Yggdrasil (Anime)

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Yggdrasil Anime.png
 Alias Ruler of the Abundant Forest
• Characteristics•
 Race Primal (humanoid)
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Light cherry
 Eye Color Yellow
• Personal Data•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Rosetta
• Professional Data•
 Magic creating stone pillars, rapid plant growth,
linking consciousnesses, shrinking
 Affiliation Rosetta
• Production Data•
 Debut Episode Lyria's Wish
 Latest Episode Showdown on the High Seas
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Yggdrasil has been shown to be surprisingly amicable for a Primal Beast, considering how most of her kind have greeted the characters by immediately attempting to kill them. Yggdrasil comes in at the very opposite end of the spectrum, being all smiles around the skydwellers. Despite not communicating in any discernible language, she seems to be a rather social creature if her sisterly relationship with Rosetta is any indication. They lived together for years after all.

Her outward behavior could be considered childlike, or maybe it would be more accurate to say that she behaves much like a fairy, with her bright smiles and flighty gestures.

Conversely, her kind disposition may be entirely attributable to the fact that the characters arrived in her home with Rosetta, and were they not accompanied by her, it is possible, though not entirely probable, that she would have attacked them.


Early Life

Yggdrasil was created by the Astrals as a tool for the singular purpose of storing information. Like any other tree, she would watch the world around her, without any curiosity, or desires, merely watching and recording everything that happened within her domain. It is unknown why the Astrals created a beast that could store information, yet never relay it to anyone, as Yggdrasil's knowledge is not processed as language, in fact, the very nature of language is anathema to her. She cannot speak, and it's suggested that she cannot understand speech either.

Her ability to understand the characters may be simply a function of her ability to record information, or it might just be a highly developed sense of empathy.


Inhabitants of Lumacie

In all likelihoods, she is on good terms with the peoples who have made her forests their home, or at least doesn't mind them building their homes in her forest.


Yggdrasil quite clearly loves Rosetta like a sister, greeting her with a hug upon seeing her. They've known each other for hundreds of years, ever since the Skydwellers' war against the Astrals.

Yggdrasil helped her recover from the injuries the Rose Queen had sustained in her battle against the skydwellers, and let her stay on Lumacie with her, as she no longer had a home to return to. It's suggested that they never parted company until Gran's father subdued her, and then offered to let her join his crew alongside his other companions. This is likely the time around which the Rose Queen began going by the moniker of Rosetta. It is unknown when she next returned to Lumacie after this event.


  • (…) [She has no voice, but those in her presence can sometimes hear an ethereal sound, a faint ringing or sparkling noise.]