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This is the Manual of Style for character pages. These example pages are structured purposefully with headers and subheaders in specific order, from top to bottom. Generally, the most pertinent information is near the top of the page with everything else in descending order. The order is strictly enforced for all pages.


Template:About is optionally used at the utmost top of pages that need disambiguation. For character with multiple versions, an About is not necessary since it is automatically handled by Template:Character.


Template:PageTabs is used at the top of all character pages. It serves a directory for a single character's pages.

  • Game - Dedicated to the character's objective game data. These are generally contained within Template:Character with subsections below it for elaborating finer details.
  • Strategy - Mainly for subjective character data, such as EMP builds, how to use, character synergy, etc. '
  • Lore - For character lore, background, trivia, Fate Episodes, etc.
  • Anime - Characters that have an anime counter-part have a separate page for that incarnation.
  • Gallery - Contains pictures of the character. (Disabled until style guide is complete.)

For more information on this template, see Template:CharacterTabs

Character Template

Template:Character contains the majority of objective character data. Various wiki functions are automatically handled by the template such as Categories, character variance directory, etc.

See Meta:Manual of Style for more detailed information on language and writing style (or User:AdlaiT/sguide for a early draft guide for GBF wiki style for character skills).

Gameplay Notes

Gameplay Data contains subsections dedicated for each of the character's skills if needed. Name the subheaders exactly after the character's skills except for "Attributes". These subsections are for longer details of character skills if a concise explanation is insufficient or too long for Template:Character. The order of subheaders should match the order seen in Template:Character. Use bullet lists when appropriate.

  • Miscellaneous notes may fit under the level 2 Gameplay Notes header if it does not fit under any of the subheaders below.


  • For anything related to the attributes section such as element, weapon, gender, etc. Most characters will not need this.

Skill 1 Name

Skill 2 Name

Skill 3 Name

Skill 4 Name

Support Skill 1 Name

Support Skill 2 Name

Charge Attack 1 Name

Charge Attack 2 Name



The default SD sprites for the character.



A list of character's outfits using Template:CharSkin. Outfits should be listed in alphabetical order.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2