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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
 Title Crimson Spear
 Theme(s) Arvess (VS Zeta)
Platinum Sky (Society Members Face-Off)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 21
 Height 159 cm
• Production Data•
 Voiced By JP: Kana Hanazawa
EN: Mela Lee
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Society agent and contractor of the seal weapon Arvess, Zeta's waking hours are a blur of primal beast hunts punctuated by a post-payday splurge.

Command List


Move properties differ depending on input as follows:
Light: (Simple), (Technical)
Medium:  +  (Simple), (Technical)
Heavy:  +  (Simple), (Technical)

Infinite Wonders Command Technical Command
 +  or or
(: Chargeable)
Generates a full-screen beam that can clash with projectiles.
: The release can be delayed by holding the button.
: Deals additional damage at close-range.
Spear of Arvess Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Performs a rush attack that can be canceled into a follow-up attack while in motion.
: Covers a short range.
: Covers a long range.
: Can be canceled into two follow-up attacks.
Spear of Arvess (Rise) Command Technical Command
or or
Performs a rising attack that can be canceled into a follow-up attack while in motion.
: Rises diagonally.
: Rises vertically.
: Can be canceled into two follow-up attacks.
Spear of Arvess (Fall) Command Technical Command
 (Midair) or or  (Midair)
Performs a diving attack that can be canceled into a follow-up attack while in motion.
: Dives diagonally.
: Dives vertically.
: Can be canceled into two follow-up attacks.
Follow-up Command Technical Command
Any direction + during Spear of ArvessAny direction + or or during Spear of Arvess
Changes Zeta's trajectory after using Spear of Arvess.
Her trajectory will change based on the directional button. This skill can be used for an additional hit after connecting the first strike or as a quick escape.
Rhapsody Command Technical Command
 +  +  or or
Goes into a defensive stance that defends against incoming attacks and can be canceled into various skills.
: Defends against high attacks.
: Defends against low attacks.
: Defends against all attacks.
Crimson Cleave Command
during Rhapsody
Follows up Rhapsody with a horizontal cleave attack.
It has a decent reach and can be a handy skill to keep the foe at arm's length. When used during the version of Rhapsody, it can lead into combos in the corner.
Rising Split Command
during Rhapsody
Follows up Rhapsody with a vertical slash attack.
It has a shorter reach than Crimson Cleave but a much faster start-up. It can be a handy skill to use at close range or as an anti-air.
Knee Assault Command
during Rhapsody
Follows up Rhapsody with a jumping knee attack.
Zeta can then perform midair attacks after jumping. It can be a handy skill to close the gap when going on the offensive.

Unique Actions

Signo Drive Command
(Once or repeatedly)
Performs a multi-hit piercing attack.
This skill can be extended for additional hits by pressing the button repeatedly, so use it to create some space between Zeta and the foe.

Ultimate Skills

Uses 50% of SBA gauge.

Infinite Wonders Command Technical Command
 +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Infinite Wonders: Deals additional damage at close range similar to the version before firing a larger beam for additional hits and damage. Inflicts a hard knockdown upon successfully connecting.
Spear of Arvess Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Spear of Arvess: Although this version cannot be followed up with actions when blocked or whiffed, Zeta will automatically perform an additional strike upon successfully connecting.
With proper spacing, she'll remain out of harm's way even if its blocked.
Spear of Arvess (Rise) Command Technical Command
Performs an enhanced version of Spear of Arvess (Rise): Although this version cannot be followed up with actions when blocked or whiffed, Zeta will automatically perform an additional strike upon successfully connecting.
Use this skill to counter foes attempting to jump in.
Spear of Arvess (Fall) Command Technical Command
 +  (Midair) (Midair)
Performs an enhanced version of Spear of Arvess (Fall): Although this version cannot be followed up with actions when blocked or whiffed, Zeta will automatically perform an additional strike upon successfully connecting.
She'll bounce off the foe if blocked, making this skill difficult to counter.
Rhapsody Command Technical Command
 +  +  + 
Performs an enhanced version of Rhapsody: Instantly goes into a defensive stance, parrying any mid- or low-hitting attacks with a counter upon a successful parry. This skill also parries projectiles—just watch out for throws.

Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge.

Resolute Strike Command Technical Command
 +  (Ground / Midair) +  /  +  (Ground / Midair)
[Invincible / Advancing]
Performs a powerful strike attack.
When activated midair, Zeta dives diagonally toward the ground. Since this skill covers a long range, it can be used to finish combos from afar.

Super Skybound Art

Uses 100% of SBA gauge at 30% or lower HP.

Sirius Roar Command Technical Command
 +  +  +  /  +  + 
[Invincible / Advancing]
Performs a powerful rising attack.
If connected at close range, Zeta will perform an enhanced version for increased damage.

Character Quotes

Opponent SideDialogue is based on which side the character is facing. In a mirror match the following order goes from P2 to P1. Dialogue
Mirror match P2 "Now isn't that interesting? Where'd you get that battlesuit? You're gonna tell me or else!"
P1 "Another trick by the Foe? Fine! I'll crush you!"
Gran P2 Zeta: "Y'know, Gran, I've never seen you look so serious before. That mean I can go all out?"
Gran: "Both of you, get back. Now! Zeta's not pulling any punches."
Lyria: "Please be careful!"
Vyrn: "Keep your head on your shoulders!"
Gran: "Okay!"
P1 Vyrn: "Red's crazy fast! Eyes peeled, Gran!"
Lyria: "Zeta!"
Gran: "Okay. Calm down, and meet her head on!"
Zeta: "Lyria. Vyrn. Step aside. Cuz I'm comin' in hot!"
Djeeta P2 Zeta: "Hey Djeeta, you up for a little shopping after this? There's this friggin' cute red dress I found. I'd kill for it!"
Djeeta: "Count me in! With your taste in fashion, this'll be great!"
Vyrn: "Shop till we drop!"
Lyria: "We'll have so much fun!"
Djeeta: "Let's finish this quick!"
P1 Vyrn: "It's Red in the flesh! I knew we'd run into her!"
Lyria: "Zeta's pretty strong!"
Djeeta: "Definitely. I've seen what her spear can do. Not sure I can keep up!"
Zeta: "Look Djeeta. I know I've got the advantage when it comes to reach, but... I won't go soft on you!"
Katalina P2 Zeta: "If it isn't Katalina herself! Now this'll be fun. All right, here I come!"
Katalina: "We'll see about that. And don't worry, I won't hold anything back."
P1 Katalina: "The Spear of Arvess... Quite the unconventional weapon, Zeta. I suppose that's fitting, given your untamed fighting style."
Zeta: "Yeah, well, I'm not a big fan of old-fashioned approaches. It's more fun just to break stuff. Like your defense!"
Charlotta P2 Zeta: "I’m not sure what all the fuss about the Holy Knights is... But I'm eager to find out!"
Charlotta: "I'll show you the essence of the Lumiel Order and what makes us Holy Knights!"
P1 Charlotta: "This box is something I found lying around! I was testing its sturdiness... Now, let us have a fair fight!"
Zeta: "You mean you don't use that thing to get a height advantage? Well, whatever, let's go!"
Lancelot P2 Zeta: "If speed's the name of the game, then you'd better believe I can hang with the best of 'em. Let's do this!"
Lancelot: "On my honor as captain of the White Dragons, I suppose I must oblige."
P1 Lancelot: "I see you command flames... But don't expect to melt my icy blades so easily."
Zeta: "Duh. If they did this fight would be boring. Just don't freeze up on me."
Percival P2 Zeta: "Y'know between the two of us, I've always wanted to compare just how red hot our flames burn. Now show me what you got!"
Percival: "Strength can't be measured. You're a great soldier... But not a sage."
P1 Percival: "Bring all your might to bear. Do honor to your Society. Come!"
Zeta: "Guess it's only fair we take each other seriously. You asked for it!"
Ladiva P2 Zeta: "A bunch of us are gonna grab a drink after this. Feel like joining in?"
Ladiva: "Now there's an idea! I could never turn down such a sweet invitation. Let's make this pregame an all-out brawl!"
P1 Ladiva: "Now here's the kind of unbreakable spirit a gal can really appreciate! Not to mention, you're every bit as sharp as that spear you carry! Give me a shout if you ever wanna become a duelist!"
Zeta: "Hehe. Thanks for the compliment. But a fight's still a fight. And I don't plan on losing!"
Metera P2 Zeta: "I wish I were a genius like you. How 'bout a few pointers? Ready when you are!"
Metera: "Uh-oh. If you step up your girl game, Zeta, you might just knock me off my throne."
P1 Metera: "Oh. Zeta, you're a serious cutie. And tough to boot."
Zeta: "Thanks, but you shine on a different level, Metera. Care to show me how you do it?"
Lowain P2 Zeta: "Hey, I know you guys. Don't you work in the kitchen? Yup, that’s you. The hell are you three up to?"
Tomoi: "Huh?"
Elsam: "Ah..."
Lowain: "Uh-oh..."
Lowain: "Well, boys? Should we go through with it?"
Elsam: "I don't think I can handle the embarrassment."
Tomoi: "Dude, there's no going back now. We gotta get a taste of her super moooove."
Lowain: "That settles it. Gentlemen, it's been an honor."
The Bros: "SSBA!"
P1 Tomoi: "Hey..."
Elsam: "Yeah?"
Lowain: "You boys thinking what I'm thinking? Hey Zeta, knock us out with your super move! Wardrobe malfunction overload!"
Zeta: "Uh... Yeah... We'll see about that."
Ferry P2 Zeta: "So you're calling me out as a sparring partner, huh? I'm always good for a fight!"
Ferry: "Stick to the plan, everyone. We can take her if we work together!"
P1 Ferry: "Zeta's a fast one, so I'm counting on you guys. Let's go!"
Zeta: "I see your game. And I don't like it. Prepare to burn!"
Vaseraga P2 Zeta: "Wondering who's gonna come out on top today? Well, the answer is: me!"
Vaseraga: "Simmer down. You can't hope to beat me."
P1 Vaseraga: "I don't have time to play."
Zeta: "Yeah? Well, neither do I, tough guy! Let's make this quick."
Narmaya P2 Zeta: "Each and every fight is an opportunity! Gotta live louder and stronger! So don't hold back! You hear me?"
Narmaya: "To reach greater heights, you will need more than words. But I believe you have what it takes. Test your spear, Zeta—against my steel!"
P1 Narmaya: "Flow with whatever may come and let your mind be free."
Zeta: "You just love to yap, don't ya? Let's get to it!"
Soriz P2 Zeta: "It's just one challenger after another. Look, I needa go home and shower. Got it? This better be quick!"
Soriz: "Uh-oh. Well then... Guess we better get this dance started on the double, huh? I wouldn't be caught dead keeping a lady from powdering her nose."
P1 Soriz: "Hi-yah! You probably think I'm just an old fart... But that don't mean I can't still show you a thing or two. Training starts today!"
Zeta: "First day and you already want to go mano-a-mano? Can't say education's really my thing... But let's burn it up."
Zooey P2 Zeta: "All right! Never thought I'd get to spar against a primal like this! But this'll be a cinch. Bring it on!"
Zooey: "A spear to slay primals. Your confidence is commendable. I suppose this will force me to display my full power. Ready when you are."
P1 Zooey: "Just checking before we start: We're still getting cake together after this, right? Let's have some fun."
Zeta: "You betcha. And I can't think of any better way to earn that cake than to duke it out! No pain, no gain!"
Cagliostro P2 Zeta: "You're menacing for someone so petite. Alright, founder of alchemy... Let's see that power!"
Cagliostro: "If you insist, I'd be happy to show you my handiwork. Watch close! In exchange! Hand over Arvess! I simply must research its properties!"
P1 Cagliostro: "The world's most adorable alchemist, Cagliostro! At your service!"
Zeta: "Uhh... That whole cute act just makes you creepy. Bet you've got wicked plans!"
Yuel P2 Zeta: "I can tell your fire's special—it just burns different. I guess Percival and me... Could learn from your elegance!"
Yuel: "Aww! Thanks for that! Everybody's got their own flavor, ya know? I like how your flame burns bright and strong."
P1 Yuel: "Huh? Heehee! Now where'd you... This ain't good... I'm too hungry to keep on searchin'. Zeta! Ya wanna grab a bite after this?"
Zeta: "No way! I was totally thinking the same thing! In that case... I'll make this quick!"
Anre P2 Zeta: "If I take you down, then does that make me the best spear user in the skies? Hell yes!"
Anre: "Brilliant. I've longed to face another spear master. We can trade blows, compare our strategies, and share tips. Quite a rare chance to come by."
P1 Anre: "You seem like you have the makings of a merchant. Shall I talk to Siero, maybe I could put in a good word for you?"
Zeta: "I'm not really the vendor type. But how about we step up the stakes? Winner shops, loser pays!"
Eustace P2 Zeta: "You want me to go easy, you had better ask now. After all, I wouldn't want to put you out of commission... Permanently."
Eustace: "Sigh... Let's get to business."
P1 Eustace: "I'll finish this before Arvess reaches infinite range."
Zeta: "Not if you eat dirt before Flamek's even 1% charged! Ready or not!"
Seox P2 Zeta: "Hey. Do I also get a cool title if I win? What do you think about 'The Spear that Conquered the Eternals?' Pretty bad-ass, huh?"
Seox: "Sounds like quite the lofty goal. Talk to Anre about it. I couldn't care less."
P1 Seox: "A spear? It's been awhile since I've had a challenging match-up. Let's see how your skill compares to Anre's. Come!"
Zeta: "I'm grateful you compared me to one of the Eternals and all, but... This battle's mine!"
Vira P2 Zeta: "If I beat her butt, she'll have to treat me to the Albion dessert buffet... Come on! What're we waiting for?"
Vira: "A promise is a promise. However. You will have to claim victory first."
P1 Vira: "To wield the Spear of Arvess... One assumes you are descended from impressive stock. Excellent!"
Zeta: "Impressive as always—not many can sum up someone at a glance. Now show me what you got!"
Anila P2 Zeta: "You promised you'd let me dive into a mountain of sheep if I win... Get that flock ready!"
Anila: "Very well—My sheep are indeed the fluffiest, but you've gotta earn this flocculence!"
P1 Anila: "You're already here? And look at you, raring to go!"
Zeta: "I'm about to fight a Divine General—and the only spearman at that! Now, let's get to it!"
Siegfried P2 Zeta: "Get ready for the ultimate smackdown. Dragon slayer versus primal hunter... Who's top boss?!"
Siegfried: "Top boss, you say? Dragons and primals are both objects of feverish devotion. Search others not for their faults, but beauty⁠—that's how peace begins."
P1 Siegfried: "Arvess boasts considerable fame. But is its power truly fathomless?"
Zeta: "So you're looking to see some spear action, huh? I could give you tickets to the show. It's a real killer!"
Grimnir P2 Zeta: "You know, I can sense you've got the intense aura of a primal, and it's plain you're crazy strong. But something about your vibe... It screams 'comic relief.'"
Grimnir: "To an eye uninitiated in the arts, even the creation of a maestro shall seem a chaos of color. Look here upon this stately form... And know a prince from a clown!"
P1 Grimnir: "Ruby Warrior, pray tell. Before my god-lance tasseled with heaven's gusts, what is thy spear... But a candle... in the wind?"
Zeta: "This look like a birthday candle to you? Fat's in the fire now, brother!"
Nier P2 Zeta: "I dunno what you freakshows want Arvess for. But you are not getting it!"
Nier: "Why? It's scaring Death... So hand it over, or else... Or else, I'll break you too."
P1 Nier: "Let's destroy... everything. Everyone. Then we can make... our own world."
Zeta: "What the? Who spit in your cereal? Well. If it's a fight you want... It's... a fight you get!"
Beelzebub P2 Zeta: "No one looks at me like that and gets away with it! Not without paying the price!"
Beelzebub: "Really now? A mere louse. Vanish from my sight."
P1 Beelzebub: "Foolish cretin. Your weapon is worthless against me. Now step aside."
Zeta: "Fighting an Astral's bad enough, let alone a total psycho. Gonna be sore tomorrow."
Belial P2 Zeta: "You've trampled over the skies long enough. I think it's past time you paid your dues. Now cough 'em up... with your life!"
Belial: "We've got a tough talker here... Almost. So you want to play rough. Then let's see how many techniques you've mastered with that spear. Hahaha..."
P1 Belial: "Hi there, princess. Well isn't this a cold welcome. You're going to hurt my feelings someday."
Zeta: "Belial... You try calling me princess one more time. And you'll regret it!"
Avatar Belial P2 Zeta: "You've trampled over the skies long enough. I think it's past time you paid your dues. Now cough 'em up... with your life!"
Avatar Belial: "Thank you. The view from the top was getting a bit old. Now... Come demolish me!"
P1 Avatar Belial: "Ooh that scowl. Just makes me want to grind you down all the more... Princess."
Zeta: "Belial... You try calling me princess one more time. And you'll regret it!"
Lucilius P2 Zeta: "Seems we've found the big bad boss... Soon to be our prize trophy. Let's hunt, Arvess!"
Lucilius: "Big words from a mere cog, spinning in someone else's design. That arrogance will be your death."
P1 Lucilius: "Your hunt for automagods ends here... As soon neither of you will exist."
Zeta: "Thanks, but I'm not ready to retire. Arvess is still lethal... I'd stake your life on it!"
2B P2 Zeta: "Even Arvess is reacting here. So who the hell are you? I guess we'll have to find out!"
Pod 042: "Alert! Massive energy signature detected."
2B: "Code Name: Crimson Spear. This is clearly a reference to her weapon. Commencing recon."
P1 Pod 042: "Alert! Massive energy signature detected. Processing..."
2B: "Cover me."
Zeta: "You an automagod? Nah, can't be. Well, whatever hole you crawled out of... You're going down!"
Vane P2 Zeta: "I've got a burning question for you... Am I faster than Lancelot? Tick-tock!"
Vane: "There's only one way to find out. Come at me! Full speed ahead!"
P1 Vane: "Hey, Zeta... Don't hold back on the flames. 'Cause I like my duels... Red hot!"
Zeta: "Roger! And how 'bout a side of defeat? It's on the house!"
Beatrix P2 Zeta: "Well? Ready to lose again? C'mon, let's do this!"
Beatrix: "You took the words right out my mouth, Zeta!"
P1 Beatrix: "All right, Zeta. You're going down today!"
Zeta: "Heh. You have got to stop stealing my lines. You're going down!"
Opponent Side"Ally" refers to P1 side and "Foe" refers to P2 side. Dialogue
Generic Foe "Looks like I'm dealing with a big shot here. Ready or not, here I come!"
Ally "Welp. Can't go easy on this one... Let's dance!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic "Phew... Talk about tough. Right. On to the next mission."
"It's over! Sorry, I've got other things to do."
"Well... That's that! Least you have your pride."
Vaseraga "Phew... I did it! Heheh... Score one for me!"
Eustace "Phew... Talk about tough. Win some, you lose some!"
"It's over! Win some, you lose some!"
"Well... That's that! Win some, you lose some!"
Beatrix "Phew... Talk about tough. Ready to hit the showers!"
"It's over! Ready to hit the showers!"
"Well... That's that! Ready to hit the showers!"
Opponent Dialogue
Generic "Phew... Victory is mine!"
"That took a lot outta me... I should take a breather."
"Thanks, Arvess. Was that too much for you?"
Vaseraga "Ha... Ha... Not perfect, but I'll take it!"
Beatrix "Ha... Ha... And that's how it's done."
Opponent Dialogue
Mirror match "See ya later, ya big fake!"
Gran "Phew... It took me everything I had to beat you. You've definitely gotten better, Gran."
Djeeta "Yes! I beat you! So as the victor, I'm giving you the honor of being my shopping buddy. I'll wait while you get ready!"
Katalina "I've always wanted to see how we stack up against each other, Katalina! A brave knight versus a fearsome warrior... Damn, that was so much fun!"
Charlotta "There's nothing worse than having someone nipping at your heels... Oh, sorry! I'm not calling you a tiny tot or anything!"
Lancelot "I guess they don’t call you the captain of the White Dragons for nothing. I'll keep your loss a secret... Maybe."
Percival "You've got a fiery spark, I'll give you that. But it looks like mine burns hotter than yours."
Ladiva "Alright! Looks like you're picking up the tab on this one, Ladiva! So, where should we go?"
Metera "You sure can zip around the sky, but you're no primal beast, sweetie. And do you know how many of them I've taken down?"
Lowain "Ugh, that took it out of me... Hm? You'll whip me up a post-workout snack? Sweet, I'll take a sandwich, double the meat!"
Ferry "Hm, I kinda want a dog now... Hey, Ferry, what kind of breed is your ghost pup? Any tips on dog training?"
Vaseraga "I won! You lost! Hahaha—Hey... This is where you're supposed to get all mad and suffery!"
Narmaya "Your magic takes the form of butterflies? That's pretty cool! I could never pull off a trick like that!"
Soriz "Man, I thought your punches were gonna break Arvess. What's up with that energy? There's no way you're seventy!"
Zooey "You're no ordinary primal beast, are you? Something about you feels... off. Like, there's more to you than meets the eye."
Cagliostro "Not bad, not bad. Alchemy's a lot more hardcore than I thought. And just between us girls—where'd you get that outfit? Think Bea would kill the frills and ribbons look!"
Yuel "I've heard about your family's foxy magic, and I just have to say, I'm not disappointed. What do you say we go grab a couple drinks to cool off?"
Anre "Ugh, I'm exhausted. After that match, fighting primals is gonna feel like playing with puppies. Wait, the rest of the Eternals are just as strong, right? Oh boy."
Eustace "Heck yeah! Your girl just wiped the floor with Eustace! Think I'll go write my report now—and then rub it in Bea's face!"
Seox "You move so fast, you must've unleashed like, what, three hundred techniques on me? I'll admit it. I got lucky this time."
Vira "Phew! Turns out adding a primal beast to a fearsome swordswoman makes for a fuuun opponent. That was too close for comfort."
Anila "Yes! Come to me, my fwuffies! Sigh... So soft... It's like being cuddled in warm, fuzzy feelings..."
Siegfried "You sure you're not a primal? I mean, that power... You can't be mortal. Don't even wanna think about the craziness you could stir up if you were evil."
Grimnir "My hair! Hey, watch where you blow that wind! Man, you might have the power of an angel, but otherwise, you're a total dork... Ever been told you're similar to Bea?"
Nier "No... Don't look so sad. Look, I get how much the captains mean to you now. I won't hurt you anymore, but promise me you'll play nice with the rest of the crew."
Beelzebub "So you were some kinda Astral-primal beast hybrid? There's some real crazy people out there."
Belial "I've bashed all kinds of primals across the skies, but never one as twisted as you. And you know what? Just once was enough for me."
Avatar Belial
Lucilius "That was brutal. Couldn't have done it without you, Arvess. Just about ready... to pass out..."
2B "So you're a machine? I knew it! Speaking of which, I actually know someone who'd kill to meet you. Wanna come with?"
Vane "I was starting to think you'd never go down. You're basically Vaseraga, but with social skills."
Beatrix "And that's another win for Zeta! Now, no pouting—you're not a kid anymore!"

Character Colors


Character images in the following table are temporarily being used from GBVS for visual representation purposes only
and do not reflect the updated character models in GBVSR.
ID Image Obtained From Notes
1 Default Zeta

Default character color selection.

2 Default Default Player 2 selection.
3 Default
4 Default
5 Zeta Character Level 8
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
6 Zeta Character Level 26
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
7 Zeta Character Level 44
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
8 Zeta Character Level 60
Rupie Shop (200 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
9 Zeta Character Level 85
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
10 Zeta Character Level 105
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
11 Zeta Character Level 125
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
12 Zeta Character Level 140
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
13 Zeta Character Level 160
Rupie Shop (500 Rupies)
14 Zeta Character Level 170
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Vyrn-themed. Forms a matching set with weapon 7.
15 Zeta Character Level 190
Rupie Shop (1000 Rupies)
Alter Ego Conjurer
16 Crane Game Sepia Tone
17 Crane Game ArcSys Special Gold. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
18 Crane Game ArcSys Special Electric Blue. Found in several other ArcSys fighting games.
19 Transfer GBVS save data with this color unlocked
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
Zeta (Event)
20 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 1"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
21 Paid DLC: "Character Color Set 2"
Rupie Shop (2500 Rupies)
EX Special reward for attending events


Zeta has an alternate variation of the Default skin that is closer to the original mobile game design.

This skin has exactly the same set of color variations as the 'Default' skin, but has some model changes that reveal more skin.

  • It is accessed by going to "Options" in the main menu, then "System Settings", then changing "Character Design" to "Original".
  • This skin is not selectable when picking a character. It instead replaces the Default skin's appearance so long as the "Character Design" option has been changed.
  • When "Character Design" is changed to Original, this affects all characters with this skin variation system. You cannot have the more-revealing variant on one character and the standard GBVS design on another at the same time.
  • This skin variation is local-only. Changing the option will only affect what the local player sees and not what any online opponents see.

Changes for this skin include:

  • Zeta wears lowcut panties instead of the shorts-style design in the Default skin.
  • Zeta's bra has extra holes and damage on her right breast after finishing a match with the special animation for "Sirius Roar". A hole also appears in the front of the panties, as the leg spot that used to have clothing damage on it now has no clothes covering the skin at all.

Crimson Bomber

Zeta (Dark)'s outfit.

Available from reaching the maximum level in the paid version of Battle Pass Round 2.

Activating the cutscene finish with 'Sirus Roar' will have different changes than the base costume:

  • The jacket will be removed.
  • The sunglasses will be damaged, with one lens missing and the other one cracked.
  • Minor cuts added to the top.
  • The bottom of the skirt will be shredded.
ID Image Obtained From Notes
1 Default Default character color selection.
2 Default Default Player 2 selection.
3 Default
4 Default
7 Beatrix (Casual clothes)
8 Vaseraga

Weapon Skins

ID Image Variation Name Obtain Notes
01 Spear of Arvess Base:
Zeta Character Level 210
Arvess Replica
Variation Color based on Awakened Arvess shown in Zeta's 5★ uncap.
02 N/A Mythril Halberd Zeta Character Level 30
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Mythril Halberd
03 N/A Langdebeve Zeta Character Level 55
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
04 N/A Emerald Spear Zeta Character Level 75
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Paid DLC: "Deluxe Character Pass 1"
Emerald Spear
05 Luin Base:
Zeta Character Level 90
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Zeta Character Level 240
06 Gisla Base:
Zeta Character Level 115
Rupie Shop (600 Rupies)
Zeta Character Level 260
07 Vyrionac Base:
Zeta Character Level 180
Rupie Shop (1200 Rupies)
Zeta Character Level 220
Vysla with a reference to Zeta's unlock weapon, Brionac.
08 Drill Base:
Zeta Character Level 230
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Transfer GBVS save data with this weapon unlocked
Zeta Character Level 300
09 Arvess Demiclone Base:
Zeta Character Level 290
Rupie Shop (3500 Rupies)
Zeta Character Level 500
Arvess Demiclone
The weapon variation applies a prismatic effect to Spear of Arvess.[1]



Alternate Character Illustrations

Arcade Mode Illustrations



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