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This section is still being written; it may be wildly inaccurate or missing significant data.
If you can help please feel free to edit it but please write edit summaries, preferably with sources.

This is the Manual of Style for character Anime pages. These example pages are structured purposefully with headers and subheaders in specific order, from top to bottom. The order is strictly enforced for all associated pages. All anime character page names must end with (Anime)

If a character has game variants, it should always point back to the original character rather than any of the variants.


Template:CharacterTabs is at the top of all character pages and subpages. It serves a directory for a single character's pages.

Character (Anime) Template

Template:Character (Anime) must be on every anime character page. Fill in however many fields as possible. Blank fields will not appear.


Describe the appearance of the character. For costume or outfit changes, separate into subsections.

Outfit 1


The character's personally. Comparing and contrasting between the game and anime versions of the character is acceptable.


Early Life

If applicable.

Girl in Blue

Each episode the character appears in is separated into subsections. Each subsection describes where/when the character appears, what they do in that episode, etc. This is applicable even if the character only appears briefly.


Episode 5 Title


Relationships should be regulated to other characters in the anime. Comparing and contrasting relationships between the game and anime is acceptable. Split into more subsections as needed (such as Friends/Rivals).





Trivia about the character which doesn't fit anywhere else.