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Raids are the meat of Granblue Fantasy - as such, special care is taken regarding the creation and structure of these pages.


All raids should have their own bossname_(Raid) page, with navtabs to separate the fights. The navtabs will fetch the information from the Raid namespace fights to keep everything organized.


To ease page creation, all images use the same file name scheme, as follows:

BattleRaid_[Raid].jpg   - the raid's picture in the quest select screen.
BattleRaid_[Entity].jpg - the character's portrait in the fight
If the enemy's portrait changes during the fight or there are multiple entities with the same name, then use the following naming scheme:
[Raid] - The raid name.
[Entity] - The entity's name.
[#] - the number of the entity.

Filling Templates

Filling out BattleRaid and BattlePhase is fairly simple.

  • edit_title should be where ever the fight data is stored. It should always be [fight type]:[boss name] [difficulty].
  • name is the name of the raid instance (we haven't talked about this yet, though).
  • image will always be where the picture of the fight instance is stored. It should always be BattleRaid [raid name].jpg
  • location determines where you find the raid. #s are based on where chapters are.
  • cost_host is the rank requirement, AP cost and resource costs, if any. Always use {{Itm|name|quantity}} template for the items.
  • cost_join is the rank requirement and EP cost.
  • unlock are the unlock conditions.
  • tweetdeck is always the English name first, followed by the Japanese name.
  • loot should always have {{ItmLst}} template tags, pendants nonwithstanding.
BattlePhase / BattleEnemy
  • phase should always have the phase name as "Boss" if it's a single phase raid. Otherwise, give them appropriate names.
  • ca_desc follows very specific styling conventions. It will always be the following:
* '''Ability Name''' {{template here}}
:[formatted description]

The description is pretty easy to dissect. [Damage quantity] [properties] to [an|all] all(y|ies) [, # times]. Inflicts {{Status|(%) stuff|status icon}} (duration) [other properties]

  • Damage quantity is the rough damage number done.
  • Properties includes the following things: Damage Variance (Static, null or % of Max/HP) and Damage Type (Element type damage / Plain damage).
  • Use plurals as needed.
  • Use discretion when using [other properties]. Keep it as concise as possible. Do not break the flow of the writing.

An example BattleRaid can be found below.

|edit_title=Raids:Tiamat Hard
|name=Lvl 50 Tiamat
|image= BattleRaid Tiamat (Hard).jpg
|cost_host=15 AP
|cost_join=Rank 20+, 2 BP
|unlock=Rank 20+, Host [[Tiamat (Raid)#Normal|Tiamat Showdown (Normal)]]
|tweetdeck=Lvl 50 Tiamat;Lv50 ティアマト 
|loot_wood= {{ItmLst|Satin Feather|Wind Orb|Green Tome}}
|loot_silver={{ItmLst|Zephyr Feather|Flying Sprout|Tiamat Anima|Gale Scroll}}
|loot_gold={{ItmLst|Tiamat Omega Anima|Tiamat Amood|Tiamat Blade|Tiamat Bolt|Tiamat}}
|loot_red={{ItmLst|Soul Berry|Tiamat Anima|Tiamat Omega Anima|Cyclone Orb|Gale Scroll|Tempest Whorl|Flawless Prism|Tiamat Amood|Tiamat Blade|Tiamat Bolt|Tiamat}}
| {{
  | {{
* '''Crippling Storm''' {{N}}
:Wind damage to all allies and inflict 30% {{Status|ATK Down|AttackDown}} for 3 turns.
* '''Wind Torrent''' {{N}} {{OD}}
:3-hit Wind damage to random allies.
* '''Cyclonic Destruction''' {{OD}}
:Large Wind damage to all allies.
[[Category:Hard Raids]]

Fight Strategies

  • Use bullet-point notes to quickly summarize how to deal with mechanics. Baha HL's Strategy guide is a good point of reference.
  • Divide the points into phases. Anything that needs to be known before hosting/joining should be put at the top. Any reoccuring notable mechanic should be listed in the phase it starts in.