Zeta (Event)

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Game Strategy Lore Voice Anime Versus
[Crimson Counterattacker]This title is an unofficial, amateur translation.
MAX HP 750
MAX ATK 6350
BASE DA/TAThis character's base double attack rate and triple attack rate.Characters with support skills that grant guaranteed multiattacks may have very high values.Due to a game update, base DA/TA values are no longer obtainable from in-game data files. Exact values for characters released after 2023-10-10 are currently inaccessible. 10% DA / 5% TA
RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game.
SpecialtyThis character gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid.
Exp. BonusExpedition Bonus Type in Auto-Expeditions None
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa
How to Recruit
Right Behind You
ID 3030231000
Char ID 3024
Uncap Limit
NameJP ゼタ
TitleJP 真紅の反撃者
Voice ActorJP 花澤香菜
Release Date 2017-12-31
Other Sites gbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
GamewithKamigameHuiji Wiki
(Chinese wiki)
A knight who continued to fight alongside her comrades to the bitter end despite falling to a never-before-seen power. She eventually stands up once more, propped by her natural fortitude and tough-as-steel pride. Unable to cope with personal failures, she embarks on the path to victory against an old enemy.

Charge Attack
Icon Name Effect
Resolute Raid Big Light damage to a foe.
Gain Guaranteed TAGuaranteed triple attack regardless of Triple Attack Lowered debuffs
Duration: 1.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 1 turn remaining.

Icon Name Cooldown Duration Obtained Effect
Spear of Arvess 6 turns
Lvl 45:
5 turns
3 turns / 180 sec Lvl 1
⇧ Lvl 45This skill is enhanced at level 45.
Inflict Arvess FermareTargeted by a skill
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect
and Burned (2000)HP is lowered on every turn
Strength: 2000Duration: 180 seconds
on a foe.
Rhapsody 9 turns
Lvl 65:
8 turns
1 turn Lvl 1
⇧ Lvl 65This skill is enhanced at level 65.
Gain ATK UpATK is boosted
Duration: 1 turn
and Salted Wound (Arvess Fermare) (1 time)ATK is boosted when foe is hitmarked
Multiplier: AssassinDuration: 1 turn
Signo Drive 8 turns 3 turns Lvl 35
Gain 30% TA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Strength: 30%

Support SkillsDoes not work from the backline unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Obtained Effect
Arvess Invol Lvl 1
10% bonus Light damage effect against BurnedHP is lowered on every turn
Extended Mastery Support Skill EMP Lessen damage taken from BurnedHP is lowered on every turn
foes for all allies.

Extended Mastery Perks
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Double Attack Rate
  • Critical Hit
    12% chance for 12% more DMG20% chance for 20% more DMG25% chance for 25% more DMG
  • Charge Attack Damage
RaceCalled "Type" in-game.
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • HP
  • Double Attack Rate
  • Critical Hit
    12% chance for 12% more DMG20% chance for 20% more DMG25% chance for 25% more DMG
  • ATK
  • Triple Attack Rate
  • Critical Hit
    12% chance for 12% more DMG20% chance for 20% more DMG25% chance for 25% more DMG
  • Debuff Success Rate Up
  • Lessen damage taken from BurnedHP is lowered on every turn
    foes for all allies.


Gameplay Notes

Extended Mastery Support Skill

  • Lessen damageThis is not a damage cut.
    Reduces damage taken on a multiplier separate from Damage Cuts.
    for all allies when the enemy is afflicted with BurnedHP is lowered on every turn
Rank Reduction
1★ 5%
2★ 8%
3★ 10%

Uncap Materials

Uncap 1★
Uncap 2★
Uncap 3★
Uncap 4★

Awakening Materials

Facsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable?
Spear of Arvess Yes
Rhapsody Yes
Signo Drive Yes


Anti-Primal Beast Battlesuit

In addition to the Spear of Arvess, this set of armor also comes from the Society. Crushing primals single-handedly requires masterclass armor; sloppy craftsmanship leads to a quick death. This armor delicately balances protection, mobility, and speed. The aesthetics and design, however, were probably Zeta's idea.
Outfit Name Anti-Primal Beast Battlesuit
How to Get B-Point Shop (TCG Points)
Footprints on Sacred Ground - Treasure Trade Shop
Release Date 2016-05-27
Charge Attack
ID 3710019000
Notes Does not have new voice lines.
Uses Zeta's 2nd sprite in battle.

Crimson Battle Maiden

An outfit Zeta purchased from a random store when secretly tailing her partner. The ruggedness of the casual jacket pairs beautifully with the cuteness of the short, pleated skirt, and the mobility and design make it one of her favorite ensembles to wear.
Outfit Name Crimson Battle Maiden
How to Get Daily Point Shop, Alchemy Lab
Release Date 2021-06-18
Charge Attack Solar Prominence
ID 3710099000
Notes A variant of Zeta (Dark)'s appearance, posed in the same stance as Zeta 5★, wielding Sunspot Spear instead of Arvess.

Dance of the Sunset Plover

A master seamstress sweat blood to meet every one of Zeta's extravagant demands for this fabulous long-sleeved kimono. This masterpiece is dyed a fiery vermillion, with a spray of sparks in gold thread and gold leaf, and embroidered with soaring plovers.
Outfit Name Dance of the Sunset Plover
How to Get 2018 New Year Outfit Set
(In-game purchase)
Release Date 2018-01-01
Charge Attack Prominence Blast
ID 3710061000

Racing Suit

A racing suit provided to Zeta by the Society to support her in her mission. It boasts a tough exterior made of leather that is capable of withstanding long-range ballistic and magic attacks from underhanded racers. It has also been heat-treated to conform with her fiery disposition. She likes the suit so much that you can sometimes find her wearing it while tuning her speedship and during other downtime.
Outfit Name Racing Suit
How to Get Racing Outfit Set
(In-game purchase)
Release Date 2017-11-17
Charge Attack Crimson Spear
ID 3710056000


Zeddy. A masterful pun that seamlessly combines Zeta's name with "rice paddy" and doesn't sound forced at all. In order to celebrate Cassius and Isaac's return, Zeta joined forces with Be-A Party Ball, Vaserugger, and Vaselager to come up with punny names. It was no small feat to make such a brilliant pun on such short notice, but Zeta's ingenuity is as bountiful as an autumn harvest.
Outfit Name Zeddy
How to Get Sanrio Characters: Come On Over to Hello Land!
Release Date 2023-04-01
Charge Attack Rice Shower
ID 3710204000