Drang (Anime)

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• Characteristics•
 Race Erune
 Gender Male
• Production Data•
 Voiced By Japanese: Tomokazu Sugita
English: Ray Chase
German: Uwe Thomsen
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Much like in the game, Drang has an easygoing, carefree personality, which seems to be in sharp contrast to his partner Sturm, who constantly jabs at him with her sword when he bothers her or talks too much, which is often.

He seems to like children, and seems to carry a bag of sweets around with him, though it's implied that he may carry it for other reasons, such as having a sweet tooth himself. It could also be that he carries things that he expects can be used to get on his targets' good side, judging by the fact that he also 'just happened' to be carrying apples around as well, knowing that Vyrn can barely help himself.

While Drang is a skilled magician, and is in fact a mercenary and presumably a hired killer, he seems to dislike fighting, much preferring to talk things out and come to a mutual understanding in a way that makes everyone, or at least the most people, happy. Obviously, this often tends to be at odds with his intent because bribing someone with candy and politely explaining you've been hired to kidnap them tends not to go over well with people, or their friends. He does plan for such things and always has a Plan B. In this regard, his friendly demeanor is often at odds with the things he says and does.

Despite his goofy and even foolish behavior, it's very clear that he's actually incredibly shrewd and calculating. Devious even. Much of his personality is actually just an act. He'll give away free information, or hint at something not being what it seems, often making it appear as though it's a slip of the tongue, when in fact he's actually manipulating the person he's speaking to without even having to lie to them. In this regard at least, it actually serves his purposes that Sturm stabs him so frequently when he runs his mouth, because though she's actually irritated, her aggravation makes his apparent obliviousness that much more convincing to the people he's manipulating. Whether he's doing it for his employer's benefit or his target's however isn't always clear.


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