Lyria (Anime)

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Game Strategy Lore Voice Anime
 Kanji ルリア
 Romaji Ruria
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Sky Blue
 Eye Color Blue
• Personal Data•
 Status Alive
• Professional Data•
 Magic Summoning primal beasts, sharing her life force
 Affiliation Grandcypher
• Production Data•
 Debut Episode Girl in Blue
 Voiced By Japanese: Nao Tōyama
English: Kira Buckland
German: Moira May
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Lyria is an energetic girl who enjoys traveling and discovering new things. She cares deeply for her traveling companions and becomes distraught at the idea of any harm befalling them. While generally upbeat she finds herself concerned at times that she may be a burden to the group and secretly worries that the others resent her for forcing them to travel with her.


Early Life

Little is known about Lyria's past prior to her being captured by the Erste Empire. While in captivity she was subjected to various experiments, primarily related to dark essence. During one of these experiments Lyria was confronted with multiple Timber Wolves. Even though they were contained in a cage she asked for help and a summoned Lich answered her call, who destroyed the imperial facility along with the island it was situated on. As a result Lyria was isolated. Taking pitty on her charge, Katalina, whose duty it was to watch over her, began reading to Lyria and telling her stories about the outside world. The two became close and eventually Katalina became determined to rescue Lyria from the empire.

Girl in Blue

Lyria was first seen attempting to escape from an imperial airship with the help of Katalina. Pommern's attempts to stop her triggered Lyria's powers, resulting in the dark essence to detonate and Lyria falling through a hole blown in the side of the ship.

After landing in a forest on the island of Zinkenstill, the unconscious Lyria was discovered by Gran and Vyrn outside a sealed shrine. While fleeing from imperial soldiers in the woods, and having reunited with Katalina, the group was cornered by Pommern's forces. In the ensuing battle, Gran was killed by a Hydra unleashed by Pommern. Lyria then revived him by using her power to merge her life force with his, forming a life link between the two. She then summoned Proto Bahamut to defeat the Hydra and force the imperial soldiers to retreat.


With the empire routed Gran collapsed from exhaustion. Lyria and Katalina acompanied the villagers who had arrived to help back to Gran's house, where Lyria waited by his bedside for him to recover. When he awoke Lyria explained how she had revived Gran and apologised for binding them together without his consent.

The next day she departed the island alongside Gran, Katalina and Vyrn.

Meet the Wind

After crash landing on the island of Eigana the group briefly encountered Rackam, who directed them to the nearby city of Eora.

While stocking up on supplies Lyria's attention was caught by a Journal, which Katalina bought for her as a gift. Later that day Lyria and Gran encountered Rackam again during their attempts to find an airship to take them to the next island. During their conversation the group was aproached by Drang and Sturm, who recognized Lyria and attempted to capture her. After escaping from the pair, and meeting up with Katalina once more, the group set out to find the downed Grandcypher in the hopes of convincing Rackam to fly them off the island using it. Upon reaching the airship they were cornered by imperial troops led by Furias.

A Helmsman's Resolve

After escaping Furias with Rackam's help the group returned to Eora as a powerful storm draws in. Upon discovering that the storm was being caused by Tiamat and would likely destroy the island if it continues, Lyria volunteered to try and use her power to calm the rampaging Primal Beast. At Rackam's suggestion she and the party boarded the Grandcypher to attempt to get close enough to Tiamat for Lyria to use her powers.

The Storm Guardian

As the Grandcypher sailed towards Tiamat Lyria had a vision of the Primal, who also spotted her and attacked the ship. After avoiding her attacks the Grandcypher got close enough for Lyria to attempt communication but she was unsuccesful due to interference of the dark essence corrupting Tiamat's body. In a last ditch attempt Lyria summoned Proto Bahamut to empower Gran's sword, allowing him to shatter the dark crystal responsible for Tiamat's rampage.

With the Primal Beast's rage quelled, Lyria is relieved to see how Tiamat had saved the falling Gran and absorbed a portion of her power. This also made a piece of the Sky Map appear which showed Lyria visions of Fremmel Island. The crew then received a request from Sierokarte to travel to Fremmel, and Lyria argues in favour of this opportunity she wished to discover why the Map Piece was trying to lead her there.

The Veil is Lifted

After traveling to Fremmel the party took on a request to locate the missing Archduke Tzaka. Whilst searching an abandoned Astral facility with help from Io the group were confronted by the Black Knight who revealed that the Archduke would likely try and capture Lyria for his experiments with primal crystals.

The Iron Giant

After reaching the deepest part of the facility the party were confronted by an enraged Tzaka and the Primal Beast Colossus. Lyria once again summoned Proto Bahamut to enhance Gran's weapon but he was unable to bring the iron giant down. As the battle continued Lyria made another summoning, this time calling forth Tiamat's power to enhance the party's weapons and Io's magic, which gained enough force to pierce through Colossus' armour and therefore defeat it. As the ruins around them collapsed Colossus sprang to life once more, protecting Io and Tzaka from a falling wall before allowing Lyria to absorb its power and giving her the second Map Piece. Later on, in the Archduke's mansion, Lyria offered the Map Piece to a recovered Tzaka, but was told to keep it, the piece then activated and showed her the Auguste Isles, fixing the party's next destination.

A Pair Apart

En route to Auguste, the Grandcypher stopped on an unnamed island to resupply. While doing so the party received a request from Sierokarte to investigate some newly discovered ruins on the island. Upon arriving at the ruins Lyria fell through the unstable ground at the entrance, creating a hole which dropped the party into the tunnels below, splitting them up. Landing in the same chamber as Katalina and Vyrn, Lyria realised that she could sense Gran's location through the life link, and used this ability to try leading Katalina and Vyrn through the ruins and reunite the group.

Horizon in the Clouds

Whilst traveling to Auguste, Lyria dreamt that she was in a vast library with a blood-red floor. Looking around she discovered the dead bodies of her companions on the ground, as well as the apparent culprit in front of her: herself. After being woken by Gran a panicked Lyria had to be assured that it was merely a nightmare.

After arriving on the island and meeting with Eugen and his agents, Lyria and Gran were sent to gather supplies, and spent the day shopping in the city of Mizerea. They stopped at many shops and Lyria appeared to have immense fun. While Gran noticed how other people perceived the two of them as a couple, Lyria did not. On this trip Gran bought Lyria a barette from the jeweler Karteira as a gift. After waiting out a brief shower of rain Lyria thanked Gran for the day and expressed her hope that their journey could continue forever. Noticing that the last shop they needed to visit was nearby, Gran dashed off to finish their erands. Whilst he was away Lyria was abducted by an unknown party.


Her captors turned out to be imperial soldiers and Lyria was taken to Pommern, who used hostages to try and coax Lyria into cooperating with him. When she refused he used dark essence to trigger her supressed memories of her destruction of an island using Lich, taunting her and declaring her merely a weapon, as well as destroying the barrete Gran had bought for her. The latter made Lyria break down, unable to stand the thought of harming her friends. Pushed too far by Pommern, who blamed a newly surfaced Leviathan's rampage on her presence, she fell completely unconscious.

After being swept away by Leviathan's tidal wave alongside Gran, the pair were rescued by Rosetta but the party was unable to wake Lyria. Rosetta explained that Lyria's state was self inflicted and suggested traveling to the Lumacie Archipelago in search of a method of awakening her.

Lyria's Wish

Trapped within her self inflicted coma Lyria found herself again within the library from her previous dream, tormented by Pommern's taunting voice and the thought that she might some day be responsible for her friends demise.

With the aid of the Primal Beast Yggdrasil Gran was able to enter Lyria's dream and confront her. The distraught Lyria refused to listen to him, continuing to berate herself for not realising the threat she posed, and for ruining Gran and Katalina's lives by getting them caught up with her. Despite Gran's attempts to convince her otherwise she resolved to grant him all her remaining life force, destroying and removing herself as a threat to the world in the process. At the last moment she noticed the barrete Pommern had broken, which Io had repaired for her. Gran used this opening to try one last time to convince her to go on living, by explaining that she was the one who brought the crew together and asking her to continue their journey once more.

With Lyria awakened, Yggdrasil transfers Lyria her power. The crew then made to return to the Grandcypher, only to be confronted once again by Pommern. With new found determination Lyria summoned Tiamat to prevent Pommern from firing a shot at Gran at point blank and blew away the imperials to protect her friends and the forest. Remembering Leviathan's voice had been asking for help, Lyria requested to return to Auguste in order to help its guardian deity.






She wears sandals, which Katalina bought for her, unlike her version in the game.