Gran (Anime)

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  Game   Voice   Anime   Versus   Rising    
 Kanji グラン
 Romaji Guran
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 17
 Hair Color Light Brown
 Eye Color Brown
• Personal Data•
 Status Alive
• Professional Data•
 Weapon Sword
 Occupation Captain of Grandcypher
 Affiliation Grandcypher
• Production Data•
 Debut Episode Girl in Blue
 Voiced By Japanese: Yūki Ono
Michiko Kaiden (10 years old)
English: Kyle McCarley
Allegra Clark (10 years old)
German: Benjamin Stolz
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Gran, the lead male in the game and anime, has hair that is spiky, and his hair color is chestnut with shades of dark brown. His eyes are also chestnut-colored. He has pale ivory skin. He wears a hoodie and brown shorts with armor covering his chest, arms, hips, and legs. He also carries a sword around his waist.



Early Life

Girl in Blue

Gran was first seen with his friend Aaron, chopping firewood. After Aaron's dad and Vyrn came bringing him some apples, he saw an airship blown in the sky. He saw some sort of light fall into the forest and decided to check it out. They ended up meeting Lyria and Katalina and fighting the Erste Empire. And they fought one of the generals of the Empire, Pommern, who summoned Hydra.


After summoning Proto Bahamut to kill Pommern's Hydra, Gran, Lyria and Katalina depart Zinkenstill, with the latter having a fairly limited ability to fly an airship. Gran and Lyria's souls are now merged, and Gran reads his father's letter before joining the two on their journey to escape the Erste Empire. After a party, Gran, Lyria, Vyrn and Katalina leave Zinkenstill.

Meet the Wind

The crew departs Zinkenstill for their goal, to arrive at the island of the Astrals, Estalucia. However, their helmsman, Katalina, crashes their ship at a nearby island, The Port Breeze Archipelago. A man named Rackam witnesses the crash of their ship. However, he didn't help them. The townspeople think that Rackam is odd because he is always focused on repairing a ship that has almost, no hope of flying. But trouble awaits them as the Imperial Army General Furias has caused some mischief on that island, as he has managed to make the island/archipelago's guardian deity and a primal beast furious and that caused a storm with strong winds that could destroy the island.

A Helmsman's Resolve