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Game Strategy Lore Voice Anime Versus Rising
Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
 Title Ancestral Guardian
 Theme(s) Dance of a Thousand Years (VS Yuel)
• Characteristics•
 Race Erune
 Gender Female
 Age 19
 Height 160 cm
• Production Data•
 Voiced By JP: Kana Ueda
EN: Melissa Medina
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Yuel set out to learn the fate of a royal family once served by her clan. Accompanied by her best friend Societte, she wanders the skies as free as a sunbeam, sparking joy wherever she alights.

Command List


Move properties differ depending on input as follows:
Light: (Simple), (Technical)
Medium:  +  (Simple), (Technical)
Heavy:  +  (Simple), (Technical)

Starlit Sky Command Technical Command
 +  or or
Performs an advancing attack that hits multiple times.
Due to its fast recovery, the version can be used to quickly close in on a foe. The version can be followed up with additional attacks when used in the corner.
Press during this skill to activate Yuel's Third Dance stance immediately upon its recovery.
Hien: Homuragaeshi Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Performs a multi-hit rising attack.
The and versions are invincible. In addition to its effective anti-air properties, it can also be used to check gaps in your foe's offense at close range and as a combo finisher.
Pressing during this skill activates Yuel's Third Dance stance upon recovery.
Hanaarashi Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or ( can be followed up with )
Performs a quick backstep followed by an advancing attack.
The version and follow-up from the version is a sliding attack that must be blocked crouching. Pressing during this skill activates Yuel's Third Dance stance immediately upon its recovery.
Foxflame Command Technical Command
or or
Unleashes a flame attack that surrounds Yuel.
Despite its slow start-up, this attack has a quick recovery. The and versions recover quickly enough for Yuel to move before the foe even if they're blocked. Pressing during this skill activates Yuel's Third Dance stance immediately upon its recovery.

Unique Action

Third Dance (Stance) Command
Activates or cancels Third Dance stance.
While in Third Dance stance, Yuel cannot block, but will automatically counter any non-projectile high attack with Eye of the Sparrow.
Third Dance: Quickstep Command
or during Third Dance
[Third Dance Stance]
Perform quicksteps instead of the standard dash and backward dash, allowing Yuel to quickly move forward or backward at fixed distances.
Take advantage of this skill's reach to quickly close in on a defensive foe.
Third Dance: Attack Command
 or  +  or  or  +  during Third Dance
[Third Dance Stance]
Standard skills and attacks will be replaced with unique attacks.
Press during an attack to cancel Yuel's Third Dance stance.
Guren Command
during Third Dance (Chargeable)
[Third Dance Stance / Advancing]
Performs an advancing strike. This skill's range can be extended by holding the button to close in on foes from a distance.
When blocked at maximum range, Yuel may be able to move before the foe. Immediately cancels Yuel's Third Dance stance upon recovery.
Yugetsu Command
 +  during Third Dance
[Third Dance Stance]
Performs a somersault attack.
Although its recovery is slow, it can be followed up with additional attacks upon connecting. Immediately cancels Yuel's Third Dance stance upon recovery.
Eye of the Sparrow Command
Automatically triggered during Third Dance
[Third Dance Stance / Invincible]
Automatically counters any non-projectile high attacks.

Ultimate Skills

Uses 50% of SBA gauge.

Starlit Sky Command Technical Command
 +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Starlit Sky: Advances quickly and sends the foe flying upon successfully connecting.
Take advantage of this skill's fast recovery to safely close in on a foe.
Hien: Homuragaeshi Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Hien: Homuragaeshi: Gains invincibility properties and performs a follow-up tail whip attack for more damage.
This skill sends the foe flying and causes knockdown.
Hanaarashi Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Hanaarashi: Immediately goes into a strike attack without backstepping.
This skill has a fast recovery, allowing Yuel to move before the foe even if blocked.
Foxflame Command Technical Command
Performs an enhanced version of Foxflame: Immediately goes into Third Dance stance afterward.
Although Yuel will maintain frame advantage if blocked, watch your spacing carefully as this skill has a short reach.

Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge.

Crimson Dance: Rin'en-aratame Command Technical Command
 +  +  /  + 
[Invincible / Advancing]
Performs a powerful advancing attack that hits multiple times.
In addition to being an effective combo finisher, this skill can be used to close in on foes from a distance with its long reach.

Super Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge at 30% or lower HP.

Sapphire Dance: Gentiana Command Technical Command
 +  +  +  /  +  + 
Dances up a storm of fire that pulls in any nearby foe. If this skill connects at close range, Societte will join Yuel to perform an enhanced version for increased damage.

Character Quotes

Opponent SideDialogue is based on which side the character is facing. In a mirror match the following order goes from P2 to P1. Dialogue
Mirror match P2 "Hm? There you are! Where'd you go? That's weird. Thought I saw a critter 'round here. Guess I'll take care of this freaky varmint first!"
P1 "Uhh... Who you callin' freaky? Look at you—you're the copyfox here!"
Gran P2 Yuel: "Huh? Whoa?! The heck... You tryin' ta play a trick on me, Vyrn? Just warning you now... You're in for a real ticklin'!"
Gran: "Heads up! The last time she caught you, you almost died of laughter."
Lyria: "It was pretty intense..."
Vyrn: "Keep her away from me!"
Gran: "I'll protect you, buddy."
P1 Vyrn: "Yuel's got show-stopping moves like you wouldn't believe! And they're on fire!"
Lyria: "Yuel!"
Gran: "Nobody dances like her. Would be great if she taught me some moves."
Yuel: "Feast yer eyes all you want... But don't get burnt now!"
Djeeta P2 Yuel: "Hm? Weird... Daang... Can't believe I lost it... Hoo! Okay, Djeeta! We doin' this or what?"
Djeeta: "See that? That was a super rare slime just now!"
Vyrn: "Wanna go blast it?"
Lyria: "But we're busy now!"
Djeeta: "Better get to work!"
P1 Vyrn: "Hm... Looks like our next challenger's ready to fight!"
Lyria: "Oh, maybe not quite..."
Djeeta: "Hey Yuel! Better check your ribb—uh oh!"
Yuel: "Oops! Thanks a ton, Djeeta! Give me just a sec, and we'll be good!"
Katalina P2 Yuel: "Gotcha! Huh? Weird... That's puzzlin'—coulda sworn I felt something sneak up behind me. Never mind! We ready to start now?"
Katalina: "We can cross blades if you wish. But don't presume I'll take it easy on you."
P1 Katalina: "I should warn you... As alluring as your dance of fire may be, I won't be so readily charmed."
Yuel: "Hehe... Wouldn't dream of it, Kat... Just don't take your eyes off me, kay?"
Charlotta P2 Yuel: "Huh?! Gotcha! Hmmm... Dang it, and that was a real cute one too. Well, thankfully here's an even cuter playmate!"
Charlotta: "C-cute? It seems you have yet to be initiated in the glory that is the Lumiel Order!"
P1 Charlotta: "Is that a smirk that I descry on your face! Speak, Yuel! What is amusing you so?"
Yuel: "Aww... Can't help it—you're just so dang cute sometimes. I'm grinnin' ear to ear."
Lancelot P2 Yuel: "Huh? A slime! Now where'd it... Thaaat's strange... I coulda sworn it was right there. Oops! Sorry to keep you waiting... I'm rarin' to go, bud!"
Lancelot: "Slime hunting does sound tempting—unfortunately, it will have to wait. En garde!"
P1 Lancelot: "A fellow wielder of twin blades, but I see you've endowed yours with flame. A clash between fire and ice... How exhilarating!"
Yuel: "Hehe. Those icy tricks won't be enough to snuff out my flames!"
Percival P2 Yuel: "Huh? Found ya! Where did it... I bet somethin' must've scared it off... Shoot. If it weren't for you and your glisterin' flames!"
Percival: "Why use so weak a word? A pond may 'glisten...' Fires blaze."
P1 Percival: "Fire, which can ascend to the heavens... A noble weapon. Show the Lord of Flames you are worthy of it."
Yuel: "Ooh! A little show and tail, huh? Be careful—my foxflame burns good!"
Ladiva P2 Yuel: "Hmm? Heehee! Wait a second... Coulda sworn I saw some sparkles... Huh... You see anything, Ladiva?"
Ladiva: "Looks like we have a guest! And one ever so dazzling, it might even steal the show! That just means I'll have to kick it up a notch!"
P1 Ladiva: "The stage is ready—let's make this an unforgettable show! How do we do that? You guessed it—love! Now... May I have this dance?"
Yuel: "You know... I'll take you up on that—we'll see which one of us has more love to give!"
Metera P2 Yuel: "Wait, was that— Hmm... I thought I smelled a big ol' payoff, but... Whatever. Guess it'll have to wait for later!"
Metera: "I was just in the mood for some retail therapy. You wouldn't mind if I blasted this one, right?"
P1 Metera: "Ooh... You know, I don't think I've ever seen an Erune with a style quite like yours, girl. And can I just say, major ear envy. Hehe."
Yuel: "Hehe! Ya know, I always knew you had some of the best taste! And now, you'll get to see a lot more than my fashion sense on display!"
Lowain P2 Yuel: "Huh? Heehee! Hmm? That tasty li'l critter's safe for now. Hey, boys! Y'all wanna go a-slime huntin' with me?"
Tomoi: "Huh?"
Elsam: "Huh?"
Lowain: "Wha?"
Lowain: "Did she say 'tasty'? You can eat those slime buckets?"
Elsam: "No way dude. She meant you can blast 'em for major EXP—wanna try it?"
Tomoi: "Wait what day is it? Let's drop by Siero's and count up journey drops."
Lowain: "Okay, hold up. I'm pretty sure you broke one wall too many there, bro. But who cares 'cause..."
The Bros: "It's Granblue, baybee!"
P1 Tomoi: "So fuzzy..."
Elsam: "Hella fuzzy..."
Lowain: "Yo, Yuel... The fluff on your tail is ridiculous. You think I could maybe... get a touch of that fluff?"
Yuel: "Oh? Aren't y'all some brave boys? This tail ain't for touchin', got it?"
Ferry P2 Yuel: "Hmm? Heehee! Hmm? I coulda sworn I saw somethin' hoppin' 'round here... Ferry! You didn't tell me you got a new pet!"
Ferry: "It's okay... You guys are my only pets. That was just a slime, Yuel. Sorry."
P1 Ferry: "Yuel's flames are gorgeous... Careful. I don't want you guys getting too close."
Yuel: "Uh-oh! I'll try an' keep em outta the foxflames—but no promises!"
Zeta P2 Yuel: "Huh? Heehee! Now where'd you... This ain't good... I'm too hungry to keep on searchin'. Zeta! Ya wanna grab a bite after this?"
Zeta: "No way! I was totally thinking the same thing! In that case... I'll make this quick!"
P1 Zeta: "I can tell your fire's special—it just burns different. I guess Percival and me... Could learn from your elegance!"
Yuel: "Aww! Thanks for that! Everybody's got their own flavor, ya know? I like how your flame burns bright and strong."
Vaseraga P2 Yuel: "Huh? Who's there? Hmm... I coulda sworn it was right behind me... Gives me the willies! Welp, guess worryin' about it now won't do nothing anyway!"
Vaseraga: "Pay no mind to the runt—it poses no threat. Unlike myself."
P1 Vaseraga: "A nimble flame-wielder... Can't say that's my favorite kind of opponent."
Yuel: "Hehe. Scared are ya? You ain't gotta be so shy with me, big guy!"
Narmaya P2 Yuel: "Hm? Huh? Weird... It was just there—Narmaya, j'you see that? Wait, you're still sleepin'?! Wake up already!"
Narmaya: "Was... Was that a monster? Right! I promised you a practice round, didn't I? Whenever you're ready!"
P1 Narmaya: "A wild butterfly is not so easily caught."
Yuel: "Hmm. You think? Wouldn't hurt to give it a go at least. You never know till you try!"
Soriz P2 Yuel: "Mm? No way! Hrrrm... Was that a silver one? Those are s'posed to be super rare. Oops! Guess this ain't the time to go treasure hunting!"
Soriz: "Simmer down. If it's silver you're lookin' for, 'fraid you'll just have to make do with yours truly... It'll take more than a dance to crack this body—go on and try me!"
P1 Soriz: "Hraaaah! The only weapon you can trust is your body. Speakin' of which... Whether it be fancy footwork or fisticuffs, it's all about discipline! Got any moves for this old dog?"
Yuel: "Hehe... Got plenty of dance in you, huh? I'll teach you a trick or two!"
Zooey P2 Yuel: "Mm? Oh! Hmm... Oof, lost it again, didn't I? That's okay—I'll just catch it after our match!"
Zooey: "Distraction bests you for the third time. However, you should never lose focus. Brace yourself! You face my trial!"
P1 Zooey: "Chaos has corrupted the skies, and causality has fallen to decay. Yet hope lives on. Champion of the singularity, I shall test your merit!"
Yuel: "Um... I don't really get what you're gettin' at, but I'll dance for ya all the same!"
Cagliostro P2 Yuel: "Huh? Wait up! Hmm... Wha... And here I thought I finally struck gold, but it hopped off again... Well, them's the breaks! I appreciate your patience! So, you ready to start our fight?"
Cagliostro: "Nrr... I've been waiting forever now. I'm too cute to wait! Listen up. Let me examine your tail more closely. Then we'll call it even."
P1 Cagliostro: "I believe... Yes, I've seen your power before. Tell me, is that the flame of Ninetails?"
Yuel: "Ugh... Don't lump me in with a hateful grouch like her! Just look at my foxflame—it's way different!"
Anre P2 Yuel: "Hm? What the? Uhh... Really need to catch me one of them sparkly boys... Ah! Anre! You mind giving me a hand?"
Anre: "Do what now? Never mind her antics... Come! We begin!"
P1 Anre: "You dance to protect your loved ones? That is a noble act. But will ancient traditions sustain you? Even through the coming storm? Who's to say..."
Yuel: "Um... You use a lot of big words, but I'll show you my best dancin'!"
Eustace P2 Yuel: "Huh? What now?! Where'd ya go? Aww... Lost sight of it... Hey! Eustace! Have you seen a cute bouncy thing 'round here?"
Eustace: "Leave it alone. You won't stand a chance if you don't focus."
P1 Eustace: "Unless you're able to outrun lightning, you won't beat me."
Yuel: "Huh... Yeah, I see why they call you sourpuss. Maybe a dance will perk you up?"
Seox P2 Yuel: "Huh? Hold it! Hrm... I knew they were fast, but sheesh... Then again, you're an even faster catch—better get my tail in gear!"
Seox: "Seems I'm up against another agile foe. Perfect."
P1 Seox: "You dance with fiery passion. My grim techniques seem especially cruel placed next to yours. No matter!"
Yuel: "Uh-huh... Sounds like you're thinkin' too hard on it. Do what I do, and let those cares go!"
Vira P2 Yuel: "Hm? Aaah! Thought I saw somethin' sparkly over here... Hm? Was it you, Luminiera? You're such a little scamp!"
Vira: "I'm afraid not. A slime tricked you. Do be careful."
P1 Vira: "It's a rare sight to see sword and step in perfect harmony. Show me more!"
Yuel: "Thinkin' of learnin' a few steps, are ya? I reckon you'd dance real elegant!"
Anila P2 Yuel: "Hmm? Huh? Erm... What was that bouncy little critter just now? Oh, I know! It musta been one of your sheep, Anila!"
Anila: "One of mine? You're seeing things. Now, you'd better focus on the fight... 'less you wanna get outfoxed."
P1 Anila: "What an adorable bell! Yep, that's a good omen!"
Yuel: "Hehe... Thanks! You can have one too, as a token of our friendship!"
Siegfried P2 Yuel: "Hm? There she goes! Boo... It's that face of yours fit to curdle a lemon... Got these slimes running for the hills. How 'bout a quick lesson in charm?"
Siegfried: "I'm reminded of that saying: you can catch more flies with honey. Though it's not my first hunt, guess I'm still green."
P1 Siegfried: "It's said that death is the mother of beauty... And your art blends both. I've long desired a chance to see it up close. Shall we dance?"
Yuel: "Hehe! Best behave yourself, or you're gonna get burned."
Grimnir P2 Yuel: "Huh? Wait... Hmm. Been tryin' to hunt me some slimes... But they're runnin' real wild today. Hey, Grim. Think you could rustle up some wind and corral the dang little critters?"
Grimnir: "So when you said you had a super perilous heroic quest for me, you meant slime hunting? Very well. You have my lance. But first, let's warm up!"
P1 Grimnir: "Here's a dancer like to me—exquisite as the spring zephyr and sharp as the arctic winds. We'll spurn the earth... and tread on air!"
Yuel: "Well! To tell the truth, I didn't understand half them big words. But what kind of dancer... don't 'preciate a good bard?"
Nier P2 Yuel: "Hm? Oh! Where'd it go?! My wallet's counting on them slimes... So why've they all gotta be so darn fast?! What are you lookin' at? You tryin' to pick a fight?"
Nier: "No, I only... I was only trying to track down a silver slime. Please believe me..."
P1 Nier: "I'm not really fond of parties, but... I do like dancing... with Death."
Yuel: "Hmm... Waltzing in the embrace of Death... Just thinkin' about it gets my hackles raised."
Beelzebub P2 Yuel: "Huh? There you are! Aww... I see what's happenin'... Beelzebub's playin' tricks on me! Heh! Seemed pretty weak, if you ask me. Guess there ain't much underneath that big ol' hood after all!"
Beelzebub: "You dare to compare me with such a lowly creature? Your ignorance is simply pathetic. Such an unworthy being would do well to perish from this plane of existence."
P1 Beelzebub: "A noble bloodline? Insignificant all the same. Yours shall end along with the rest of them."
Yuel: "Heh. Yeah, yeah, keep talkin'! I'll give you a spankin' you won't forget!"
Belial P2 Yuel: "Oh? Wait! Aww, heh... Crafty li'l stinker... You think I'll fall for your dumb tricks? You ain't so slick!"
Belial: "I like them fired up... Hahaha... When the chaos closes in and the light in their eyes go out... Now we're talking."
P1 Belial: "Oh? A dancer... Care to join me for a spin? How about a waltz... where you whirl into the soft embrace of death?"
Yuel: "Humph. You reek of villainy... Consider yourself rejected!"
Avatar Belial P2 Yuel: "Oh? Wait! Aww, heh... Crafty li'l stinker... You think I'll fall for your dumb tricks? You ain't so slick!"
Avatar Belial: "My, my. That was your way out, but if you're hungry for pain... I'll give it to you!"
P1 Avatar Belial: "That tail, it's so silky. Mind if I take it for my collection?"
Yuel: "Humph. You reek of villainy... Consider yourself rejected!"
Lucilius P2 Yuel: "Hm? Hold up. Um... Mister Slime? Hmm, guess I can let that one go. Heh. After all... I just landed me my biggest slimeball yet!"
Lucilius: "A slime? Me? You're further gone than I thought."
P1 Lucilius: "Ninetails? Mere vermin."
Yuel: "Hmph. Sounds like ignorance talkin'. I better whip up some fox flames... and illumine that narrow mind!"
2B P2 Yuel: "Hold up... Uh-oh... I just plumb got this weird feelin', like I'm not the only one on the prowl. Bet it was you two! Why'd y'all sneak up on me?!"
Pod 042: "Alert! Possible enemy ambush ahead."
2B: "Furry ears and... a tail? What kind of human are you? Commencing recon."
P1 Pod 042: "Proposal: Destroy enemy with long-range attacks. Proposal: Dispatch it as swiftly as possible."
2B: "Code Name: Ancestral Guardian. I won't let my guard down."
Yuel: "My dancin' looks a lot better up close, you know! But I reckon you didn't come here just for a show?"
Vane P2 Yuel: "Hmm? Where'd it go? Nimble little varmint, ain't it? I hate it when they hop away... Vaaane! Whoever wins gets to call dibs!"
Vane: "That slime must be worth tons of experience... All right, there's not a second to waste! Step on up!"
P1 Vane: "I forgot you used duel blades! Wonder what's similar between your style... and Lancey's! C'mon!"
Yuel: "Shucks, I don't know! But if we match, does that make me cut from some of that knight cloth?"
Beatrix P2 Yuel: "Huh? What in the—? Aw, dang varmint just gave me the slip! But I'm hot on its trail! That prize money is mine, y'hear?!"
Beatrix: "That slime has my name written all over it! If you think I'll just be handing over the dough, think again!"
P1 Beatrix: "Say, Yuel, think you could teach me a move or two on the down low? Something that'll stop Zeta dead in her tracks!"
Yuel: "Can do—and why not through the heat of battle? To learn the hottest steps, you're gonna have to feel the burn!"
Opponent Side"Ally" refers to P1 side and "Foe" refers to P2 side. Dialogue
Generic Ally "Okay! I'll get you fixed right up! Buuut, it might hurt a little bit, so sorry in advance."
Opponent Dialogue
Generic "Hahaha, gotcha good!"
"And that's a wrap!"
"Hoo boy! Let's do that again!"
Beelzebub "One more villain spanked good!"
Avatar Belial
Opponent Dialogue
Generic Yuel: "Societte! We got 'em!"
Societte: "Anything for you, Yuel!"
Yuel: "My feet are howlin'!"
Societte: "Haha."
Yuel: "Looks like we won!"
Societte: "You were dazzlin'."
Opponent Dialogue
Yuel "She was dancin' just like me... What the heck is goin' on here? Ninetails ain't got nothing to do with this... right?"
Gran "Now then, I believe I owe somebody a ticklin'... You're not gettin' away either, Gran! Get back here! Hahaha!"
Djeeta "I know you're the captain, but I think of you as the cute little sister I never had! Just lemme know when ya get in the mood for another training sesh, 'kay?"
Katalina "From the top of your head, to the soles of your boots, you use your whole body just like a dancer! Gotta say, Katalina, I could learn me a thing or two from a fine knight like yourself!"
Charlotta "Watchin' you spin around like a teensy hamster sure gives me the giggles. But, you know, even in the dance world, we got all sorts of techniques—and havin' a small frame can be an advantage for a lot of them!"
Lancelot "Those ice tricks are awful pretty, Lancelot... Oh! You ever try dancin'? I bet your fancy moves would make for one heck of a sensational performance!"
Percival "I think if I applied some of your fire techniques to my own, my foxflame would reach a whole new level! You gotta let me stick around and watch you more!"
Ladiva "Ladiva, you've got such a charmin' manner in the ring. It's no wonder you always keep the crowd captivated. It felt like I had to wear you down for days just to find an opening! Thanks for the workout!"
Metera "Say... I'm actually goin' shopping with Societte and You right after this! Why don't you grab Sutera, and we'll have a good ol' fashioned girls' day out?"
Lowain "Y'all got some wild moves, that's for sure—I could barely keep up! At least you boys know how to have a good time!"
Ferry "Your pets are so wuvable. And their fur feels like somethin' between fluff and jelly. Hey, Societte, get over here and pet these critters!"
Zeta "Hehe! I won this one! Looks like the pillow kebabs are on you this time. Oh, let's get Cassius to join us too!"
Vaseraga "Phew! I almost bust a gut there hittin' you with all that fire... It's like you're made of bricks or something! You sure you're okay?"
Narmaya "Yer dazzlin' moves had me spellbound for a sec. Kinda reminded me of Societte, actually—though your steppin's all different."
Soriz "Looks like you've got a lot of technique and form in that ol' brain of yours! Just don't be shy, now—show me everything ya got next time!"
Zooey "You've got one heck of a burden to bear—I can't even begin to imagine it, ya know? But you don't gotta do all the heavy liftin' yourself, hear? Call on your friends from time to time!"
Cagliostro "Oh yeeeah, I guess you woulda been alive when Ninetails was still kickin'. Was she always such a stick in the mud? Tell me if you remember somethin', okay?"
Anre "Phew! I knew you'd be a handful, but yer tough as nails! I thought you had me trounced there for a hot second."
Eustace "Ooh, the fur on my tail was bristlin' good during that one! You know how hard it is to get it all fixed up again? Sure you do—look how floofy your ears are!"
Seox "Anybody ever told ya you move like the wind? Feel like I could adapt some of your technique to my dancin'. If you got some time later, come by and show me your stuff!"
Vira "Well? How'd you like my dance, Vira? Actually, your moves were so pretty, I could hardly believe my peepers!"
Anila "Wow... I wasn't sure I'd win outright like that! Y'all lookin' for some new recruits? Hehe, I'm just playin!"
Siegfried "What'd you think? Just so you know, these flames are the real deal—the hotter the passion roars deep within my heart, the hotter foxflame is to the touch!"
Grimnir "That getup of yours would make for one heck of a dancing costume. You could even incorporate that big ol' spear into a routine or two! Want me to teach you some of the basics?"
Nier "Now I've heard about dancin' with death before, but not like this! And I know you ain't mean to come off bad, but you gotta learn to simmer down, otherwise it won't be just the slimes runnin' from ya."
Beelzebub "If memory serves correct, weren't you sealed up for a bit there? Ya know, I've got a li'l dance myself that could lock you up for another thousand years... so no funny business, y'hear?"
Belial "You're about as wily as Kou—and at least twice as bad. If you've learned anything from our fight today, you won't show your sorry mug round here ever again!"
Avatar Belial
Lucilius "You really thought you could make yerself public enemy number one and escape a proper spankin'?"
2B "Poor gal, looks like you don't know your here from your yonder. I know! We'll find you a shortcut that'll getcha back home quicker than you can say 'two shakes and a jiffy!' Promise!"
Vane "Well, you just had an eyeful of my dual blade skills! What did ya think? Totally different from Lancelot, right? Though I do respect his work!"
Beatrix "You got a real knack for movement, Bea. What do you say to a dance boot camp? We'll have you trottin' like a fox yet!"

Character Colors


Character images in the following table are temporarily being used from GBVS for visual representation purposes only
and do not reflect the updated character models in GBVSR.
ID Image Obtained From Notes
1 Default Yuel (Water)

Default character color selection.

2 Default Default Player 2 selection.
3 Default
4 Default
5 Yuel Character Level 8
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
6 Yuel Character Level 26
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
7 Yuel Character Level 44
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
8 Yuel Character Level 60
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
9 Yuel Character Level 85
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
10 Yuel Character Level 105
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
11 Yuel Character Level 125
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)

Societte is also themed after You (Event) when she appears.

12 Yuel Character Level 140
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
You (Event)

Societte is also themed after Kou when she appears.

13 Yuel Character Level 160
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)

Societte is also themed after Yuel (Water) when she appears.

14 Yuel Character Level 170
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Vyrn-themed. Forms a matching set with weapon 7.
15 Yuel Character Level 190
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Alter Ego Conjurer
16 Crane Game Sepia Tone
17 Crane Game ArcSys Special Gold. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
18 Crane Game ArcSys Special Electric Blue. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
19 Transfer GBVS save data with this color unlocked
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
Yuel (Event)
20 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 1"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
21 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 2"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
22 Premium Battle Pass Round 4 Level 20 Based off the colors of the original GBVS icon.
EX Special reward for attending events


Yuel has an alternate variation of the Default skin that is closer to the original mobile game design.

This skin has exactly the same set of color variations as the 'Default' skin, but has some model changes that reveal more skin.

  • It is accessed by going to "Options" in the main menu, then "System Settings", then changing "Character Design" to "Original".
  • This skin is not selectable when picking a character. It instead replaces the Default skin's appearance so long as the "Character Design" option has been changed.
  • When "Character Design" is changed to Original, this affects all characters with this skin variation system. You cannot have the more-revealing variant on one character and the standard GBVS design on another at the same time.
  • This skin variation is local-only. Changing the option will only affect what the local player sees and not what any online opponents see.

Changes for this skin include:

  • Yuel wears bikini-style panties instead of Default's shorts-style design.

Weapon Skins

ID Image Variation Name Obtain Notes
01 Sennen Goji Base:
Yuel Character Level 210
02 Swordfish Base:
Yuel Character Level 30
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Yuel Character Level 240
03 N/A Blushing Blossom Pin Yuel Character Level 55
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Blushing Blossom Pin
04 N/A Izayoi Yuel Character Level 75
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
05 N/A Juzumaru Yuel Character Level 90
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
06 Crimson Sapphire Base:
Yuel Character Level 115
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Yuel Character Level 260
Crimson Sapphire
07 Ichigo Vyrntofuri Base:
Yuel Character Level 180
Rupie Shop (1200 Rupies)
Yuel Character Level 220
Vyrmament version of Ichigo Hitofuri
08 Paper Fan Base:
Yuel Character Level 230
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Transfer GBVS save data with this weapon unlocked
Yuel Character Level 300
Paper Fan
09 Tanzanite Blade Base:
Yuel Character Level 290
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Yuel Character Level 500
Tanzanite Blade
The weapon variation applies a prismatic effect to Third Dance.[1]
10 N/A Martial Steel of the Sovereign Premium Battle Pass Round 1 Level 30 Martial Steel of the Sovereign



Alternate Character Illustrations

Arcade Mode Illustrations



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