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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 167 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weightlifting, running
Likes Meat, letting his fists do the talking, fighting, strong rivals
Dislikes Complicated procedures and formalities, conversation
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Feather aspires to become a renowned martial artist, and he certainly doesn't lack enthusiasm for his quest to the top. Ever the positive and straight-forward guy, Feather has a tendency to miss things in conversation, causing all sorts of incidents as a result. As far as he's concerned, however, it's all just incidental. Feather believes that powerful fighters attract one another. He also believes the best way to reach an understanding is to cross fists.
Character Release
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 18歳
Height 167cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 筋トレ、ランニング
Likes 肉、拳と拳の語り合い、喧嘩、強敵(とも)
Dislikes 煩雑な手続き、話し合い
Granblue Fantasy Theater

Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Feather is a martial artist who hails from the same village as Randall. Their polar opposite fighting styles caused Feather to see Randall as his eternal rival (or as he puts it, "frenemy")—a sentiment Randall claims not to reciprocate, but clearly does. Both left their village to travel the world and hone their skills, with the far-off goal of surpassing the other.

Along with honing his skills, Feather aspires to meet and train under the "Inquistor" Ghandagoza, the legendary martial artist and founder of the Eternal Rage Style. While journeying with the crew, he eventually meets the man face-to-face during the Grandsky Rumble. After exchanging a single blow to test Feather's skill, Ghandagoza decides not to take Feather under his wing; not because Feather was unworthy, but because passing on the Eternal Rage Style to him would only impede his growth. Ghandagoza's praise sends Feather's spirit soaring as he seeks even greater heights.

Feather can be somewhat simpleminded and his hot-blooded, combat-happy personality makes him jump to the wrong conclusions quite often, but underneath all that he's actually rather conscientious and caring. When Randall is mauled by a powerful monster, Feather flies into a rage and attacks it to take revenge. After the Main Character asks him to dress up for the Halloween party and come up with a plan to make it "spooktacular," Feather puts his all into it—at least in recruiting Jamil and Melissabelle to help, even if he doesn't do much thinking of his own.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Captain! Let's celebrate your birthday with everything we've got and make this a day to remember!


I went all out last year celebrating your birthday!
So this year... I'm going into overdrive mode to make this a birthday to remember!
Get ready for my super ultra commemorative celebratory message! Here I go!


I went firing on all cylinders to make this cake! All to wish you a happy birthday!
Of course there's meat too! The main course, the desert, the presents—Lyria and I made sure it's all ready for today!
Cuz I don't really know your tastes, you know.
But thanks to her help, we managed to put together a rockin' party for you!
C'mon, (Captain)! Everyone's waitin' on your grand appearance!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Hey, how many times have I wished you a happy birthday anyway?
Whoa, we've known each other for longer than I thought!
I still haven't reached the heights you have, but I can definitely feel myself getting stronger just by sticking with you.
I'm super fortunate to have met you! This friendship's like my treasure, you know?
Aw geez, kinda makes the next time we chat a bit awkward, eh? But I'm still looking forward to it!
And just to be clear, we didn't skimp out on another great party for you!
Your crew members are getting restless waiting to wish you a happy birthday! Let's not keep them waiting!


Hey, (Captain)! So it's your birthday today!
Your progress knows no bounds... I really respect that, you know!
At this rate, someday you'll reach a level so high it'll go beyond even my imagination.
But I'm not just gonna stand around and watch you climb up there!
I'm gonna grow stronger myself so that I can stand beside you, tall and proud!
Even if I don't make it up to where you are, don't forget this guy here whom you once saw as your rival!
Happy birthday, (Captain)! Looking forward to our travels from here on out!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

You ready for the first fisticuffs of the new year, (Captain)?
I've gotta let out all this excitement before I implode!


Here comes the new year! Are you ready for it, (Captain)?
I want to understand you better, (Captain)—and not just through fisticufffs either!
Let's make this the year we really get to know each other!
Kite flying's up first!


How's the new year treatin' ya, (Captain)? As for me, I can't get enough of the crisp morning air!
It feels like the new year is congratulating us on our first step into new horizons.
I went to give Randall my New Year's greetings just now...
But then he and I figured words are overrated.
I realized it the moment he visited my face with a high-flying kick.
I blocked it just in time of course, but a romp with him always gets me all fired up!
So whaddya say, (Captain)? Care for a romp with me? It'll be our first!
Actually, words are overrated. Our bodies already know the answer!


A new year has arrived, (Captain)! Make sure you grab it by the horns!
See, I realized something. I don't actually know all that much about you.
I figured we'd be able to communicate with our fists, that I'd learn everything about you that way. But, nope, part of you is still a mystery to me.
So I say we spend more time doing stuff together this year!
And I don't mean just brawling. We'll go for walks, shopping, whatever!
Now what better way to start than with a trip to the shrine?
We can draw our fortunes, have some sweet sake, and top it off with a round of badminton!


(Captain)! Let's have a battledore match!
I know we had one last year too, but something just didn't feel right. I finally figured out what was wrong!
We used rackets when we didn't need to!
This time we'll use our fists instead to hit the shuttlecock! How's that sound? Pretty good, right?
The power and speed of this match is gonna blow your mind and sting our knuckles! It'll be perfect for us!
Even if we're playing around, I still wanna have a serious face-off against you!
So (Captain), let's go! Hiyahhh!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

This is for me? Wow, thanks, man! Nom, nom...
Phew, I need to burn off some calories after taking in that much sugar!
(Captain), let's have a brawl—right here, right now! Huh? Whaddaya mean you don't get it?
There was a deeper meaning to your present?
Great, now I'm the one that doesn't get it... Go ahead and smack me, (Captain)! I'm sure it'll be crystal clear after that!


I'm so sorry about last year, (Captain).
But I think I now know the true meaning of the chocolate you gave me.
It's meant to be eaten after a match, not before.
What do you mean I'm getting this all wrong!
Punch me, (Captain)! Please! That's the only way I'm gonna figure this out!
Nooo! Please... Come back! (Captain)!


Can't believe it took me this long, (Captain)!
But I've finally figured out the meaning behind the chocolates you give me every year!
I know you've wanted to let it all out this whole time, but you've been trying your best to hold it in.
No wonder you've been angry with me. It's my fault for not realizing your feelings...
But relax. I won't run, and I won't hide. I'm here to take in every iota that you've got!
Go ahead—hit me with the pent-up emotions you've been feeling for the past two years.
Huh, chocolate? Wait, (Captain)! There's gotta be more to it than just chocolate, right?
C'mon, I know what you've been feeling. Hit me with everything you've got! My body is ready!
What's wrong? Your face is all red! You have a cold?
What are you running away for? (Captain)!


You got me chocolates? Aw yeah, I got chocolates! Thanks!
All right! I'm prepped to stop your barrage!
This year... This is the year I'll figure out the meaning behind your chocolates, so hit me with your best shot!
What? It has something to do with the shape of the chocolates?
Think about why they're heart-shaped? Hmm... Oh!
It's a riddle! Right?


(Captain)! I thought all year long about why your chocolates are heart-shaped!
Well, here's my answer! I have no idea!
I asked some girls on the airship to see if they knew the answer, but they just told me only you know!
It makes sense, I guess. It's an original riddle you made for me, so of course only you'd know! That's pretty amazing!
And I... I couldn't solve it and wasted all the effort you spent thinking it up!
And I'm pretty sure no matter how much I use my head, I'm never gonna find an answer... So please let me use my fists instead!
If I beat you in a brawl, you'll have to tell me the answer! How's that sound!
...! Why are you turning away? Don't tell me you're actually mad at me?

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

This is for you, Captain! I ran out and bought 'em! Go ahead—they're yours!
I'm grateful for everything you do for us on a day-to-day basis, Captain.
Anyway if you want to spar afterwards to work off the calories, you are totally on!


(Captain), thanks for watching out for me all the time! I've got something for you today!
We need to understand each other better... Not through our fists, but through gifts!
I know I gave you some last year too, but I just had to show my thanks!
Aww man, this is making me feel all tingly inside... You know what? I think we should fight it out after all!


(Captain), I'm always grateful for White Day every year.
Not this year though! Cuz I know what White Day's really all about now!
It's about giving back! That's why we usually give back three times that of Valentine's!
I know I haven't been able to hear you out...
But it's time to change that... with a payload of five times!
I'm ready for a hotbed of activity with you! Don't matter if it lasts for hours on end!
I want to rock you to the very core of your being! Until we know each other inside out! Because that's how much I respect your strength!
Huff, huff... How about it? You startin' to feel me now?
This box of chocolates should sum up my feelings pretty well. Here you go.


Today's White Day, and I'm gonna return the gift I got from Valentine's Day threefold.
That is to say I'd like to, but I still haven't figured out the answer to that riddle you threw at me!
I can't let you leave empty-handed though! I'll just have to figure out the riddle for next year!
In the meantime here's a gift stuffed with my feelings of appreciation!
These sweets'll give you an idea of how I feel!
Thanks as always! I'm lucky to have your kindness! Let's brawl anytime!
Hahaha! Can't wait to tussle!


(Captain)! Happy White Day!
I'm sorry about Valentine's! Believe me, I still regret what I did!
This isn't much of an apology, but it'd make me happy if you accepted these sweets!
I can't really do anything else besides give you things and say what I mean! So please forgive me!
I appreciate you a lot, (Captain)! I've got nothing but appreciation for you in my heart!
Thanks for everything! You're the best! I'm so glad I met you!
Heh! I got it all out!
It'd sure be nice if you felt the same way too!

Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
I heard it's the day you get to scare people so they give you candy!
I'm going all out for this event!
All right, Captain... Whoever gets the biggest haul wins!


You're on, (Captain)!
Last year it was a contest to see who could get more candy, but this year...
Let's see which one of us plays the better pranks!
May the best prankster win!


Halloween's on, (Captain)! And so am I!
I've given up on treats for this year. I made a bet with the kids on the crew to see who could pull off the best trick!
I know they might just be kids, but the ones in this crew are really something else! The odds might actually be stacked against me.
Can you do me a solid, (Captain)? I need you to play tricks on me.
I seriously need a warm-up, but no one wants to play ball!
So I need your help, (Captain)! Come at me with every trick in the book you've got!


Trick or treat!
Phew, the onslaught of trickerations seems to be kicking off everywhere!
You can feel everybody's enthusiastic fighting spirit!
And now our own match is about to begin, (Captain)!
Let's get ready to Halloween rumbleee!
Say what? Your hands are too busy with treats?
Fine, I gotcha. We'll scarf down all the candy, and then we'll rumble!


(Captain)! I'm just itching so bad right now!
Look at all this candy I have in both hands!
Apparently my intention to play tricks was so obvious that everyone who made eye contact with me just handed me a bunch of candy!
Getting candy's great, of course! It's great, but...
You know what I'm talking about, right? Like the feeling you get when you meet a formidable opponent! It's exactly the same!
So, (Captain)... Will you let me play a trick on you? Please!
You're the only one who'd be able to take on the full extent of my tricks!
Come on, I'll give you all of this candy, so help a friend out here! Please, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I heard an old man in red is coming to visit the kids in town today!
Sounds like a true warrior... I'd love to fight him some day!


What's wrong, (Captain)? You're feeling cold?
Then I'll warm you up... by making you quiver at the sight of these fists!
You should feel warmer once you start shaking... I hope!


Hear me out, (Captain). I've got a wish to make.
We're in holiday season—the perfect time to spend with our loved ones. You know what I'm sayin', right?
I want to spend the time off with you. Because you're the only one who can do me this solid.
So you'll hear me out then? Thanks, (Captain)! You rock!
All right, here goes! I took out a few monsters just now, but I'm still itchin' for more!
Let's you and I heat up these ice-cold festivities with a good ol' fashioned romp!
Ooh... (Captain)! You're makin' me feel warm all over!


Deck those halls, (Captain).
I still can't forget that powerful punch you landed on me last year...
The fire within you hit me hard and spread throughout my body!
I want to get stronger, (Captain)!
Scratch that, I have to get stronger!
And I need you to get me there! So if you'd indulge me...
I challenge you to a holiday deathmatch!
Basically we're gonna bust it up all night long without getting a wink of sleep!


(Captain)! Do you hear that! The bells are ringing!
And those battle gongs are telling us to have a rematch! I'll get my revenge for last year!
This must be the blessing of the holy night! You hear them, right?
We're gonna settle this tonight!
Let's see your furious fists! Your screaming soul! We're gonna rock this holy night!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Letting Fists Do the Talking

(Captain) is suddenly challenged to a fight by a mysterious young man named Feather. The captain declines, but the crew runs into Feather again while preparing to leave. When (Captain) refuses a second challenge, Feather insists on joining the crew.

(Captain) and the crew complete a village's request to clear out monsters.
They are heading back to the village when a young man suddenly blocks their path.
Vyrn: What's up? You need us for something?
???: Heh... I was watching you guys, and you sure seem to know what you're doing. You're pretty skilled for your age!
???: But I bet those pathetic monsters weren't enough for you, were they?
Lyria: Um... What are you talking about?
???: Oh, please... Don't bother trying to hide it.
???: You guys heard about the monsters that the village militia couldn't handle, and it got your hopes up, right?
???: But they weren't even enough for a warmup. Hardly a test of your strength, right? Pretty disappointing, I bet.
Vyrn: Hey now... That's not why we took the monster hunting req—
???: There's no need to hide it. I can tell how skilled you are.
???: And if I'm gonna make my dream a reality, I'll have to get even stronger.
Feather: So! Will you grant me, Feather, the honor of facing off against you in battle?
  1. Nope.
  2. I refuse.

Choose: Nope.
Feather: Oh, I get it... You're one of them bashful types, aren't you?

Choose: I refuse.
Feather: Oh, I get it... You wanna set a time and place, huh?
Continue 1
Vyrn: What? No! How'd you manage to jump to that conclusion?
Lyria: Um, it seems (Captain) really doesn't have any intention of fighting you, so...
Feather: I see... Then I guess it's just not gonna happen!
Feather: I'm not about to force anyone to do anything, so I guess this is where we'll part ways.
Feather: Next time... assuming there is a next time... let's let our fists do the talking!
(Captain) and the crew watch as the young man turns on his heel and leaves.
Vyrn: What was that all about?
Lyria: Hmm... For now, let's just get back to the village, shall we, (Captain)?
Lyria: Um... This is the last of the luggage to be brought aboard the airship, right?
Vyrn: You guys hear that? Sounds like there's some kind of commotion outside the ship.
Feather: I hate to ask, but could you let me hide out on your airsh—Hey! It's you guys again!
Vyrn: Whoa! You're the guy from before!
Lyria: What's wrong? Is someone after you?
Feather: Well... After we talked, I went and accepted a request to locate a den of thieves, you see.
Feather: I went in alone to test my skills, but there were more of them than I expected...
Lyria: And now the thieves are after you, Feather?
Feather: Nah. They should still be passed out on the floor of their hideout.
Feather: It's just that... I may have broken a teensy little rule or two in the request, so now the village militia's after me.
Vyrn: Oh boy... Well done, genius.
Feather: Anyway, I didn't think I'd run into you again, (Captain)!
Feather: This must be fate! The stars have aligned so that we can duke it out!
Feather: All right, bring it on!
Lyria: Stop it! (Captain) already said no!
Feather: I see... So your mind is set, huh? I guess that's part of what makes you so strong.
Feather: But I won't give up! Once I decide on something, I'll keep going at it!
Vyrn: Wait a minute! Don't tell me you...
Feather: From what I can tell, you're a skyfarer, aren't you, (Captain)?
Feather: Allow me to join you on your journey across the skies! At least until the day we can finally duke it out!
Lyria: Um... What should we do about this, (Captain)?
  1. You're in, big guy.
  2. I'm never going to fight you.

Choose: You're in, big guy.
Feather: Oh? That was easier than I thought.
Feather: Since you're feeling so generous, why not just fight me n—
Vyrn: Hey! Just drop it already, will you?

Choose: I'm never going to fight you.
Feather: I guess there's no way around it, huh? I'll give up on it for now.
Feather: Besides, my goal is to become stronger than anyone else.
Feather: And I'm definitely gonna get stronger if I travel with you! I just know it!
Continue 2
Lyria: T-that's great and all, but shouldn't we take off before the village militia gets here?
Feather: Whoops, I nearly forgot! Well then, let's be off!
(Captain) and the crew practically trip over each other in their rush to set sail.
After making Feather promise not to randomly challenge everyone he sees, they continue on their journey.

Spirit Fist

The crew arrives at a village in response to a monster hunting request. After hearing that an imperial soldier is pillaging the village, Feather decides that they should go punish the scoundrel.

After receiving a request to hunt some monsters, (Captain) and the crew arrive at a village.
The village is dark and gloomy. A dejected villager comes to talk to the crew.
Villager: Are you the skyfarers that have come to hunt the monsters?
Feather: You aren't looking too happy there.
Feather: Don't you worry. (Captain) and I are gonna beat those monsters down at lightning speed.
Villager: The thing is... the monsters aren't our only problem.
Vyrn: What! An imperial soldier, you say?
Feather: A pillaging soldier... Sounds like a worthy opponent!
Feather: How about it, (Captain)? Why don't we go punish that soldier ourselves?
Lyria: Sounds good! We can't just leave the villagers to suffer!
Feather: Then it's decided! Let's head out right away! My knuckles are itchin' for collision!

Spirit Fist: Scene 2

Feather tries a diplomatic approach, but this only angers the imperial soldier. Insisting that a full-out brawl is the best way to come to an understanding, Feather decides to talk it out with his fists.

Imperial Soldier: Hey! Who are you? Did the villagers hire you to come after me?
Feather: Nope. We're just some passing skyfarers, which means we're heroes of justice!
Vyrn: No, we're not! Although we don't exactly let the bad guys get away either.
Feather: Anyway, you seem to be expecting some retaliation from the villagers.
Feather: Which means you know what you're doing is wrong.
Feather: So can you just cut it out? You're causing a ton of trouble for those poor villagers.
Imperial Soldier: Shut up! Who the hell do you think you are, kid?
Feather: Guess we won't be able to just talk it out, huh?
Vyrn: Ha! You should know that we aren't exactly known for going easy on our ene—
Feather: Yeah! It's boxing time!
Vyrn: Seriously? You want to duke it out? That's not the point here...
Feather: There's no quicker way to reach an understanding than through some mutual pummeling.
Feather: So let's do this! Your fists can start the negotiation... and my fists will scream straight to your heart!

Spirit Fist: Scene 3

Feather inspires a change of heart in the soldier, and reveals that he is chasing after a certain role model. He shares his dream of someday reaching an understanding with primal beasts through his fists.

Feather: Heh... There's something blazing in that chest of yours.
Feather: I could feel it... Your fists told me everything I needed to know.
Imperial Soldier: Wow... You're really something else. You really shook me awake there.
Imperial Soldier: I'm sorry about what I did. I'll return everything I took to the villagers.
Feather: Good. If you apologize sincerely, I'm sure the villagers will find it in their hearts to forgive you.
With the stolen items returned to the villagers as promised, peace is restored once again.
Vyrn: Seriously... Duking it out to reach an understanding. How reckless can you get?
Feather: I didn't come up with that on my own. I actually have a role model.
Feather: That person can fight anyone with a single fist, and reach a point of understanding with their opponents along the way.
Feather: I'll never be able to forget the way they fought. It's a constant inspiration to become stronger... to become just a little more like them.
Vyrn: So that's the dream you were talking about before!
Feather: Yeah. And one day, I'll fight primal beasts with just my fists and really have a heart-to-heart with them!
Vyrn: Uh... I think that might be impossible.
Feather swears upon his fists to achieve his grand dream.
He continues on his reckless journey to grow stronger so that, one day, he can come face-to-face with his role model.

No Holds Barred

Feather and Aliza compete to prove which is better, fists or feet. At the end of a long battle with no clear victor, they declare their respect for each other's fighting styles.

Aliza: Nngh...
Lyria: Aah! Aliza!
Aliza: I'm not done yet! It's okay, Lyria! I just took a little tumble is all!
Feather: Ohoho... You're tougher than I thought!
Aliza: Hah! You better believe it! Let's go again!
Feather: You got it! These fists aren't finished yet!
Vyrn: Sigh... Where are they getting all this energy?
Aliza and Feather have been immersed in training since the Grandcypher landed on this island.
Feather: Whew... That's more like it. And here I was holding back!
Feather: Bring it on! Show me what you can do!
Aliza: Hehe! How long d'you think you can keep running your mouth?
Lyria: Wow... They're both amazing!
Vyrn: I guess it is amazing... I don't know if I could keep that sort of thing up every day myself...
Lyria: Maybe there's something about their fighting styles that gives them so much pep!
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)... Whose style do you like better?
  1. Aliza's got some mighty fine footwork
  2. Man, Feather has some furious fists

Choose: Aliza's got some mighty fine footwork
Feather: What! What's the meaning of this, (Captain)? I thought our fists spoke the same language!
Vyrn: You guys were listening?
Aliza: Wooow! You really know your stuff, (Captain)!
Aliza: Hehehe... There you have it! When it comes to footwork, you can't fight the phoenix!
Feather: No way! No foot can speak like a good fist! Maybe a mumble at best!
Aliza: What's that supposed to mean!

Choose: Man, Feather has some furious fists
Aliza: Excuse me? I'm sorry, but I can't let that slide!
Lyria: Huh? How did you get over here so quickly?
Feather: Ohoho! I knew you had an eye for quality, (Captain)!
Aliza: Grr... Quality, my right horn! Feet'll beat fists any day of the week!
Feather: Them's fighting words, Aliza!
Continue 1
Lyria: Oh dear... I have a bad feeling about this...
Vyrn: Geez... I can't figure out whether these two like each other or not...
Aliza: Hmph... I guess it's time to separate the wheat from the chaff once and for all, Feather.
Feather: Let's do this. If you can't talk it out with words, you should let your fists speak for you!
Feather: Let's hear what your fists have to say, Aliza!
Aliza: Hah! I think you meant to say feet!
Aliza: All right! You're about to see the techniques my family spent generations perfecting, up close and personal!
Feather: Whoo! Let's go! I'm hitting you with everything I've got!
Feather: Wataaaah!
Aliza: Hi-yaaah!
Their battle cries threaten to rend the sky in two. Their duel shakes the very island.
Several hours pass.
Feather: Pant... Wheeze... You got yourself some... moves...
Aliza: Huff... Puff... Y-you... too...
In the end, they both collapse from exhaustion before a clear victor can be determined. The match is declared a tie.
Feather: Okay, I lose. Those Phoenix techniques are nothing to sneeze at.
Aliza: Thanks! I don't think I can move either though. You ought to register those fists as lethal weapons, Feather!
Feather: Heh... These fists are my pride and joy...
Lyria: Oh, good. They made up.
Lyria: Hehe... They had me really worried for a while there.
Vyrn: Yeesh... I just don't understand these martial arts nuts. Who knows what's going through their heads?
Feather: What? Vyrn, you still don't understand our passion?
Vyrn: Er, no... I mean, uh...
Feather: Oh, Vyrn... There's no deeper sorrow than to be misunderstood...
Feather: But I don't think you and I can duke it out...
Aliza: I got it! Vyrn, you can join us for some training!
Vyrn: What? When did we start talking about training?
Feather: I get it... What a great idea! And there's no time like the present!
Aliza: You need to get the basics down first! We'll start with sprints! Ready, Vyrn?
Feather: Whoo! Let's go! And once we're done with that, how about a thousand push-ups?
Vyrn: Leave me outta your crazy training program!
(Captain)! Quit laughing and get these two weirdos away from me!
Feather and Aliza's love of their respective arts seems to have miraculously restored their depleted stamina.
Watching them train until the cows come home is one thing, but participating is quite another... as Vyrn is about to discover.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
さぁ、ガンガン進もうぜ! All right, let's do this!
オレの拳が唸りを上げるぜ! My fists are screaming for more!
拳でオレに語りかけろ! Talk to me with your fists!
拳のぶつかり合いは魂のぶつかり合いだ! A clash of the fists is a clash of the souls!
拳を通して想いを伝えるんだ! I'll show you what I mean with my fists!
オレがまとめて相手をしてやるぜ! I'll take you all on!
もっと…もっとだ! More... More!
目指す背中はまだまだ遠いな! I still have a long way to go!
(主人公)にも熱い想いがあるだろ! Any burning passions, (Captain)!
(主人公)との勝負オレは諦めてないぜ! (Captain), I still haven't given up on our duel!


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