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Game Strategy Lore Voice Rising
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
 Title Guardian of the South-Southwest
 Theme(s) Kinga Shin-nen (VS Anila)
• Characteristics•
 Race Draph
 Gender Female
 Age 18
 Height 142 cm
• Production Data•
 Voiced By JP: Aoi Yūki
EN: Leona Renee
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Anila once guarded the skies from Astral incursion, posted at the Sheep Shrine in the south-southwest. She usually bears herself with the dignity of a Divine General, but beneath the grandeur, she's a homesick teenager with a sweet tooth.

Command List


Move properties differ depending on input as follows:
Light: (Simple), (Technical)
Medium:  +  (Simple), (Technical)
Heavy:  +  (Simple), (Technical)

Fluff 'Em, Stuff 'Em! Command Technical Command
 +  or or
Calls upon a fluffy sheep ally that cannot be avoided with cross overs to charge the foe.
The version hits three times, making it difficult to counter even if blocked at close range.
All is Vanity Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Thrusts her spear skyward.
The version has a fast start-up, making it an effective combo finisher. The and versions gain invincibility properties and can be used to interrupt a foe's offense or as anti-airs.
Flock to the Future Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Charges the foe while riding a fluffy sheep ally.
This skill has a fast recovery, making it difficult to counter even if blocked.
Use the version to quickly close in on a foe, and the and versions to close in from afar.
And Beyond! Command Technical Command
 +  during Flock to the Future +  or or or during Flock to the Future
Performs a follow-up to Flock to the Future, releasing the sheep to charge at the foe as a projectile.
Use this skill alongside Flock to the Future to limit your foe's movement and keep them guessing.
Over the Fence Command Technical Command
or or
Performs a lofty leap.
The and versions travel far enough to cross up foes when performed at close range.
Anila can freely attack on the way down, so use it to keep your foe guessing while laying on pressure.

Unique Actions

Ramification Command
Advances forward while twirling her spear.
Triple attacks can be used to hit confirm before chaining into this skill.
Follow-up Command
during Ramification
Performs a follow-up kick attack.
Upon confirming a successful hit with Ramification, use this skill to squeeze out some extra damage.

Ultimate Skills

Uses 50% of SBA gauge.

Fury of the Ram Command Technical Command
 +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Fluff 'Em, Stuff 'Em!: Summons three sheep to attack in sequence.
All is Vanity Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of All is Vanity: Deals additional hits upon successfully connecting and causes knockdown.
Flock to the Future Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Flock to the Future: Anila will automatically follow up with "And Beyond!" upon hitting the foe.
Over the Fence Command Technical Command
Performs an enhanced version of Over The Fence: Leaps much faster and farther. Take advantage of the slowdown to quickly close in on foes from afar.

Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge.

Gilded Heaven Strike Command Technical Command
 +  +  /  + 
Performs a powerful blow that can be used to finish a combo or interrupt a foe's offense.
If connected at close range, Anila will unleash a powerful geyser of sheep for increased damage.

Super Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge at 30% or lower HP.

Fury of the Ram Command Technical Command
 +  +  +  /  +  + 
[Invincible / Advancing]
Charges at a foe, summoning a flock of sheep to lay on the damage upon successfully connecting.
In addition to being used as a powerful combo finisher, this skill can also be used to interrupt gaps in a foe's offense or to cut through projectiles.

Character Quotes

Opponent SideDialogue is based on which side the character is facing. In a mirror match the following order goes from P2 to P1. Dialogue
Mirror match P2 "Wait, you look just like me! Am I dreaming? Hehe... Sounds like a fun time!"
P1 "You have a whole flock of sheep yourself? What is happening!"
Gran P2 Anila: "Well, well, well, if it isn't the culprits who stole the bean jelly I was saving for dessert... Time for punishment!"
Gran: "Lyria! Vyrn! Run for it!"
Lyria: "We're so sorry!"
Vyrn: "Waaah!"
Gran: "I'll buy you some time!"
P1 Vyrn: "We're up against Anila? Don't be slacking off just 'cause she's giga-nice. Now kick some tail!"
Lyria: "Kleshas, begone!"
Gran: "Don't worry, I've got this."
Anila: "I'll be gentle with ya!"
Djeeta P2 Anila: "Sorry, sorry! Let's get started right away! Hehe... Ready!"
Djeeta: "Anila's napping is out of control. How does she even do that? My heart is racing way too much to relax!"
Vyrn: "She's a special one!"
Lyria: "Do your best out there!"
Djeeta: "You got it!"
P1 Vyrn: "Ol' curly horns, huh? Is it just me, or does she seem pumped today?"
Lyria: "Just don't overdo it!"
Djeeta: "Anila's really strong... But I'm ready!"
Anila: "Seems like you're raring to get started, Captain! Here goes!"
Katalina P2 Anila: "That you, Katalina? How sneaky... You could've just woken me up yourself! Hehe, you sly fox."
Katalina: "You were just the very picture of contentment. It made me forget why we're here: to spar."
P1 Katalina: "A divine general... Valiant guardian of the South-Southwest, I challenge you to combat."
Anila: "Ya silly Sally, this isn't a formal duel at all! You can let your hair down with me!"
Charlotta P2 Anila: "Such proper battlefield decorum. I can respect that!"
Charlotta: "Virtue guides my blade! Decorum is but part of my knightly creed!"
P1 Charlotta: "F-finally! Now I am your equal in height, but... I've more to learn... Please become my shepherd, Anila—and guide me in the ways of compassion!"
Anila: "You certainly don't need my help being a sweet little thing."
Lancelot P2 Anila: "My my—the captain of the White Dragon Knights himself! I've heard rumors of your blinding speed and your frozen blades... Perfect! This should be fun!"
Lancelot: "I can't believe the Guardian of the South-Southwest knows the White Dragons. I'd better perform so I don't dishonor our good name."
P1 Lancelot: "I can't predict the outcome of this battle. Which will prevail— The fangs and claws of the White Dragon... Or the horns of the ram?"
Anila: "I'm well aware your strength lies in your speed... But you're not shearing this fluff!"
Percival P2 Anila: "Aren't you the infamous Lord of Flames? I heard you once burnt a border gate to the ground... Hmph! No arson allowed!"
Percival: "You speak the truth, but... No, I have no excuse. Only regrets."
P1 Percival: "I seek vassals that are both kind and strong. Divine General. I know you've the heart of a lamb, but have you the limbs of a lion?"
Anila: "Very well—I'm no softie! Just don't singe the fleece..."
Ladiva P2 Anila: "Did the gong ring already? Bwaah, a thousand pardons!"
Ladiva: "Please! Don't worry. What's a few seconds between friends? Well, shall we get started?"
P1 Ladiva: "Oh, Anila. You've got just the most encouraging smile. That's why, when you feel low... You come to me, and I'll put the sunshine back in your life!"
Anila: "You know, I think I could go for some extra sunshine!"
Metera P2 Anila: "I didn't even hear your footsteps, with you floating in the air like that! What a close call!"
Metera: "I thought about pouncing while you were asleep, but I'm not a big fan of an early finish."
P1 Metera: "Hm? I can't get over it—all you divine generals are so cute, I bet you drive the boys crazy. Right?"
Anila: "Perhaps, but first... let's do something about those kleshas!"
Lowain P2 Anila: "Look at you boys! Having a strategy huddle for lil' old me? Hehe. I shan't disappoint!"
Tomoi: "Little..."
Elsam: "Bo..."
Lowain: "Peep this!"
Lowain: "Ever notice the divine generals have this aura, like they're glowin' with good vibes?"
Elsam: "...I want to touchy-touchy."
Tomoi: "Dude, you mean her sheep, right?"
Lowain: "Yeah, bro! We can't afford to raise our rating after all this time!"
The Bros: "Simper, no simping!"
P1 Tomoi: "Fluff!"
Elsam: "Puff n' fluff!"
Lowain: "Yo Anila, I cooked up some bean jelly for ya... But traditional sweets ain't my bag. If you don't like it... just give it to me straight, 'kay?"
Anila: "Don't be so hard on yourself. I'd bet my spear that it tastes downright divine."
Ferry P2 Anila: "Look at those cuties! What are their names? Let's play! Hehe! Here little ghosties!"
Ferry: "You guys want to chase her sheep around? Okay, Anila... Let's frolic!"
P1 Ferry: "Hehe, you guys think she seems nice? Maybe we should ask her to be friends with us. Fluff lovers unite!"
Anila: "Better put my best foot forward for my new friends!"
Zeta P2 Anila: "You're already here? And look at you, raring to go!"
Zeta: "I'm about to fight a Divine General—and the only spearman at that! Now, let's get to it!"
P1 Zeta: "You promised you'd let me dive into a mountain of sheep if I win... Get that flock ready!"
Anila: "Very well—My sheep are indeed the fluffiest, but you've gotta earn this flocculence!"
Vaseraga P2 Anila: "Don't you find it weird that paper beats rock? Maybe that means wool can beat steel! Come! Let's find out!"
Vaseraga: "Do your worst. What's a sheep to an ox?"
P1 Vaseraga: "Curled horns on a fellow Draph. Now I've seen everything."
Anila: "Aren't they cute? You're quite a unique Draph yourself, what with that great mountain-like physique and all!"
Narmaya P2 Anila: "What's this? It seems like Narmaya fell asleep too... It's time! Wakey-wakey!"
Narmaya: "Mph. Your sleeping face is so peaceful, just seeing it made me drowsy. But I'm ready now!"
P1 Narmaya: "A sleeping soul wanders not..."
Anila: "Feeling drowsy? I've an idea for us then—how's a nap somewhere sunny after this sound?"
Soriz P2 Anila: "You had an urgent matter you needed to discuss with me, right? Well? I'm all ears!"
Soriz: "Just a little rumor I heard... Heh... Sounds like all the Divine Generals are lovely ladies! A feller could use more friends like that. Could you find it in your heart to introduce us?"
P1 Soriz: "Hyaaah! Holy lamb chops! Just when I heard the Divine Generals were gorgeous, here you come proving the rumors true!"
Anila: "You are drowning in lustful kleshas—allow me to banish them!"
Zooey P2 Anila: "Word on the street is, you love pies. Guess you're into heavier desserts? But I prefer lighter fare!"
Zooey: "I must protect the balance in the world of sweets. And that means... Staying true."
P1 Zooey: "I wish to preserve this world's balance. You wish to cultivate its peace. If dragons and rams can be friends... then why not the rest of the world?"
Anila: "If only it were that easy—but wishes aren't so easily granted. So long as sin stalks the skies, you and I will never set down our weapons."
Cagliostro P2 Anila: "I'm going to blush if you keep staring at me like that! Hehe! Cut it out!"
Cagliostro: "You were just so adorable, like a little sleeping lamb. But come on! Don't you think you're laying it on a little thick? I'll show you how it's really done!"
P1 Cagliostro: "Your skin is so perky! Cagliostro is gonna find out why!"
Anila: "There's nothing to it! Eight hours every night, some moderate exercise... And you'll bloom like a flower!"
Yuel P2 Anila: "What an adorable bell! Yep, that's a good omen!"
Yuel: "Hehe... Thanks! You can have one too, as a token of our friendship!"
P1 Yuel: "Hmm? Huh? Erm... What was that bouncy little critter just now? Oh, I know! It musta been one of your sheep, Anila!"
Anila: "One of mine? You're seeing things. Now, you'd better focus on the fight... 'less you wanna get outfoxed."
Anre P2 Anila: "Well aren't you a sneaky one? I didn't hear a thing! En garde!"
Anre: "We are just two peas in a pod, wishing for world peace. Such a shame we have to fight... I lament the state of these poor skies. Conflict finds us wherever we go."
P1 Anre: "Oh, a fellower purveyor of world peace! What's more, a polearm specialist! My, are we ever kindred spirits."
Anila: "Anre, spear master of the Eternals. It's an honor to spar with you!"
Eustace P2 Anila: "Something caught your eye? You're staring straight through my sheep. Hehe... No petting!"
Eustace: "I won't." (They're like living clouds... So soft, so white, so fluffy...)
P1 Eustace: "Herd your flock somewhere safe. Gentle beasts don't belong around thunder."
Anila: "Such a sweetheart... You're a sheep fan too, aren't you? There's no fooling me!"
Seox P2 Anila: "What an ominous getup. You're like a big bad wolf after my flock. Not on my watch!"
Seox: "What nonsense. I'm not some beast—I know right from wrong. I'll prove it!"
P1 Seox: "Guardian of the South-Southwest. Anila. Prove your worth as a Divine General! Come!"
Anila: "You know, I think I stand a pretty good chance—even against an Eternal!"
Vira P2 Anila: "Have you come to make an offering for Katalina's safety? All right! Prayers accepted!"
Vira: "There's no need... You'll find that I am more than capable of protecting Katalina by myself. No matter how much I must sully my blade..."
P1 Vira: "What lovely sheep you have. They make me want to knit matching sweaters for Katalina and myself. Using their wool, of course."
Anila: "You've got my poor flock scared stiff! If that was a joke, you'd better say so!"
Siegfried P2 Anila: "You must be the legendary Dragon Slayer I've heard tales of! En Garde!"
Siegfried: "Heh... Not as legendary as a Divine General, I'd wager."
P1 Siegfried: "Look at this heartwarming sight. I don't want to harm such innocence, and yet I cannot run from battle. What to do?"
Anila: "You're not the type to show weakness! This must be a trick!"
Grimnir P2 Anila: "Aren't you the very picture of a strong, stormy War God? Look alive, flock—wind's a-rising!"
Grimnir: "Ah. Thou art divine indeed. For only celestial spirits can peep at my splendor. Come. Let us as equals... Play this bout!"
P1 Grimnir: "Another one blessed by the winds of heaven. You and I are two sheep of a wool!"
Anila: "Well, what say we stir up a storm of good?"
Nier P2 Anila: "Poor lamb, you look so haunted... I'll bet you've got terrible kleshas nesting in your heart. Let me set you free!"
Nier: "No... Stay back. Don't hurt me. All I wanted was to pet your fluffy sheep. Please..."
P1 Nier: "I swear... I love animals—it's just... I can't ever get too close. They always... run far away..."
Anila: "Is there a part of you that fears them as well, perhaps? They seem to have a knack for reading our very thoughts, you know."
Beelzebub P2 Anila: "And so the villain finally makes his grand appearance. Prepare yourself... To face the light!"
Beelzebub: "Brave talk for a worm. Now... Back into the earth."
P1 Beelzebub: "I've heard of your hive. Laughable termites who fight to protect something as fragile as morality. It will be a mercy really, if I sever you from your empty existence."
Anila: "You can either respect the peace or rest in pieces."
Belial P2 Anila: "You're that fallen angel... I've heard about you. Your corruption has spread all the way to the South-Southwest. Hyaaah! Face justice!"
Belial: "Wow. That's quite some reach. Haha... Why rely on just rumors though? When you can feel out the truth with your own two hands. Don't be shy."
P1 Belial: "They say that counting sheep helps you drift off. I expect juicy dreams."
Anila: "Though I doubt a viper can learn, allow me to teach you another proverb: 'Silence is golden!'"
Avatar Belial P2 Anila: "You're that fallen angel... I've heard about you. Your corruption has spread all the way to the South-Southwest. Hyaaah! Face justice!"
Avatar Belial: "Lamb, you'd better buckle up. 'Cause whatever the rumors claim, I know... I'm far more intense!"
P1 Avatar Belial: "Lambs are sacrificial beasts, right? Then play the part and give yourself to me."
Anila: "Though I doubt a viper can learn, allow me to teach you another proverb: 'Silence is golden!'"
Lucilius P2 Anila: "So you're Lucilius... 'Herald of the Apocalypse', was it? The divine sheep won't stand for this... And neither will I!"
Lucilius: "There's a way to banish Kleshas, once and for all. Leave nothing to desire."
P1 Lucilius: "It seems there's more of you... Gather them. It'd be more efficient to kill twelve fools with one blow."
Anila: "A bold invitation, but that won't be necessary. Sleep on my sheep, and you'll be sorry you did!"
2B P2 Anila: "Hmm... I don't think we've met before. Is it my fluff you're after, perhaps? Step right up!"
Pod 042: "Further details unknown."
2B: "Code Name: Guardian of the South-Southwest. Not sure what this 'fluff' is, but... I won't let my guard down."
P1 Pod 042: "Alert! Exiting the planned operational area. Proposal: Return to the operational area immediately."
2B: "After dealing with the enemy."
Anila: "Are you on a journey perhaps? Nothing would make me happier than helping you find your way!"
Vane P2 Anila: "Sorry about that... I got drowsy after my pre-workout snack. I'm such a sleepy sheepy! Well—here goes!"
Vane: "Funny how I had the same snack, but I'm ready to kick butt! In a nice way, of course! Hah! Let's rock!"
P1 Vane: "Hey Anila! Brought that red-bean jelly! Now... how about that duel you promised me? Ready or not!"
Anila: "A promise is a promise! Though I think I'm the one getting the bargain here!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic "We sure out-floofed 'em back there, didn't we!"
"That was great! We banished every last klesha!"
"Easy now! There's still time to grab dessert!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic "Uh-oh... Another one swept off their hooves. Hehe!"
"Let the flocculence envelop you. Hehehe!"
"I guess that's another win for the flock. Hehehe!"
Opponent Dialogue
Mirror match "Hehe, too bad for you, fluffy impostor! Only one Divine General is strong enough to wear these horns!"
Gran "Aww, poor Lyria and Vyrn. Did I scare you guys? I promise I'm not mad—even though you ate my special yokan. But could you prod Gran to maybe buy me some more? Hehe."
Djeeta "My, my, Captain! You've certainly come a long way—but your training's not over yet! I'll be waiting for our next bout!"
Katalina "Oh Katalina, you wield your sword with such loyalty. I'm sure Lyria and the others have come to see you as their guardian angel."
Charlotta "If everyone were as noble and righteous as you, the divine generals would be out of a job!"
Lancelot "Brrrr, now I'm freezing! Come closer, sheep friends! I need your fluff!"
Percival "It's refreshing to meet a young lord who can walk the walk! I can't wait to see your perfect kingdom come to fruition!"
Ladiva "Whoa, I can feel the electricity in the arena! Do you always make the audience this pumped? Hehe, I could get used to this star treatment!"
Metera "You sure have a way with that bow! And your magic? Consider me razzle-dazzled! The Sky Realm is definitely safer with you in it!"
Lowain "Master Chef Lowain, I've heard stories about your cuisine, and let me just say, I am ready to graze!"
Ferry "Hey, what if your ghosties and my sheepies got together for a play date? I think I sense a beautiful friendship brewing!"
Zeta "I've been told you have a sweet tooth that could rival mine. If you hear about any exciting new desserts, tell me ASAP, okay? I don't want to miss a single one!"
Vaseraga "No matter how tough your body gets, don't forget to nurture the soul. If you're ever feeling down in the dumps, you come straight to me and the sheep. We'll get you back in fighting shape!"
Narmaya "That was a grueling match. Yaaaawn... Maybe I should take a little nap myself..."
Soriz "Hmm... I've never met anyone who could fuel their fighting prowess with kleshas... I guess it's fine—just as long as you don't overdo it, okay?"
Zooey "A fierce battle demands a big dinner! Let's shake off this match, maybe find a nice buffet that serves tea and cakes! How does that sound?"
Cagliostro "Come to think of it, you've been alive for at least two thousand years, right? Could you tell me about the earliest days of the Divine Generals? I mean, if you're familiar with them..."
Yuel "Strange... That tail and those ears—you share traits with the Erunes of yore! We Divine Generals also possess ancient characteristics. Now, if only there were a year of the fox... You'd have been a welcome addition to our ranks!"
Anre "Conflict is an inevitable part of life. But your ideals are beautiful and worth pursuing. I, too, shall take them to heart."
Eustace "Hehehe, I see what this was all about. You can't stand it anymore, can you? Very well—Sheep! Glomp this nice man with all the fluff you can muster!"
Seox "Phew... You're like a wolf among sheep. I thought I was done for."
Vira "Being adored as a Divine General has its perks, for sure, but you might've taken the concept of adoration a yarn too far."
Siegfried "The heroic Dragonslayer... You certainly did not disappoint! I will share your saga with generations of Divine Generals to come!"
Grimnir "Seeing you command those gales made my fleece stand on end, but, uh... Let's just say 'silence is golden.'"
Nier "Baaah, that was a close call... I've never seen anyone try to shear a sheep so mercilessly... Next time be gentle! Lambs are for life, not for the knife!"
Beelzebub "So long as the Divine Generals stand firm, evil shall not prosper in this world! Now, I banish you back to whatever hole you crawled out of!"
Belial "Pride comes before the fall! Take that lesson to heart, foul angel!"
Avatar Belial
Lucilius "The Divine Generals are guardians of peace—any wolves that menace our flock will be met with fire and steel!"
2B "So, did you get all that aggression out of your system? Good! Now pull up a sheep and tell me all about your troubles!"
Vane "Thus concludes another sporting duel between force and fleece! Huh? My flock have really taken a liking to you, Vane. After we get cleaned up, why don't we go frolic together?"

Character Colors


ID Image Obtained From Notes
1 Default Default character color selection.
2 Default Default Player 2 selection.
3 Default
4 Default
5 Anila Character Level 8
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
6 Anila Character Level 26
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
7 Anila Character Level 44
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
8 Anila Character Level 60
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
9 Anila Character Level 85
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
10 Anila Character Level 105
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
11 Anila Character Level 125
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
12 Anila Character Level 140
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
13 Anila Character Level 160
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
14 Anila Character Level 170
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Kadomatsu-themed colors. Matches with weapon 7, "New Year Kadomatsu Staff"
15 Anila Character Level 190
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)

Alter Ego Conjurer
16 Crane Game Sepia Tone
17 Crane Game ArcSys Special Gold. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
18 Crane Game ArcSys Special Electric Blue. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
19 Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
20 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 1"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
21 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 2"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
22 Premium Battle Pass Round 1 Level 20 Based off the colors of the original GBVS icon.
EX Special reward for attending events

Weapon Skins

ID Image Variation Name Obtain Notes
01 Star Reaver Base:
Anila Character Level 210
02 N/A Glaive of Exultation Anila Character Level 30
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Glaive of Exultation
03 Autumn's Transformation Base:
Anila Character Level 55
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Anila Character Level 240
Autumn's Transformation
04 N/A Thunder God Spear Anila Character Level 75
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Thunder God Spear
05 Blue Crescent Blade Base:
Anila Character Level 90
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Anila Character Level 260
06 Huanglong Spear Base:
Anila Character Level 115
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Anila Character Level 500
Huanglong Spear
The weapon variation applies a prismatic effect to Fluff 'Em, Stuff 'Em!.[1]
07 New Year Kadomatsu Staff Base:
Anila Character Level 180
Rupie Shop (1200 Rupies)
Anila Character Level 220
New Year Kadomatsu Staff
08 N/A Blazing Mistral Anila Character Level 230
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Blazing Mistral
09 Eighth Point of the Flock Base:
Anila Character Level 290
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Anila Character Level 300
Eighth Point of the Flock
10 N/A Nalakuvara Premium Battle Pass Round 2 Level 30 Nalakuvara



Alternate Character Illustrations



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