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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
 Title Tiny Justice
 Theme(s) Noble Execution (VS Charlotta)
• Characteristics•
 Race Harvin
 Gender Female
 Age 24
 Height 90 cm
• Professional Data•
 Affiliation Lumiel Order of Holy Knights
• Production Data•
 Voiced By JP: Kaori Nazuka
EN: Cristina Vee
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Charlotta is a Harvin and the beloved captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights. Generous when it comes to the faults of others, she is exceedingly hard on herself, believing fate cut her from literally too short a cloth.

Command List


Move properties differ depending on input as follows:
Light: (Simple), (Technical)
Medium:  +  (Simple), (Technical)
Heavy:  +  (Simple), (Technical)

Holy Ladder Command Technical Command
 (Hold)  +  or or
Performs a rising attack that cannot be blocked by midair foes, followed by a downward slash attack.
The and versions have invincibility properties.
Shining Onslaught Command Technical Command
 +  (Hold)  +  or or
Performs a rolling attack that causes knockback even when blocked.
The version has a slower recovery, but covers a longer range. When using technical inputs, or can be held instead.
Sword of Lumiel Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Unleashes a multi-hit slash attack.
: Hits three times.
 / : Hits five times.
This skill has very little knockback and keeps Charlotta near the foe. Use it to keep the pressure on!
Noble Strategy Command Technical Command
or or
Performs a leap that can be followed up with various actions.
: Has a high jump arc.
 / : Travels further across the screen. Useful for closing in on foes or crossing them up.
With Surest Strike! Command
Auto-activates after Noble Strategy's landing
Performs a slash attack when landing after Noble Strategy.
This skill can only be blocked crouching, so use it to catch standing foes off guard!
With Flying Nobility! Command
during Noble Strategy
Performs a midair dive attack during Noble Strategy.
This skill has a fast recovery, so Charlotta will be able to move first upon landing when hitting the foe's feet. The version of Noble Strategy recovers quickly enough so that she can move first even when striking the foe at a higher point.
With Purest Bravery! Command
during Noble Strategy
Performs a midair slash attack during Noble Strategy.
This skill must be blocked standing, so use it to catch crouching foes off guard!
With Sweetest Skills! Command
during Noble Strategy
[Command Throw]
Grabs both standing and midair foes during Noble Strategy. Use it to catch standing or jumping foes off guard!

Unique Actions

Königsschild Command
Puts up a shield that reduces damage by 50% and automatically triggers a counter-attack when parrying close-range attacks.
It can also be used to fend off foes using long-range strike attacks.

Ultimate Skills

Uses 50% of SBA gauge.

Holy Ladder Command Technical Command
 +  (Hold)  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Holy Ladder: Gains invinicibility properties and deals additional hits for even more damage and a hard knockdown that leaves the foe right by Charlotta.
Shining Onslaught Command Technical Command
 +  +  (Hold)  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Shining Onslaught: Follows up the initial strike with an additional slash. This skill has a fast recovery even if blocked, making it difficult to counter.
Sword of Lumiel Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Sword of Lumiel: Deals additional hits for even more damage before finishing with a blow that sends the foe flying into a hard knockdown.
Noble Strategy Command Technical Command
Performs an enhanced version of Noble Strategy: Deals damage on the way up before performing a combination of With Flying Nobility and With Surest Strike! in succession.
Use its offensive properties to interrupt foes at close range or approach them from afar.

Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge.

Brilliant Moon Command Technical Command
 +  +  /  + 
[Invincible / Advancing]
Performs a multi-hit attack that deals more damage upon connecting at close range.
Take advantage of its invincibility to cut through projectiles.

Super Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge at 30% or lower HP.

Noble Execution Command Technical Command
 +  +  +  /  +  + 
Performs a rising slash attack followed by a powerful downward swing.
If connected at close range, Charlotta will perform an enhanced version for increased damage.

Character Quotes

Opponent SideDialogue is based on which side the character is facing. In a mirror match the following order goes from P2 to P1. Dialogue
Mirror match P2 "Oops! I was so preoccupied with the box that... I almost didn't see you."
P1 "Ooh, the impudence of you! I'll make you regret your words!"
Gran P2 Charlotta: "W-wait! I can explain! The higher the ground, the greater the advantage!"
Gran: "Charlotta is gonna be tough."
Lyria: "Please don't get hurt!"
Vyrn: "Keep your guard up, buddy!"
P1 Vyrn: "The captain of the holy knights ain't no joke... Watch yourself!"
Lyria: "Oh, Charlotta!"
Gran: "Is my training going to be enough?"
Charlotta: "This fight decides it all! No shortcuts—no going easy!"
Djeeta P2 Charlotta: "Oh! This is because, um... Look at that! Time for sparring practice!"
Djeeta: "You guys... Let's just pretend like we didn't see any of that. Especially the whole box part."
Vyrn: "Didn't see nothin'!"
Lyria: "Ye-yes, of course!"
Djeeta: "Well... Let's get to it!"
P1 Vyrn: "Oh! Think we found her! See that tall crown over there?"
Lyria: "Must be Charlotta!"
Djeeta: "She might be our friend, but she's still a knight. This fight isn't going to be pretty."
Charlotta: "I swore a holy oath on this blade. I won't shrink from a challenge... Even if it means facing you, Djeeta."
Katalina P2 Charlotta: "Don't sell me short! Today we clash swords in the spirit of knighthood!"
Katalina: "Far be it for me to belittle a swordswoman of such renowned skill. It's an honor."
P1 Katalina: "Captain of the Holy Knights... I'm eager to see how my swordsmanship compares to yours. Care for a duel?"
Charlotta: "If that is what you want... that is what you'll get!"
Lancelot P2 Charlotta: "I-I don't... I don't need this to fight!"
Lancelot: "Be that as it may. It's an honor to face you."
P1 Lancelot: "Captain of the Order of the White Dragons! Lancelot! En garde!"
Charlotta: "Captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights! Charlotta Fenia! En garde!"
Percival P2 Charlotta: "I was, um, passing the time while I waited... But you're here now so let's start!"
Percival: "There's no need to explain yourself. Save your breath... For battle."
P1 Percival: "I have great respect for the Lumiel Order. I won't be tempering my flames, Holy Knight."
Charlotta: "Your reputation precedes you. It would be an honor to do battle. May the most noble and righteous prevail!"
Ladiva P2 Charlotta: "Er... Um... N-never judge a sword by its hilt! I'm a full-fledged adult!"
Ladiva: "I would never judge a book by its cover! This is a duel between two sophisticated women!"
P1 Ladiva: "Forever pure, forever righteous... What a simply beautiful ideal. Come, teach me everything you know!"
Charlotta: "I must carefully observe... the true strength of this renowned duelist!"
Metera P2 Charlotta: "Um, this is... I wanted to match your height while you flew! Then I could face you head on!"
Metera: "What an adorable excuse! I could just pinch those cheeks."
P1 Metera: "Oh? My target is smaller than I expected. Perhaps size isn't everything after all."
Charlotta: "No matter the size... It only takes a single blow to decide the battle!"
Lowain P2 Charlotta: "Hey, what are you doing there! All hunched over! No matter what bizarre tactics you employ, I shall confront you without trepidation."
Tomoi: "Whoa..."
Elsam: "Mm..."
Lowain: "Hehe..."
Lowain: "Oy, you gents hear that?"
Elsam: "Hah. She thinks we have tactics."
Tomoi: "Well, joke's on her."
Lowain: "We fake it till we make it, baby!"
The Bros: "Rock and roll!"
P1 Tomoi: "Lu..."
Elsam: "miel!"
Lowain: "Hey Charlotta! I can see that hungry look in your eye! How 'bout a Little Skyfarer's Lunch? Hehe... Only if you beat us!"
Charlotta: "You would treat me to such finery? Then in return, I shall give this battle my most noble performance."
Ferry P2 Charlotta: "Wah! It's only proper to start a bout eye to eye, right? Please don't tell anyone else I lack perspective."
Ferry: "Confidential, she says? Fine. If you win, I'll keep your secret!"
P1 Ferry: "As long as we're together, no foe can stop us!"
Charlotta: "I see! I like your spirit! For my part, I have no intention of losing!"
Zeta P2 Charlotta: "This box is something I found lying around! I was testing its sturdiness... Now, let us have a fair fight!"
Zeta: "You mean you don't use that thing to get a height advantage? Well, whatever, let's go!"
P1 Zeta: "I’m not sure what all the fuss about the Holy Knights is... But I'm eager to find out!"
Charlotta: "I'll show you the essence of the Lumiel Order and what makes us Holy Knights!"
Vaseraga P2 Charlotta: "Though you may be much larger than me... I am honored that you would face me as an equal!"
Vaseraga: "Stature has nothing to do with it. You see, when it comes to pure fighting skill, no one has reached greater heights than you."
P1 Vaseraga: "To face this scythe is no small feat, Charlotta. Your courage is impressive."
Charlotta: "A Holy Knight is afraid of nothing! The shine of my sword will erase any and all doubts!"
Narmaya P2 Charlotta: "This was among my most noble of entrances! You weren't even looking! What a breach of honor!"
Narmaya: "Huh? Oh, forgive me. You have my full attention, Charlotta. Please hold nothing back!"
P1 Narmaya: "Draw thy blade. And become as the butterfly."
Charlotta: "Quite the impressive air you have! But as the captain of the Lumiel Order, it is a privilege to accept such challengers!"
Soriz P2 Charlotta: "Daah! Th-this is just 'cause... A true Holy Knight looks her opponent in the eye as a sign of respect. That's all this is. Y-you believe me, don't you?"
Soriz: "Whoa there, now. Nothing wrong with trying to reach greater heights. And what better way to grow... Than by sparrin' with the best of 'em."
P1 Soriz: "All right! You ever heard the sayin' that the biggest rockslides start with the tiniest pebbles? 'Ts an honor to fight an avalanche like yourself."
Charlotta: "An avalanche? You flatter me. Let's see which is mightier—my blade or your fists!"
Zooey P2 Charlotta: "Who says you need to be tall to keep the world balanced? In order to protect the skies, one needs only a noble heart!"
Zooey: "I see. Fair enough. We shall test the strength of your heart, the very limits of your conviction. Raise your sword!"
P1 Zooey: "You wield your blade with practiced hands—that much is clear. But I'm curious if your technique is truly faultless. Come! Show me!"
Charlotta: "You fight to keep the balance of this world... To think, I'll have the honor of crossing blades with you... Now prepare yourself!"
Cagliostro P2 Charlotta: "Th-this could be it! My chance has arrived at last! Is it true, that you're capable of changing a body's inherent parameters?"
Cagliostro: "Weelll, I know it's not very nice to brag about yourself... Hah. But if you want a demonstration, I'd be more than happy to oblige."
P1 Cagliostro: "Cagliostro's almost jealous of how cute and widdle you are."
Charlotta: "You boorish knave! My body is a well-honed weapon, tiny frame or no!"
Yuel P2 Charlotta: "Is that a smirk that I descry on your face! Speak, Yuel! What is amusing you so?"
Yuel: "Aww... Can't help it—you're just so dang cute sometimes. I'm grinnin' ear to ear."
P1 Yuel: "Huh?! Gotcha! Hmmm... Dang it, and that was a real cute one too. Well, thankfully here's an even cuter playmate!"
Charlotta: "C-cute? It seems you have yet to be initiated in the glory that is the Lumiel Order!"
Anre P2 Charlotta: "I-I was just doing reconnaissance of your flying technique since, well, uh, you have to know your enemy! There! We may begin at any time! Witness the true strength of the holy saber!"
Anre: "A fellow warrior Harvin... Hmph! Don't I feel right at home? Small frames provide few merits... But we must persist regardless."
P1 Anre: "One need only tune their willpower, and there's nothing we cannot overcome. You lead a distinguished order of holy knights. What greater proof could there be than this?"
Charlotta: "I've never received higher praise! With an opponent like yourself, this duel will be one for the history books!"
Eustace P2 Charlotta: "Sir! Are you possibly looking down on me? I may be small... But in this vessel, rages a goliath!"
Eustace: "I'm a firm believer in that old saying... Even the smallest pebble can change the course of a great river."
P1 Eustace: "What's that thing on your head... A lightning rod?"
Charlotta: "How ever did you know? Why aren't you laughing? Don't you realize that was a jest?"
Seox P2 Charlotta: "Finally... I have been waiting to make your acquaintance, Seox of the Eternals! It is a marvelous honor... to face you in combat!"
Seox: "I've been told that you stand preeminent among Harvin warriors. The honor's all mine. We begin!"
P1 Seox: "A Harvin warrior? Knowing Anre, I'd be a fool to misjudge your capacity. Bring it!"
Charlotta: "Did I hear you correctly? You compared me to Anre, didn't you? Oh what an honor! I will be sure not to disappoint!"
Vira P2 Charlotta: "I-I'm standing atop this box to survey the landscape! If you thought you saw something else... Well, that's your folly!"
Vira: "Do forgive me. That crate was manufactured at the academy. It's yours if you'd like."
P1 Vira: "To engage the captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights in combat... What an honor."
Charlotta: "The honor is all mine! Facing the Lord of Albion in a duel... There is no greater privilege!"
Anila P2 Charlotta: "F-finally! Now I am your equal in height, but... I've more to learn... Please become my shepherd, Anila—and guide me in the ways of compassion!"
Anila: "You certainly don't need my help being a sweet little thing."
P1 Anila: "Such proper battlefield decorum. I can respect that!"
Charlotta: "Virtue guides my blade! Decorum is but part of my knightly creed!"
Siegfried P2 Charlotta: "Eep! Just providing you a clearer view of my weapon! We're fellow greatsword knights, height difference notwithstanding. I expect this bout to be as heated as it is instructive!"
Siegfried: "For a Holy Knight like yourself, my swordplay may savor too much of the brute. But in all places, there's wisdom."
P1 Siegfried: "I am humbled and honored to be the sparring partner of a Holy Knight. Shall we start?"
Charlotta: "The honor belongs to me! Among all the knights of Phantagrande, there's not one who's ignorant of your august name! En garde!"
Grimnir P2 Charlotta: "Eep! I just thought I would handicap myself with unstable footing! But of course, that would be an insult to your eminence!"
Grimnir: "This is rich wisdom, Holy Knight! My gales fell trees, raise slumb'ring seas... And... From mortal souls... Blasts all thoughts of vice!"
P1 Grimnir: "Holy Knight, if thou art no stranger to celestial music, then twinkling harps shall ye hear on my winds... Hark! The angels sing!"
Charlotta: "Sir Grimnir! I have long wondered: does my blade shine with the light of heaven or hubris? Please put these doubts to rest!"
Nier P2 Charlotta: "Th-this is but a podium for the voice of justice! An essential of course, for any public speech!"
Nier: "Spare me all the posing and posturing. If you get in my way... I'll kill you."
P1 Nier: "People like you... aren't as high and noble as they act... are they? So just... stop it."
Charlotta: "You question my honor?! I'll be the first to admit I'm no perfect warrior. Nevertheless, if I don't believe in my creed, then who will?"
Beelzebub P2 Charlotta: "Huh? Where did this box come from? An illusion! I'll have to be careful around you."
Beelzebub: "Oh? You're a brave one aren't you... Very well. But you'll regret this."
P1 Beelzebub: "What an eyesore. Why don't you let me break that pride of yours?"
Charlotta: "I'll never give in to such evil... Upon this sword, I swear to protect the skies!"
Belial P2 Charlotta: "Wha... I'll grow with tr-true love's kiss? Despite my youthful glow, I take no stock in fairy tales."
Belial: "Oh you're hilarious. Now settle down. Hate for you to find out this way but that little jig you just did, it won't help you grow an inch. No hard feelings, right?"
P1 Belial: "Sorry. Didn't notice you there. I can see it in your eyes... You want more presence, more grandeur. Maybe I can help."
Charlotta: "You speak with a forked tongue! Charlotta Fenia won't fall for such cheap tricks!"
Avatar Belial P2 Charlotta: "Wha... I'll grow with tr-true love's kiss? Despite my youthful glow, I take no stock in fairy tales."
Avatar Belial: "No, you are a dreamer. I mean why else would you challenge me... When you don't stand a chance!"
P1 Avatar Belial: "I love Harvins. All I want is to be friends..."
Charlotta: "You speak with a forked tongue! Charlotta Fenia won't fall for such cheap tricks!"
Lucilius P2 Charlotta: "What spirited these crates beneath my feet? Vile conjurer... Do you mock me with your illusions?"
Lucilius: "Odd... You see through these illusions. And yet, not those in your mind."
P1 Lucilius: "You may be one of the Sky Realm's finest but... You lack perspective."
Charlotta: "Not one more step! By the might of the Lumiel Order, I shall thwart your villainy with my holy blade!"
2B P2 Charlotta: "Th-this box is but a gesture of goodwill… to share with you the freshest catch of the season! A-and all knights stand atop their boxes to test durability!"
Pod 042: "Alert! Possible enemy ambush ahead."
2B: "Mackerel... Ready to engage."
P1 Pod 042: "Leaving such a dangerous foe intact would be unwise. Proposal: Dispatch it as swiftly as possible."
2B: "Code Name: Tiny Justice. And she is indeed tiny."
Charlotta: "In the name of the Knights of Lumiel... I will take on any challenger—no matter their mettle!"
Vane P2 Charlotta: "I... I was just testing these crates made of Feendrachean lumber! While the wood can bear prodigious weight, it's also quite pliable! Now then, I'd like to import several shiploads to Lumiel!"
Vane: "Got it! I'll let Lancey know ASAP. But first, how's about some good old-fashioned diplomacy? Whoo! Let's spar!"
P1 Vane: "The Lumiel Order is righteous! As their proud captain, you must be a master hero! Teach me!"
Charlotta: "What admirable spirit! I believe you'd benefit from a display of my full might!"
Opponent Side"Ally" refers to P1 side and "Foe" refers to P2 side. Dialogue
Generic Foe "Hey! Are you looking down on me? Under the Sovereign of Lumiel's name, I will mete out justice!"
Ally "I swear upon this sword... I will save you!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic "Of course I won! I should've stacked these better!"
"That's why I'm the captain of the—whoaa! My moment is ruined!"
"This is how a dignified captain— Presents herself! Or not..."
Gran "Estalucia is somewhere out th— They were s-stacked too high!"
Katalina "Katalina, you're still— You know what? Never mind!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic (That settles that!)
(Victory is mine!)
Opponent Dialogue
Mirror match "I'm not only the better swordswoman... I'm taller!"
Gran "I owe you a great deal, but I cannot surrender here!"
Djeeta "You've improved again. I look forward to our next match!"
Katalina "Thank you for demonstrating your techniques to a fellow knight!"
Lancelot "My compliments to the Order of the White Dragons!"
Percival "That's how a king's swordplay should be... I almost couldn't keep up with you."
Ladiva "Even if I go up against a duelist, I can't possibly lose!"
Metera "My height wouldn't be an issue if I could fly, and I'd get to see things from a different perspective. Hmm... do you give lessons, Metera?"
Lowain "What strange tactics... For future reference, could you demonstrate that pyramid move again and let me ride on top?"
Ferry "Um, if it's okay with you, could I maybe hop on Momo's back—ah! Forget I said that!"
Zeta "The Spear of Arvess is such a splendid weapon! But of course, my Claíomh Solais is just as amazing!"
Vaseraga "Even for a Draph, your strength was extraordinary. However, strength alone isn’t enough to beat me!"
Narmaya "In an instant, a flash of beauty. In another, a cold, unhesitating blade. What did you endure to achieve this level of skill? It's frightening what one is capable of..."
Soriz "So those were the vaunted fists of a human weapon! I could feel your punches even through my armor."
Zooey "Hey, Zooey. You're the keeper of balance, right? Can you keep the balance between people's heights?"
Cagliostro "So. It is true that you can create bodies and transfer souls. How gruesome. But, um... how much would it hurt?"
Yuel "Our illustrious order is not to be trifled with! Nonetheless, I thank you for sparring with me. Your combination of dance and swordplay was most enlightening!"
Anre "I learned much from your spearwork! It's no wonder you're revered throughout the skies!"
Eustace "I admit, I've never encountered arms that can shoot lightning—much less quell primal beasts. Thank you for the invaluable experience!"
Seox "Though I proved to be the victor this day, it's only because of the intense training I endured with my fellow knights. As far as I'm concerned, this fight was won by the entire Lumiel Order!"
Vira "I have learned much of Albion's swordplay this day. Your techniques will prove invaluable while training new recruits!"
Anila "Your compassion is a largesse universal as the sun, shining on ally and foe alike. You do honor to the name of Divine General."
Siegfried "Your reputation precedes you, Sir Siegfried. The sun in his fiery chariot has flown many journeys since you left your order, but it seems you've kept your blade sharp as ever. Well fought!"
Grimnir "Like a tempest which transforms the sea into towers of foam, your lance was at once beautiful and terrible to behold. You are truly an inspiration, O God of War."
Nier "Justice is like sand—capable of being shaped a million different ways. While I see value in preserving our world, it was wrong to foist these opinions on you. I must find another, better, way for us to see eye-to-eye."
Beelzebub "For the end of evil... And for peace across the Sky Realm!"
Belial "The virtuous blades of the Lumiel Order will never be corrupted by your debauchery—there is only righteous justice for those who attempt to undermine us!"
Avatar Belial
Lucilius "Even a dragon may be slain with its eyes closed. You shall fall the same way you rose—conducted by your pride!"
2B "You fought with utmost grace and dignity—not to mention your impressive teamwork with the one you call 'pod.' I do hope we'll have the opportunity to cross swords once again, brave warrior!"
Vane "Sir Vane, I believe I have found the hero you seek. He's standing right in front of me."

Character Colors


Character images in the following table are temporarily being used from GBVS for visual representation purposes only
and do not reflect the updated character models in GBVSR.
ID Image Obtained From Notes
1 Default Charlotta

Default character color selection.

2 Default Default Player 2 selection.
3 Default
4 Default
5 Charlotta Character Level 8
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
6 Charlotta Character Level 26
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
7 Charlotta Character Level 44
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
8 Charlotta Character Level 60
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
9 Charlotta Character Level 85
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
Charlotta (Light)
10 Charlotta Character Level 105
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
11 Charlotta Character Level 125
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
12 Charlotta Character Level 140
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
13 Charlotta Character Level 160
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
14 Charlotta Character Level 170
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Vyrn-themed. Forms a matching set with weapon 7.
15 Charlotta Character Level 190
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Alter Ego Conjurer
16 Crane Game Sepia Tone
17 Crane Game ArcSys Special Gold. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
18 Crane Game ArcSys Special Electric Blue. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
19 Transfer GBVS save data with this color unlocked
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
Charlotta (Halloween)

Can be paired with "Judgment Trickster" to very closely replicate the 2nd art and sprite of that unit.

20 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 1"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
21 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 2"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
EX Special reward for attending events

Weapon Skins

ID Image Variation Name Obtain Notes
01 Claíomh Solais Base:
Charlotta Character Level 210
Claíomh Solais
02 Broadsword of Earth Base:
Charlotta Character Level 30
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Charlotta Character Level 500
Broadsword of Earth
The weapon variation applies a prismatic effect to Shining Onslaught.[1]
03 N/A Mythril Sword Charlotta Character Level 55
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Mythril Sword
04 Arondight Base:
Charlotta Character Level 75
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Charlotta Character Level 240
05 N/A Almace Charlotta Character Level 90
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
06 Judgment Trickster Base:
Charlotta Character Level 115
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Charlotta Character Level 260
Sword from 2nd art and sprite of Charlotta (Halloween)
07 Claíomh Sovyrn Base:
Charlotta Character Level 180
Rupie Shop (1200 Rupies)
Charlotta Character Level 220
08 N/A Epicurus Charlotta Character Level 230
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Transfer GBVS save data with this weapon unlocked
09 Aquamarine Hatchet Base:
Charlotta Character Level 290
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Charlotta Character Level 300
Aquamarine Hatchet
Garnet Broadaxe (Variation Color loose reference)
10 N/A Kanabo Premium Battle Pass Round 2 Level 5 Kanabo



Alternate Character Illustrations



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