Vyrn (Anime)

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 Kanji ビー
• Characteristics•
 Race Unknown (Dragon?)
 Gender Male
 Hair Color Pale Red
 Eye Color Brown
• Professional Data•
 Affiliation Grandcypher
• Production Data•
 Debut Episode Girl in Blue
 Voiced By Japanese: Rie Kugiyama
English: Sandy Fox
German: Kerstien Dietrich
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Vyrn's age may be one of the many things about him that remain a mystery, but regardless of how old he is, he behaves rather childishly, with his maturity being on par with a young teenager at best. He is cheeky and excitable, quick to complain, and just as quick to cheer. He loves apples, and in this regard, can be something of a picky eater when these fruits are involved: If he believes that he's been promised an apple, if it turns out to be something else, including food that has apples cooked into it, he may refuse to eat it out of disappointment.

Regardless of how mature he is however, he is a loyal friend, and displays a modicum of responsibility. He shows genuine concern when his companions are in trouble, and always does his best to help them, even if it means attempting to fight against his physical limitations.

Unlike most adolescents, Vyrn seems to enjoy telling stories about his childhood.


Vyrn was first seen bringing food for Gran with Aaron's dad. After Gran saw the fallen light from a blown airship, he decided to accompany Gran to check out what the light was into the forest.

Early Life

Vyrn is known to have traveled with Gran's father, alongside Lecia's father, Walfrid, an unknown woman, implied to be Gran's mother, and the Rose Queen. After their travels came to an end, Vyrn had his memories sealed away, for reasons that have yet to be revealed.



After his memories were sealed, Vyrn 'grew up' on Zinkenstill alongside Gran, and as such he has become something akin to a brother to him.


Vyrn respects Katalina as much as any other member of the crew, however he's intensely wary of her desire to pet him, which he finds to be not only embarrassing, but also intensely painful.


"I ain't no lizard!"


No one, including Vyrn himself, has any idea what manner of creature he is. He insists that he's a dragon, but the accuracy of this statement is easily called into question, not due to any doubt of his outward appearance so much as it is because there have been a number of implications that he is far, far more than what he seems to be.