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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
 Title Sky Realm Adventurer
 Theme(s) Such a Blue Sky (VS Gran)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 15
 Height 170 cm
• Production Data•
 Voiced By JP: Yuki Ono
EN: Kyle McCarley
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The young protagonist of Granblue Fantasy. As captain of a motley crew, Gran sails for the fabled island of Estalucia, thwarting evil along the way.

Command List


Move properties differ depending on input as follows:
Light: (Simple), (Technical)
Medium:  +  (Simple), (Technical)
Heavy:  +  (Simple), (Technical)

Reginleiv Command Technical Command
 +  or or
: Slashes upward before firing a projectile.
: Fires a three-hit shot. The additional hits will force a longer block stun, so it's relatively safe to use at close range too.
Rising Sword Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Performs a rising slash attack.
 /  are invincible.
 / : Cannot be blocked by midair foes immediately after start-up.
: Gran will attack twice. The first attack cannot be blocked by midair foes.
Overdrive Surge Command Technical Command
/  +  +  or or
Performs a slash attack.
: Has a fast recovery allowing for a follow-up attack.
 / : Performs a kick attack that is safest to use at long range when keeping the foe at bay.
Follow-up Command Technical Command
during version of Overdrive Surge /  +  +  during version of Overdrive Surge
Performs a follow-up kick attack that causes knockdown.
It has a slow recovery so it's best used after successfully connecting an Overdrive Surge.

Unique Actions

Power Raise Command
Charges before releasing a slash attack.
This skill can be charged up to five levels and gains invincibility at level five.
Hit confirm using a triple attack to safely chain into this skill.
Cancel Command
or or or during Power Raise
Cancels Power Raise.
Gran's charge level is stored and resumes charging from the same level when using Power Raise again.

Ultimate Skills

Uses 50% of SBA gauge.

Reginleiv Command Technical Command
 +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Reginleiv: Take advantage of slowdown to use this skill as a counter-attack or to cover gaps in your offense. Will cause hard knockdown if connected.
Rising Sword Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Rising Sword: If connected at close range, Gran will perform an additional strike that causes hard knockdown.
Overdrive Surge Command Technical Command
 +  /  +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Overdrive Surge: If connected, Gran will cause a hard knockdown that keeps the foe close. This skill has a fast recovery even if blocked, making it difficult to counter.

Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge.

Tempest Blade Command Technical Command
 +  +  /  + 
[Invincible / Advancing]
Deals big damage but the initial attack has a short reach, so try using it when near a foe.
Upon successfully connecting with the first hit, activate Eternal Edge to unleash its full potential.

Super Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge at 30% or lower HP.

Catastrophe Command Technical Command
 +  +  +  /  +  + 
[Invincible / Projectile]
If connected at close range, Lyria will summon Proto Bahamut for increased damage.
Eternal Edge Command Technical Command
on the first hit of Tempest Blade +  on the first hit of Tempest Blade
Time this right with first hit of Tempest Blade for a follow-up attack of eternal proportions.

Character Quotes

Opponent SideDialogue is based on which side the character is facing. In a mirror match the following order goes from P2 to P1. Dialogue
Mirror match P2 Vyrn: "Whoa, seriously? Who does that lizard think he's fooling!? Get him!"
Lyria: "Does Vyrn have a brother?"
Gran: "Darkness? Where's this feeling coming from?"
P1 Gran: "Lyria, don't look them in the eye."
Lyria: "D-doppelgangers?"
Vyrn: "That lizard's a phony!"
Gran: "Let's do this!"
Djeeta P2 Vyrn: "Look at these stinkin' copycats! 'Cept her, but still... The nerve!"
Lyria: "What's going on!"
Gran: "This feels... wrong somehow. Just who, who are you?"
Djeeta: "Don't be afraid. This is just some kinda trick!"
Vyrn: "A pretty dumb one!"
Lyria: "Please be careful!"
Djeeta: "Okay... Let's go!"
P1 Vyrn: "Huh? Is it just me or do they look like us?"
Lyria: "But Djeeta's not a boy?"
Djeeta: "What's up with them? We'd better not back down now!"
Gran: "Just who is that girl... Both of you, stay back."
Lyria: "My heart is racing!"
Vyrn: "You got this, buddy!"
Gran: Here goes!"
Katalina P2 Vyrn: "Oh, man... We're fighting Katalina. You really gonna do it?"
Lyria: "Stop this, Katalina!"
Gran: "No, Lyria. I'll handle this."
Katalina: "Stand clear, Lyria. I don't want you to get hurt. I'll settle this quickly."
P1 Katalina: "Here we go... This isn't going to be like sparring practice, Gran."
Gran: "Lyria, stay behind me!"
Lyria: "Right... Be careful!"
Vyrn: "Even if it's Katalina, you got this!"
Charlotta P2 Vyrn: "The captain of the holy knights ain't no joke... Watch yourself!"
Lyria: "Oh, Charlotta!"
Gran: "Is my training going to be enough?"
Charlotta: "This fight decides it all! No shortcuts—no going easy!"
P1 Charlotta: "W-wait! I can explain! The higher the ground, the greater the advantage!"
Gran: "Charlotta is gonna be tough."
Lyria: "Please don't get hurt!"
Vyrn: "Keep your guard up, buddy!"
Lancelot P2 Vyrn: "Uh-oh, this guy's tough! Give him all you got!"
Lyria: "Lancelot, please!"
Gran: "Don't worry. I won't go down without a fight."
Lancelot: "Oh? Then feel the bite of the White Dragons!"
P1 Lancelot: "I will not sully the reputation of the order. Witness our strength!"
Gran: "It's about to get hairy. You guys stay back."
Lyria: "D-do I have to pick sides?"
Vyrn: "Watch it! He's quick!"
Gran: "Okay!"
Percival P2 Vyrn: "Guess we're fighting Sir Burnsalot! Don't burn yourself, Gran!"
Lyria: "Percival!"
Gran: "He's a trained knight. Just how do I get past his flames?"
Percival: "Gran. Fire tests gold and adversity... Character."
P1 Percival: "Arm yourself, Gran. Show me how time's anvil has forged your blade."
Gran: "Both of you, stay back so you don't get caught in his flames!"
Lyria: "You be careful too, Gran!"
Vyrn: "Kick his blazing butt!"
Gran: "Alright!"
Ladiva P2 Vyrn: "She's a first-class duelist! If she gets close to you— Then its light's out!"
Lyria: "Ladiva!"
Gran: "I hope I can handle her..."
Ladiva: "Look at you three, all grown up and joining the big leagues. It's adorable! Now let's see if you've earned your place!"
P1 Ladiva: "I've been looking forward to this one all day! You're about to get a lesson in the power of love! And class is ready to begin!"
Gran: "Am I ready to face a legendary duelist?"
Lyria: "What's she mean by love?!"
Vyrn: "Don't get crushed!"
Metera P2 Vyrn: "Next up is Miss Shameless, huh? She's no slouch!"
Lyria: "Why, Metera?"
Gran: "This won't be easy... But I'll do my best!"
Metera: "Will you now? How adorable. I guess I'll have to pull out all the stops too."
P1 Metera: "Hm? It isn't kind to make a lady wait. So, how are you gonna make it up to me?"
Gran: "Great, just what we needed. A flying seductress."
Lyria: "Stay focused, Gran!"
Vyrn: "Eyes on the prize!"
Lowain P2 Vyrn: "Stay on your toes, or you'll get caught in their vibe! You're too young to vibe!"
Lyria: "W-wahey!"
Gran: "Oh no—Lyria, step away from the dark side!"
Tomoi: "Heheh..."
Elsam: "Nice."
Lowain: "Hmm..."
Lowain: "Ha! Lyri-rad's vibin' with us."
Elsam: "Aww... Ain't she the best?"
Tomoi: "Anywho, let's get this show on the road."
Lowain: "Word. If we wanna win this, just gotta go with the flow and..."
The Bros: "ride the waves!"
P1 Tomoi: "Wassup!"
Elsam: "Heheh."
Lowain: "Hey, Cap'n! You up for a no-babies, winner-takes-all throw down? Whenever you're ready!"
Gran: "Team Lowain... You know, this might actually be tough..."
Lyria: "Wha-whay..."
Vyrn: "Wahey!"
Gran: "Guys..."
Ferry P2 Vyrn: "Don't get hung up on the numbers! Just focus!"
Lyria: "Ferry, no!"
Gran: "It's okay. We don't fight alone either."
Ferry: "It's all right, Nicola. I warn you—I'm no good at holding back!"
P1 Ferry: "Beppo! Fugee! Nicola! Geegee! We can't underestimate them."
Gran: "Ferry and her pets aren't gonna go down easy. Leave this to me."
Lyria: "5 on 1?"
Vyrn: "You can do it, Gran!"
Zeta P2 Vyrn: "Red's crazy fast! Eyes peeled, Gran!"
Lyria: "Zeta!"
Gran: "Okay. Calm down, and meet her head on!"
Zeta: "Lyria. Vyrn. Step aside. Cuz I'm comin' in hot!"
P1 Zeta: "Y'know, Gran, I've never seen you look so serious before. That mean I can go all out?"
Gran: "Both of you, get back. Now! Zeta's not pulling any punches."
Lyria: "Please be careful!"
Vyrn: "Keep your head on your shoulders!"
Gran: "Okay!"
Vaseraga P2 Vyrn: "Spiky's one tough nut to crack! Stay sharp, Gran!"
Lyria: "Vaseraga!"
Gran: "I can't even imagine Vaseraga losing a fight..."
Vaseraga: "You'll never win with an attitude like that, Gran! Get rid of it, and anything else that holds you back!"
P1 Vaseraga: "Gran... Your refusal to give up is one of your strengths... But not knowing when to give up is foolish. You are weaker for it."
Gran: "It's no weakness... And I'll prove it!"
Lyria: "You can beat him, Gran!"
Vyrn: "Get 'im, partner!"
Gran: "Let's go!"
Narmaya P2 Vyrn: "Is it just me, or is she asleep? Heeeeey!"
Lyria: "Narmaya!"
Gran: "Looks like she's in a trance... Is she gonna wake up?"
Narmaya: "Huh, that you, Captain? Hah! Here to spar for a bit? Let's give it our all, okay?"
P1 Narmaya: "Hi, Captain! Show me how much you've progressed, okay?"
Gran: "Narmaya and I are gonna spar. Don't get too close, you two."
Lyria: "Please be careful!"
Vyrn: "Get in there!"
Soriz P2 Vyrn: "That sure ain't the same skirt-chasing Soriz I'm used to... Watch yourself!"
Lyria: "Soriz, please!"
Gran: "I've gotten much stronger so... Give me all you've got—I can take it!"
Soriz: "I hear ya. Sure I'll bust out the big guns. But don't blame me if you go cryin' home to granny!"
P1 Soriz: "Hahh! All right, listen up, kid. 'Bout time someone smacked you into adulthood."
Gran: "Lets do this! I hope I can become a fighter like you one day."
Lyria: "Just be careful out there!"
Vyrn: "He's not much of a role-model!"
Gran: "Focus!"
Zooey P2 Vyrn: "Miss Flippy-Hair's so strong. She's like... the order grande! Stay sharp!"
Lyria: "Zooey, please!"
Gran: "Even if this is just training, I can't let my guard down. So Zooey... you ready?"
Zooey: "I'm more than excited to begin. Gran, show me the brilliance of your blade. And I'll do the same!"
P1 Zooey: "Singularity, no... Gran. Come forth and face me."
Gran: "I accept your challenge. I’ll never back down!"
Lyria: "Don't hurt yourself, okay?"
Vyrn: "Just keep your cool!"
Gran: "Yeah..."
Cagliostro P2 Vyrn: "I think... It is Cagliostro! Hey!"
Lyria: "Hi Cagliostro!"
Gran: "You said you wanted to talk. Did something happen?"
Cagliostro: "Well, ya see... I had um, a favor I wanted to ask you... Which is...! Become my guinea pig for the sake of alchemy! No one else could make it out alive, Gran!"
P1 Cagliostro: "Hey, Mr. Captain! Can I borrow you for a minute? Pretty please?"
Gran: "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
Lyria: "Just don't do anything rash!"
Vyrn: "Keep that chin up!"
Yuel P2 Vyrn: "Yuel's got show-stopping moves like you wouldn't believe! And they're on fire!"
Lyria: "Yuel!"
Gran: "Nobody dances like her. Would be great if she taught me some moves."
Yuel: "Feast yer eyes all you want... But don't get burnt now!"
P1 Yuel: "Huh? Whoa?! The heck... You tryin' ta play a trick on me, Vyrn? Just warning you now... You're in for a real ticklin'!"
Gran: "Heads up! The last time she caught you, you almost died of laughter."
Lyria: "It was pretty intense..."
Vyrn: "Keep her away from me!"
Gran: "I'll protect you, buddy."
Anre P2 Vyrn: "Heads up! Stache man's spear jumps around like it's alive! Stay on your toes!"
Lyria: "Oh, Anre!"
Gran: "I'll make the most of this, and learn as much as I can!"
Anre: "It's true our lives are enriched by constant learning. However, pursuing power for selfish reasons is not a wise path."
P1 Anre: "Power is an instrument—wielded for good and evil. Gran, for what purpose do you wield that blade?"
Gran: "For Lyria, for Vyrn... To protect all I love!"
Lyria: "You can do it, Gran!"
Vyrn: "Give him the boot!"
Gran: "Let's do this!"
Eustace P2 Vyrn: "Here comes ol' Sourpuss! Looking fresh!"
Lyria: "Hi, Eustace!"
Gran: "Nice. I could use some training. Let's do it!"
Eustace: "Gran. You have my respect. And that's why... I'm coming at you full force."
P1 Eustace: "Every shot from Flamek is lethal. You can't slip up, Gran."
Gran: "Fine by me. Bring it. You guys stay out of the crossfire."
Lyria: "Don't get electrocuted!"
Vyrn: "Be careful out there, buddy!"
Gran: "I can do this..."
Seox P2 Vyrn: "Guess it's time to brawl with the Masked Wonder! Get him good!"
Lyria: "Oh, Seox!"
Gran: "All right... I'm giving this fight my all!"
Seox: "Very good. Hold nothing back, or else! We begin!"
P1 Seox: "Show me that strength, that you're able to live up to the weight of your responsibility! Gran!"
Gran: "I don't know if I can live up to your skill, but... I'll still try my hardest!"
Lyria: "You always do!"
Vyrn: "You got this!"
Gran: "Here goes!"
Vira P2 Vyrn: "Uh-oh, our next match is with Kata— That ain't her!"
Lyria: "It's Vira!"
Gran: "But Katalina told us to meet her here. Did something happen?"
Vira: "Allow me to explain... She was pulled away by an urgent matter. I shall be your opponent instead."
P1 Vira: "You've traversed skydoms near and far, dearest captain. Show me what you've learned."
Gran: "I'll try not to let you down, Vira."
Lyria: "You can do it!"
Vyrn: "Get in there!"
Gran: "Welp... Here goes nothing!"
Anila P2 Vyrn: "We're up against Anila? Don't be slacking off just 'cause she's giga-nice. Now kick some tail!"
Lyria: "Kleshas, begone!"
Gran: "Don't worry, I've got this."
Anila: "I'll be gentle with ya!"
P1 Anila: "Well, well, well, if it isn't the culprits who stole the bean jelly I was saving for dessert... Time for punishment!"
Gran: "Lyria! Vyrn! Run for it!"
Lyria: "We're so sorry!"
Vyrn: "Waaah!"
Gran: "I'll buy you some time!"
Siegfried P2 Vyrn: "Man, Siegfried's training is tougher than nails... Hang in there, bud!"
Lyria: "Remember to take breaks!"
Gran: "Hey, let's take things to the next level!"
Siegfried: "Feeling confident? Good. Shatter your limits and forge new possibilities."
P1 Siegfried: "Gran. The winds of this world are fickle. When you lose your way, consult the truest compass you have: Your heart."
Gran: "I get that, but... you don't sail with your heart. I need experience to lead."
Lyria: "We trust you, Gran!"
Vyrn: "Kick his armored butt!"
Gran: "Come at me!"
Grimnir P2 Vyrn: "Dude. Get a load of Windy's pose. Time for a trial. Are you ready, bro?"
Lyria: "Ready teddy!"
Gran: "I'd actually still like some time to—Oh, never mind."
Grimnir: "No two paths ever cross by chance... We're boats... on fortune's wind. We sail by light blest!"
P1 Grimnir: "Singularity. Ever my wind blows, winnowing chaff from grain. Come, stand for thy trial!"
Gran: "Gimme all the tests you got! I'll ace every single one of them!"
Lyria: "Gran's a teacher's pet!"
Vyrn: "Don't flunk out now, bud!"
Gran: "No sweat!"
Nier P2 Vyrn: "I dunno. That Nier girl really has it out for us. What'd we ever do?!"
Lyria: "V-Vyrn!"
Gran: "We should know her, we just don't remember. So let's spar! Could jog our memories!"
Nier: "You said you'd help me. You said I wasn't alone. You promised! ...But you lied."
P1 Nier: "Gran? I thought you liked me. A-and accepted me... And were going to help me change! You... You promised..."
Gran: "I did? But I don't remember you at all. With these shifting timelines, nothing feels real!"
Lyria: "I'm getting scared..."
Vyrn: "Eyes on the choppers!"
Gran: "Right!"
Beelzebub P2 Vyrn: "So that creep is Beelzebub? Take 'im down!"
Lyria: "You can do it!"
Gran: "I can't afford to lose... No matter what!"
Beelzebub: "The Girl in Blue, and the Red Dragon... Sink into oblivion, and be erased from creation!"
P1 Beelzebub: "Singularity... After I have secured your death, there will be nothing to stop my plan."
Gran: "I'll never let that happen, Beelzebub!"
Lyria: "We're counting on you, Gran!"
Vyrn: "It's all you, buddy!"
Gran: "Bring it!"
Belial P2 Vyrn: "Well if it ain't the pervy angel! If you think you can sweet-talk Gran... Think again!"
Lyria: "He's too good for you!"
Gran: "All right Belial... This ends here and now!"
Belial: "Aren't you a cocky little— Haha! Oh how greedy Singularity. I wasn't aware you wanted me all to yourself. Hahaha..."
P1 Belial: "Ah, Singularity... Up for a little fun?"
Gran: "Lyria, Vyrn. You two need to get someplace safe okay?"
Lyria: "Oh, don't take too long!"
Vyrn: "Better give him heck!"
Gran: "I'll try!"
Avatar Belial P2 Vyrn: "Well if it ain't the pervy angel! If you think you can sweet-talk Gran... Think again!"
Lyria: "He's too good for you!"
Gran: "All right Belial... This ends here and now!"
Avatar Belial: "You're right. I was thinking it's about time... I crushed you!"
P1 Avatar Belial: "Singularity... You're out of your depth here. No mortal could possibly comprehend the enormity of my plan."
Gran: "Lyria, Vyrn. You two need to get someplace safe okay?"
Lyria: "Oh, don't take too long!"
Vyrn: "Better give him heck!"
Gran: "I'll try!"
Lucilius P2 Vyrn: "Everything's riding on this fight. Good to go?"
Lyria: "I know you'll win!"
Gran: "I'll have to—for the crew, and everyone across the skies!"
Lucilius: "Singularity... I tire of your talk. It's time to die."
P1 Lucilius: "No matter how the blind mice struggle... The clock will tick down to zero."
Gran: "The only thing we're counting down to is your defeat, Lucilius!"
Lyria: "Please stay strong!"
Vyrn: "Beat his tail!"
Gran: "It's on!"
2B P2 Vyrn: "How crazy do you have to be to put on a blindfold before a fight? She's tough as nails!"
Lyria: "You can do this, Gran!"
Gran: "Time to get down to business!"
Pod 042: "Proposal: Do not destroy enemies."
2B: "You must be the skyfarer. The so-called Singularity. Commencing recon."
P1 Pod 042: "Activating short range attack gear. Alert! Large enemy group detected!"
2B: "Emergency measures ready—proceeding with the operation."
Gran: "Measures? Operation? What's she talking about?"
Lyria: "You think she's a friend?"
Vyrn: "Just be careful!"
Gran: "Here goes!"
Vane P2 Vyrn: "Blondie's gonna be one tough honkin' egg to beat. Look at his hams!"
Lyria: "Let's get cooking!"
Gran: "All right... Time we cranked up the heat!"
Vane: "Yeah! That's the spirit! Though for some reason, now I want breakfast... Right! Down to business!"
P1 Vane: "Now that we've done fifty laps, the real training begins! C'mon!"
Gran: "Wait... We're sparring already? My legs are like jelly..."
Lyria: "Get swole!"
Vyrn: "Brains on your gains!"
Gran: "Guys!"
Opponent Side"Ally" refers to P1 side and "Foe" refers to P2 side. Dialogue
Generic Foe Vyrn: "Uh-oh, this guy's tough! Take 'im down!"
Lyria: "You can do it!"
Gran: "Don't worry. I won't go down without a fight."
Ally Gran: "Leave this to me!"
Lyria: "Be careful, okay?"
Vyrn: "You got this, Gran!"
Gran: "Let's go!"
Episode 4: Bolt from the Blue
Katalina Ally Katalina: "You're coming with me, one way or another."
Gran: "Vyrn, you take care of Lyria."
Lyria: "Katalina...!"
Vyrn: "Even if it's Katalina, you got this!"
Gran: "Katalina..."
Episode 8: Undesired Duel
Katalina Ally Katalina: "Draw your sword, Gran. Time to settle this."
Gran: "I guess I don't have a choice..."
Lyria: "Katalina, please tell me why!"
Vyrn: "Countin' on ya, partner!"
Gran: "Here I come!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic Gran: "Phew..."
Vyrn: "Graaan! Now that's how you do it!"
Lyria: "I knew you could!"
Gran: "Phew..."
Vyrn: "Yooo! Now that's our Gran!"
Lyria: "You were great!"
Gran: "Phew..."
Vyrn: "Hehe! Didn't doubt you for a second!"
Lyria: "Same here!"
Mirror match Gran: "Phew..."
Vyrn: "Graaan! You can't let a fake beat you!"
Lyria: "That's right!"
Katalina Gran: "I did it..."
Vyrn: "Would ya look at that! You finally beat her!"
Lyria: "That was amazing, Gran!"
Lowain Gran: "Phew..."
Vyrn: "Woot woot! Tubular, dude!"
Lyria: "Totally tubular!"
All Three: "Waheeey!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic Gran: "That was close..."
Lyria: "Yeah..."
Vyrn: "Heh-heh! Nobody can stop us!"
Gran: "Lyria, stay close."
Lyria: "Okay!"
Vyrn: "We're better together! Am I right?"
Gran: "Lyria, are you okay?"
Lyria: "Yes..."
Vyrn: "There ain't nothing we can't handle together!"
Mirror match Lyria: "Who was that Gran?"
Gran: "I dunno."
Vyrn: "No point in dwelling on it now!"
Katalina Lyria: "Katalina..."
Gran: "We might've overdone it..."
Vyrn: "Heh-heh, she'll be fine!"
Ladiva Lyria: "It's all..."
Gran: "For love..."
Vyrn: "Her love's just too much to handle!"
Lowain Lyria: "Lowain..."
Gran: "You okay bro?"
Vyrn: "Well, if he ain't gonna say it..."
All Three: "Waheeey!"
Ferry Gran: "We might've gone too far."
Lyria: "Oops... Sorry..."
Vyrn: "She's a ghost! She'll be fine."
Gran: "You think?"
Lyria: "Y-Yeah..."
Beelzebub Gran: "Did we get him?"
Lyria: "I think so!"
Vyrn: "Looks like he's a goner!"
Gran: "Alright!"
Lyria: "Yay!"
Opponent Dialogue
Mirror match "I can't let my guard down. I gotta protect Lyria no matter what!"
Djeeta "Um... What did you say your name was? We've met somewhere before... haven't we?"
Katalina "How did I do, Katalina? Have my sword skills improved?"
Charlotta "It was an honor fighting a Holy Knight. Thank you for crossing swords with me, Charlotta!"
Lancelot "Those were some pretty fast strikes... Looks like I have more training to do!"
Percival "I could tell just how dedicated he was. One wrong move and I would've been toast!"
Ladiva "So that's what it's like to get in the ring. The pressure was intense, but the experience was worth it. Thanks, Ladiva!"
Metera "Metera has really earned her reputation. If she hadn't slipped up, I doubt I could've landed a hit on her."
Lowain "For a minute there I couldn't tell what was real and what was delusion."
Ferry "Your teamwork is great... Things never work that smoothly with me and Vyrn."
Zeta "Those primal-hunting weapons are pretty cool... But we have our own way of doing things!"
Vaseraga "He cracked my blade! Wow... If that fight had gone on any longer, I would've lost. Guess I still have some training to do!"
Narmaya "Narmaya... are you crying? I'm so sorry! Are you okay? What? They're tears of joy? Because of how much I've grown?"
Soriz "After all the training he's done, Soriz's whole body is a weapon! I wonder if I'll be like him when I'm older... Haha, funny to imagine."
Zooey "Preserving the world's balance... Seems like a huge burden to carry. Any time you need us, Zooey, we're there!"
Cagliostro "Looks like I managed to escape her clutches this time... I doubt I'd last long if I ended up as one of her—gulp—test subjects."
Yuel "Her dancing was nothing short of captivating—I was almost in a daze. Huh? What's the matter, Lyria? Did I say something wrong?"
Anre "You're as strong as they come, Anre! I feel a lot better about protecting everyone with you by our side!"
Eustace "Thanks for the match, Eustace! How was my fighting style? Any comments?"
Seox "I know I won this time, but your strength is still unbelievable... My heart is beating so fast! After I've caught my breath, can we go again?"
Vira "I can't believe I pulled that off! Probably thanks to the extra sparring I've been doing with Kata—You... you wanna join us, Vira? I'll ask Katalina."
Anila "I managed to scrape a win, but I feel like you were in control the whole time... Heh, what do you eat for breakfast, and where I can get some?"
Siegfried "Man, Siegfried, you never fail to impress... Someday, I hope I get as strong as you. Heh, all the more reason to kick my training into high gear!"
Grimnir "It doesn't matter how many tests you throw my way, Grimnir. If it's to protect Lyria and Vyrn, then I'm ready for anything!"
Nier "Nier... Wait, Nier, is that you? Sorry... I finally remember... Everything's okay now. I know the crew will be happy to have you back."
Beelzebub "We're headed for the end of the skies. We can't let you slow us down... And we definitely can't let you end the world!"
Belial "When we unite to fight, nobody can stop us. And if you try to pull off anything like this again, we'll be there to stop you."
Avatar Belial
Lucilius "The Sky Realm isn't perfect, but it's our home. And as long as there's a sunrise glinting over the horizon, it's a home worth saving."
2B "You said your name was 2B, right? And your objective is... to make contact with and observe the Singularity? Is there anything I have to do in particular, or...?"
Vane "Every blow of yours shook me to the core. So, uh... You got any tips for an aspiring musclehead?"

Character Colors


Character images in the following table are temporarily being used from GBVS for visual representation purposes only
and do not reflect the updated character models in GBVSR.
ID Image Obtained From Notes
1 Default Fighter

Default character color selection.

2 Default McDonald's Promotional Tie-In Smiling Crew Member

Default Player 2 selection.

3 Default
4 Default
5 Gran Character Level 8
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
6 Gran Character Level 26
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
7 Gran Character Level 44
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
8 Gran Character Level 60
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
9 Gran Character Level 85
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
10 Gran Character Level 105
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
11 Gran Character Level 125
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
12 Gran Character Level 140
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
13 Gran Character Level 160
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
14 Gran Character Level 170
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Vyrn-themed. Forms a matching set with weapon 7.
15 Gran Character Level 190
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Alter Ego Conjurer
16 Crane Game Sepia Tone
17 Crane Game ArcSys Special Gold. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
18 Crane Game ArcSys Special Electric Blue. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
19 Transfer GBVS save data with this color unlocked
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
Conqueror of the Eternals
20 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 1"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
21 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 2"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
22 Premium Battle Pass Round 1 Level 1 Based off the colors of the original GBVS icon.
EX Special reward for attending events

Guider to the Eternal Edge

The basic design is based on the Guider to the Eternal Edge skin.

This skin is included with the Deluxe Character Pass 1 DLC. Alternatively, it can be purchased from the Rupie Shop for 22500 Rupies.

Character images in the following table are temporarily being used from GBVS for visual representation purposes only
and do not reflect the updated character models in GBVSR.
ID Image Obtained From Notes
1 Default Guider to the Eternal Edge

Default character color selection.

2 Default Conqueror of the Eternals

Default Player 2 selection.

3 Default
4 Default
5 Default
6 Default
7 Default
8 Default

Weapon Skins

ID Image Variation Name Obtain Notes
01 Traveller's Sword Base:
Gran Character Level 210
Traveller's Sword
02 N/A Mythril Spatha Gran Character Level 30
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Mythril Spatha
03 N/A Xiphos Gran Character Level 55
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
04 Makebranche Base:
Gran Character Level 75
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Gran Character Level 240
05 Tiamat Blade Base:
Gran Character Level 90
Gran Character Level 260
Tiamat Blade
06 N/A Luminiera Sword Omega Gran Character Level 115
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Luminiera Sword Omega
07 Vyrn Star Sword Base:
Gran Character Level 180
Rupie Shop (1200 Rupies)
Gran Character Level 220
Vyrn Star Sword
08 Original Sin Base:
Gran Character Level 230
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Transfer GBVS save data with this weapon unlocked
Gran Character Level 300
Original Sin
09 Dagger of Eternal Splendor Base:
Gran Character Level 290
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Gran Character Level 500
Dagger of Eternal Splendor
The weapon variation applies a prismatic effect to Reginleiv.[1]



Alternate Character Illustrations



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