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Official Profile[edit]

Age 24
Height Around 90 cm (average for a Harvin)
Race Harvin
Hobbies Training
Likes Kids' meals, high places, tall people
Dislikes Stairs, things on top of tall shelves
As captain of the Holy Knights, Charlotta is an exceptional warrior in constant battle with the greatest foe of all: an inferiority complex. After being saved by the holy knights, she worked herself to the bone to become their captain. She possesses a calm, steadfast personality, but she is quickly infuriated when the subject of her height comes up. Although proud in her position as captain, Charlotta nonetheless frets constantly about her undignified lack of physical stature, even going so far as to silently leave the knights in a quest to find something, anything, to make her taller.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I would like to wish you a happy birthday!
Captain, you've grown another year older, and by the looks of things... taller.
Just watch! I'm going to get even taller too!


Happy birthday, Captain (Captain).
Your growth is truly prodigious, (Captain).
In just a short amount of time, you have become a righteous and proper captain.
At times like these I... grow jealous of your youth.
However! I have much growth ahead of me! No matter what anyone says!
I look forward to working alongside you for many years to come.


A most happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
This marks the third birthday I've spent with you thus far!
I'd like nothing more than to continue celebrating this day with you for every year to come.
I've almost taken for granted how fortunate I am for being a member of your crew.
I'll always be your ally and comrade, (Captain)! I hope you'll always remember that.
Happy birthday again!


(Captain), happy birthday!
Our relationship has been one that spans many years.
Even when we first met you were a reliable companion. And as you age I entrust my life to you with yet still greater confidence.
But simply because that is the case, you must not bear all your burdens alone. I know what that is like...
Living in solace does not confer strength, nor wisdom.
It is precisely because our lives are in your hands that you must rely on us when necessary.
Hehe. Sometimes a day of celebration can just be the right occasion to impart words of wisdom.
Your time is a precious gift that I am all too happy you choose to share with me.
Let this year be a good one like our last.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
This is going to be another great year—forever pure, forever righteous!


Happy New Year, Captain (Captain).
My goal this year is the same as last year's: to live everyday forever pure, forever righteous!
I believe it's good to change one's resolution from year to year, of course.
However. I believe some things only come into view after dedicating yourself to the same goal, year after year.
I hope to dedicate myself to improving our teamwork this year, Captain (Captain)!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hm? Where are you off to?
A New Year's festival, you say? Well, I think I might tag along then!
Trouble's known to follow a crowd, after all.
We wouldn't want the new year to start off with any unfortunate incidents, now would we?
I'll be there to ensure everyone stays safe. Here's to another year—forever pure, forever righteous!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
It looks cold out. I'm from a snow country and thus am accustomed to such weather.
These frostbitten winds remind me of home.
While it does snow all year round, the New Year's snow is particularly special. Every family works together to remove it from the front of their houses.
Huh? You'd like to see my home for yourself?
I would be delighted to show you. And I will be your guide!
Hehe... Someday we'll go together.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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I wish you a most happy Valentine's Day!
I-I actually tried making chocolates of my own, so, ah...
I would very much appreciate it if you would... er... s-share them with me, (Captain). Would that be acceptable?


Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Heheh... I put a lot of effort into these chocolates!
This should give you an idea of exactly how much I've grown in the past year!
By the way, (Captain)... While it makes me plenty happy to see you enjoying the chocolates...
Why do you look at me with those doting eyes? It's like you think I'm a child in need of protection...
I am a very mature adult, so cease this childlike treatment of my person at once!


Excellent timing, (Captain)! Here, this is for you!
Since last year's chocolates were such a success, I've made another batch this year!
They're good enough to rival last year's, even if I do say so myself!
I'd be delighted if you accepted them, (Captain).
Cherishing another is a hallowed act indeed. I'll always be with you, (Captain).


So there you are, (Captain). I was looking for you.
Actually... I wanted you to have this!
It's for Valentine's Day! I made it myself this year too, but spiced things up a bit!
Do you know what's different?
Hehe. Every year I put more heart into my chocolate than the last!
I put all my appreciation into my gifts for you. And I know it tastes fantastic too!
Go ahead and take a bite!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? This is in return for Valentine's? Thank you very much!
I'll treasure this always, (Captain)!


Whatever is it? Is this present... for me?
Ah... I see. Today is White Day, is it not?
Hee hee... Thank you, (Captain). You've made me ever so happy.
And it reminds me that warmer seasons are fast approaching.
I hail from snowy environs, so I always look forward to the season of snowmelt.
Once it grows warm and sunny, I hope we'll be able to go for a nice stroll outside, (Captain)!


Wow! Another gift this year? That's three years in a row now!
Hehe! You're far too kind to me, (Captain).
Oh? No, no, of course I like it.
It might not exactly be what I want—the only thing I really want is to be taller after all...
But anything made by you is a delight for me to receive!
It's the thought that counts after all! And your thoughts count more than anything to me!


Hm? This year's present is something more suited for an adult?
Wow! Thank you! I can't wait to see what's inside!
What's this...
I-it's... Sponge cake infused with alcohol!
How did you know I love such things!
To be frank, I hated anything with alcohol, but Sevastien learned to make something like this just for me.
Now I enjoy all sweets that have a hint of liquor. Oh, the memories...
Thank you so much. I will thoroughly enjoy this.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
I might not be a child, but if you're offering me candy, I would be happy to accept!


Hrm... Excuse me, Captain (Captain)...
One could say that seeking candy from others is forever pure, forever righteous...
But if one who lives by this creed were to actually decide between a trick or a treat...
Ah! I mean... I'm so very mature that there's no need for me to think about such things!


Time to choose, (Captain). Will it be a treat...
Or a trick?
As a holy knight, it's my duty to ensure all children are enjoying themselves on this occasion!
That being the case...
Come at me, (Captain)! Play as many tricks on me as you like!


Why hello, (Captain). How are you enjoying the Halloween party?
What? You're plotting a trick against me?
Humph. I am a holy knight! No matter what trick you have planned, I will stand tall an—
Aaahh! W-what are you doing!
P-put me down! Don't treat me like a child!
Anything but high places! Aaanything!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy, happy holidays!
I really enjoy putting up decorations...
Oof... If only I could reach the top of the tree to put the star on...


Hm? Hello, (Captain). Today's the most festive day of the holiday season...
But you still seem to be awake.
The night has only just begun, you say? I am not sure I understand.
As a holy knight, it is only proper to rest early and await Santa Claus's arrival from within the world of dreams.
I have already partaken of my holiday cake and brushed my teeth!
I bid you a good night, Captain (Captain). May you have a holiday evening full of good tidings and cheer.


(Captain), I couldn't help but notice a small package sitting atop my bed.
Would you happen to know anything of it?
Since tomorrow is the day we open the presents, I assume someone was kind enough to give me a gift. However...
With no labels of any sort to say who it's adressed to, I can't help but worry there's a chance it's not meant for me.
Y-you're the one who left it for me? My!
The adult's supposed to give the child the present, not the other way around!
Grufflesnicks... With this, my price as a grown-up is all but gone!
I-I'll have to sleep early tonight! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!


(Captain), happy holidays!
Baotorda and Sevastien are preparing a meal for us this eve!
Hehe... I'm looking forwards to this night.
Lyria and Vyrn also seem very excited for this evening.
Unlike the carnage on the battlefield, this moment of peace is something I would not trade for the world.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Wish Upon a Star[edit]

Accepting the request from Charlotta the Harvin, our heroes accompanied her to a village deep in the mountains to look for height enhancement medicine. However, the medicine wouldn’t work on her, so Charlotta decided to pursue the power of the Astrals and accompany our heroes on their journey.

In a certain city, (Captain) and company had received a request from Sierokarte to assist on an expedition deep into the mountains.
They came to a tavern where the client was supposedly having their meal, but...
Staff: Thank you for waiting! Here’s your happy-go-lucky kid’s meal!
???: Oooh...! Th-This looks great...!
Lyria: Hmmm... I don’t see anyone who matches the client’s description...
Vyrn: The client’s supposed to be the leader of some order, right? I definitely don’t see any leader-y looking people here...
Vyrn: Maybe they finished eating and left already? That tiny girl is the only other person here...
???: I’m not little, hm!
Lyria: Huh? Umm...
Vyrn: Wh-what’s your problem, little girl?
???: Oh... A-Ahem! I’m sorry, I lost my composure...
???: Er... Did Lady Sierokarte send you?
Vyrn: Yeah, she did... Wait... Then that means... No, don’t tell me...!
???: Forgive me for not introducing myself sooner.
???: I am an agent of the honorable sept that founded the Holy Kingdom of Lumiel...
Charlotta: Captain of the Kingdom’s Holy Knights, Charlotta Fenia, hmm! Pleased to make your acquaintance...
Lyria: Whaaat?! Th-this cute little girl is the...?!
Charlotta: Grrr... Who do you think you are, grabbing a knight and calling her a cute little girl, hmm?!
Lyria: Nnnn... I-I’m sorry... I just... Well... Umm...
Charlotta: Well... I know you mean no harm by it, Lady Lyria... Wait, where are you looking, hm?
Lyria: Oh, sorry... Your crown is right at my eye level, so it’s kind of distracting...
Charlotta: Grrrr...! I’m done with you people, hm! I’m leaving, hm!
Lyria: Oh no! I-I’m sorry!
Charlotta dashed out of the tavern, and our heroes followed her to a mountain road where monsters were said to nest.
Vyrn: What the...? Where did Charlotta go?
Charlotta: (Captain)! I am right here, hm!
Charlotta peeked out from behind a mountain of defeated monsters.
Lyria: Charlotta! Wh-What’s going on here...?
Charlotta: Oh, well, these monsters were ganging up on me, so I just turned the tables on them, hm.
Charlotta: I thought it might get through to you easier if you saw it for yourself.
Charlotta: You failed to realize you were speaking to the Captain of the prestigious Kingdom’s Holy Knights... That, my friend, is a big mistake, hm!
Vyrn: Incredible... They didn’t make her the captain for nothing...
Vyrn: Hm? Sooo... Why were you looking for expedition assistance, Charlotta?
Vyrn: From the looks of it, you’re more than strong enough to go hiking on your own, right?
Charlotta: Y-Yes... Well, no... Er... It’s true, I have nothing to fear from monsters or bandits, but...
Charlotta: You see... There’s an area that’s... steep... too steep for me to climb alone...
Charlotta: So, umm... (Captain)... I would appreciate it if you, er... gave me a boost up there...
Working their way past a number of treacherous areas, (Captain) and company finally reached the village that was their intended destination.
Charlotta wasted no time in asking about a certain medicine that was said to be the village’s specialty, but...
Charlotta: Hm... So it’s not possible?
Villager: I mean, don’t get me wrong, we DO make height growth supplement medicine here...
Villager: But it’s only a supplement, and you’re a Harvin. You can drink it, but I don’t think you’ll get any bigger.
Charlotta: Oh...
Vyrn: So the whole reason Charlotta wanted to come out here was to get this growth supplement so she could be taller...
Lyria: She must feel really self-conscious about it... Nnn... I feel awful for what I said before...
Charlotta: Nngh... I went to all the trouble of sneaking away from the other Knights so I could come here and get it, and yet...
Charlotta: The way things stand... As I am now... I’m a disgrace to the Kingdom’s Holy Knights...
Charlotta: No, wait... That’s it... My one last hope...!!!
Charlotta: (Captain)! I want you to take me with you on your journey, hm!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where did THAT come from?!
Charlotta: I’ve heard that (Captain) intends to find Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals...
Charlotta: If I have been forsaken by the gods of this world, then I have no choice but to place my hopes in the gods beyond this world-- the Astrals, hm!
Lyria: Y-You want to get taller THAT badly...?
Charlotta: This is something that affects more than just myself, hmm...
Charlotta: At my inauguration, the other Knights congratulated me sincerely... But I know the truth, hm.
Charlotta: The truth is, the citizens find it funny that a Harvin like me was promoted to captain...
Charlotta: If they want to laugh at me, that’s fine. But I won’t forgive anyone who dares to laugh at our proud sept of Knights, hm!
Charlotta: So please...! Help me protect the dignity of the Lumiel Holy Knights...!
  1. Sure
  2. Let’s all go together

Choose: Sure
Charlotta: I am grateful, hm! As a member of your order, I shall serve you wholeheartedly, (Captain), hm!

Choose: Let’s all go together
Charlotta: I am grateful, hm! Let us join forces to reach the Island of the Astrals!
Continue 1
Charlotta: I never thought I’d have to pin my hopes on Estalucia, the land of legends...
Lyria: You have nothing to worry about! We can go anywhere as long as we work together!
Charlotta: Hehe... With (Captain), I feel like it might just be possible, hmm!
Small of stature but large of ambition, the Holy Knight Charlotta joined (Captain)’s group.
And so, the journey to the end of the sky-- Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals-- continued on.

Knight's Honor[edit]

Charlotta still has not found a way to grow taller. While they sit down for a meal in a village, Charlotta says that she wants to become a feared figure of the Order of Holy Knights. The party is asked for help as there is supposedly a pack of monsters coming from the forest.

Charlotta: I had tried to find a good way to increase my height during the journey to Estalucia...
Charlotta: I can’t seem to find the will of the world... The will of the sacred...
Lyria: I-I think you’re plenty strong and wonderful, Charlotta.
Charlotta: But...
Shop Employee: Thank you for waiting! Um, who ordered the kid’s meal?
Charlotta: Grr... As the proud leader of the Lumiere Order of Holy Knights...
Charlotta: I need to be taller to become the symbol of power and glory of the holy nation of Lumiere as the leader of the Order of Holy Knights...!
(Captain) and company continue their journey to Estalucia with Charlotta.
Along the way, they follow rumors to various villages. However, they cannot find the method to make Charlotta taller.
Vyrn: Why don’t you let haters be haters?!
Vyrn: You don’t need to be so strict just because you’re with the Order of Holy Knights.
Charlotta: No. As a Holy Knight, I must be proud and someone to be feared.
Charlotta: As a defender of justice, I must not be taken lightly...
Villager: Hey! Somebody help! There’s a pack of monsters from the forest heading this way!
Charlotta: Monsters?! (Captain)!
Vyrn: We can’t ignore this! Let’s go! (Captain)!

Knight's Honor: Scene 2[edit]

Charlotta and the party defeated the pack of monsters heading to the village. They then discover a girl being attacked by a monster and head to the rescue.

Monster: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Charlotta: Phew... Looks like we took care of most the monsters heading to the village.
Vyrn: No... These monsters attack in large packs... You shouldn’t let your guard down yet...
Lyria: Ah! Look!
Monster: Screech...
Child: No...
Charlotta: Gah! That wasn’t the last of them!
Vyrn: Damnit! We have to save the girl! (Captain)!

Knight's Honor: Scene 3[edit]

The party heads to the cave where the girl is taken. But deep in the cave is a passage large enough only for a child to pass through. Seeing that she is best for the job, Charlotta moves through to save the girl. She fights the monsters coming after them.

The party defeat the monsters one by one, but one monster kidnaps a girl.
The party moves through the cave of what seems like a monster’s den to save the kidnapped girl.
Lyria: Deep in the cave is a monster’s den! I’m sure the girl is here, too...
Vyrn: Yeah! There’s no mistake! Well, that’s what I think...
Deep inside the cave is a hole only small enough for a child to pass through.
Vyrn: I think I can go through, but I can’t deal with all those monsters by myself...
Charlotta: I’ll go! There is no better person for the job than me here.
Lyria: Charlotta...
Charlotta: The Holy Nation of Lumiere is as powerful as the grand empire of Erste...
Charlotta: And I am the top of the Order of Holy Knights of Lumiere. I will show that name is not just for show!
Charlotta: I will bring back that child!
The party watches as Charlotta moves through the tiny hole. Soon after...
Charlotta: (Captain)!
Lyria: Charlotta! Seems like the girl is safe!
Charlotta: Of course! But the monsters are coming! Please prepare yourself!

Knight's Honor: Scene 4[edit]

Charlotta’s low height is what helped save the girl. Upon seeing her smile, Charlotta realizes that her height is not the big problem she thought it was. But unable to completely give up on getting taller, her journey continues.

Villager: Thank you! I don’t know how to thank you for saving my daughter’s life...
Vyrn: Charlotta did great this time!
Lyria: Yup! If it weren’t for Charlotta, who knows what would have happened...?
Charlotta: Heh... Thanks...
Lyria: It’s nice that you were useful because you’re small!
Charlotta: Ugh...
Vyrn: H-Hey! Lyria!
Lyria: Huh? Oh... I-I’m sorry!
Charlotta: It’s quite all right... I know that Lyria doesn’t mean any harm.
Charlotta: Besides...
Girl: Thank you for saving me! Little missy!
Charlotta: Haha... I think I’ve done my duty for a while to come.
Charlotta: I was about to lose sight of what’s important as a knight because I was so fixated on my petty pride...
Charlotta: If I can protect that smile, I think my height is only a small problem in the grand scheme of things.
Charlotta mumbles that and looks at the girl she saved.
Vyrn: So does that mean you’ll give up on trying to be taller?
Charlotta: Uh, well... That’s... different... because it’s my dream...
Lyria: Haha... Looks like Charlotta’s journey will still go on!
The proud but tiny Holy Knight Charlotta keeps her secret ambition deep inside her heart as she continues the journey with (Captain) and the party.

Value of a Smile[edit]

There is tale of a forest. In this forest, a very special fountain would appear once every century. Those who take a dip in the fountain would emerge looking as they had always wanted. Charlotta's expectations were high. But nearby hooligans heard them talking. They began to plot a nefarious scheme.

Staff: Thank you for waiting! And here's your happy-go-lucky kid's set!
Charlotta: ...
Staff: Er... who ordered the happy-go-lucky kid's set?
Charlotta: ...
Vyrn: Oi! What's your deal? Charlotta?
Charlotta: Waugh?! Wha... what is it?
Lyria: They brought you your, um, kid's set.
Charlotta: Ah... thank you very much...
Vyrn: What's up with you? You've been all spaced out.
Charlotta: I was... I was just thinking about how my wish may soon be fulfilled...
Charlotta: It's just... I can't stop myself from dreaming of it...
Vyrn: Jeez... think you might be hoping for too much?
Charlotta: Oh no, sir! Not in the least! This has to be it. It just has to!
(Captain) followed intel from the KnickKnack Shack to a town near the forest.
According to Sierokarte, this little backwoods town is home to a very special fountain...
Once every century appears a very special fountain. Those who bathed in this fountain will emerge looking as they always wished they had.
Charlotta: For a once-in-a-hundred year chance to be so close... It can't be anything but fate!
Vyrn: Nah... sounds a bit too good to be true to me.
Lyria: Settle down... finish up your lunch and we can go see it for ourselves!
Hooligan 1: ey... you hear that? Fountain, they said...
Hooligan 2: Ah...ka-ching... Say, why don't we join 'em?
Vyrn: Well... now what? This fountain's supposed to be in some village, right?
Charlotta: First we'll have to get out of the forest.
Charlotta: We might find ourselves face-to-face with some mighty monsters. You just leave them to me!

Value of a Smile: Scene 2[edit]

The village folk bustle about, preparing for a once-in-a-century celebration for the return of the fountain. But they believe the legend to be nothing more than superstition. As the adults are quite preoccupied with making arrangements, a pair of children agree to guide (Captain)'s party to the fountain.

Villager 1: Fountain, you say? Ah, yes. That does ring a bell...
Villager 2: I know the one. It's just outside the village...
Villager 1: Oh, yeah! The fountain... you looking for something out there?
Charlotta: Er... how best to put it. Well, we've heard tell that its centennial visit is close at hand...
Villager 2: That it is. But we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off getting ready for the festival.
Villager 2: Sorry, y'know? It's right rude of us not to be able to show you around after you've come such a long way...
Charlotta: We didn't come here to see the sights! We... er...
Charlotta: We heard a legend about it... are the tales true?
Villager 2: Hrm... everyone 'round these parts knows about the legend, sure...
Villager 1: But it's just one of them superstitions! Nothing to get all worked up about...
Lyria: Erm... excuse me! Would you be able to show us the fountain?
Villager 1: Eh? I'd say yeah, but us grownups can't really afford to spare a hand...
Child 1: I'll take 'em!
Child 2: Ooh! Me too, me too!
Vyrn: Hold up... you shrimps think you can manage that?
Child 1: We are NOT shrimps! I'm biggerer than she is!
Charlotta: Wha?! I-I may look this way, but I assure you I'm an adult!
Child 2: C'mon, lady! You ain't bigger than my little sis! And she just started talking last week!
Charlotta: Grrr!
Charlotta: (Captain)! I do hope you'll leave any monsters you meet to me!
Charlotta: You'll be quite convinced of how much of an adult I am once I fell those monsters!

Value of a Smile: Scene 3[edit]

It's barely more than a gurgle, yet Lyria feels a curious power in it. She believes it will be stronger once night falls. (Captain) and company decided to wait until then and enjoy the festivities in the meantime. But a band of hooligans had followed them, dreaming of the grand riches in store. (Captain) and company rush to meet them.

The village children lead (Captain)'s party to the fountain to see if it's all it's cracked up to be.
Vyrn: Er... anyway, this is the place, right?
Child 1: Yeah, the only thing in this stupid village is that fountain.
Standing before the party was a gurgle hardly qualified to be called a fountain.
Charlotta: I must say... this certainly doesn't look like the stuff of legends...
Charlotta: Perhaps it's as the villagers said...
Lyria: Hold on... I can feel a power here...
Lyria: A strange one, at that... and this fountain is the source.
Vyrn: Hold up... If you're feeling something that means the Astrals were messing around here, right?
Charlotta: The Astrals? Then the legend must be true!
Lyria: The power acts as a wave... and it should be at its apex soon...
Lyria: I think it should still be there once night comes.
Charlotta: Just think! A chance that only comes along once every hundred years!
Charlotta: I've waited so long for this moment! And finally... It's here at last!
Vyrn: How about we hang back in the village until then? I mean, there's a festival and all. Why not enjoy it?
Child 1: Y'know, we're bored outta our skulls most of the time, this being the country and all...
Child 1: But you're gonna love our festival! It's the best part of the year!
Charlotta: Hehe... you do make it sound quite exciting!
Child 2: But, uh... It doesn't start until tomorrow...
Lyria: Is that so... the villagers did say they were busy getting ready.
Charlotta: Hehe... the stars have aligned!
Charlotta: This time tomorrow I'll be at the festival looking brand spanking new!
Lyria: So, Charlotta... are you going to leave us once you're bigger?
Charlotta: Well... I, um...
Vyrn: Why worry about it? Let's just enjoy the party while we're still together!
Charlotta: ...
(Captain)'s party returns to find the village in an absolute uproar.
Villager: H-help us! Brigands! Brigands in the village!
Hooligan 1: Yeesh. This place don't look like much, do it?
Hooligan 2: I mean, you hear about some legend and you expect SOMETHING, but there ain't a damned thing here!
Vyrn: Wha?! How did they find out about the fountain?
Charlotta: Perhaps they were eavesdropping on our conversation... or learned of it independently...
Charlotta: One thing's for sure, we're not going to let them run wild!

Value of a Smile: Scene 4[edit]

Though the fountain was overflowing with power, Charlotta was nowhere to be found. She'd flown off to capture the hooligans who had stolen the village's talisman. By the time she'd returned, the power was already gone. But the smiles of the children as she returned their talisman was better than any chance in the world, even if it only came once every century.

Charlotta: Sigh... Is this all?
(Captain)'s party had made sure the hooligans paid dearly for their deeds.
They found themselves awash in darkness. Night had fallen.
Charlotta: Perhaps we should head to the fountain...
Charlotta: And still the same size. Well, dear skyfarers, it's time we parted ways.
Charlotta: Now I must leave you, (Captain) and friends, to return to Lumiel...
Charlotta: ...
Charlotta: Hmm? Did anyone else hear a sound from over there?
Vyrn: Hey! Charlotta! Where the hell is she?
Lyria: She's not here... oh, Charlotta...
Lyria: I thought she might already be at the fountain if she wasn't in the village, but...
Vyrn: Jeez... what could be more important to her than THIS?
Lyria: The fountain is already at its limit... the power will be gone after tonight...
Villager: This is bad! Oi! You there! Help us search!
Vyrn: Hm? What's got your pants in a twist?
Villager: Those... those thieves! They stole our talisman from the warehouse! And they're getting away!
Hooligan 1: Whew... that was a blast and a half...
Hooligan 2: And I still don't even know what that legend thing was all about...
Hooligan 1: Those skyfarers sure ran us through the ringer...
Hooligan 1: But this thing we snatched should fetch a pretty penny.
Hooligan 2: They use it in their little festival. You know it's gotta be good! Oooh! Look at the size of them gems!
Hooligan 1: And it looks like it's made of gold... melt this down and whoo, boy...
Charlotta: You wait right there!
Hooligan 1: Hm? And who're you?
Charlotta: Who am I? None other than the honorable, righteous agent of the Holy Kingdom of Lumiel...
Charlotta: And captain of the Kingdom's Holy Knights, Charlotta Fenia!
Hooligan 2: Wait... you were with those skyfarers from before!
Hooligan 1: Gah... stay cool! What's a shrimp like this gonna do?!
Charlotta: Yes, 'tis true that I am small in stature... but as a deliverer of justice, none stand taller than I!
Charlotta: I hope you're prepared! My sword and my heart are one. And we deem ruffians like you worthy of judgment!
Dawn came the next day with no sign of Charlotta.
Lyria: Where are you, Charlotta? Something must have happened...
Vyrn: But we haven't even found those thieves yet...
Villager: We can't go on with the festival without our talisman...
Child: What?! Aw, man...
As the future hung in the balance, a lone soldier came to the village.
Palace Guard: Pardon me. We've been keeping this kid in custody since last night...
Charlotta: How many times must I repeat myself?! I am NOT a kid!
Lyria: Charlotta?!
Palace Guard: Ah, you must be her sister.
Palace Guard: You really shouldn't be letting a little girl wander about town in the middle of the night...
  1. I'm sure it was quite the hassle...
  2. She's not a child

Choose: I'm sure it was quite the hassle...
Charlotta: Wha?! Would you care to repeat that?!
Vyrn: Hey... you said that much already. Might as well go for broke.
Charlotta: But... but you called me "girl"... and thought Lyria was my big sister...

Choose: She's not a child
Charlotta: But I am! I'm a perfectly healthy adult!
Palace Guard: Whatever you say... just make sure you don't go running around at night anymore.
Charlotta: Grr... you still insist on treating me like a child.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Gah... how about telling us where the hell you went off to? You know we were worried, right?
Charlotta: Ah, yes...
Charlotta: I wanted to return this to you.
With that, Charlotta handed the stolen talisman back to the villagers.
Villager: My goodness! You got it back for us? Truly?
Charlotta: What else could I have done? To let such ruffians get away would have been a tragedy.
Child: Hey! So are we gonna have the festival?
Villager: Oh, yes! Everything is back on!
Child: Yaaaay!
Charlotta: Hehe...
Afterward (Captain)'s party made their way back to the fountain.
Lyria: It's no good... the power here is already fading...
Charlotta: Is that so... there's not much to be done then, is there?
Lyria: You couldn't get your wish... but think of how happy those children were to have their festival back!
Charlotta: Hehe... they were smiling most grandly, weren't they?
Charlotta: Smiles like that are a more than adequate trade for a once-in-a-century chance.
Vyrn: And think about it! There might be another way to get your wish! All you need is a little patience!
Charlotta: You're right! I don't plan on giving up any time soon.
Charlotta: So... you'll just have to put up with me for a while longer! (Captain)!
Charlotta beamed as she spoke, her face showing not a hint of regret.
It seems the journey would continue as the little knight searched for an answer to her big problem.

Sacred Vow[edit]

(Captain) and company found themselves in the snowy mountains on a mission to suppress monsters. Her own home being quite snowy itself, Charlotta spoke fondly of days past. As Charlotta spoke of a time before she'd ever picked up a sword, she was interrupted by the echo of a scream. The party flew to its source to offer help.

Monster: Grrr...
Charlotta: Wha?!
Charlotta: Whew... Is that the last of them?
Lyria: Wow, Charlotta... you move like the snow's not even there.
Vyrn: Even (Captain) was having trouble... how d'you do that?
Charlotta: Hehe... It's not a matter of doing anything. I'm just used to it, is all.
(Captain) and company were in the snowy mountains to fulfill a request from the Knickknack Shack.
Vyrn: The village is up ahead, right? That's where the shopkeep asked us to take care of those monsters.
Charlotta: These mountains remind me of home... on some days everything would be absolutely buried in snow.
Lyria: Really?! What kind of place did you come from, Charlotta?
Charlotta: Nowhere special. Just your average country village.
Charlotta: But for most of the year it would snow just like this...
Vyrn: I got'cha! You gotta swing a sword around to keep all the snow off you!
Charlotta: Oh, no... actually, I was still a normal child when I lived there.
Charlotta: Good at detailed crafts and business, just like any other Harvin... I'd not yet even touched a sword.
Lyria: Really?! And yet you managed to become a captain...
Charlotta: Well...
???: Aaaah?!
Lyria: ?! What was that?!
Charlotta: The scream came from over here! We must hurry! (Captain)!

Sacred Vow: Scene 2[edit]

The thankful villager guides the party to the village. There they found a group of Lumiel's Holy Knights who had been sent a similar request. The two groups left together to patrol the mountains, but became separated along the way. They were soon confronted by a group of Imperial soldiers. The party was forced to fight.

Villager: Oh, thank you... I thought I was a goner for sure...
Charlotta: I'm glad we made it in time. Has anyone been injured?
Villager: Yes. Excuse me. As I understand it, you were their...
Vyrn: Hey! The village we're looking for is right about...
Villager: I knew it! The village you speak of is our own. Please! Take us there!
Lyria: The village the party had been sent to was populated by Harvin.
Villager: Ashamed as I am to say, we Harvin aren't exactly a fighting sort of folk... which is why we sent out a call for help with those monsters.
Charlotta: My village was much the same!
Charlotta: We found our rescue in a group of Lumiel's Holy Knights...
Charlotta: And in that moment I realized that I, too, wanted to be a protector of the people.
Vyrn: That explains why you were running with the Holy Knights!
Villager: Hm? Would you also happen to be one of Lumiel's Holy Knights?
Lyria: Huh? Also?
Villager: Er...
Villager: There was actually a group of Holy Knights who answered our call. They're in the village now...
Knight 1: Wha... captain Charlotta?!
Charlotta: Er, um... long time no see...
Knight 2: It IS the captain... what are you doing here?!
Knight 1: Hold on... we were dispatched here after we lost you.
Knight 2: Oh... yes, that's right. At any rate, we're glad to see you safe, captain.
Knight 1: If you don't mind my asking... what have you been doing? Why are you here?
Charlotta: Well... I, um...
Looking more than a little embarrassed, Charlotta explains how she came to be here.
Knight 1: So you, er, left... and then you got a request... and now you're in the village...
Knight 2: I didn't know they'd sent out another call for help... this is quite the coincidence...
Charlotta: Hrm? What's wrong? If I've caused you any trouble...
Knight 2: Oh, no! N-not at all! It's nothing, really! We're just so relieved to see you again, captain...
Knight 1: Indeed... you look like you're with a pretty seasoned group...
Vyrn: Hey, now! You should've seen (Captain)'s moves out there!
Knight 1: Well then...
And thus the party joined forces with a team of Lumiel's famous Holy Knights.
The party took up the knight's suggestion to patrol the mountains around the village, but soon...
Vyrn: Something's off... where the hell did they run off to?
Lyria: Looks like we've been separated... do you think they'll be alright?
Charlotta: I don't think they've had much experience in weather like this.
Charlotta: The Holy Knights don't spend much time in the sn... hm?
Imperial Soldier: ...
Vyrn: Wha?! What the hell are Imperials doing here?!
Imperial Soldier: ...
Charlotta: And we appear to be surrounded. I do believe they mean us harm...
Charlotta: We can save the explanations for later... for now, we fight! (Captain)!

Sacred Vow: Scene 3[edit]

The Empire had been sent to gather a rare mineral found in the village. They sought to use demons controlled by dark crystals to drive out the villagers and destroy the village. Charlotta was outraged that Holy Knights would be complicit in such deeds. While the knights attempted to absolve themselves by claiming justice without power is no more than a fantasy, Charlotta shot back that true justice is not the right of the strong. The fight began.

After repelling the Imperial troops, (Captain)'s party found themselves wrapped in the eerie silence of the forest.
Lyria: Why would agents of the Empire be here...
Charlotta: I fail to see the reason why you'd... tell me, what do you hope to accomplish?
Vyrn: Let me get this straight... when you disappeared earlier, you'd gone over to the Empire?!
Knight 1: You need not worry yourself over us.
Knight 2: ...
Charlotta: You two! You're safe!
Knight 1: Still the same old captain... would you condescend to battle this foolish knight?
Charlotta: ...? What are you saying...
Dragon: Gwoooaaargh!
Charlotta: Wha?! The monsters approach! (Captain)! Be on your guard!
Charlotta: You two! Unsheathe your swords and be quick about it!
Imperial Soldier: No need to do that. Y'see, they're...
Charlotta: The Empire?! But why?!
Imperial Soldier: You've eyes, don't you? These ones are friends of ours. And these monsters are under our control.
The soldier finished his sentence with the flourish of a sinister looking stone.
Lyria: That... that's a dark crystal!
Imperial Soldier: We have a winner... you wouldn't happen to be looking for these, are you?
Imperial Soldier: Ahaha! How perfect! Two birds with one stone, eh?
Vyrn: Hold on just a second! How about you wipe that stupid smile off your face and tell us what the hell is going on?!
Imperial Soldier: Oh, come on! We planned the whole thing! We found ourselves a tasty little rare mineral here...
Imperial Soldier: We wanted to get rid of the villagers and get to digging. But they're a bunch of stubborn old goats...
Imperial Soldier: Then we thought hey, why not just burn it to the ground? But that might bring some unwanted static down on us from the village's trade partners.
Imperial Soldier: But you get yourself a dark crystal, a few monsters... you know, make it look like the village got hit by them. Piece of cake.
Lyria: But how could you do such a thing...
Charlotta: Why would two proud Holy Knights stand with the Empire? You surely have more sense than that...
Knight 1: ...
Knight 2: You don't understand, captain. They're strong. Unbelievably so...
Imperial Soldier: That's right! They came down to save the village. But then they got a taste of us...
Imperial Soldier: That's all it took to win 'em over to our side! And thus we tied up the last loose end in our glorious plan!
Charlotta: Fools!
Knight 1: Captain Charlotta... why are you so angry with us?
Charlotta: You dare ask me why?!
Charlotta: You had honor! You were the disciples of justice! And now you've thrown it all away to support this evil!
Charlotta: I'll not hear it! You are beyond forgiveness!
Knight 1: Dear captain... this justice you speak of. What if there was an evil that dwarfed it?
Charlotta: What are you... what do you mean?
Knight 1: The only true justice in this world is absolute power... and that justice rests in the mighty hands of the Erstian Empire.
Knight 1: Only the strongest have the right to claim their cause just.
Knight 1: Justice without power is little more than a fantasy... and the justice of the weak is no justice at all, captain.
Vyrn: You low down, dirty... Double-crossing...
Charlotta: Allow me the last word, if you will...
Knight 1: What?
Charlotta: Justice... justice walks hand in hand with the righteous.
Charlotta: Justice answers not the call of those whose only virtue is their strength!
Charlotta: That day in the mountains, when the Holy Knights saved me... I knew that I would one day join them.
Charlotta: I knew that I, too, would be there to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. That day, I knew what justice was!
Charlotta: Justice supports the weak. It gives them the strength to go on...
Charlotta: Forever Pure, Forever Righteous. Words etched in the heart of even the weakest being... that, my friends, is justice.
Charlotta: And you, my former comrades, sold it for power. For that I cannot forgive you!

Sacred Vow: Scene 4[edit]

An envoy of the Holy Knights paid visit to the village to receive the knights and apologize for their transgressions. And to extend an invitation for Charlotta to return to the Order. But seeing the grief in the faces of (Captain)'s party at the prospect of her leaving, the envoy accepted her choice to stay. At least until Holy Knights could finally once again lay claim to the words of their Order; Forever Pure, Forever Righteous.

(Captain)'s party had captured the Imperial troops and the soiled knights without incident.
The party transferred custody of the knights to the Lumielian envoy.
Envoy: How am I ever going to apologize to the people of this village... I'm truly sorry for interrupting.
Villager: No... thankfully we managed to avoid any casualties...
Envoy: Thank you for your kind words...
Envoy: And for resolving this... matter. You and these friends of yours.
Vyrn: You were so fired up, Charlotta! I never saw you that mad before!
Charlotta: It's just... all of those memories came flooding back and I just...
Lyria: You were sooo cool though, Charlotta!
Charlotta: Er... I don't know if I would call it cool.
Envoy: Captain Charlotta... you've no idea how much the Order needs you.
Envoy: I've heard of your travels from the other knights...
Envoy: But would you do us the favor of returning to us? I beg you.
Charlotta: I... well...
Envoy: Every citizen of Lumiel, every knight of the Order awaits the day you come back home.
Charlotta: I see... I do wish to see Lumiel again. Truly, I do...
Charlotta: But I... I...
  1. They need you
  2. Stay with us

Choose: They need you
Charlotta: ...!? Oh, (Captain)... If you say so...
Charlotta: Sniff... If you command, (Captain), then I've no choice but to obey...
Charlotta: I-I suppose... snff... I suppose our time together is at an end...
Charlotta: I... I don't know what to... hic... what to say... snff...
Charlotta: I... snff... I'll never, ever... snff... forget you, dear skyfarers!
Lyria: Charlotta...
Vyrn: Hey... you sure about this? (Captain)?
Lyria: Charlotta... why don't you stay with us?
Charlotta: Snff... what was that, Lyria?
Vyrn: Hey! Lyria!
Lyria: But, Vyrn! I was really hoping she would stay...
Lyria: And I'm pretty sure Charlotta wants to, too...
Charlotta: Snff... hic...

Choose: Stay with us
Charlotta: Well, when you put it that way... I accept!
Charlotta: (Captain), I can't believe you said... I mean, if you really wish me to stay...
Charlotta: I can't think of a single reason why I wouldn't want to!
Continue 1
Envoy: That's that, then... though I do sincerely wish you'd join our ranks again, Lady Captain...
Envoy: Given due consideration, perhaps the time is not yet ripe...
Charlotta: Wha...
Envoy: For two of our own to stray so far... I cannot tell you how ashamed I feel. We cannot face you with our heads held high quite yet.
Envoy: Forever Pure, Forever Righteous. The Holy Knights of Lumiel must work to reclaim those hallowed words...
Envoy: Would you abide staying with these dear skyfarers until we do? Lady Captain Charlotta?
Charlotta: I would! I will wait in the company of (Captain) and this lovely crew!
Envoy: Hehe... and so, former captain... may we one day meet again.
The envoy withdrew with a gentle smile.
Vyrn: Whew... I thought you were gonna leave us for a minute there, Charlotta...
Lyria: I'm so glad you didn't! I didn't think he would let you...
Charlotta: Hehe... I'll have to give him my thanks once I return to Lumiel.
Lyria: But that won't be for a while, right?
Charlotta: Of course not! For now, consider me a full member of (Captain)'s crew!
Charlotta: And, so... I hope you'll be glad to have me on for a bit longer! (Captain)!
And so (Captain)'s party was entrusted to take care of Charlotta.
Their adventures with her became too numerous to count.

A Noble Pair[edit]

Though once Holy Knights of Lumiel, Charlotta and Baotorda met once again as members of (Captain)’s Order. They hadn’t ended on the best terms. The air between them had grown stagnant. It seemed that things might stay sour between them forever until a robber burst into the tavern. The two former Holy Knights proved themselves to still be perfectly in sync. All it took was a single battle for Baotorda to realize that, though Charlotta had left the Holy Knights behind, she was still the picture of nobility.

Charlotta: ...
Baotorda: ...
Vyrn: *gulp*
Charlotta: ...
Baotorda: ...
Lyria: Ahhh...
A strange coincidence brings Captain Charlotta and the Holy Knight Baotorda together as members of (Captain)’s Order.
The party sits takes seats in a tavern, but the two don’t seem quite ready to talk.
Charlotta: ...
Baotorda: ...
Charlotta: ...
Baotorda: My word... to think I’d meet you under these circumstances, Captain Charlotta...
Charlotta: Um... well I can’t say I was expecting this, myself...
Baotorda: From what I’ve heard... you scurried off from the Holy Knights in hopes of growing taller...
Baotorda: And during your travels you met (Captain). You joined their Order and they’ve been taking care of you ever since...
Charlotta: Oh... that sounds about right...
Baotorda: Hrm... well it was no secret to the Holy Knights that you were quite... particular about your height...
Baotorda: But for you to go so far as leaving... what on earth were you thinking?
Baotorda: Though I suppose I’m not one to talk... I’ve left the Holy Knights myself...
Charlotta: I... as Captain, I couldn’t forgive anyone who would try to turn the Holy Knights into a laughingstock...
Charlotta: I felt it my responsibility to grow taller... for the sake of the Order’s dignity...
Baotorda: We chose you as Captain because we respected you from the bottom of our hearts...
Baotorda: How could you even think we’d pay mind to the words of such rabble?
Charlotta: But don’t you see... you chose me. I wanted to live up to your expectations.
Charlotta: I... I just wanted to you understand. I wanted to be a Captain you could look up to...
Baotorda: But... Captain Charlotta...
Lyria: Oh, no... I never know what to do when things get like this...
Vyrn: Well... what else would you expect?
Lyria: What do we do? If things stay like this, they might not ever make up...
Vyrn: Nah... it’ll probably work itself out soon...
Robber: Alright! Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt!
Staff: ... ack! What do you think you’re doing?!
Robber: Ehehe... I think that’s obvious, innit? Just hand over the cash, nice and easy...
???: You stop right there! You’ve done more than enough!
Robber: Hm? What the? Looks like we got ourselves a hero...
Charlotta: As the Captain of Lumiel’s Holy Knights... I will not let such violence go unpunished!
Baotorda: ... so long as I stand, evil shall never prosper! You’ll rue the day you came into this tavern, be sure of it.
Charlotta: Lady Baotorda! With me!
Baotorda: ... understood! ... I hope you’re ready, scoundrel!
Staff: Oh, thank! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Who knows what would’ve happened if you weren’t here...
Charlotta: No, no... we only did what was right!
Charlotta and Baotorda moved as one. The robber was finished in the blink of an eye.
Staff: Hrm... to think such a small child could show such courage...
Staff: ... it’s enough to put us adults to shame!
Charlotta: Hmph! You’re quite mistaken! I know I may look li?
Baotorda: Ah... allow me to say, she is no child.
Staff: Buh?
Baotorda: Hehe... she’s a Holy Knight more than worthy of the words of her Order. Forever Pure, Forever Righteous.
Charlotta: ...!
Vyrn: Hah... looks like they’re back to being buddies again, eh?
Lyria: Yeah! I can’t believe I was so worried!
Baotorda: I must say... a good workout always makes me a bit peckish. How about it, Captain Charlotta?
Charlotta: Hm... now that you mention it, I could eat something...
Baotorda: I’ll see if they’ll let me use the kitchen. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a good happy-go-lucky plate.
Charlotta: You don’t say! That’s your specialty! ... I never thought I’d eat it again!
Vyrn: Welp... I guess some things never change.
Beaming and practically skipping, Charlotta followed Baotorda into the kitchen.
And Charlotta wasn’t the only one who was impressed by Baotorda’s cooking, even if it was a kid’s meal.

Wishing for Altitude[edit]

After saving Melissabelle from accidental starvation, Charlotta decides to shadow the (relatively) tall Harvin in a desperate attempt to increase her own height. Despite her sincere belief in the efficacy of her efforts, Charlotta simply ends up eating and sleeping too much and swiftly balloons in size.

???: Hrgh... Somebody...
Charlotta: Hm? That's the unmistakable sound of someone crying out for help!
Melissabelle: Hngh... Rgh...
Charlotta: If it isn't Melissabelle! Whatever happened? Did you come under attack?
Melissabelle: I'm so... hungry... Rgh...
Charlotta: Wha! Melissabelle!
Melissabelle: Charlotta... Thank you... for saving me...
Charlotta: Think nothing of it. My main concern is whether that apple I had will be enough to satiate you for the time being.
Melissabelle: Yes! It was delicious!
Charlotta: If I may offer a word of advice, you mustn't push yourself to the breaking point like this. It's exceedingly dangerous!
Melissabelle: I just... forgot to bring corn with me, and ended up falling asleep somewhere. I'm really sorry...
Melissabelle tells Charlotta she'd like to repay her, but the knee-high knight isn't quite ready to accept.
Charlotta: Think nothing of it! Saving you was simply the right thing to do!
Melissabelle: Huh? B-but... I have to—
Charlotta: No, no! For a knight who strives to follow a code of purity, fidelity, and nobility, demanding something in return would bring only shame!
Charlotta: Heheh... If you find me in a similar predicament and return the favor, that should be sufficient.
Melissabelle: Got it... If you end up in trouble, just let me know, Charlotta!
Charlotta: You have my word!
Charlotta: This may be changing the subject, but I simply can't get over how beautiful your hair is, Melissabelle!
Charlotta: Hrm... And on top of that, you seem fairly tall upon further inspection.
Charlotta: Would it... be acceptable if we measured our heights against each other? Stand shoulder to shoulder?
Melissabelle: Sure. That's fine.
Charlotta places the apple—or what remains of it—on her head and stands next to Melissabelle.
Charlotta: Egad! You're over an apple taller than me!
Melissabelle: Now that you mention it... I am the tallest person in my family.
Charlotta: Is that so! Absolutely incredible!
Charlotta: If I may... I believe I have a request for you after all, Melissabelle.
The conversation quickly shifts to an in-depth discussion of Charlotta's greatest concern: her lack of physical stature.
Charlotta: I beg of you! Tell me the secret to becoming taller!
Melissabelle: If you wanted me to make your hair longer, I'd know what to do...
Melissabelle: But... O-okay! We have to help each other out!
Charlotta: Truly? In that case... I'd like to spend a day closely observing you!
Melissabelle: Huh? A day... observing me?
Charlotta: Yes! I believe that may point me in the direction of tallness most exceptional!
Melissabelle willingly accepts Charlotta's earnest request.
Melissabelle: First... let's eat.
Charlotta: Astounding! Is this the corn you eat so much of, Melissabelle?
Charlotta: Personally I find corn to be quite sweet and delicious!
Melissabelle: These were grown and harvested in my homeland. They're super sweet and delicious.
Charlotta: Oh my! So this is the taste of your homeland? Eating this is sure to make me taller!
Charlotta: Whew! That ranks among some of the most delicious corn I've ever eaten!
Melissabelle: Hee hee... I'm glad you like it.
Charlotta: Well, how do I look? It feels like I'm a little taller already!
Melissabelle: Hm... You seem about the same... I think?
Charlotta: Is that so... Perhaps! But my quest for tallness is only beginning!
Melissabelle: Now that my energy has returned, I'm going to do a little training to improve control over my hair.
Charlotta: Hrm... Very much understood! May I join you? I can duel you with my sword!
Melissabelle: Please do! Now then... here I come!
Charlotta: En garde!
Melissabelle: Energy... max! Capillus Ataxia!
Charlotta: To fulfill this blade's oath... Noble Execution!
Melissabelle: Wow... That was incredible!
Melissabelle: I heard you were the captain of an order of knights, but... you're really super strong!
Melissabelle: I haven't gotten the chance to fight beside you until now, so getting to see you in action was really impressive!
Charlotta: You're going to make me blush!
Charlotta: Nonetheless! I was most impressed with the incredible show of force you put on with those golden locks of yours!
Melissabelle: They sometimes move on their own, so I have to be able to keep them under control...
Melissabelle: When bad people or monsters are close by, they can end up flying off before I want them to.
Charlotta: I-is that so!
Melissabelle: They only do that when I'm scared, though, so please don't be alarmed.
Melissabelle: Oogh... All that moving around really drained my energy... I'm starving again.
Charlotta: Huh? But you just ate!
Charlotta: However... eating mass quantities may just be the key to growing taller...
Charlotta: Understood! I'll prepare the meal this time!
Melissabelle: Wow... There's even a little flag on it!
Charlotta: It's a kid's meal! The flag is an indispensable ingredient that simply screams fun!
Charlotta: These meals are exceedingly delicious and a personal favorite of mine!
Melissabelle: I've never had one before, but it looks great! Time to dig in...
Charlotta: My word! This is your first kid's meal? Then you might grow even taller with this!
Charlotta: Whew... I completely overate...
Melissabelle: Are you okay? Do you need water?
Charlotta: No, that won't be necessary... Even when I'm less than famished, I find it difficult to resist when my favorite food is in front of me.
Melissabelle: Hee hee... I'm sure you'll get hungry again after a little exercise. Let's resume our training!
Several days pass.
???: Hrgh...
Vyrn: What the? Did you collapse from starvation again, Goldilocks?
Charlotta: Hrgh... Please... I simply can't eat any more...
Vyrn: Wait a sec! Charlotta? What happened to you? And why can't you eat?
Melissabelle: She's been living my lifestyle for the past few days. I think her stomach may be at its limit.
Vyrn: Say what?
Melissabelle explains the situation to a very confused Vyrn.
Vyrn: Huh... So you were copying Goldilocks here to see if you could make yourself grow a few inches?
Vyrn: Hmm... Just eat a bunch, sleep a bunch, and have lots of fun on the playground! I'm sure you'll get taller if you do that!
Charlotta: Playground? Do not treat me like a child! I am deadly serious about this!
Charlotta: More importantly! What you see before you is the result of my eating and sleeping far more than is healthy!
Vyrn: Haha! Now that you mention it, you have gotten a little wider!
Charlotta: ...!
Vyrn: I guess it's more like you got a little rounder, actually. Don'tcha think, (Captain)?
Charlotta: You too, (Captain)? Indeed... I have felt slightly heavier as of late...
Charlotta: But Melissabelle eats the same amount, and she loses weight instead of gaining it!
Melissabelle: Actually... I didn't want you to judge me, so I ate less than I usually do.
Charlotta: Surely you jest!
Vyrn: Well, Goldilocks here absorbs all her food into her hair. Regular folks are going to get fat in a hurry if they try copying her.
Melissabelle: Sorry I couldn't be any help, Charlotta...
Vyrn: Nothing you can do about it! Just gotta stay patient until we reach Estalucia!
Vyrn: And besides, you look better in sphere form anyway!
Charlotta: Is this the will of the world? The sacred heart of all things?
Charlotta: I wish not to be wide... but to be tall!
Charlotta's attempt at a makeover has ended in failure. Instead of the tallness she so desired, she receives unwanted wideness instead.
Will she one day find the grand and imposing stature she has always yearned for? Only time will tell.

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Charlotta, Tiny Justice.png SV Charlotta, Tiny Justice E.png

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Charlotta, here to bring evil to justice! Allow me to prove why I was appointed captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights!

Evolve: Give all other allied followers the following effect until the end of the opponent's turn - Reduce damage received from spells and effects to 0.

Haha! Had enough yet? I must say you've made for a most disappointing opponent! What was that you said? What do you mean, pretty good for a little girl! I'll have you know I'm a full-fledged grown-up!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Charlotta, Tiny Justice
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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