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Manual of Style Overview
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This section is still being written; it may be wildly inaccurate or missing significant data.
If you can help please feel free to edit it but please write edit summaries, preferably with sources.

This is the Manual of Style for character Gallery subpages. The order of headers and subheaders is to be strictly enforced on all Gallery pages.

This page assumes that its reader is familiar with the content of the Meta:Manual of Style page.

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No changes are to be made on any Gallery pages until the timer above runs out or this notice is removed.
Please be aware that the timer can be removed or extended without a prior notice.

Page Template

  • Use this when creating fresh Gallery pages.
Template for copy and pasting
== Assets ==
== Granblue Fantasy==
<gallery mode="nolines" perrow="4" widths="320px" heights="240px" position="left">
<!--== Granblue Fantasy: Versus==--
<!--== Other Appearances ==-->

Regarding Images

  • In-game assets are preferably uploaded by a wiki bot.
  • GBF media should never be edited with image editing tools, drawing programs, etc. regardless of their source.
  • Scans of artbook pages and Valentine's and/or White Day thank-you cards shouldn't be uploaded to the wiki.
  • Fanworks aren't allowed as Gallery pages fall under the Mainspace.


A gallery of all accessible in-game assets that can be found in Outfits menu related to the character should be placed here.

Template to be made.

Granblue Fantasy

Illustration team provides various artwork of Granblue Fantasy characters, places or items during certain occasions, such as: start of a holiday season, end of an event or a release of a new character. These illustrations are posted on the official Twitter account, To download the image, right click it and choose "Open image in new tab". At the end of url image format information can be found, usually as ?format=jpg&name=small, and changing name=small to name=orig gives a picture of bigger resolution.
All images taken from official Twitter accounts should follow unifying naming scheme, which is a combination of word "Twitter" and the distinguishing number within the url. An image downloaded from the post under would be called Twitter 1409115186217119750.jpg and should be placed on gallery pages of all characters found on the image.

Precise naming to be decided.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Official account:

A distinction between promotional material featuring in-game assets and those that don't is to be made.

Other Appearances

Gallery of character official appearances in other media, sorted by release order if possible.

Currently all "other appearances" are on Lore pages. As these appearances are never expanded upon and more often than not include just the illustrations, moving them to a more correct place is recommended. Removal of additional text or voice files related to these appearances is to be decided.