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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 172 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Visiting landmarks, teasing others
Likes Anything interesting
Dislikes Silence

Granblue Fantasy Theater
An unflappable free spirit traveling alongside Sturm, Drang might give you the impression of being upbeat and affectionate, but it's all an act. He make his foes let down their guard, after which he'll unleash one of the countless schemes stirring behind his smiling face. His personality stands in stark contrast to that of Sturm, his protector, but their pairing actually serves to complement their respective weaknesses. He is currently working alongside Sturm in the empire's employ.

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Age 不明
Height 172cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 史跡巡り、他人をおちょくること
Likes 面白そうなもの
Dislikes 沈黙

Granblue Fantasy Theater

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, hey, Captain! I heard the news! Today's your birthday, isn't it?
We simply must celebrate! Is there anything you'd like to eat, Captain?
We're in the middle of a journey, so we may not be able to get the family together...
But worry not! Sturm and I are here to party! Let's enjoy good times together, shall we?


Happy birthday there, (Captain)!
The atmosphere on this ship is incredible! Everyone's just so ready to celebrate.
I have to admit, I'm getting kinda jealous!
The only person that's ever celebrated like that for me is my dear old granny.
But that always did the trick for me anyhow!
Celebrating for other people is good fun too!
So thanks, (Captain).
We might be enemies someday, but let's make the most out of it!


This sure is a great crew, isn't it, (Captain)?
You can really see how much effort everyone's putting in for your birthday. All for you!
Even if you weren't captain around here, I've no doubt just as many people would still be trying just as hard to make this day a blast for you.
A mystery you are; a mystery you are! Oh, how I'd like me some of that special something you have!
Hehehe. Happy birthday, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
We've known each other a good long time now, huh?
You've come such a long way in that time.
Why, when we first met, you were only knee-high!
And now you've gotten so big...
I'm so proud!
Oh, I'm only playing.
But seriously, I wanna stay around to see what heights you'll reach in the future, (Captain).


Happy birthday!
I'm so glad we can celebrate together again! You know, being an agent and everything... Circumstances change.
Ahaha, sorry. I'm not turning against you or anything. I'm just saying that it's a valid possibility.
After all, it's been five whole years! That's practically ten years we've been together if you round up! Of course I'd want to celebrate with you!
Watching you grow stronger by the day really makes me happy, (Captain).
It was just yesterday that you were learning to walk by yourself... And now, look at you all grown up... Sniff.
Just kidding. Can't help it, being a grandma's boy and everything.
Now I finally understand how Granny always felt... Watching someone grow up isn't bad at all, I must say.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ngh... Urgh... Morning, Cap'n...
After the countdown last night, I wasn't able to sleep til right before sunrise.
Time sure flies when you're partying through New Year's Eve!
Hm? Say, have you seen Sturm around? I can't seem to find her anywhere...
What! She's out to town already? Come on, let's go find her!


Oh! Good morning to you, (Captain)! Is today the start of a happy new year for you?
Ah, you're wondering why I'm not up so early?
Heheheh... I've got it all figured out, you see!
If you stay up all night on New Year's Eve, then you don't have to wake up early to see the first dawn!
That's why I'm so pumped! And also why I'm so sleepy!
So... if Sturm comes by... to go to the festival... wake me up... would ya?


Ahhh, slept all the way through to the new year.
I really wanted to watch the first sunrise with Sturm...
But I guess we'll just have to wait till next year!
All right, (Captain). What do you say you and I go to town and enjoy the festivities?


(Captain), happy New Year!
I just have one small complaint...
Why didn't you wake me up?
You're under no obligation to do so? But I thought we were friends!
Sigh... I missed the first sunrise again...


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
Sorry, I overslept again... I guess we'll have to save watching the sunrise together on New Year's for next year.
Oh, but something nice happened! Sturm appeared in my very first dream of the year!
Good mooorning, Sturm! You're up early again this year!
See, I got up early this time too. It's not like I sleep in every single year!
What do you think? Pretty good, right? You can give me a compliment right about now, you know?

Then Sturm started strangling me and I woke up from the dream.
She seemed to be the same as ever in my dream, so I'm sure it means we'll get along this year too!
I'm looking forward to spending another year with you too, (Captain)! Let's have a great time!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Heh heh heh!
Oh, (Captain)! You won't believe what Sturm just did!
Wha? I-is that... For me? From you?
Why I... I don't know what to say! I'm touched, but this is so out of the blue...
Th-thank you! I'll savor every bite of this!


Huh? What's that? Why do I look so fidgety, you ask?
Oh, no reason! No reason at all! But listen, I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately, and sugar helps with brain function, see...
Huh? What's this? For me? Ah! I remember now. It's Valentine's Day...
Sorry for playing dumb... I was a little embarrassed you caught me waiting around. But thank you! I'm really grateful!


Ohhh, (Captain)! You look like you're lookin' forward to something!
Awww, no need to play dumb! We both know what I'm talking about! Give you a hint: starts with a V, and it's not vendetta!
Hey! Wait! Come back! That's cold, (Captain)! That's cold!


(Captain)! Is this a Valentine's Day present?
Heh heh... Thank you! I'm quite happy!
Oh no, I'm fine! I really am happy... It's just...
Sturm also handed me chocolates and just walked away...
I just feel like there's a lack of enthusiasm...
No, no! I'm happy, really!
But... There's just something missing, you know?


Hm? What's the matter, (Captain)? Is that for me? You're gonna give me something this year too? Is that chocolate? For Valentine's Day?
Ahaha... Wow, I'm a lucky guy! Makes me so happy every single time.
Hm? I'm pretending to be cheerful even more than ever? Yeah, I guess I am!
You know why? It's Sturm! She came up to me going like "Here" and just ran off!
Geez, she's being so cold this year... That made me a bit sad, so I ended up annoying you instead.
Well, I guess that's just Sturm's way of hiding her embarrassment...
S-Sturm! You were listening this whole time? You can't throw your sword like that, you know! Even if you feel embarrassed—

White Day Cutscenes
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Ah! There you are, (Captain)! Here you go! Enjoy!
Why so puzzled? It's White Day! White! Day!
What can I say, a gentleman's gotta do what a gentleman's got to do!
But don't forget! I'm an agent, and I don't work for free you know!
So as payment... I'll happily accept the pleasure of seeing you smile, (Captain)!


Here's a present for you, (Captain)! Just a thanks for your Valentine's Day gift.
Now hold it there! There's some fun in waiting to open it later!
You know, I'm always giving out candy and stuff to everyone else...
But on this special day and for this gift only, you won't believe your eyes no matter how many times you open it...


(Captain)! Special delivery! Just for you!
Heh heh heh! Didn't think I'd forget this year, did you?
Hahaha. I'm glad you like it. Now that's the face I wanted to see.
I love it when you smile, (Captain).
Wouldn't mind if you did it more often, even if it's not on a day like this.
Think I'll make that my goal for this year! To make you smile!


(Captain), here's a White Day present for all you do for me!
These look like flowers, right? But actually...
They're made of candy!
You know me, always the sweetheart.
But this particular candy is special!
Heh heh! Didn't see that coming, did you?
No matter how many years pass, I'll never bore you! Never!
You just wait for the next holiday, okay?


Hey, look at this, (Captain)! I really put in some effort this year!
Here you go! My White Day present to you! I'm pretty proud of this one too!
So? What do you think it is? The hint is... me, I guess?
Well, it's nothing weird, so I hope you like it.
Okay, open it! See, I made a chocolate miniature of myself this year!
When I gave one to Sturm, she immediately crushed it into pieces...
So, (Captain), I hope you'll treat yours with love and actually eat—
Ahh! You're tearing it apart! My precious parts... They're coming off one by one!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat, smell my feet!! Heya, Cap'n! Give me something good to eat!
Hm? What? You have some candy for me?
Hey! This is the candy I gave you just now!
Well, I guess you did give me candy though... I never knew giving away candy could bite me back like this.


Okay let's go, (Captain)! What? What do you mean, where?
We're going to see Sturm, of course! It's Halloween!
You want to see Sturm's face when she gets pranked, don't ya? She's gonna go crazy!
Playing a prank on her is like playing with fire, though.
But we'll be fine! I'll show you what to do in case she tries to stab us! It'll barely hurt a bit!


Ah, (Captain)! Oh, I know, I know. You don't even have to say it.
I made extra sure to get some candy ready...
Ah! They're all gone!
Sorry, (Captain). I swear I had them, but it looks like I've handed them all out!
W-wait! No! Please! Have mercy!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
This year, I want to do more than just hand out candy.
I really want to dress up, but choosing a costume is tougher than it sounds.
If I'm gonna do it, it'd be more fun to coordinate with you and Sturm, right?
So can you help me out with ideas, (Captain)?
Huh? No, I haven't asked Sturm yet. She'll turn me down flat.
That's why I need to get her costume ready myself and not leave her any escape routes!
And now that you know the plan, you're an accessory to the crime, (Captain)! So I expect your full cooperation!


Drang's Voice: Hey, (Captain)! Happy Halloween! I'm down here!
Drang: Ahaha... What do you think? I'm dressed up as the floor—Sturm's work.
I was suggesting an adorable costume for her to wear when I found myself buried here!
It was a cat costume. I thought she'd look great in it, but maybe she couldn't stand my meowing...
Oh, which reminds me—could you give me a hand, (Captain)? I just can't seem to get out of here.
Hey, where do you think you're going? You're just going to leave me here? Come on!
Drang's Voice: (Captain)! Don't leave me here!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, hey! 'Tis the season to be jolly!
How's the tree? How's the ornaments? Got the stockings ready?
Oh! Hope you have a nice big turkey in the works too!
Hm? Well how can I not be excited! Today only comes around once a year y'know!
I already have your present all wrapped up! Here you go! Don't open it till tomorrow!


Fa la la la la! La la la la!
Hm? What's that? You wanna know what I'm up to? Are you curious? Super curious?
Oh shucks! I guess since you asked, (Captain), I'll tell you then!
Well, you know what time of year it is! I thought I'd dress up as Santa and pass out some presents!
And now that you're in the know, you can be my little helper, (Captain)!
Now then! Let's make it rain with gifts! We're the stars of the show for tonight!


Heya, (Captain)! Been waiting forever for you!
C'mon, let's be Santas together this year! Just imagine the smiles on the childrens' faces! What do ya say?
Sturm? You know she'd never agree to do that! Believe me, I ask her every year.
A pity really too! I just know she'll look great in a Santa outfit.
But you won't let me down, will ya? I can count on you, can't I? Right?
Yes! That's the spirit!


(Captain)! Happy holidays!
It seems like it's that time of the year again for us to get to work.
We're going to dress up and pass out presents!
Hm? You're willing? That's perfect!
Wait... What is that brown clothing?
A reindeer? Me?
Hold on! I'm glad you took the time to get this costume for me...
But I wanted to be Santa! Just kidding...


Oh, (Captain)! Take a look at this!
I tried putting the sphere I use on my nose. Isn't it cute?
Well, you know how you suggested I dress up as a reindeer last year?
I thought about it and realized that it actually kind of suits me. I mean, we both do things without being recognized for it.
Reindeer have shiny noses, right? So I tried putting this sphere on my nose and I ended up really liking it.
Huh? You're going to get on the sleigh with all the presents and I'm supposed to pull it as the reindeer? Ah, yes, I guess that is what reindeers do...
Oh, Sturm!
Hey, Sturm, you want to be a reindeer with me? I'm sure this reindeer costume will look great on you—

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Someone to Depend On

Drang stops by Raduga at Ladiva's invitation, where he talks about the conflict of interest he's been having with Sturm. Leona, who happens to be present, jumps in on the conversation and offers to introduce someone who can help with Drang's mercenary guild troubles: Reinhardtzar.

The Grandcypher is sailing across the skies of Nalhegrande one day.
On the deck a frivolous man is having a one-sided conversation with a stern woman. Growing more irritated by the minute, she draws her sword.
Sturm: Shut up!
Drang: Yeeowch!
Sturm: Humph!
Drang: Wait, Sturm! You see, I was thinking...
Vyrn: Hey, you realize you're babbling to yourself? Sturm's already gone inside the ship.
  1. You two have a row?
  2. Wanna talk about it?

Choose: You two have a row?
Drang: Heya, (Captain)! We were just up to our usual antics—far from a spat, I'd say.
Drang: It's a long story.

Choose: Wanna talk about it?
Drang: Why, aren't you the bestest captain ever.
Drang: As much as I'd love to go into detail, it'd be too long of a story.
Continue 1
Ladiva: Hehe. Hello there, Drang. I'm always up for a long talk.
The large figure appearing behind (Captain) is a star duelist of the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
Drang: Aw, you heard our little chat too, Ladiva?
Ladiva: Actually, I was walking by and happened to see Sturm looking not too pleased while you talked.
Ladiva: Thought I'd come over to make sure you're doing okay.
Ladiva: Sorry if it seems like I'm prying...
Drang: No, no, not at all. If Sturm and I were talking confidential stuff, we wouldn't be doing it out in the open. So it's all good.
Ladiva carefully studies the Erune as he shrugs his shoulders.
Ladiva: Considering you two are the foremost mercenary duo in Phantagrande, you probably don't need anyone butting in from the sidelines...
Ladiva: But if you should ever need to vent, know that Raduga's doors are always open to you.
Drang: Huh? Raduga? What's that all about?
Vyrn: You haven't been down there yet, Drang?
Ladiva: That's the name I've given the Grandcypher's subgalley. It's a social hub for anyone looking for some pleasant conversation while snacking on great food and drinks.
Ladiva: Feel free to drop by whenever you're free. Even if there's nothing you want to talk about in particular, I'll still welcome you with open arms!
Drang tilts his head in contemplation at the invitation.
That night Drang steps into the softly lit subgalley, his eyes widening in surprise.
Ladiva: Haha, welcome to Raduga!
Drang: Wow... You've really made something of this place.
Ladiva runs Raduga, serving late-night snacks to restless crew members to help pass the time.
Drang: What a fine selection of wines and mood-setting lights you have here. Seems like a neat place to hang out.
Drang: Nice taste, Ladiva! Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from the Jewel Resort Casino Liner's famed duelist!
Ladiva: Oho! So you know a thing or two about me.
Drang: I see we're not alone though. 'Scuse me, you doing okay over there? You're looking a bit woozy.
Leona: Burp... Yeah, I'm all right. The food and drinks are just so good here.
Ladiva: Haha. I'm charmed to hear it, but he's got a point. You seem a bit more flushed than usual.
Leona: Oh yeah? I guess you're right. This tends to happen when I let loose...
Ladiva: Not a problem. I've got the perfect cocktail to sober you right up! And it doesn't contain a lick of alcohol.
Leona, a general's advisor in the Idelva Kingdom, started coming to Raduga by Ladiva's invitation and is now a regular there.
Ladiva: Oh my. Leona?
Leona: ...
Her eyelids now shut, Leona begins to lightly snore.
Ladiva: You must be exhausted... I can only imagine how tiring your job must be. Hope you don't mind, Leona...
Ladiva lifts Leona up and lays her to rest on the booth seat behind them, then drapes a blanket over her.
Drang: Think she'll be okay? Maybe I should get going for today, just so... you know.
Ladiva: Haha... What a sweetheart you are. But Leona's sound asleep now. She'll be okay if we just leave her be.
Ladiva: When she wakes up later, I'll bring her to her room.
Ladiva: Sorry to keep you waiting. Come on over to the counter!
Ladiva pours Drang a drink from behind the counter.
Staring at the glass in his hand, Drang begins speaking in a lackadaisical manner.
Drang: You probably caught wind of this back on the deck, but...
Drang: Things aren't exactly going great with me and Sturm...
Sturm and Drang—a distinguished mercenary duo hailing from Phantagrande.
Evildoers quake at the sound of their names, and those in the same line of business tip their hat to the pair.
However, ever since coming over to Nalhegrande, the twosome have come to realize that they're practically unknown in this skydom.
Drang: And no one wants to give the high-profile jobs to mercs they've never heard of.
Drang: We did fine work for some really prominent clients in Phantagrande...
Drang: But here in Nalhegrande, none of that matters.
Drang: Back then, we had the luxury of taking on whatever jobs suited our fancy...
Ladiva: And you're finding that way of doing things doesn't work when you don't know left from right in this skydom.
Drang: Yeah, that's definitely part of it! You catch on fast, Ladiva!
Drang: I suppose we need something like Phantagrande's Mercenary's Guild if we're to get decent jobs...
Drang: Finding a client who'd hire us directly would be the peach-perfect solution.
Ladiva: So that's what you were talking to Sturm about. It does seem like an important thing to discuss.
Drang: Yeah. Problem is, when I poured out my thoughts...
Drang: First thing we should do is look for some sorta merc guild like the one in Phantagrande.
Sturm: Don't need one.
Sturm: We can take on random clients for now. We do it long enough, and eventually the worthwhile jobs will come.
Drang: Er, don't you think that's kind of risky?
Drang: I mean, who knows what sort of customs they have around here. It's better if we have some kind of safety net to fall back on...
Sturm: We can gather information ourselves. As for customs, I doubt it'll be a problem. We'll just have to bend them to work in our favor.
Drang: Ooh, now you're talkin'!
Sturm: Anyhow... We'll find our own clients in Nalhegrande. I'm not going to rely on any merc guild.
Sturm's headstrong attitude sparks an epiphany in Drang.
Drang: Sturm, let me guess... You're acting this way out of respect for the guild and Donna, aren't you?
Sturm: ...!
Drang: After all, you have the guild hold all the letters from your family.
Drang: Given how much Donna's helped you, I know how you feel.
Drang: But don't you think we can play by different rules in a different skydom? I don't really see the problem in signing up with another guild...
Sturm: ...
Drang: I'm sure Donna would understand... Right?
Sturm responds not by nodding, but by brandishing her sword.
Sturm: ...!
Drang: Er, Sturm? Is there a monster on my face?
Sturm: Shut up!
Drang: And that's how it went. Simply put, we couldn't agree on the best way to look for new jobs.
Ladiva: It's not too uncommon to butt heads even with people you've known for the longest time.
Ladiva: I respect Sturm's code of honor, but I think your flexibility is just as important.
Ladiva: A mercenary's job is fraught with danger. I hope you two can find a solution you both agree on...
Drang: Yeah, her sense of duty is something I just love about her!
Drang: But who knows? Maybe she'll change her mind once she hears about the local merc guilds...
Drang: Figured I'd try to go look for one myself.
Drang: Once I've set up my roots here, I can invite Sturm along for the ride!
Ladiva: I see... I suppose that's one way of going about it.
Ladiva: But what makes you think Nalhegrande even has such a thing?
Drang: There's demand for mercenaries everywhere, so it's only natural that there'd be an organization to oversee them.
Drang: But maybe their HQ is kept out of plain sight, or it could be in the middle of a death trap... Which is why I wish I had a guide...
Drang: You seem like you know people all over, Ladiva. Think you can hook me up?
Ladiva: Hrm...
Leona: I can introduce you!
The two turn to Leona, who stumbles about with her face flushed red as she raises a hand.
Ladiva: Oh, are you okay being up and about already? Here, have a glass of water.
Leona: Thanks, both for the drink and for helping me rest more comfortably earlier.
Leona takes a sip of water and bashfully fixes her disheveled hair.
Leona: So, to get back on topic...
Drang: You're with the Idelva Army, right?
Drang: Any chance there's some sort of officially recognized merc guild around here?
Leona: Er... Well...
Leona: The army does hire mercenaries from time to time, but I don't know much about their dealings since I'm never the contact person...
Leona: But I do know someone who's well connected in those circles. I think he can help you.
Drang: Whoo, now that's music to my ears! I can't wait to rub shoulders with this person!
Ladiva: Lucky you, Drang!
A day passes.
Vyrn: So that happened last night, huh?
Drang: Yep, Raduga's such a great place—not just for chatting, but also for wining and dining.
Lyria: Isn't it great that Drang's enjoying the Grandcypher so much, (Captain)?
Lyria: It's just too bad we were already sleeping... Ehehe...
Vyrn: So who's this guy that's gonna introduce you to the local mercs?
Drang: Er, what's-his-name... Ooh, there he is! Hey, over here!
Reinhardtzar: ...
Vyrn: Wait, it was Reinhardtzar you were talking about this whole time?
Drang: Pleased to meetcha! Thanks a ton for agreeing to this!
Reinhardtzar: Oh boy...
Drang cheerily waves while (Captain) and company look on in surprise.
Reinhardtzar, acting officer for the Idelva Kingdom, breathes a deep sigh at the scene before him.

The Foreign Merc Duo

Concerned over whether Drang and Reinhardtzar will get along okay, (Captain) and company follow them to the local mercenary guild. Once there, Drang notices the many hostile and fearful glances directed at Reinhardtzar, who is in turn impressed with the Erune's shrewdness.

Sturm and Drang are divided over the issue of how best to look for jobs in their current skydom.
Drang decides to go look for a mercenary guild in Nalhegrande without telling Sturm.
The one called to show him the way is a most unexpected figure.
Reinhardtzar: I'm a regular at the shops around here. I usually see plenty of mercs hanging about.
Reinhardtzar: I don't know much about them myself; I just happen to know where they meet up.
Reinhardtzar: Just so we're on the same page, I won't be helping you sign any contracts or whatnot.
Drang: Of course! I can handle that myself, no problemo. I just need to be shown the way first.
Reinhardtzar: Also, make sure you don't get me involved in any mess you stir up. There's this other guy who gives me enough to worry about as it is.
The two are walking side by side as (Captain) and company watch from behind.
Vyrn: We're tailing them to make sure they get along okay. And so far...
Lyria: It looks like they're doing just fine! They could even be friends, maybe...
Vyrn: Hm, I'm not too sure about that...
Drang: It's no wonder they call this one of the greatest cities in Nalhegrande. Just look at how lively it is—
Drang: Whoa! Get a load of that! I've never seen anything like it in Phantagrande...
Vyrn: C'mon now! You're not here for sightseeing, are you—
The curious Drang has already gone off to various storefronts before Vyrn's voice can reach him.
Vyrn: Come to think of it, Sturm's usually around to stop him before he gets too carried away...
Reinhardtzar: I don't mind. I'm only here as a guide anyhow. It's what Leona asked me to do.
Reinhardtzar: Cain and Leona outrank me, so I'm just following my orders. Drang's free to explore the city as much as he wants.
Vyrn: Hm, you sound kind of hung up about that...
Reinhardtzar: I'm technically an acting officer now, but I'm also a former outlaw. I make sure not to overstep my bounds.
Drang: So you were some kinda bandit leader, huh? Yeah, I figured you had to be much more than small fry.
Vyrn: Whoa! When did you get back?
Drang: The glances in our direction make me a bit wary. Some are outright glaring at us, while others are being sneaky about it.
Drang: Any chance they could be acquaintances from your bandit days?
Reinhardtzar: What?
(Captain) and company check their surroundings but don't find anyone suspicious.
Vyrn: You sure you weren't just imagining things?
Reinhardtzar: Wouldn't be surprised if Drang is on the mark. We had countless rival bandits back in the day.
Reinhardtzar: But we can just ignore them if they're not going to attack us.
Vyrn: Is it possible they could be friendly? Maybe former bandits who've turned over a new leaf and are now making an honest living?
Reinhardtzar: Then they'd come talk to me out in the open. In fact, I would want to share a few war stories with them.
Lyria: Haha... Reinhardtzar cares more about his friends than he lets on.
Drang: Ooh... A tough guy with a soft spot, I see.
Reinhardtzar: Tch... How about you quit teasing me...
Reinhardtzar: On second thought, if I can't keep my cool around a jokester like you, then I'm hopeless...
Drang: Oh? Sounds like you're used to these sorts of situations.
Drang: (Seems like a good guy, but also the type you don't want to face in battle...)
Drang: (Friends and family adore him, but he keeps his distance... Kinda like Sturm.)
Reinhardtzar: (This guy's a crafty ol' fox... He plays the part of a happy-go-lucky fella, but is that just a facade?)
Reinhardtzar: (I could learn a few things from him... No surprise there, given that he was a pro merc working for the Erste Empire at one point...)
The crew continues chatting away while making for the local mercenary guild.

The Foreign Merc Duo: Scene 2

At the mercenary guild, the crew learns of a large bandit group that's been causing trouble in the area. Because one of the members in that group used to serve under Reinhardtzar, he feels somewhat responsible and offers to help Drang take out the bandits—thereby opening up better jobs for Drang in the future.

Merc Guild Chief: Yup, we've got jobs by the dozen.
They come to a tavern which also functions as the headquarters of a mercenary guild.
Merc Guild Chief: It was only recently that a buncha rogues started partnerin' up to form this massive camp of bandits.
Merc Guild Chief: From thievery to burglary to murder, they do it all. They're half-decent fighters and are givin' the nearby residents a hard time.
Drang: If they're so troublesome, why hasn't the nation's army been dispatched to deal with them?
Merc Guild Chief: You have any idea what you're sayin'? There's no way the army would get involved in somethin' so commonplace.
Merc Guild Chief: Especially with how the entire skydom's in an uproar right now. The most the army can do is send out official requests to merc groups like ours.
Merc Guild Chief: It's pretty commonplace if you ask me... Lemme guess: you're new to this whole mercenary thing?
Drang: Oh, I've got a few years under my belt... Thing is, I just arrived from Phantagrande and still don't know how things work around here.
Merc Guild Chief: Ph-Phantagrande? You're from another skydom!
As his voice rings out in surprise, the clamoring mercenaries nearby suddenly fall silent.
Drang: Yep. Not to brag, but I'm kind of a big deal there actually.
Drang: How 'bout it, Chief? I'll hand you the finest results on a silver platter, if you're willing to give me a shot. I only ask that it's a lucrative job.
Merc Guild Chief: N-no, that won't do. We've got plenty of top dog mercs in Nalhegrande. The juicy requests go to them.
Merc Guild Chief: Look, I dunno how they did things in your side of the skies, but I need proof that you're more than just talk.
Drang: I thought you might say that...
Merc Guild Chief: How about you help out with this bandit problem that's been troublin' everyone? The more hands on deck, the better.
Merc Guild Chief: Some of them are actually outlaws on the run from their home countries... One's even a former member of the group that turned Merkmal Island into their home turf.
Merc Guild Chief: And now they're in cahoots. It's time we did something.
Lyria: Merkmal Island...
Vyrn: Isn't that where Reinhardtzar was? Wait, that means...
Reinhardtzar: ...
Vyrn: Gulp!
Vyrn finds himself reeling from Reinhardtzar's silent fury.
Reinhardtzar: Must be one of the guys that left our group before we got picked up by Idelva.
Reinhardtzar: I came as a guide today, but this looks like one mission I need to have a hand in.
Reinhardtzar: As their former boss, it's my responsibility to make sure every last one of them changes their old ways.
Drang: I admire your sense of ethics, but I'm guessing your former underling is no kiddo. I don't see how it's your responsibility.
Reinhardtzar: Doesn't matter. This is something I can't... and won't ever let go. No much how time passes, we're still connected in a way.
Reinhardtzar: (Captain), can you handle the paperwork? I'm gonna go cool off.
Trying to subdue his rage, Reinhardtzar walks out with loud, thumping footsteps.
Vyrn: So what's the plan? Are we gonna do this?
  1. No turning back now.
  2. We could always go back...

Choose: No turning back now.
Drang: Now we're talking, (Captain)! Always the reliable captain!

Choose: We could always go back...
Vyrn: You're kidding, right? You've never been one to leave behind those in need of help.
Lyria: That's right. I'm worried about Drang and Reinhardtzar...
Drang: This mission'll be about a hundred times easier if you join us, (Captain)!
Continue 1
While chuckling away, Drang keeps his eyes on the tavern exit that Reinhardtzar had just walked out of.
Drang: (No matter how much time passes, you still feel that bond, huh...)
And so (Captain) and company join Drang to quell the skydom's latest bandit disturbance.

The Foreign Merc Duo: Scene 3

When Drang finds himself stumbling in the battle against the bandits, Sturm suddenly shows up as part of another mercenary group. With the duo reunited, they are able to make quick work of the opposition, garnering the respect and recognition of the local mercenaries.

Forming an expeditionary force with other mercenaries, the crew ventures into the bandits' hideout.
Unfortunately, the enemy's numbers turn out to be far greater than initially expected.
Reinhardtzar: Haaah!
Drang: Take that!
Drang: Man, this brings back memories of the time I first met Sturm. That country was in the midst of a revolt.
Vyrn: Now's not the time to be reminiscing! Why are there so many more of 'em than the guildmaster said there'd be!
Drang: This skydom's not exactly stable right now, and so everyone's on edge. One regrettable outcome of that is these thugs banding together.
Drang: Thankfully they lack proper leadership, so they're all kinda doing their own thing. Just a ragtag bunch of misfits that doesn't know the first thing about teamwork...
A bandit fast approaches one of the younger mercenaries.
Bandit 1: Raaah!
Young Mercenary: What the!
Drang: Oh, no you don't.
Bandit 1: Grgh!
Drang: You okay there? You've gotta keep an eye out for more than just the opponent in front of you.
Drang: We may have the upper hand, but that's no reason to be lax. This is a do-or-die situation for them.
Drang: Even a cornered mouse will bite back hard. Stay focused.
Young Mercenary: Y-you're right... Thanks for the save.
Drang: Sure, no sweat. Their numbers may have caught us off guard, but it won't be long now before we overrun them.
Drang: Huh? What the...
Bandit 1: Ouch, that smarts... Magic, huh... Screw you...
Drang stares dumbfounded at the bandit who gets up while flinching in pain.
Drang: Strange... I was sure I'd knocked him out...
Despite being in the midst of battle, Drang looks down to his own hands in confusion.
Drang: (Oh, I get it now...)
Bandit 1: Eyes up front, fool!
Drang: Oof...
Bandit 1: Augh!
The bandit stumbles, inadvertently dodging Drang's magical blast.
Drang: Wha? No way!
Bandit 1: Yes way! Eat this!
Drang leaps backward, trying to put some distance between them.
Sturm: Haah!
Drang: Sturm!
Sturm: Drang! You should be the last person to let your guard down!
Drang: Yeeowch! What was that for!
Sturm: That's what you get for your pathetic display. Don't forget that your reputation affects mine. We're a team after all.
Drang: But, Sturm... Why are you even here? Don't tell me you followed me—
Sturm: I came with another group. The expeditionary force here is actually composed of mercenaries from multiple guilds.
Drang: Well, whaddya know...
Drang: Great job finding me in this mess! Just goes to show how strong our bond is!
Sturm: I was simply following a rookie merc from the guild I tagged along with. He seemed like he could use someone watching his back.
Young Mercenary: Preciate it...
Sturm: And just as I thought, he had a pretty close call. But I wasn't expecting someone else to save his hide.
Sturm: That someone being you.
Drang: Oh, you're talking about this guy? I love how you're such a caring person!
Young Mercenary: Is this the partner you mentioned earlier, Sturm? Um... Drang, was it?
Drang: Wait, what? She was talking about me? Did she shower me with compliments? C'mon, I wanna know!
Sturm: Enough talk! Focus on the battle!
In a last-ditch effort, the bandits muster their remaining forces to surround the crew.
Sturm: Let's go! Cover me, Drang!
Drang: You got it!
Drang: Shazam!
Drang: Sturm!
Sturm: Haaugh!
Drang keeps the opposition in check while Sturm lands the finishing blow.
Switching up their strategy as needed with effortless grace, Sturm parries sword strikes left and right as Drang incapacitates the foes, demonstrating the potency of their teamwork.
The bandits begin to cower at the sight of so many brethren falling in battle, while the other mercenaries watch in awe.
Young Mercenary: You cover each other's openings perfectly while shutting down every chance the enemy has for a counterattack... I've never seen anything like it...
Young Mercenary: So this is why you're known as the legendary mercenary duo in Phantagrande! Sturm and Drang...
Sturm and Drang. This is the moment those names are etched into the memories of the nearby mercenaries.
Piles upon piles of fallen bandits begin to form around the duo.
Drang: Sturm! Wanna finish things up?
Sturm: Yeah! Let's show them what we can do!

The Foreign Merc Duo: Scene 4

That night at Raduga, Sturm reveals that she had actually taken up Drang's advice and asked for Leona's help on her own. With the whole incident behind them, the duo enjoys pleasant conversation while drinking into the wee hours of the night.

Drang: Phew... Is that all of them?
Sturm: Seems that way.
When all is said and done, Leona comes by with a contingent of Idelva's standing army.
Leona: Good work, everyone. Your efforts today are much appreciated.
Vyrn: Sure thing! We did take this on as an official request after all!
Leona: I'm sorry you all had to get involved... Maintaining law and order here is really the army's job...
Leona: Given how unstable our relationship with the Rhem Kingdom is, the resources we can spare for domestic disturbances are rather limited...
Sturm: Besides, dispatching too many soldiers to resolve a situation like this could lead to other problems.
Sturm: But that's what we mercenaries are here for. Use us as the situation demands.
Drang: Sturm, is that your way of saying you're always happy to help out a friend in need?
Sturm: Don't put words in my mouth!
Vyrn: Anyhoo... It seemed like it was the army that filed the request.
Vyrn: But didn't Leona mention not knowing the local merc guilds all that well?
Leona: Ahem, well... You see...
As Leona wavers, not sure what to tell the crew, Reinhardtzar appears.
Reinhardtzar: Hey... I know what follows is out of my jurisdiction, but I have a favor to ask.
Reinhardtzar: I figured one of the bandits who used to work under me in Merkmal was part of this mess. Turns out I was right.
Reinhardtzar: I request that he be transferred to the army and placed under my command. I'll make it my personal mission to straighten him up.
Leona: I see. I'll have to confirm with Cain and the sovereign, but I'm fairly sure it can be arranged.
Drang sees this as the perfect timing to chime in.
Drang: Well, I guess we can call this a happy conclusion. All that's left is the after-party!
Drang: How 'bout we all get together at Raduga later, (Captain)?
(Captain) responds with a cheery nod.
The crew returns to the Grandcypher.
Ladiva: Oh! How nice of you all to drop by! Welcome to Raduga!
That night, Ladiva happily welcomes in her visitors.
Reinhardtzar: Didn't even know you had a place like this here, (Captain)...
Lyria: This is your first visit, Reinhardtzar? How about you, Sturm?
Sturm: It's my second time.
Drang: Wha? No way!
Drang: Aww, Stuurrrm... I'd like you sooo much better if you'd invite me to cool places like this.
Leona: Actually... Sturm was here right before you came last time, Drang.
Drang: Huh... Really?
Sturm: Seems like you came in just as I left.
Ladiva: Although, it was pure coincidence that Sturm and Leona met...
Ladiva: They had such a lively conversation about the mercenary and army life in their respective skydoms.
Leona: Ladiva made the introduction, thinking Sturm and I could be friends...
Leona: I learned so much about Phantagrande and the mercenary trade in general. It was fascinating.
Leona: One thing led to another, and Sturm asked if I could put in a good word for her to the local merc guilds...
Vyrn: Which means Sturm ended up taking Drang's advice after all!
Drang: Geez, Sturm! Look what a fuss you caused!
Sturm: You wouldn't shut up about it, so I thought I'd at least try to do things your way!
Leona: Since I already had an arrangement with Sturm, I left Drang to Reinhardtzar.
Reinhardtzar: So that's where I came into the picture, huh... Fortunately now we all have the full story.
Drang: You could've just told me if you had a change of heart, Sturm.
Sturm: I thought I could get you to hush up for a while if I threw one of those guild mission files in your face.
Drang: Oh, so you wanted to surprise me! You kept it on the down low too, huh, Ladiva?
Ladiva: Of course! I make it a point not to openly share whatever secrets and circumstances I happen to hear about in Raduga.
Ladiva: Otherwise people would stop coming here to chat.
Ladiva gives Sturm a little wink.
Sturm: What a great place this is. Your average bartender at the typical tavern tends to have looser lips.
A straight-faced Sturm takes a sip of her drink.
Ladiva: You two went through so much for each other...
Ladiva: If that's not true love, then I don't know what is!
Sturm: Cough! Ahehem...
Sturm: Let's not get carried away now!
Drang: Ngrwah! Really, Sturm? Why are you taking it out on me!
Sturm: Who else? You're the one who started the whole mess!
Reinhardtzar: Ladiva. I'll have another glass of the same.
Vyrn: Reinhardtzar isn't fazed in the least at seeing Drang get stabbed...
Reinhardtzar: I see Drang for who he is. No point throwing a fuss over nothing.
Leona: Hey, Ladiva. Is there anything I can help with?
Leona: I wouldn't want to have too much to drink and be a bother again... Let me do something to repay your kindness.
Lyria: Teehee... Raduga's such a lively place tonight.
Ladiva: You can say that again, Lyria! It's nice to have a space where everyone can just kick back and have a friendly chat...
Ladiva: Where friendships can form and deepen even across skydoms.
Ladiva: I consider myself blessed that I get to play a part in shaping such a place.
Ladiva: I can't thank you enough for lending me use of the Grandcypher's subgalley, (Captain)!
As (Captain) responds with a thumbs-up, Drang continues the conversation.
Drang: Guys, we still haven't had a proper toast yet. Better get your glasses ready.
Reinhardtzar: What's this all of a sudden? What would we be toasting?
Drang: I was thinking of this as a celebration for today's victory, but Ladiva's remark reminded me of something.
Drang: How about we call this a toast to a union between Phantagrande and Nalhegrande!
Leona: Ooh! I like the sound of that!
Sturm: How unusually thoughtful of you, Drang.
They enjoy their toast and continue to while away the hours at Raduga.
The night wears on.
Drang: Now that we've made connections in Nalhegrande, here's hoping we get some decent jobs soon.
Sturm: Mm-hm...
By the time (Captain) and company retreat to their quarters, only Drang, Sturm, and Ladiva remain at Raduga.
Drang: You know, when I was fighting the bandits out there, I wasn't feeling it...
Drang: It took me a while to realize that since I've based my fighting style entirely on having you cover me...
Drang: I couldn't take down the bandits by myself.
Sturm: You say that as if you've never noticed me backing you up all these years... As skilled as you might be, you have trouble following through.
Drang: Oof, sure is painful to hear that. You, on the other hand, are super reliable but a bit on the clumsy side.
Drang: Say, I learned a lot being around (Captain) and Reinhardtzar today...
Drang: The most important thing being that you're the only person who could ever be my partner. We make the greatest team, you and I.
Sturm: ...
Are you talking out of your drunken rump?
Drang: Huh? Maybe.
Drang: Glass is empty now... What should I ask for next...
Sturm: I also...
Drang: Hm? You say something, Sturm?
Sturm: I... I just wanted to say... I wouldn't mind another glass myself...
Ladiva: Have anything particular in mind?
Drang: Let's see... What am I in the mood for...
The mercenary duo turn their attention to the myriad of fine drinks on the shelves, taking some time to peruse their options.
Sturm points to Drang's empty glass at the same time Drang points to Sturm's.
Drang & Sturm: One of this, please.
Ladiva: Huh?
Do the two get along, or do they not? Amused by the alternating manner of their drink request, Ladiva beams a bright smile.
Ladiva: Hahah! What a fine duo you two make!
Drang: Heh... Is it that obvious?
Sturm: Humph...
Drang and Sturm sip on the drinks that Ladiva pours them, each savoring the flavor.
The quiet laughter of adults can be heard resonating from Raduga on this peaceful night.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
傭兵もいろいろと大変なのよ~! The mercenary life is no picnic, I tell ya!
グランサイファーは居心地がいいね~ What I'd give to kick back on the Grandcypher right now...
ナル・グランデでもお仕事頑張らなきゃね~ Let's see if I can do just as good a job in Nalhegrande!
あれれ?スツルム殿?どこ~? Wait a minute... Sturm? Where are yoouuuu?
ラードゥガは良い所だよね毎日でも通っちゃうなぁ~ Raduga's such a nice place. I'd go every day if I could.
スツルム殿~この後ご飯いかな~い? Hey, Sturm. Wanna have lunch with me?
スツルム殿に刺されたお尻が痛むな~…… Oof. My buns still hurt from the last time Sturm stabbed me there...
(主人公)さん、ご機嫌いかが? (Captain), how's it going?
スツルム殿ってば照れ屋さんなんだから~ Aww, isn't Sturm just adorable when she's acting all shy?
(主人公)さんはノンアルコールで乾杯ね! Cheers, (Captain)! I got you a non-alcoholic drink!


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