Katalina (Anime)

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Game Strategy Lore Voice Anime Versus Rising
 Kanji カタリナ
 Romaji Katarina
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 24
 Hair Color Pale Brown
 Eye Color Red
• Personal Data•
 Status Alive
• Professional Data•
 Magic Water magic, healing magic
 Weapon Rapier
 Occupation Ex-Lieutenant of Erste Empire
 Affiliation Grandcypher
• Production Data•
 Debut Episode Girl in Blue
 Voiced By Japanese: Miyuki Sawashiro
English: Erica Lindbeck
German: Ilena Gwisdalla
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Katalina has crimson eyes and long, pale brown hair. She has a large stature and broad shoulders, most of the time seen covered in armor.


Katalina is a woman with a protective, motherly nature. She has a passion for seeing goals set through. Yet with her protective side comes some flaws, such as she would rather hold the weight of the world on her own shoulders rather than see others bear it.

She is a regal woman, with a love of cute creatures. She has moments when her age shows, as she is not the oldest woman by far.

She cares for the members of Grandcypher like they are family to her, a family she will protect against all odds. Especially Lyria.


Early Life

Girl in Blue

Katalina was first seen trying to escape from an Erste Empire airship with Lyria. Pommern found and stopped her, triggering Lyria's power. Her power wound up destroying the airship, blowing it up as both Katalina and Lyria fell from the ship, separating Katalina from Lyria.


Meet the Wind

A Helmsman's Resolve



Katalina has a close relationship with Lyria due to emotional bonds and acts as a motherly figure. She relentlessly protects Lyria, however in certain times she shows enough trust towards Gran to leave Lyria under his protection. Katalina tries her hardest to keep Lyria from reverting to her original, emotionless state from before she lead her away from The Empire and thier harmfull experiments. Originally, Lyria did not show any emotions, so Katalina made it her mission to give Lyria the life she deserves out in the real world.