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Official Profile

Age 21 years old
Height 159 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Looking for Vasarega's weak points
Likes Quarreling
Dislikes Scholars, researchers
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 21歳
Height 159cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies バザラガの弱点探し
Likes 口喧嘩
Dislikes 学者、研究者
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Traveling with you has been kinda fun, you could say!
So I'll join in on the day's celebration! You'd better be glad!


Happy birthday!
Huh? Did I remember all by myself? Yeah, I guess I did... Ha-ha! You're surprised?
Well, important dates just tend to stick, you know? So why not celebrate?
Wait! I don't mean for me! Today's your birthday after all!


Happy birthday to you, (Captain).
Here it is. Another year. Sure has gone by fast!
You know, when I look back on this year, so much has changed. But I never really feel it until I get to milestones like these.
What changes, you ask? Let's see...
For example, you've grown really strong this past year, (Captain). I can see it.
Huh? You don't think so? Are you just being modest? Well, I'll fully vouch for it, so take a moment and be proud!
I mean, everyone here is celebrating you today because they see what I see and want to follow you wherever you go from here.
Ah, well, I won't harp on about it anymore. Let's just go all out at your party on this special day!


Happy birthday, (Captain). Ahaha. This is always so much fun.
I love these sorts of celebrations.
A hassle? No, not at all. It's a blast just getting together and messing around with everyone.
So there's no need for you to hesitate. We're doing this because we like it.
It's really amazing if you think about it. In a way, you're everyone's favorite person, (Captain).
Ahaha, you think I'm giving you too much credit? Well, consider that part of your birthday present.
Here's to many more fun times ahead, (Captain).


Hey, it's a full house again this year, huh, (Captain)?
Hm? Have you gotten a little buffer? Your shoulders and arms just look really toned.
I guess you're bound to put on a little muscle after all these years of adventuring. Lemme get a little squeeze—
Hey, where're you going? Don't be such a baby!
Are you being bashful?
Vaseraga! Grab (Captain) for me!
Hahaha! Come back here! I need to make sure those guns have their safeties on!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

What'd you say? You wanna use my spear to send up fireworks for the new year?
Don't be stupid! You can't use my spear like that... Not that it wouldn't be fun to watch though...


Huh? You wanna do that again this year? Well... all right.
Stand back! Here it goes!
Spear of Arvess! Show us your power as we celebrate the new year! Resolute Blast!
I'll admit that special attack looked pretty cool, but I'll be in hot water if we don't cut it out now. You can count on it...


Ahhh... The new year is finally here. But we had some pretty wild adventures last year, huh?
Hm? You had some fun? Ha-ha! Way to look on the bright side, (Captain)!
Well, I guess my year wasn't so bad either...
I learned once again that I can always count on you to back me up in a pinch...
Ha-ha, don't make that face! Are you that surprised to hear that from me? I'm not stingy about giving kudos to those who deserve it.
Now then, I think it's about time we get this New Year's party started! Let's go, (Captain)!


H-Happy New Year, (Captain).
Me? Yeah, I'm completely bushed. We've had a lot going on at the Society. I'm actually so tired, I'm ready to go back to bed...
I don't think I can do this anymore without your help, (Captain). The situation at the Society gets worse every year...
Ah, sorry for grumbling during what's supposed to be a happy New Year. I don't usually show this side of myself to others.
Mng... Why can't every day be like today?


Oh, hey, (Captain). Happy New Year...
Y'know, I feel like it's been ages since I finished out the year peacefully.
Is everything really as quiet as it seems? No enemies stowed away onboard? Or maybe we're being lulled into a false sense of security so our enemies can pounce?
Ehh... Never mind. I'm just going to put all that outta my mind and chill. Just don't come crying to me if something does happen.
Let 'em wipe us out if they want. I'm just gonna have a peaceful New Year's...
Hey, (Captain). Can I get a shoulder rub?
Ahhh, yes. That's the spot.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Look, I went and made some! Those Valentine's Day thingamajigs...
There's more to me than just fighting, you know!


Ah... I'm beat.
Oh, hey there, (Captain)!
Hm? What have I been up to? Well, it's Valentine's Day. I've been up early baking.
I'm telling you... it's a real pain! Doing this for another year in a row, and we've got even more crew members now!
All right! I think this'll do for the ribbon.
Here, go on and have a treat!


Sorry for the wait! I brought your Valentine's gift.
Hm? What is it? Curious about something?
Ah, that's right! I tried putting hearts all over it.
Huh? That's not my style at all, you say?
Humph... You're right. When you think about it, hearts aren't really my thing...
Hey, (Captain)! It's not that funny! Keep laughing and you won't get anything from me!
That's what I thought... Now, here! Go on and have a bite!


Sorry for the wait, (Captain). I made some this year too.
Ahaha. Once again I tried to branch out and went with an unfamiliar recipe.
Hahaha... Don't take that to mean I went wild with gummy bear chocolates or something though.
You want to know how I made them? I started with a sample chocolate and had an alchemist make a mold out of it. The rest was just pouring cocoa powder.
Making that first piece for the mold wasn't easy, nor was putting the final touches on the chocolates I took out of the mold.
Is it fun, you ask? Hm... Yeah, come to think of it, I kind of like it.
I guess there's lots of other things I could be into that I never really gave much thought to.


Hey, (Captain)! Happy Valentine's Day!
Sorry. I was pretty busy, so these are store-bought. I did splash out for 'em, though.
I mean, we've been through a lot, and I really owe you guys...
Next year, I'll really go all out making your gifts. If I can, that is.
Hopefully, things'll all be... settled... by this time next year.
Heh, sorry, (Captain). I get the feeling I'm gonna owe you another few pretty soon.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

A gift for White Day? You're more thoughtful than I took you for!
So this is in return for my Valentine's gift... Well, I'll say thanks for now.
You see... I might not look it, but I'm pretty fussy about flavor! Haha!


Hm... I got a lot of White Day gifts this year. What to do...
Really? You've got a gift for me too? So you didn't forget after all! Good job!
Then I guess I'll open your gift first, (Captain)! Heheheh!


Oh? What's going on, (Captain)?
Ah, a thank-you gift for Valentine's? I see. Thanks! Let's see what's inside...
Ha-ha! Never mind me! I was just surprised to see my favorite sweets inside. I've never even told you before, right?
Actually, a lot of time has passed since I joined the crew. That's how you know what I like! Heh-heh!


Ah, repaying me for Valentine's? Thanks as always.
Hey, by the way...
Is there anyone you like? In a romantic way?
Ahaha, sorry for asking. Hey, quit it with that face.
I don't get to hear enough lovey-dovey talk in my life, so I was hoping you could indulge me.
I wouldn't care about the affairs of someone I don't know too well, but...
Believe me when I say that everyone of us is curious to know who you might have a crush on. So I thought I'd ask.
But I don't mean to pry though... I promise not to tell anyone else, so if you want to talk about it, I'm your girl.


Whoa! What's all this! Don't tell me this is all for one person!
What! It's for me? C'mon! I told you last month I couldn't go full-throttle for my Valentine's Day gift, and you turn around and do this?
Tch... That's exactly the reaction you wanted, isn't it? I can see it on your face! You brat...
Ahaha... You really got me, (Captain). Shows just how well you know me that you can tick me off this much.
Still... Thanks, (Captain). Work has been... kind of a lot, lately, but it's reassuring to know we're this tight.
Since you're such a sweetheart, you deserve a gentle pat on the head. Come on, bring it in.
I'll show you to mess with your elders!
And so Zeta delivers such a thorough hair-mussing that the crew refers to (Captain) as Captain Cockatiel for the rest of the week.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Say trick or treat, and most people will give you candy!
Why don't you give it a try? Hehehe!


Hey, (Captain), I'm trying to pick the material for my costume. Which do you like better, this one or this one?
What? Well, I can't wear just anything! Where's the fun in that?
When celebrating in times of peace, you've got to have all the fun you can! And that's what I'm gonna do!
Phew, you had me scared there. You've got guts playing a trick like that on me!
Trick or treat, you kids say? Form a line, and I'll give you your candy!
Sigh, dealing with children can be so exhausting... Haha...


Aaah... Ha-ha! (Captain), can I tag you in? These kids are running me ragged...
No, it's not that I don't like kids. They're a blast to play with, but this many kids can really wear you out...
Yikes! They're back!
Come on, (Captain)! I'll owe you big next time!
Oh, gimme a break! Don't crowd me like this!
Hey! My scarf isn't a coloring book! It's pretty expensive, you know!
Somebody heeeeeelp!


Hm? Where's Vaseraga? Wasn't he seated here a moment ago talking to you, (Captain)?
Ah, he went outside, I see. That's too bad. I had a trick all ready to play on him.
Maybe I'll just sit and wait for him. He'll probably be back in a jiffy anyway.
You're curious about what I have in mind?
What was that just now?
They look down to find a cracker ball by one of the legs of Zeta's chair.
Don't tell me this was Vaseraga's doing? Urgh, looks like he got the upper hand this time!
But this isn't over yet! Just you wait, Vaseraga.


Lost Jack is kinda weird, huh? I don't know if he's a primal beast or what.
They say he guides the souls of the dead, but that'd be kind of a strange primal for the Astrals to create, wouldn't it?
I've only read about them in fairy tales, but aren't Astrals immortal? So why would they need anyone to guide their souls after death?
What were they thinking when they made him? Well, I'm not going to get hung up on this. Probably not worth digging into.
Heh, when Johann asks me questions like this, it winds up in at least half a day of what-ifs and theory-crafting. Hahaha...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! Hey, are you preparing a big feast for today?
Everyone's so excited for the holiday festivities...
And it's the kind of peaceful life that we work so hard to protect.


So, (Captain), what are you planning for us this holiday season? Well, the ladies in the crew are looking forward to a feast, for sure! Ha-ha! When it comes to food, you'd better put up or get put out, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain). Want some cake? I got a little carried away and bought too many. Go on! Take whichever one you like.
Huh? You're gonna eat it right here and now? Well, I mean... Sure, it's all right...
You wanna know why I'm staring? Oh, I was just thinking how much you look like a regular kid with your cheeks stuffed with cake...
I mean, should you even be eating that right before the party? You won't have room to eat anything else!
Forgot about the party, huh?
Ha-ha! You can be a real airhead sometimes, Captain!


Okay, the decorations are all complete. Now we just wait for the party.
Hm? You're surprised I spent my time helping you set everything up?
I might not look it, but I look forward to your invite every year.
I really like the friendly vibes everyone gives off in this crew, and we all just get along so well.
You know how disagreeing factions sometimes take root within a single organization? Take the Society, for example.
But there's none of that here, which makes my time with the crew all that much more enjoyable.
Ah, it's so relaxing just being here.


Mmf! Capfen! Mappy Mfolifays!
Haha, sorry. Shouldn't talk with my mouth full.
The Grandcypher has the best mess around. Your galleys are better stocked and better staffed than the imperial kitchens, I swear. I get kinda carried away whenever I eat with you guys.
So, did you decide what you want for your gift? I at least wanna give you something as thanks for all the food.
No requests, huh? Hm... In that case...
I know. Do you have a formal outfit? Something dressy for special occasions?
If not, I can pick one out for you. I used to be a knight from a pretty classy place, you know? I'll make sure you're dressed to the nines.
What say we go on a shopping date tomorrow? Not many people get that privilege y'know. I hope you're grateful! Haha...

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Crimson Lancer

The crew meets a knight named Zeta, and she invites them to join a secret organization dubbed the Society with promises of anti-primal beast weapons. (Captain) is unsure how to respond, so Zeta decides to join the crew for as long as it takes.

The crew meets a knight named Zeta during a battle on an island.
After the fight Zeta, who has something on her mind, speaks with the crew.
Zeta: What do all of you intend to do now?
Vyrn: Why the sudden interest, Red?
Zeta: Um...
Zeta: What do you think of my spear, (Captain)?
Zeta: I'm sure you saw it. It's an incredible weapon.
Vyrn: Yeah, whenever you say something, that spear glows.
Zeta: You're absolutely right! Check this out!
Zeta: Spear of Arvess! Give form to my faith and become a piercing fang!
Her spear seems to glow in concert with her voice.
Zeta: This light can exterminate primal beasts. This is what the spear was made for, but that's top secret!
Zeta: When this beauty's wielded properly, even a lone warrior can defeat primal beasts.
What Zeta says is true. She proved to be an even match for a primal beast she encountered on the island.
Zeta: And each primal beast defeated using this spear lives on within it, contributing to its glow.
Zeta: That glow is proof of my—I mean our—power. Don't you think that's amazing?
(Captain)'s not quite sure what she's trying to say.
Zeta: But maybe I should just get to the point already...
Zeta: How would you like a weapon like this?
Vyrn: Ooh? You mean there's more than one of these out there?
Zeta: You could say that. We... Sorry, I can't say anything more right now...
Zeta: If you come with us, you'll also get a weapon like this, (Captain).
Zeta: Come on! It's definitely the right course for you!
Vyrn: That's all well and good, but we already have our own destination in mind.
Zeta: Oh yeah? Where's that?
(Captain) tells her they're traveling to Estalucia in pursuit of (Captain)'s father.
Zeta: Estalucia? Are you serious? You can go beyond the Grim Basin?
Zeta: Of course. That explains why you're collecting Sky Map pieces and fighting primal beasts...
Vyrn: Yeah, but we end up taking a lot of detours along the way.
Vyrn: What you're talking about isn't just some detour, is it?
Zeta: Not really. I'm asking you to join the Society.
Vyrn: I'm not sure what your angle is, but none of us plan to leave our crew.
Zeta: I think we'll probably end up going to Estalucia too.
Vyrn: Whoa! Are you serious, Red?
Zeta: Look, I've been sworn to secrecy about this, so I can't really discuss the details, but...
Zeta: The Executives told us that something awful will happen, and we'll have to go to the island.
Vyrn: Something awful? What do you mean?
Zeta: I don't really know. Anyway...
Zeta: What about my offer? I know you'd be a major asset to our group, (Captain)!
  1. Let me think about it.
  2. I believe in controlling my own destiny.

Choose: Let me think about it.
Zeta: Oh? That's definitely better than I expected!
Vyrn: Hey! Are you serious, (Captain)?

Choose: I believe in controlling my own destiny.
Zeta: What? Are you trying to be cool?
Vyrn: That's our (Captain)!
Vyrn: So that's that, Red. The captain has spoken.
Zeta: Oh well. It's not like you said no exactly.
Vyrn: Quite the little optimist, aren't you?
Zeta: Just take some time to think it over. I'm sure you're tempted...
Continue 1
Zeta: I mean, who wouldn't be tempted with scoring a mighty weapon and a free trip to Estalucia?
Zeta: And you know what? I've decided to patiently wait for your answer, (Captain).
Zeta: In the meantime how would you like it if I help out as part of your crew?
Vyrn: Hold it! You can't just decide on your own like that!
Zeta: We'll see about that! I don't give up easily. You guys will see that soon enough.
Zeta: Besides, being recruited by a fine captain like (Captain) can only be good for my reputation.
Zeta: Hey! Watch it with that scowl! You should be grateful to have someone like me!
Thus the knight Zeta joins the crew.
Her proposal will continue to bother (Captain).

Zeta's Fate

The crew stops at an island at Zeta's request. She immediately runs off to meet the lord of the island alone, but the crew chases after her her out of worry.

As the crew nears an island, Zeta suddenly starts making a fuss.
Zeta: Excuse me! I have a request!
Katalina: What's the matter, Zeta? You're almost acting politely for once...
Zeta: I've got some things to take care of on that island... Can we make a quick stop?
Katalina: Hm... I suppose we don't have any urgent business. I don't mind, but what's this all about?
Zeta: I heard an unsettling rumor about the island. I just want to check it out.
The airship changes course and soon arrives at the island's port.
Zeta: See you guys later! I'm just gonna meet with someone real quick!
Vyrn: Hey! Who are you in such a hurry to see?
Zeta: The lord of this island!
Vyrn: Did she say lord? What does she have to do with a lord?
Katalina: Hmm... I might have an idea...
Vyrn: You know something?
Katalina: Well, I can't remember it exactly, but...
Katalina: I once heard a story about a beautiful blonde knight who became a wanted criminal after insulting an island lord.
Katalina: Or something like that. Could it be Zeta?
Vyrn: So you're thinking this lord and the lord from your story are the same?
Katalina: Could be. I certainly hope she's not here to get revenge for that arrest warrant...
Vyrn: We can't just sit on our tails if she's in danger! Let's go, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hey! Red!
Zeta: Huh? What are you doing here, Vyrn? (Captain) and Katalina, you guys too... I thought I told you all to wait on the airship!
Katalina: Yes, but we were worried. We thought you might be out for payback...
Zeta: How do you know about that? Fine, whatever.
Zeta: I just didn't want to drag you guys into problems from my past.
Ruffian 1: Hey. That woman... Isn't she the one on the wanted sign?
Ruffian 2: Looks like it. How much is the reward?
Ruffian 1: Who cares. We can check after we turn her in. Let's go.
Zeta: See? I told you guys there'd be trouble.

Zeta's Fate: Scene 2

Zeta explains that she became a wanted criminal on the island after turning down an offer from its lord. The crew arrives at the lord's mansion, which is suspiciously run-down, and Zeta thinks that it may be the work of the Foe.

Katalina: Zeta, what happened on this island? I can't imagine you being treated as a criminal...
Zeta: Um... It's sort of hard to...
Zeta: Oh, all right! I'll talk!
Zeta: I used to be in the order of knights here for a little while. We ended up not getting along.
Vyrn: Red... Don't tell me you attacked the lord when you left...
Zeta: Of course not! You know me better than that!
Zeta: They told me I had to become the lord's adopted daughter if I wanted a promotion. I was so mad I stormed right out of there!
Katalina: And the lord took that as an insult...
Zeta: I guess so. And that's why the rumor I heard about this place is bothering me.
Katalina: What rumor?
Zeta: Apparently the lord has been acting strangely. You saw it right? There's something off about the town...
Zeta: It was much nicer when I used to live here.
Zeta: So I came to find out what happened.
Vyrn: I see. All right! We've come this far already, so we'll go with you to this lord's place!
Zeta: Huh? Now wait just a minute!
Katalina: Haha. We can't let our friend go charging off into danger alone.
Zeta: You're all such softies!
Katalina: Is this really the lord's mansion? It looks like it's seen better days.
Zeta: I knew it. There's something wrong here. It doesn't even look like they clean the place!
Monster: Groaar!
Vyrn: Whoa! Monsters!
Zeta: I hate to admit it, but this could be the work of the Foe.

Zeta's Fate: Scene 3

The crew arrives at the lord's room, but his words make no sense. Zeta runs out of patience and pierces his chest with a spear, revealing that the lord is actually a monster in disguise.

The crew makes its way through the mansion and arrives at the lord's room.
Zeta has a bad feeling about what awaits as she places her hand on the doorknob.
Zeta: Hello! I'm coming in!
Lord: Who are you?
Zeta: Excuse me? You wanted to adopt me, and you forget who I am? What's the big idea?
Lord: Adopt, adopt, adopt... Hm...
Lord: I'm more concerned about the state of the town than some silly adoption.
Zeta: Is that so? Then why's the town completely run-down, and why aren't the knights doing anything about it?
Lord: I replaced them with monsters. I was told to bring disorder. By the way, did you say you wanted to be my adopted daughter?
Lord: I've adopted so many monsters, and a few straggling knights are still around. But adding a daughter? Hm, not sure about that.
Zeta: Huh? What are you even talking about? You're not making any sense!
Zeta: Actually who are you? Because you're clearly not the lord. Are you disguising yourself with magic?
Lord: I've been the lord here for many years... But...
Lord: I was told to bring disorder... I'm just a minion after all...
Zeta: Oh, forget this!
Zeta pierces the lord's chest with her spear.
Vyrn: Hey! Have you lost it?
Lord: Ngh... Grrr!
Zeta: Just as I thought. Those knights couldn't even see through a simple ruse like this? Pathetic!

Zeta's Fate: Scene 4

After defeating the fake island lord and rescuing the real one, Zeta discovers that the matter concerning her adoption and promotion was a misunderstanding. Though the dispute has been settled, (Captain) continues to worry about Zeta's mention of the Foe.

(Captain) and crew defeat the imposter and rescue the lord of the island.
Zeta: You're lucky we came by. This island would have been done for if we hadn't.
Lord: I apologize. No... I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Vyrn: Bet you're glad to be safe and sound!
Lord: Yes... It seems their goal was to make me watch as the town was run into the ground.
Vyrn: What's up with that? What kind of crazy person wants to do that?
Lord: I have no idea either, but...
Lord: Zeta, you are every bit as skilled as they say. I would have liked to welcome you as my daughter.
Zeta: Please! I left the island because you used that as a condition to get a promotion.
Lord: What? I arranged no such thing.
Zeta: Huh? What do you mean? I heard it straight from the leader of the knights!
Lord: I never made an official statement about it. I did mention it in passing, but... it seems the leader acted without my orders.
Zeta: I sure wish someone had told me sooner...
Zeta: No wonder I didn't get along with that order. It's almost funny now.
Lord: It seems there was a misunderstanding. And I lost my top knight because of it. How foolish.
Zeta: I sure don't regret it though. I was able to save the town thanks to the skills I gained out in the world.
Lord: I see... Zeta, I'd like to ask one thing of you.
Zeta: Mmm? What is it?
Lord: I want you to come back to this island one day so I can thank you properly at that time. I'd do so now, but with the town as it is...
Zeta: Okay. I'll take care of the root of the problem by then.
Vyrn: We'll be seeing you around, island lord.
And so the crew leaves the island.
Zeta: Ugh... How exhausting. That sucked as much as I knew it would.
Vyrn: But you're not a wanted criminal anymore, so it all worked out, right?
Zeta: I guess so...
Vyrn: Sheesh, what a surprise! If you had been adopted by that lord, you'd be Princess Zeta right now.
Zeta: What? P-Princess Zeta? Cut it out!
  1. Long live Princess Zeta!
  2. That doesn't really suit Zeta.

Choose: Long live Princess Zeta!
Zeta: Agh! You too, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Lookie here! Red's redder than ever! Don't be shy, Your Highness!
Zeta: Ugh! I thought I said zip it, Vyrn!

Choose: That doesn't really suit Zeta.
Zeta: Excuse me? I mean, you have a point and all, but you could at least let me say that. What are you implying, (Captain)?
Zeta: Now I'm pissed! Get over here, (Captain)! We're gonna duke it out like true knights!
Continue 1
And so another of Zeta's adventures comes to an end.
But Zeta's mention of the Foe will bother (Captain) for many days to come.

Inner Workings

Formerly obsessed with racking up professional achievements, Zeta has loosened up somewhat since traveling with the crew. Observing the change in her, Vaseraga asks if she can continue to keep a cool head in battle, no matter what occurs. Sensing conflict on the horizon within the Society, Vaseraga asks if she will stand by him if the need arises. Bewildered, she nevertheless agrees.

Vaseraga: What? There was a mistake with the request?
Zeta: Jeez... Give me a break already... How could they just cancel a request like that!
Vyrn: H-hey... I understand you're upset, but don't hunt down the client for revenge or anything, okay?
Zeta: Huh? I don't really mind that much, you know. This is hardly enough to make me angry.
Vyrn: Okay, cool... We can have Siero talk to the client about it though, so hang tight.
Vyrn: Man, you're scary when you're angry... This is why I call you Red.
Zeta: Look, I said I wasn't that mad...
You're not even listening to me, are you?
(Captain) heads to the Knickknack Shack with Vyrn in tow, leaving Zeta and Vaseraga behind.
Left to idle on the ship, the two soon grow bored.
Vaseraga: ...
Zeta: Huh? What is it? What are you staring at?
Vaseraga: You've changed, Zeta.
Zeta: What? What's with you all of a sudden?
Vaseraga: (From what I can see, she's not as obsessed with racking up achievements as before.)
Vaseraga: (Must be the effect of hanging out with this crew... She seems calmer than before.)
Zeta: Seriously, what are you staring at?
Vaseraga: Nothing important. But we've got a rough road ahead of us... As long as you can fight with a cool head, that's all that matters.
Zeta: Are you talking about the whole deal with the higher-ups at the Society?
Vaseraga: Yeah.
Zeta: Are those rumors true? That one of the founders turned traitor?
Vaseraga: I don't know in detail. They're only rumors that started circulating recently. The incident itself seems to have been a while ago.
Zeta: And they say that if the traitor is going to start something, it'll be sooner rather than later... right?
Vaseraga: Yes. Although I'm not certain. The tendency of the Society to cloak its organizational structure in mystery isn't new.
Zeta: Good grief. Infighting, huh? Hope it doesn't escalate into anything serious. Especially after I've worked so hard to gain their trust.
Vaseraga: I don't think there's any cause for concern. Even if the Society were to split, the organization itself would survive.
Zeta: Hmm... A split, huh? Don't like the sound of that.
Vaseraga: Yeah. I've been concerned about how you would handle something like that, if it came up.
Zeta: Huh? Handle it?
Vaseraga: Zeta, if a rift in the Society resulted in one of your companions being placed in danger... what would you do?
Zeta: I don't really know...
Vaseraga: If something happened to the Society or one of our companions... If I needed your help, could I count on you?
Zeta: Huh? Where's this coming from? You've always been able to before, haven't you?
Vaseraga: ...
Zeta: But if that happened, we'd have to leave the crew for a while, huh?
Vyrn: Hold on a sec! What's all this about leaving the crew?
Zeta: Gah! Vyrn, how long have you been listening?
Vyrn: I just heard the last part... You said you're gonna leave? Did something happen?
Zeta: Hm? Er, well... It's a Society thing. A lot's going on.
Vaseraga: Yes. Don't worry yourself about it.
Vyrn: Oh, really? But we can't afford to lose you, Princess Zeta!
Zeta: What? Hold on, now. "Princess"?
Vyrn: If the glass slipper fits. You were adopted by a lord, right?
Zeta: Grr! Vyrn, there's no need to make a thing of it!
Vyrn: Ha ha! Don't get angry again, Red! It's not an insult or anything! I'm not the only one who calls you that either.
Vaseraga: He's right. Standing your ground is important, but you also have to know which battles are winnable, Princess.
Zeta: Nnngh! You too?
Vaseraga: Haha... Forget I said anything.
Zeta: Grr! Don't laugh at me! Listen here...
Vaseraga and Zeta have quarreled constantly since the crew first met them.
But, perhaps due to the crew's influence, things have been changing between the pair, ever so gradually.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
こんな魔物、片手で十分! I'll beat them with one arm tied behind myself!
バザラガのヤツに手柄は譲れない! Vaseraga's not gonna take any credit for this!
ふふ!あたしが一緒でよかったね? Haha, aren't you glad I joined the crew?
星晶獣も倒せるのよこの槍でなら! Even primal beasts are no match for this spear.
槍の力を解放するまでもないわね! No need to unleash the spear's true power yet!
あたしらの『敵』の気配は無い、か… No sign of the Foe here, eh...
お?ルリアちゃん今度は何書いてるの? Look, Lyria's writing in her journal again!
ルリアちゃん、またノート見せてよね Can you show me your journal again, Lyria?
(主人公)、一緒に来る気になった? Ready to join us, (Captain)?
凄い武器欲しくない?(主人公) Want an awesome weapon for yourself, (Captain)?

Other Appearances


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Whenever this follower attacks, put a Beatrix, Undying Blue into your hand if there is no allied Beatrix, Undying Blue in play or your hand.

Damn it, Bea! Where the hell did you go? Sometimes I think she gets in trouble just for the attention!


(Same as the unevolved form.)

Grrr... Seriously, Bea? You ran off alone and got captured by the enemy again? When this is over, I'm gonna chew your head off!
Spear of Arvess! Show 'em your power!

Class Swordcraft
Trait Officer
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Zeta, Crimson Lancer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria

World Flipper


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