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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3040125000 01.jpg Yggdrasil
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Nurturing plant life
Likes The entire natural world
Dislikes Machines, technology etc.
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040125000 01.jpg Yggdrasil
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 緑を増やすこと
Likes 自然なもの全て
Dislikes 機械やテクノロジー

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I open the door to find my room flooded with flowers.
A thick floral aroma tickles my nose as I step in. In the very center of the room stands the culprit, beaming from ear to ear.

Yggdrasil: ...

Well, I know her heart was in the right place.
This is her way of wishing me a happy birthday.
Just could have done with a little... scaling down.
With a wry look, I pat her on the head.

Yggdrasil: ...!

She just grins, ignorantly, blissfully.
Strange how she can make me feel so happy with nothing but that face.
You know what? Who cares about how tough it'll be to clean all this up.
For that smile, it's worth it.

Yggdrasil: ...!


(Huh? It sounds like someone's in my room... Who's in there?)

Yggdrasil: !

Yggdrasil meets (Captain) with an excited smile and waves to the desk where a birthday cake sits waiting.
(Wait... It's not pastry at all... This cake is entirely made of flowers!)
(Thank you... What a perfect gift! It smells heavenly.)
The smile on (Captain)'s face makes the gentle primal beam even more brightly.

Yggdrasil: ...!


(What's with all these flowers in my room?)
On the floor is a sweeping trail of pink petals leading to a birthday cake.

Yggdrasil: ...!

One look at Yggdrasil's beaming smile reveals that it was her who set it all up.

Yggdrasil: ...

Abashedly taking the captain's hand into her own, she guides (Captain) along the flowery path.
(It's almost like we're getting married. But is that how she sees it?)
While gazing lovingly at her profile, (Captain) envisions a future where the two of them might live happily ever after.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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It's New Year's Day, the start of a brand new year.
A certain crew member from the east is making an eastern treat: mochi.
Each crew member grabs a piece of the soft, fluffy rice treat fresh off the pounding block.
And everyone smacks their lips at the rare delight.
All but Yggdrasil, who instead stares wide-eyed at the round, white blob.

Yggdrasil: ...?

When (Captain) asks what's wrong, she simply shakes her head from side to side.
Recalling that Yggdrasil is not yet used to solid foods, (Captain) finally understands the situation.
The captain runs off but soon returns with a bowl filled with something that looks like soup.

Yggdrasil: ...!

Yggdrasil takes a whiff of the liquid, and in a moment, is slurping happily away at it.

Yggdrasil: ...

In the bowl was a red bean soup made by the very same crew member from the east.
(Captain) watches warmly over Yggdrasil as she continues to grow accustomed to the food of this world.

Yggdrasil: ...


Yggdrasil: ...!
Yggdrasil's eyes flash desire for something.
Perhaps because it is the New Year, she would like a New Year's present of rupies from (Captain).
(Captain) presents such a gift.
Yggdrasil: ...!
Happiness spreads across her face, and (Captain) follows suit.
But (Captain) wonders how exactly Yggdrasil intends to use the rupies.
Perhaps she'll buy bird food to feed the little animals.
With her lips curved upward, she seems to be softly mumbling in her sleep.
Yggdrasil: ...!
(Captain) looks out onto the skies and smiles peacefully.


Yggdrasil puts her head to the desk and quietly snores.
The floral decorations on the kadomatsu tree beside her suggest she has done her part for New Year's.
Realizing that Yggdrasil must be having a rather pleasant dream, (Captain) gently puts a blanket over her.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Yggdrasil: ...

(How did she know? Who told her?)

(Captain) had just finished lunch and was heading back to the captain's quarters, when there she was, standing in front of the door.
In her hands is a box. And within it, a young girl's hope, expectation, anticipation.

Yggdrasil: ...

No worry or fear in that smile. Only warmth.

(Does she know what this is supposed to mean?)

But (Captain) knows better than to voice the thought. The captain simply smiles and says—
"Thank you."

Yggdrasil: ...!

She beams, full of joy. A sigh escapes (Captain), satisfied with words well chosen.


Yggdrasil: ...!
Yggdrasil's eyes meet (Captain)'s. She tries to hide something and looks quite embarrassed.
(Captain) recognizes the sweet fragrance and tries to take a sneak peak at what Yggdrasil is hiding, but she presents the gift.

Yggdrasil: ...
In her hand, she holds a broken chocolate bar.
It appears her chocolate-making adventures did not go as planned, and she was ashamed about giving her present to (Captain).
But (Captain) smiles and happily receives her chocolate.
The chocolate has quite a bitter flavor, but the thought behind it is what counts.

Yggdrasil: ...!
She does not seem to understand (Captain)'s happiness.
But even so, her smile returns and (Captain) is relieved.


Yggdrasil: ...!
Yggdrasil is beaming as she hands (Captain) a small box of flowers.
Closer inspection reveals that they are not flowers, but delicately crafted chocolates given floral shapes.

Yggdrasil: ...!
The smirk on her face suggests she is proud of how they turned out.
(Confectionery-making isn't something you decide to learn at the drop of a hat. She must've put a lot of effort into preparing for today.)
(It makes me really happy to know you went so far for me, Yggdrasil.)

Yggdrasil: ...!
Her face shines brighter than ever after learning how (Captain) feels. The captain responds in kind.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Yggdrasil: ...

(She looks almost bursting with anticipation. Is she putting on a face?)
(A real schemer if she is.)

(Captain) grins at the thought.
Seeing this, Yggdrasil's smile grows even brighter.

Yggdrasil: ...

(Wow, she's not faking it. She must really be looking forward to my present.)

From behind his back, (Captain) reveals a box and hands it to her.
As she approaches the present, the excitement on her face grows and grows, ending finally in an explosion of delight.

Yggdrasil: ...!


Yggdrasil: ...
Yggdrasil looks expectant. (Captain) assumes she is awaiting for her White Day present.
Moved by how adorable she looks, (Captain) holds out Yggdrasil's gift.

Yggdrasil: ?
(Captain) gives her a scented candle. She stares at it with wonder as she has never seen anything like it before.
(Captain) explains why it smells and Yggdrasil takes in the aroma.
Yggdrasil appears to wonder why a candle has such a scent.

Yggdrasil: !
At first she is confused, but after realizing the item will cause her no harm, she continues to take in the pleasant fragrance repeatedly.
(Captain) is relieved to learn that she loves the gift.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Yggdrasil: ...

(What's she so mad about?)

(Captain) had never seen Yggdrasil so angry before. Had never seen her anything but quiet and gentle, in fact.

(Ah, now I get it. She's not mad at all--she's trying to scare me into giving her candy.)

Yggdrasil: ...

(Heh. That face can't pull off scary at all though.)
(Yggdrasil's never threatened anyone in her life, can't blame her if she doesn't know how to look the look.)
(Well, it's the effort that counts.)

The captain smiles at the thought and places some candy in her hand.

Yggdrasil: ...!

Like a bud bursting into full bloom, her face lights up in glee. (Captain) could almost smell the floral aroma.


Yggdrasil: ...

(What's Yggdrasil doing out here all alone? She looks so sad...)

Worried, (Captain) approaches, hoping to cheer her up. At the sound of the captain's voice, a sunny smile lights Yggdrasil's face.

Yggdrasil: !

(Huh? Ohhh... I see. You got me this time.)

Last Halloween Yggdrasil attempted to convince (Captain) she was angry as a prank. Only her angelic face and gentle nature gave the game away.

It seems her plan this year was to worry the captain by acting sad.

(Well... Score one for Yggdrasil's acting abilities. I can't bring myself to be mad though.)

Yggdrasil: !

(Not when messing with me makes her light up that way.)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's the season to be jolly, and (Captain) and crew are enjoying a feast well into the night.
In the midst of the festivities, a silent Yggdrasil sits fidgeting.

Yggdrasil: ...

Upon spotting her vexation, (Captain) gets up and walks slowly to her.
"Happy holidays," says the captain.

Yggdrasil: ...!

She does not speak, but nothing need be said. Her smile says more than words ever could.
(Captain) responds in kind, wondering how on a cold winter night like this, such a lovely flower could bloom.


Yggdrasil: ...!

Yggdrasil is staring fondly into the sky.
She holds a stocking in her hand expectantly waiting for Santa Claus.

Yggdrasil: ...!

She looks at (Captain) and appears to be trying to communicate something.
It seems she would like (Captain) to make a wish with her.
(Captain) follows her lead and smiles into the great blue.
(Captain) can hear her wish spiritually—for everyone to be happy.


Yggdrasil helps her fellow crew members set up the holiday decorations.
The sparkle of the illuminations on the holiday tree fill her heart with joy.

She turns to (Captain) with a wide grin on her lips, proudly pointing to the ornaments she put up.
Her beautiful smile, further enhanced by the festive lights, shows the joy she feels from the bottom of her heart.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Branching Out[edit]

Rosetta's been worried for Yggdrasil. It seems the great tree has grown a desire to go out and discover the world beyond the forest. She gets the chance to do just that when Rosetta invites her to join the crew.

Vyrn: Hm? Oh hey, looky there—it's Rosetta.
Lyria: What could she be doing?
A fair maiden stands alone on the edge of the deck. With hands resting on the banisters, hair blowing in the wind, her expression is one of weariness.
Seeing Lyria and friends approach, she lifts her head to meet their gaze.
Rosetta: Lyria, Vyrn. Is anything the matter?
Vyrn: That's what we're wonderin' about you.
Lyria: You seem troubled. Is something wrong?
Rosetta: Oh, bless your tender hearts—worrying over little old me.
Rosetta: I'm fine—really I am. I'm... simply worried for a family member of mine.
Lyria: Family! Things can't be fine if you're worried about family!
Vyrn: Wait! You have family? First I've heard about that!
Rosetta: Oh, haven't I ever mentioned it?
Rosetta: We used to live together on the same island all so long ago. She's closer to me than any bond of blood could ever hope to be.
Rosetta: I can still hear her in my heart; her voice has never left me.
Rosetta's gaze grows distant as she drifts into a reverie. Her words seem to come from a far, long-ago place.
Lyria's heart goes out to Rosetta's.
Lyria: She's very important to you, isn't she?
Rosetta: Would you like to meet her? I do believe I'm long overdue for a visit.
Lyria: Yes! I'd love to!
Following Rosetta's instructions, the crew find themselves in the Lumacie Archipelago.
Lyria and the others soon intuit who this family of Rosetta's might be.
Lyria: Rosetta... Could this family of yours be who I think it is?
Rosetta: Ahh, coming back to you now, is it? That's right—you're already quite well acquainted with each other actually.
Rosetta: We are two halves of the forest entire. If she is the good fruit, then I am the deadly thorn. Both sides equal in their love for the forest yet completely opposite.
Rosetta: Strange, isn't it? How two so different can understand each other so well. I'm the most mystified of all.
Rosetta's words resound deep and heavy with the crew, but her steps seem light and cheerful as she slips deeper into the forest.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait up, Rosetta!
Step after step she advances into the forest. At times letting out a sigh and seeming to lose herself in memories of days past.
Lyria, following close behind, poses her a question.
Lyria: Rosetta, I was wondering... How did you know she was calling out to you?
Rosetta: Why, I heard her, of course.
Rosetta: Hmm, perhaps that might not be the best way to put it. I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea.
Lyria: Wh-what do you mean?
Rosetta: She's different from you and I. For her, the idea of words doesn't exist.
Rosetta: She sees, observes, learns just like any of us—perhaps even better.
Rosetta: But the knowledge she gains isn't remembered as words, and so she does not—cannot—speak.
Lyria: Now that I think about it, I've never heard her talk before.
Rosetta: But I hear her. On a level even deeper than words.
Lyria: B-but how?
Rosetta: You've felt it before yourself, Lyria. It's a little like the feeling you get when you sense primal beasts.
Lyria: Oh! I see! I think I know what you mean now.
Lyria: What's her voice like? What's she saying? I hope it's not bad news.
Rosetta: ...
Lyria: R-Rosetta?
Rosetta breaks her stride.
She gazes up at the sky and whispers.
Rosetta: We should ask her that ourselves.
We're here, Yggdrasil. You can come out now.
Yggdrasil: ...
Lyria: I knew it! So she's the family you were talking about!
Before them towers Yggdrasil, the primal beast once twisted by the empire into the tool of destruction Yggdrasil Malice.
Though they did not wish her harm, (Captain) and company were forced to stop her rampage and return her to a deep slumber.
Rosetta: Good morning, Yggdrasil. I heard you calling out to me.
Yggdrasil: ...
Rosetta: What's the matter? I thought you liked being left alone.
Rosetta: Hm? You envious of me?
Rosetta: My, my! What's gotten into you, dear!
Yggdrasil: ...
Rosetta: I'm sorry, darling. I simply didn't expect you of all people to feel that way.
Rosetta: I've seen you care for this forest for such a long time indeed.
Rosetta: But perhaps the time's come for you to see the world outside.
Rosetta: How about you join us?
  1. But doesn't she have to protect Lumacie?
  2. I'm... not sure if she can fit in the ship.

Choose: But doesn't she have to protect Lumacie?
Rosetta: Remember when you fought her as Yggdrasil Malice?
Rosetta: When you managed to defeat her and bring her peace, that was also when her pact with this forest was broken.

Choose: I'm... not sure if she can fit in the ship.
Rosetta: She doesn't need to.
Rosetta: Think about how Lyria summons primal beasts.
Rosetta: In the same way, Yggdrasil doesn't need to be in her current body to leave this place.
Continue 1
Lyria: I see. Thinking about it, that's how Rosetta left the forest too.
Rosetta: Come along now, darling—time to wake up. We're all waiting for you.
Rosetta lays a gentle hand on the base of Yggdrasil's giant body.
Yggdrasil: ...
Thus the crew gains a new member: the Great Tree of Time Yggdrasil herself.
Rosetta: (It's strange, however. I've heard she was created for the sole purpose of the storage of information.)
Rosetta: (Designed by her creators to be a central storehouse of knowledge, a vessel without desire or curiosity.)
Rosetta: (What could have led her to stray from her original design and grow this desire to see the outside world?)
Rosetta: (Is it her, or perhaps the world, that's brought about this change?)
Rosetta: (I feel that the primal beasts, myself included, are beginning to meddle far too much in the affairs of this world. Something's been set into motion—I can sense it.)

The Curious Tree[edit]

At a small village, Yggdrasil is awed by all the new sights and sensations she experiences. Seeing this, Lyria is reminded of herself when she first saw the world outside the empire.

(Captain), Rosetta, Yggdrasil, and company are visiting a tiny village.
While small and seemingly unremarkable to the crew, the town is filled with adventure for Yggdrasil, who has never been away from Lumacie.
Carriages, large signs, the clamor of the street traders—all is new and enchanting to her.
She darts her head around and attempts to take in the flood of strange sights and sensations.
Lyria: Hehe. Seeing Yggdrasil like this reminds me of myself not too long ago.
Vyrn: Hm? Why?
Lyria: Well, before Katalina freed me, I'd never seen anything outside of the empire.
Rosetta: Then I don't think you'd mind being a big sister of sorts to Yggdrasil, would you?
Lyria: Me? A big sister! I... I...
Yggdrasil: ...!
Rosetta: Yggdrasil certainly seems keen on the idea.
Lyria: But wouldn't you be a better choice, Rosetta? I mean, you said you're family after all.
Rosetta: Hehe. Well, I'll be helping you, of course.
Rosetta: But I suspect you'd be much more suited for the role, Lyria dear. I think I might know just a touch too much.
Lyria: Know too much? What do you mean by that?
Rosetta: Hehe.
Following Rosetta's impish simper, the crew hears a rumbling noise coming from an unknown source.
Lyria: Hm? Yggdrasil, was that you?
Yggdrasil: ...
Yggdrasil shakes her head from side to side, cheeks blushing all the while.
Rosetta: Have you been taking the proper sustenance since you left the island?
Vyrn: Y'know, you could just keep it simple and say food.
Lyria: I did notice that she hasn't been having much besides soup on the ship.
Yggdrasil: ...
Rosetta: Very well... We'll take this opportunity to show you how to sustain yourself in this world.
Rosetta: This is a job for a big sister, Lyria. Are you up to the task?
Lyria: Yes ma'am! I'll be the best sister ever!
Lyria: Okay, Yggdrasil! First let's go to the market and—
Lyria: Huh! Where'd she go!
Looking around, Lyria spots Yggdrasil crouching in a corner of the public square.
The crew rush over and are stunned by what they see.
Lyria: Yggdrasil! You can't do that! Let the man go!
Yggdrasil: ...?
Rosetta: Hehe. My, my, you don't see this every day.
Rosetta: That's very kind of you, securing him with vines to keep him from falling. I know your heart was in the right place.
Rosetta: But you see, dear, that's not a withering tree at all. He might waver in the wind just like one, but he's just drunk, not dying.
Ruffian: Ay! Who y' gallin' a witterin' dree!

The Curious Tree: Scene 2[edit]

Upon Rosetta's suggestion, (Captain) and the others each pick a food from the street vendors and bring it to Yggdrasil to try. Though she is not yet used to the idea of solid foods, her delight is evident when she tries a cup of apple juice.

Lyria: Mm! Smells wonderful! Look at all that good food, Yggdrasil!
Street peddlers and food vendors line the square, filling the air with an intoxicating mix of sumptuous aromas.
A particularly strong whiff sets the crew's stomachs growling. This gives Rosetta an idea.
Rosetta: Everyone, what say you to a little game?
Rosetta: We each pick out a food item we think looks good, and whoever chooses the food Yggdrasil likes best is the winner.
Lyria: What a great idea!
Vyrn: Heh. I got this in the bag.
Lyria: Don't be too sure about that, Vyrn!
At once the group disperses through the square, to each their chosen stall.
Soon they return—treats in hand, confidence brimming.
Rosetta: I'll go first then. I brought a fried blue-backed fish sandwich.
Rosetta: A baguette that's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, stuffed with freshly fried fish and mayonnaise. No greater delight than this.
Lyria: I chose this honey rice cake! It's a soft, chewy rice bun filled with cream and syrup on the inside!
(Captain) presents a basket of crispy fried potatoes covered in cheese. The melting cheese oozes and shimmers with promise of savory delight.
Others brought skewered meat dipped in secret sauce and caramel-covered fruits that shined like jewels.
However, the mere smell of the foods causes Yggdrasil to scramble and hide behind Lyria's back, as if to shield herself from the feast presented before her.
Yggdrasil: ...
Lyria: What's wrong? Did one of us pick something you don't like?
Rosetta: Wait. I don't think that's the case.
Through their silent bond, Rosetta listens to Yggdrasil with gentle care.
Rosetta: It seems she's hasn't yet grown used to the idea of solid foods. The only sustenance she's ever known is ground and sun after all.
Lyria: Aww, I see. It's a shame she won't be able to eat all these tasty treats we got for her.
Vyrn: Say, what about this?
Vyrn holds out a cup of apple juice.
Yggdrasil: ...?
Vyrn: What's wrong? Never had juice before?
Yggdrasil: ...
She tilts her head and blinks, wide-eyed.
Vyrn: It's my favorite. Here, have a sip.
Yggdrasil: ...
With a slight nod, Yggdrasil slowly reaches for the cup.
She sniffs it. Then stares at Vyrn.
Yggdrasil: ...
Vyrn: Go on—bottoms up! The apple juice around here is the best!
Like dainty petals her lips rest on the cup, and she begins to quietly sip the drink.
Yggdrasil: ...
Vyrn: Heh heh. How is it? Pretty good, huh?
Yggdrasil: ...!
Yggdrasil's expression blossoms into one of utter delight. But the blossoming does not end there.
Lyria: Wh-what's happening! The ground around her is—it's...
All around flowers sprout up from the earth, budding and blooming in the blink of an eye.
Rosetta: I'd take it that means she likes it. She's so delighted that the healing power's leaking right out of her.
Lyria: Leaking? We can't have that! The whole village is going to turn into a forest!
Rosetta: Oh my. I suppose the scent of the flowers has attracted the attention of those monsters.
Vyrn: Great! Look what you did, Yggdrasil! Yggdrasil?
Yggdrasil: ...
Lyria: I don't think she can hear you, Vyrn. She's completely lost in juiceland right now...

The Curious Tree: Scene 3[edit]

Next to catch Yggdrasil's eye is a wooden comb sold by one of the street peddlers. When Lyria hears the comb is made from Lumacie timber, she buys it for Yggdrasil as something to remind her of home.

With the monsters dealt with, Lyria—being the elder sister—takes it upon herself to caution Yggdrasil.
Lyria: You should be more careful next time, Yggdrasil. You could have turned the whole village into another Lumacie forest.
Yggdrasil: ...
Rosetta: Come now, Lyria, she already seems sorry enough. No need to push the matter on.
Lyria: I know. It's just that... I was the same way myself.
Rosetta: Hm?
Lyria: I was the same way too when I first saw the outside world.
Lyria: Not knowing how to control my own powers, there were times where I let them slip. It terrified people when that happened...
I terrified people.
Lyria: Katalina and (Captain) were always worried sick about me.
Rosetta: Hehe. I was right to have chosen you instead of myself.
Lyria: Hm? What do you mean?
Rosetta: Tut-tut, Big Sister Lyria. You'd best keep an eye on your charge before she strays too far.
Lyria: Oh no! Yggdrasil! You can't wander off on your own like that!
Lyria: Promise you'll bring me along whenever you go somewhere, okay? We need to stick together!
Though her words are stern, there's no mistaking Lyria's joy in having gained a sibling.
Lyria stays close to Yggdrasil, who is now crouched in front of a street stall staring at its wares.
Yggdrasil: ...
Lyria: What're you looking at, Yggdrasil?
But Yggdrasil does not hear; she simply stares on, engrossed in the object of her gaze.
Rosetta: Oh, I didn't know you liked these sorts things.
Saying that, Rosetta reaches for one of the pieces on display.
She picks up a necklace.
Rosetta: What a beautiful stone. Do you want to try it on?
Yggdrasil: ...
But Yggdrasil shakes her head.
Lyria: Oh? Not what you wanted? This ring then?
Yggdrasil: ...
Yet again Yggdrasil shakes her head.
Vyrn: Not this either? Hmm, then how about... this?
Yggdrasil: ...!
Shopkeeper: Oh-ho! Quite an eye you've got, lil' miss. This 'ere comb's from the finest Lumacie timber there is.
Lyria: Lumacie? It must remind her of home.
Rosetta: She's taken quite a liking to it too.
Lyria: I'll buy it for her then! A present from sister to sister!
Rosetta: Did you hear that, Yggdrasil? Be sure to take good care of it now.
Yggdrasil: ...!
Rude Peddler: Hey, hey, hey! Fugeddabout combs!
Rude Peddler: How's about some top-a-da-line chain saws!
Rude Peddler: So? How 'bout it?
Yggdrasil: ...!
Yggdrasil presses her hands to her ears and trembles.
Lyria: Stop it! You're scaring her!
Rude Peddler: What? Hey, I'm just trying to make a livin' here! You got a problem with that?
Rosetta: In fact we do. The poor girl is obviously terrified by your nature-destroying device, and we'd very much prefer if you let us alone.
Rude Peddler: Wha? Don't think all your fancy words are gonna—
Rude Peddler: Wait a sec! You're that crazy girl who vined me up this morning!
Rude Peddler: I'll teach you to mess with a chain saw salesman! And don't even think about asking for a discount!

The Curious Tree: Scene 4[edit]

Lyria realizes why Rosetta charged her to look after Yggdrasil: she still remembers what it's like to see all the world as a wonder. Lyria promises to always be with Yggdrasil to discover the world with her, which fills Yggdrasil with joy and causes her to make flowers bloom all over the deck.

With the disgruntled chain saw peddler taken care of, the group returns to the Grandcypher.
A gentle breeze drifts past the crewmates chatting on deck when Lyria turns to Rosetta.
Lyria: I think now I understand what you meant when you said knowing too much might be a bad thing.
Rosetta: Oh?
Lyria: I still remember what it was like not knowing anything about the outside world. So I know how exactly how Yggdrasil feels.
Lyria: It's what allows me to see things from her point of view, to enjoy things with her the same way she does.
Lyria: That's why you chose me to take care of her—to be her sister.
Rosetta: Hehe. I think you summed it up rather well.
Rosetta: Take good care of her, Lyria. She's very dear to me.
Lyria: I will!
Yggdrasil: ...
Lyria: Tell me whenever you see something you're curious about, Yggdrasil.
Lyria: I'll always be there to help you.
Yggdrasil: ...!
In that moment flowers begin to sprout and bloom right on the deck.
Vyrn: Aaah! Somebody stop her! The ship's turnin' into a flower garden!
Rosetta: How glad I am for you, my dearest Yggdrasil. Your heart has never felt warmer.
Though without words and shrouded in mystery, the richness of Yggdrasil's emotions and the freedom of her spirit are easily seen.
She might house within her the wisdom of ages, but there still remains much for her to learn.
Knowing that, the crew watches over her with gentle affection as she discovers more of the world each day.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
──── ...
────! ...!
………… ...
…………? ...?
!? ...?!
────♪ ~♪
!! !
~♪ ~♪ ~♪♪
!!!! !!!
???? ???

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage of Bahamut[edit]



SV Yggdrasil.png SV Yggdrasil E.png
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Fanfare: Choose - Put either a Blessings of Creation or a Wrath of Nature into your hand.

The first greenery to germinate in the world. Her limitless mercy comforts all creation, and her hidden might makes all nature tremble.

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Dawnbreak Nightedge
SV Portal Yggdrasil
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Blessings of Creation[edit]

SV Blessings of Creation.png
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Draw 2 cards.
Enhance (2): Add 2 to the number of cards played this turn.

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack
SV Portal Blessings of Creation
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Wrath of Nature[edit]

SV Wrath of Nature.png
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Give an allied follower +1/+0 and Rush.
Enhance (4): Then give all allied followers Storm.

The noble shimmer of life must not be defiled by anyone. —Yggdrasil

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack
SV Portal Wrath of Nature
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other