Showdown on the High Seas

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Showdown on the High Seas
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 12
Original Title: 大海の決戦
Romanized Title: Taikai no Kessen
Translated Title: Showdown on the High Seas
Original Air Date: June 17, 2017
Next Episode: Another Sky
Previous Episode: Lyria's Wish

Showdown on the High Seas is the twelfth episode and final regular episode of the first season of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.


Gran and company return to Auguste Isles only to find out that monsters and Leviathan are rampaging through the city. Lyria convinces Eugen to save Leviathan. While many familiar faces defend the city and fight their ways through hordes of monsters the crew is determined to take Leviathan face on and end its suffering.


As Leviathan's rage sweeps the city, Gran, Lyria, and co. convince Eugen to rally the forces and fight back against the hoard of monsters that are ravaging the city, along with Leviathan. Meanwhile, some others are fighting back the waves of fish-like monsters-notably Silva, Zeta, Yodarha, Yuel, Mary, Karva, Soriz, and Feather, among others.

After the monsters start grouping together, Eugen locates and destroys their leader. At this signal, Lyria borrows the power of Yggdrasil to build a land bridge to the raging Leviathan, and then Gran destroys a red, crystalline growth located on its chin, suffering burns in the process. With that, Leviathan is calmed, and Lyria absorbs its power-only to have Orchis take some of it from her.

Eugen speaks of Leviathan's position as the guardian of the sea, and how it saved his daughter.