I don't see anyone...
Ayer: Huh?
Jessica: Are you okay? Did something happen after you ran away from home?
Bowman: Hahaha... Looks like the jig is up.
Ayer: Sis, behind you!
Jessica: Huh? There's nothing there.
Ayer: No way...
Ayer: Am I... going crazy?
Bowman: You were crazy from the beginning.
Bowman: You're the only one who can see or hear me. The only person who knows I exist... is you.
Bowman: A shame, Ayer. I was your number one fan.
Ayer: Urgh... Graaah!
The other half of Ayer, the cognitive phenomenon who led a young man to become a fighter... That is Bowman's true nature.
Since then Ayer has been struggling to repress his tormentor and keep control of his own body.
Continue 1
Vyrn: He doesn't look so good. If he keeps that up, he might hurt himself. Should we see if he'll take a break?
Lyria: Yes. It's Ayer, so he'll probably just push us off, but there's no harm in asking!
Ayer: A break?
Vyrn: Yeah, it's summer, so live a little! You can slurp some great ramen at the beach house!
Ayer: Oh. Ramen.
Lyria: You don't like it? I thought it was a good idea...
Ayer: Whatever.
Vyrn: Now, see here! You're either gonna take a break or—
Vyrn: Wait... So is that a yes or a no?
Ayer: It's a yes, but what's with that shocked look?
Lyria: Hahaha, sorry. It's just you really surprised us.
Ayer: Right. Catch you at the beach house.
Vyrn: What was that all about? He usually puts up more of a fight...
Lyria: I guess we got lucky! Don't you think he'll start to open up to us more if we all sit down to a delicious meal, (Captain)?
Server: Sorry about the wait. Here's your ten raw eggs in a mug... Th-this is really what you wanted, right?
Ayer: Yeah. Thanks.
Ayer: Glug... glug...
Vyrn: Yuck...
Lyria: Aah!
Ayer: Whew... Anyone up for some chicken skewers?
Ayer: I'll get a stick of breast meat. Salted. You guys can have the marinated stuff.
Ayer: I could go for some tofu too. It's summer, so I'll take it chilled.
Vyrn: Raw eggs, tofu—man, your favorite foods are weird! You only eat goopy stuff now?
Ayer: Goopy? And no, of course those aren't my favorite foods.
Ayer: The food you eat determines your agility, you know. Meat alone isn't enough.
Lyria: So you've been eating goopy food every day... for agility?
Ayer: Stop calling it goopy.
I've been trying to get better control of my body.
Vyrn: A-ah, well, I know why you're tense, but how about eatin' some stuff you like too?
Ayer: Tense?
Vyrn: Yeah, don't worry about Bowman! We'll always be there for you no matter what!
Ayer: So that's what this is about. Look, Bowman and I, that's—
Lyria: What Vyrn said! You should order what you like, so don't hold back. Let's see what's on the menu...
Lyria: Oh! How about tropical fruit punch? There's ramen, yakisoba, and shaved ice too!
Ayer: Hold on. I'll drown if I eat that much food.
Lyria: Then you'll have to stop swimming for today, I guess.
Ayer: Why does the food get first priority? We should get rid of half this order at least.
Ayer: Sigh... Look, the reason I'm working out is for a problem I've always had. One even before Bowman.
Vyrn: Huh? A problem before Bowman?
Ayer: ...
Ayer: When I was on the top of my game, it was like seeing my opponent frozen in time. The tougher the fight got, the slower the world moved.
Ayer: That doesn't happen anymore. I can't get fired up. Even if my opponent's a real challenge, I can't focus...
Ayer: I'm arena trash now. It's exactly like before Bowman came...
Lyria: N-no. Ayer, you're still so strong...
Ayer: I understand myself. So until I can fully reclaim my instincts, I have no intention of taking it easy.
Vyrn: I get it... That's why you're trainin' so hard every day. But how are you gonna reclaim your instincts?
Ayer: Good question. If I train like hell, I'm sure something will happen.
Vyrn: Sounds like you haven't thought about the big picture here. Why don't we think about the cause of the problem?
Ayer: Whatever. It'll be a waste of time though.
Lyria: B-but if you keep swimming like before, you could hurt yourself. Let's think about it for awhile...
Ayer: ...
Vyrn: The only thing I can come up with is for you to, you know, say bye-bye to Bowman.
Ayer: What's he got to do with it...
Vyrn: But you said it, right? He's the one that got you into fightin', pullin' all that strength outta you.
Vyrn: This kinda stuff goes over my head, but before you start all this dangerous training again, you gotta—
Ayer: I said, what's he got to do with it!
Lyria: Aah! Ayer, calm down...
Ayer: Sigh... Sorry...
Ayer: I can't... I wish I could, but...
Ayer: I'd be just another small fry without him...
Vyrn: H-hey, wait! Are you really goin' back out into those big waves?
Lyria: That's dangerous! A-and we still have some chicken left...
Ayer: Take 'em! Here's what I owe.
Vyrn: Yikes, and there he goes... Can't believe he got that upset...
Lyria: Maybe Ayer can't believe it either...
Vyrn: Yeah. He's definitely got some soul-searchin' to do.
Vyrn: Although I can't even imagine havin' one of your trusted pals turn out to be some kinda mind trick that fools you and your family...
Lyria: Me neither. He seemed to love him like a sibling...
Vyrn: Yeah, just like an older brother...
Vyrn: Heeey, (Captain), speakin' of older brothers...
Even though Ayer had been pushing the physical limits of his body in the turbulent afternoon tides, he now stares disappointedly across a placid, sunset-tinted ocean.
Ayer: Sigh... The waves this afternoon were unbelievable...
Ayer: The colors, the sounds, the air—this is like a totally separate world...
Ayer: A totally... new world...
Bowman: This is the new world we both wanted. We sacrificed everything to get here.
Bowman: C'mon, it was my idea to have you leave home and go underground! And I was the guy who taught you how to fight!
Bowman: Hey, don't be glum! There are still greater heights to be found out there!
Ayer: Damn it!
Ayer: It makes me sick. I fell for it... I fell for all the crap that crazy hallucination told me...
Ayer: ...
Ayer: What am I supposed to do? Nowhere to go, nothing to do... Not even a damn sign...
Ayer: Hah. I guess that makes me the biggest fool of all...
Vyrn: Heeey, Ayeeer! You done with today's training?
Ayer: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria...
Lyria: Uh... Um, you haven't eaten dinner yet, right? We have a suggestion.
Ayer: A suggestion? What the—did you bring someone...
Ayer: Aah!
???: Haha. We heard everything.
Gotta tell you, overtraining won't get you where you wanna go, kid.
???: Hahaha. Guess you're at the age where you just wanna go to the max all the time? I can relate—I was there too at one point.
???: And chowin' down on goop for every meal? You can lighten up, bro. You're not an old man—yet!
Ayer: Wh-why the hell is everyone ganging up on me?
A trio of full-grown gentlemen has appeared before the anguishing Ayer.
Only time will tell how the young man will himself grow from this curious encounter.

Curious Beach Encounters

The crew splits up to prepare for the barbecue. Ayer gets stuck on fishing duty with Siegfried, who tries to teach him about the power of perseverance.

A quiet night has fallen on the beach; Ayer sits, fishing in this solemnity.
(Captain) and Siegfried are beside him, watching the young man as he stares out into the ocean.
Ayer: ...
Siegfried: ...
Ayer: ...
Siegfried: ...
Ayer: Um...
Siegfried: Yes?
Ayer: What to talk about...
So you like fishing?
Siegfried: No, not really. When I was on the run, it was less of a hobby and more of a way to survive.
Ayer: Ohh... On the run, huh?
Siegfried: Yeah.
So—how about you?
Ayer: Me? I'm not so interested in it.
Siegfried: Can't blame you.
Ayer: Yeah...
Siegfried: ...
Ayer: ...
Ayer: (Captain), this sucks! Do something about it already!
Ayer: Argh, how'd things end up like this!
A group of some of (Captain)'s most distinguished friends have gathered at the beach.
Siegfried, former captain of the Order of the Black Dragons, the group of knights that preceded the illustrious White Dragons.
Seofon, the leader of the Eternals—the strongest group of skyfarers to ever roam the clouds.
And Lowain, the rambunctious but lovable leader of the not-so-renowned Team Lowain.
Just as this group causes Ayer to approach peak confusion, Vyrn and Lyria begin explaining.
Ayer: A barbecue?
Vyrn: Yeah! Come make dinner with us! Everybody's already been busy gatherin' ingredients!
Ayer: You're going to celebrate with this bunch? You're kidding, right? Which country are you going to assault?
Lyria: Haha, it's nothing like that. We just happened to bump into each other, and our conversation led us here.
Ayer: Yeah, that's hard to believe... What are you planning?
Lowain: Haha! You look like you got the heebie-jeebies. But, bro, bee-bee-queue by the beach—what's better?
Lowain: I'm just sayin' you don't wanna miss it. Like, it's just food—but to me, it's food that represents, uh, a never-setting sun. That's the truth hidden in a man's heart!
Ayer: Heebie... jeebies?
Vyrn: Yeah! Ayer, you're gonna be a food gopher with (Captain)! Here, fishing poles!
Lyria: Good luck! Other than fishing, what else should we do... Hmm...
Ayer, beleaguered and tired of the barbecue preparations, sits begrudgingly among the group of mature fellows.
Ayer: Haven't caught a single one...
Ayer: Damn, what is with this... Is this spot just terrible?
Ayer: I've had it—this is a waste of time. We can just buy fish at the market. You guys should start packing—
Ayer: H-huh?
He glances into Siegfried's bucket and sees a wriggling mass of fish, shellfish, shrimp, and even squid.
Siegfried: What's the matter? Going back so soon?
Ayer: Going back? So it is possible to escape from this hell! How'd you catch so many fish anyway?
Ayer: Ah... I mean, um, do you have a trick? O-or something?
Siegfried: Tricks, let's see...
Siegfried: Hmm... Nope. No matter which technique you use, it's almost all the same.
Ayer: That's... You caught so much. How could there be no technique?
Ayer: No way.
Siegfried: Haha. I'm no different from an amateur when it comes to skill. But, you know, we're both using the same fishing poles.
Ayer: So? How do you explain the difference in what we caught?
Siegfried: Well, I guess if I had to say, it would be our difference in perseverance.
Ayer: Perseverance?
Siegfried: Yes. Keep at it no matter what, prepare yourself for things to get better, and wait for opportunity to come knocking.
Siegfried: Of course you never know when it'll come. But life swings between joy and sorrow in a flash, so it's possible to blink and miss your chance.
Siegfried: That's why perseverance is so important.
Ayer: And what if opportunity never comes?
Siegfried: Oh? I suppose it's safe to retreat if there's absolutely no way things will improve.
Siegfried: But as far as I know, nothing is absolute. The opportunity might be big. Or it might be small—but it will come.
Siegfried: And that doesn't change no matter what path you choose.
Ayer: How philosophical...
Siegfried: Haha. But you can see the practical results in our buckets, right? That's the difference perseverance makes.
Ayer: That's just... Ugh...
  1. Let's persevere a little longer.
  2. That's good advice.

Choose: Let's persevere a little longer.
Ayer: Sigh... You guys really won't let this go.

Choose: That's good advice.
Ayer: Maybe. It's just, well, if this guy is the one giving out the advice...
Continue 1
Ayer: Perseverance...
Siegfried: Look at that. Your pole is bending, Ayer.
Ayer: Huh? Ah... A-ah!
Ayer: This power—what the hell!
Siegfried: Nice, a befitting catch. We'll lend a hand. Come on, (Captain).
Ayer: Whoooa!
Giant Fish: ...!

Curious Beach Encounters: Scene 2

After procuring fish, Ayer heads into the woods to collect firewood with Seofon. The leader of the Eternals criticizes the young fighter's peculiar form of cowardice.

Having procured a few fish, Ayer and (Captain) meet Seofon in a grove to collect firewood.
Ayer: Sigh... How many people does it take to get firewood...
Ayer: And why isn't he already done? If he'd just use that sword of his, we'd have kindling in five seconds flat.
Ayer: Argh, damn it—a bug bite. Careful, (Captain). The insects are hungry tonight.
Seofon: You sound so dainty. Bug bites put hair on your chest, you know.
Ayer: What the hell is that supposed to mean... Anyway, we came to help with the firewood.
Seofon: Much appreciated! Let's start with these branches. Make sure you pick up just the dry dudes!
Ayer: Wait, pick up branches? What's the point of that?
Seofon: Seriously? Uh... Did you forget we're having a barbecue? Let's see, add the number of people with the amount of food aaand...
Ayer: You're supposed to be the strongest skyfarer in the skies, right? Why aren't you using your sword?
Ayer: It'd be way faster to chop up the wood we need... And you're out here in your speedbros—what a joke.
Seofon: Great question! What can I say—it's all just personal conviction.
Seofon: You've gotta sweat a little when prepping for a barbecue, or it won't taste as good.
Ayer: Seriously?
Seofon: A barbecue is a test of how much you can accomplish in a day. If you can work hard, then you can eat good.
Seofon: So my sword is staying in its scabbard. Now come on—we've got bugs to bug and sweat to sweat!
Ayer: You... go ahead and do that. I'm going to gather my fair share and head back.
Seofon: Whoa, you're a cold one. I haven't even addressed my swimwear yet.
Seofon: So, it's like this... Aaactually, let me ask you a question first. Why are you not wearing speedbros?
Ayer: Wh-why not? What are you suggesting?
Seofon: I'm just saying that I'm not sure why you're wearing such a long swimsuit.
Seofon: What are you so afraid of? Both the unnecessary length of your trunks and the sarcastic cut of your jib—it's all a defense mechanism.
Seofon: It's like you're scared to expose your true self.
Ayer: The hell...
Ayer: What are you saying? You can't tell that much about someone from their swim trunks!
Seofon: So you're not a coward then? Then let's see you put on a pair of rad speedbros like these bad boys!
Ayer: What has that got to do with anything!
  1. It might help...
  2. On with 'em already!

Choose: It might help...
Ayer: Damn it, Speedbrofon! Are you really one of the Eternals?

Choose: On with 'em already!
Ayer: I-if you're going to feed into his weird fantasies, then you try wearing something like that!
Continue 1
Seofon: Haha! Your face is looking a little red, pal. Aah, I remember being young and embarassed...
Ayer: Groan... That's it. I'm done. I'll see you back at the beach.
Ayer: ...
Ayer: Defense mechanism... Sarcastic whatever-of-jibs... Grumble, grumble...
Seofon: Heeey! Ayer, stop!
Ayer: What? If you want firewood, just pick up—
Seofon: Not that. Weapons out—there's a monster just ahead!
Ayer: ...!
Monster: Graaah!

Curious Beach Encounters: Scene 3

Back at the beach, Ayer feels better after enjoying some of Lowain's special barbecue grub. The young fighter thanks (Captain) for introducing him to men in control of their own lives and even begins to feel more in control of himself.

Lowain: Yo, ladies and gentlebros! It's me, BBQ master Lowain, and I'm here to say—let the beach party begin!
Vyrn: Hahah! Man that grill, Lowain!
Lyria: Yeah, yeah! I can't wait to see what you cook!
Somehow the crew has managed to put together all the constituent parts of a barbecue.
Thanks to his exquisite skills, Lowain is able to fire up a variety of dishes at a nimble pace. Everyone is snacking on the dishes and dishing about their day.
Siegfried: So? Were you able to resolve our little incident, Seofon?
Seofon: Resolve? Hmm, maybe not so much—sometimes these things gotta work themselves out. But about Feendrache...
Vyrn: Hey, Siegfried! There's something round in your clam. What is it?
Siegfried: Well look at that—a pearl. It's a sizeable one too.
Lyria: Oh, it's so pretty! Seofon, there's something round in yours too!
Seofon: Hmm? Gulp.
Ngh! I think I just swallowed it!
Ayer: ...
Lowain: Got a steak for ya! Your plate, please... O-oh, you not a fan of the fatty pieces?
Ayer: Uh, no. I just...
Ayer: You know what, I'll take it. But you're not going to have any?
Lowain: Haha, I'm right as rain, my man. I've been snackin' this whole time. Hey, you too, (Captain)! Gimme that plate!
Ayer: (Captain), I guess I was a pain today.
Ayer: I didn't know what to think about your strange friends, but to put it short, Bowman is... Well, it's like I've gained something I thought I'd lost.
  1. Sorry for tricking you.
  2. They're all dependable bros.

Choose: Sorry for tricking you.
Ayer: Not at all. It's not like you fooled me.

Choose: They're all dependable bros.
Ayer: I-I wouldn't call them that. Sounds weird.
Continue 1
Ayer: But it's that... Maybe because they're older...
Ayer: Hanging out with that bunch let me reflect on a lot.
Ayer: Thank you.
Ayer, thanks to his curious encounter with this group of mature gentlemen, has suddenly begun to open his heart.
And even his expression, which had been a hardened look of unease, begins to relax into a soft air of content.
Lowain: Aaagh!
Seofon: Haha! Y-you just burned your crotch with a hot shrimp! You okay? Need some ice or something?
Siegfried: Fwheeeoo... That's gonna leave a mark. Can't treat it without getting those trunks off. Want us to cut them up for you?
Lowain: Huh? Pops, you lost it? Awkward sauce was not on the menu for this BBQ!
Seofon: Haha! Trust me when I say it'll be more awkward for us than for you!
Siegfried: Alas, most beach wounds—grill burns, jellyfish stings—come with awkward treatment.
Ayer: Psst, (Captain)... I take back what I said before...
Ayer: These guys... There's no way I would take them seriously!
Even though Ayer closes his heart once again, the smiles of friends as they share their night together on a beach will live forever in his memory.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
…消えろ Out of my way.
…オレはまだやれる! I can still fight!
フン…鍛え直すには丁度いい This'll make for good training.
来いよ、一発で終わらせてやる Come on! I'll take you out in a second!
騎士団長か…さすがに隙がなかったな Of course a former Black Dragon knight's got no weakness...
十天衆の頭目なんて、どうやって知り合った? How did you meet the leader of the Eternals?
ボーマン…アンタとはいずれ… Bowman... When will we meet again...
(主人公)分って…余計な気を回すなよ Those guys are just too bizarre.
(主人公)は、妙な人脈があるんだな… (Captain), you've got weird friends.
まだやれるだろ、(主人公)? You up for another round, (Captain)?


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