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Official Profile

Age Unknown (appears to be around 14)
Height 152 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Singing, going on walks
Likes Katalina and the Captain
Dislikes Ghosts
Granblue Fantasy Theater
A mysterious girl bereft of memories and imprisoned by the Erste Empire for her power to control primal beasts. With the help of her guardian, the knight Katalina, Lyria flees captivity. She possesses wondrous abilities beyond that of controlling primals—she can also heal your wounds when it matters most thanks to your intertwined souls. As you might expect for a girl who knows nothing of the outside world, Lyria is full of wonder and curiosity.
Character Release
To commemorate 3rd anniversary of Granblue Fantasy, that will take place on March 10, an event "What Makes the Sky Blue" will be held starting from today. At last, Lyria will be joining the playable cast!

The game's main heroine with the power to control primal beasts, who's been your trusted companion during your adventures, will now be able to join you in your battles. Her role on the battlefield will be focused on supporting rather than fighting.
As mentioned during "Granblue Channel", Lyria's element is linked to Main Character's, allowing for various party combinations.

From now on, the feeling of adventuring together should be even stronger.
She will join you as soon as you clear Chapter 1 of the event, so please do take part in it!
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明(外見上14歳程度)
Height 152cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies お歌、さんぽ
Likes カタリナと主人公
Dislikes お化け
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




  • Lyria's victory pose sometimes shows her inhaling large amounts of food or dribbling Vyrn like a basketball.
  • When the Main Character is wearing the Idol Outfit, Lyria will join them in their victory pose.
  • When the Main Character is in critical health as a Spartan, Lyria and Vyrn will appear to perform a shield wall.
  • In the Grand Blues! comic, she is infamous for her gluttony, in which she vacuums food to her mouth.
  • Concept art for Lyria's playable version include her in white mid-calf boots decorated with gold to match her old accessories, an alternate dress with supporting straps, and a ribbon on each side of her waist.[3]

Special Cutscenes

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
I'm so happy that we can celebrate together! Let's make this a day to remember!


Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
We started our adventure on Zinkenstill, but we've been to so many other places since then, haven't we?
There could be all kinds of islands still waiting for us! Not just fun ones, but scary ones and dangerous ones too.
But as long as we're there together, I won't be afraid! Let's continue enjoying our travels together!


Hehe. The crew is really having a blast today.
That's what happens when we celebrate your birthday...
It's strange... Celebrating a day meant for you brings me happiness.
A day that is special for you is even more special for me...
I feel like our hearts are connected...
(Captain), I wish you a really happy birthday.
Let's see even more of the skies together!


It's been a whole year since your last birthday...
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
A lot has happened this past year.
And with you by my side, it's been so much fun!
I guess that's why it feels like it went by so quickly.
I can't wait to see what the next year of our journey will bring!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! This is the fifth time we've celebrated your birthday together, isn't it?
A lot of time has passed since we first met, but it feels like just yesterday.
Has it really been five years already? I find myself wondering sometimes, but that's what my journal says.
Do you think when we reach the Island of the Astrals, it'll feel like our journey went by in the blink of an eye too?
Aw... In that case, I'd rather our journey never end!
(Captain), let's keep traveling like this for ten... no, a hundred more years!
A hundred years is impossible? That's not true! You're amazing enough to pull it off somehow!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
I woke up early to prepare a special surprise for you.
Some of the talented bakers in the crew taught me how to make a cake, so I baked one for your birthday!
But before we go to where everyone's waiting...
I wrote you a letter.
I really wanted to give you this today more than anything else...
P-please don't read it now!
Maybe save it for later when you're alone?
It would be too embarrassing to watch you read it since my feelings are written inside...
I just wanted to let you know that I'm really glad I was able to meet you. You make me and so many others happy.
I hope we can all celebrate your birthday next year too, and the year after that, and the year after that one...
Maybe we can even spend a little time alone together like this again. I'd really like that.


Now if I just stick this here... and then put this here...
Choose: What're you up to?
Eek! (Captain)!
O-oh no! Sorry, would you mind facing that way real quick? Just for a sec!
Phew. Okay, you can turn back around now! Sorry for springing that on you all of a sudden...
Um... So anyway!
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
This is my present to you! I guess you probably caught a glimpse of it already though...
It's an album full of memories from our journey so far!
I put postcards, stamps, pressed flowers, and whatnot from all the islands we've visited into a book.
Oh! Save the last page for when you're alone, okay?
Because, well... it'd be a little embarrassing having you read it in front of me...
Say, do you remember the place on the first page?
Hehe, that's right! It's the forest of Zinkenstill, where we first met!
That's where our long journey began. Since then, our travels have taken us far and wide.
I wonder how long our adventure will go on? We have no way of knowing what the future has in store for us...
But as long as I'm with you, I feel like I can travel forever, no matter what may happen!
(Captain)... Thank you for setting out on this journey with me.
As long as our adventure continues... Actually, even if it comes to an end...
I hope we can make lots more memories together.


The sky's so pretty and blue. It's the perfect weather for a picnic!
Thanks for being willing to indulge me today.
I wanted to spend some quality time with just the two of us on your special day.
I'm a bit late in saying this, but happy birthday!
And this is probably a little strange for a birthday present, but... here.
It's a homemade picnic lunch! I arranged the ingredients to make a portrait of you!
This dish looks familiar, doesn't it? And this one over here?
That's because they're all foods we've eaten or cooked together on our journey so far!
In other words, this lunch is packed full of eight years' worth of memories! I hope you enjoy it!
Returning Lyria's beaming smile, (Captain) takes out another lunch box.
Oh! You brought me a lunch too!
I wonder what's inside? Ooh, I can't wait to see...
Is this... me?
Thank you! Ehehe, this is kind of embarrassing.
Great minds think alike, huh? It's really nice how we both had the other in mind!
Um, actually... is it okay if I put the lunches next to each other before we dig in?
There we go! Now we're smiling side by side!
Let's keep smiling and laughing just like this for the whole rest of our journey!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
I'm sure this year will be filled with all kinds of fun too!


Happy New Year!
Our journey was pretty tough last year, but I had lots of fun too!
I wonder what this year will bring...
Maybe new places to go... Or new friends to meet! It's all so exciting!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Hehe! Just thinking about another year's beginning makes me so excited!
I'm so happy I get to spend another year with you!
(Captain), I hope this year is just as amazing as the last was!


Happy New Year.
Ahahaha! For the first morning of the new year, I overslept just a little bit...
But spending down time with everyone like this is also fun.
Spending time with you, (Captain), in busy times or relaxing times is always something that I love!
Let's make this year the best year possible for everyone!


Look, there it is! It's the first sunrise of the new year, (Captain)!
How beautiful... It was worth slipping out after everyone fell asleep and waiting all this time.
Hehe. It was a long wait, but I didn't mind at all. I'm glad we got to talk a lot.
And Katalina's always telling me not to stay up late, so that somehow made it extra exciting.
Oh... Don't tell Katalina I stayed up to watch the sunrise, okay? It'll be our little secret.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Ehehe... I wrapped these all nicely!
So, um... I... I figured out who I want to give my first chocolate to...
I want you to have it, (Captain). I want you to have the first chocolate.
So... here you go! Please let me know what you think of it!


Well... I made you some chocolate this year too...
But... I feel just as anxious as last year when I gave you a gift.
My heart is pounding, but it feels warm and exciting at the same time...
It's like I'm so happy that I just can't sit still... Or something like that!
I hope you'll accept my gift again this year. And be sure to tell me what you think of the flavor!


Heavy breathing... Heavy breathing...
Here we go!
(Captain)! Please accept my Valentine's chocolate!
I know it tastes better than what I made last year, so go ahead and eat up.
Hehe... I'm just happy I got to show my appreciation with a present this year too.


Ehehe... Even though this happens every year, I still get nervous...
I made chocolates for you.
Would you like one?
My heart is pounding so fast...
I'll make more tasty chocolate next year too!


Here, these Valentine's Day chocolates are for you, (Captain)! I hope you enjoy them!
Ehehe... They're handmade, of course. I poured my heart into them again this year.
I always look forward to Valentine's Day. I spend a lot of time thinking about what to give you.
I hope you'll enjoy my chocolates next year too... and every year after that. Ehehe.

Lyria's Chocolate square.jpg Lyria's Chocolate

White Day Cutscenes
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What's this?
A present?
White Day?
Oh! It's a gift in return for Valentine's Day, right? Thank you, (Captain)!
Whether you give a gift or receive one, Valentine's Day and White Day are great for showing others how much you care.
And I love your gift! But that's probably because it's coming from you, (Captain).
Oh! I guess I just realized how much I care!


Um... is that a present?
Oh! As thanks for the Valentine's Day gift! Thank you so much!
I'm so glad! Maybe it's because it's from you, (Captain)...
Is it all right... if I accept this gift as a token of your feelings, (Captain)?
Thank you! I hope you're looking forward to my gift to you next year!


I-is this for me?
Oh! Today is White Day!
I can't believe I'm getting more presents from you this year too, (Captain).
I'm so, so happy!
Hehe! Thank you!


Wow... You have a present for me?
Thank you! I'm always happy to receive presents from you, (Captain)!
I know that eating snacks with everyone makes them taste better, but...
But when I get something from you, I want to have it all to myself.
Is it bad that I want to have you all to myself too?


Hehe... Your White Day gift is delicious as always. Thank you, (Captain).
I really admire whoever came up with the idea of Valentine's Day and White Day.
Just knowing they're special days meant for telling your loved ones how you feel gives me a burst of courage.
It's so fun and exciting looking forward to the day when you can give gifts or receive them...
Hehe... I'm a little emotional right now, so I guess I started rambling.
Thank you, (Captain). I'm very happy.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Look! We got so much candy!


For Halloween this year, we all made pumpkin candy together!
After all, Halloween isn't just about getting candy! Giving candy to little kids is part of the fun too!
That pumpkin candy really turned out great. Let's go have some over there!


(Captain), trick or treat!
Hehe! Those are the magic words of Halloween.
So will you give me some candy?
Hm? You don't have any more? So then I guess I'll have to play a trick...
Umm... What should I...
Mmm... What does "play a trick" mean?


Trick or treat!
I learned all about pranking from the crew this year!
And I practiced really hard! Here goes...
Scary, right?
So I'm ready to roll!
So what'll it be, (Captain)? Do you have candy for me? Or do I get to prank you?


Oh, (Captain)! Trick—
Choose: Trick or treat!
Huh? B-but I was going to say it first!
Oh no, what do I do now? I don't have any candy...
Th-that means I get a trick? Um, well... as long it's not anything scary, okay?
Sensing Lyria's apprehension, (Captain) hesitates.
Choose: ...
Choose: ...
After a long pause, the captain finally holds out some candy.
Huh? What? You want me to eat that candy with you?
Hehe, okay! Let's enjoy it together!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
Wow, the tree is so shiny! It's beautiful!


Say... do you think I've been really good this whole year?
I wonder if Santa will come by and visit us again...
Ooh... I'm so anxious tonight, I don't think I'll get a wink of sleep!


(Captain), happy holidays!
I wonder if it will snow. I would love that so much.
Oh, but wait! If it snowed, then Santa would have such a tough time...
Hmm... I know!
How about we prepare something that will warm Santa up?


This needs... pepper, salt, and butter... and then...
Gasp! (Captain)! Are you here to buy some things too?
Actually, I'm out collecting the things we need to prepare the meal for tonight!
I'd like to try my hand at a full-course meal...
It's almost like preparing a small little festival for everyone to enjoy. I'm very excited.
Since it's so cold out, I'm thinking of making something very warm for Santa Claus!
I'll put my everything into making the best meal I can! You just sit back and enjoy, (Captain)!


Chicky with an empty belly... I'll stuff it full of yummy veggies...
While (Captain) mans the fryer, Lyria happily works on stuffing a chicken.
Ehehe... Sorry, (Captain). Cooking with you is so fun I started singing absentmindedly.
All that's left now is to put the chicken in the oven! How are your fries doing?
(Captain) lifts the basket out of the oil to see that the fries are a perfect golden brown. But the captain tries one just to make sure.
Hey, no fair! I want to help taste-test too! Here, pop one in my mouth, okay? Ahh...
I haven't washed my hands after touching the chicken, so I can't take one myself! Come on, stop teasing me!
Munch, munch... Hehe, they're delicious right out of the fryer. You're a frying genius!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

I Will Protect You!

The crew revisits memories of their time on Port Breeze and Valtz Duchy when Lyria realizes that she is always the one being protected. She vows to protect (Captain) by fighting on the front lines just as the other crew members do.

The Grandcypher rides the winds, tearing through the clouds as it presses on.
(Captain) and company revel in the refreshing breeze, reminiscing about their many adventures.
Lyria: This feels so good. It reminds me of our time on Port Breeze.
Vyrn: Hehe, that takes me back. We beat Tiamat thanks to Rackam's heroics.
Lyria: Yeah! Rackam was so cool!
Rackam: Geez, do we gotta bring that up again? Give it a rest already. It's embarrassing.
Tiamat: My... winds...
Rackam: There are things I want to protect... that I have to protect. So I'm not backing down anymore.
Rackam: I'm not gonna run, and I'm not gonna hide. Neither of us can afford to compromise, can we?
Tiamat: ...
Rackam: So we're gonna have to butt heads... with everything we've got.
Rackam: Let's do this fair and square! I don't know if you're a god or a primal beast or what, but I don't care. No holding back!
Rackam: Argh, I said quit it! Damn, I'm all sweaty now...
Lyria: But we couldn't have made it this far without you at the helm.
Lyria: Because... um... Katalina's flying is a little scary...
Katalina: Ngh... It's not like we had many options at the time.
Vyrn: Hah! Crashing and landing are two completely different things.
Katalina: Not you too, Vyrn...
They all burst out in laughter. Katalina, feeling slightly chagrined, quickly fast-talks her way onto the next topic.
Katalina: Speaking of which, that reminds me of something Io did.
Io: Huh, huh, huh? Why are we talking about me all of a sudden?
Lyria: You wouldn't leave us alone at Valtz Duchy if I remember correctly.
Io: N-no, I just... wanted to find a clue about Master. That's all.
Vyrn: Nah, you were pretty cool too. Your determination put Rackam's to shame.
Tzaka the Great: This is all I've ever wanted. My kinsmen died, full of regret, and this was their dream.
Io: Then... it's a nightmare. And I'll crush it!
Io: Today I will surpass you! I'll crush the nightmare that ties you to this place.
Io: And then... I'll release you from the tragedies of the past!
Io: Aaah! C'mon, that's so embarrassing!
Vyrn: Hehe, what're you talkin' about? You're the one that stopped Colossus.
Lyria: Mm-hm. Everyone's really awesome.
Lyria: Katalina, Eugen, Rosetta... Everyone came to (Captain)'s aid.
Lyria: Hmm, (Captain)'s aid...
Lyria's own words suddenly give her pause.
Contrary to her jovial laughter earlier, Lyria now looks at the ground in despondence.
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria? Something on your mind?
Lyria: Listening to everyone's stories gives me a strange feeling.
Katalina: What do you mean by strange?
Lyria: It's like there's a fluttering sensation in my chest. I don't think it's bad, but it's a little hard to handle.
Lyria: I couldn't understand it at first, but I think I get it now.
Lyria: It means I want to help (Captain) too.
Io: Huh? You want to be helpful?
Rackam: Now see here, Lyria. You've always been a great help.
Vyrn: That's no joke. I mean, you've got the power to summon primal beasts and\u2014
Lyria: That's not what I mean! I want to fight alongside (Captain) just like Rackam and Io do!
Vyrn: What? Like kicking and punching?
Katalina: Wait, Lyria. It's not necessary to put yourself in danger like that.
Lyria: I'm the only one who's always being protected. I haven't been able to do anything for (Captain) at all.
Lyria: That's why I want to protect (Captain) just like everyone else does!
Katalina: Well, we know what Lyria thinks about this, but what about you, (Captain)?
  1. It's fine. I'll even give you a hand, Lyria.
  2. I'm worried. Maybe you should reconsider.

Choose: It's fine. I'll even give you a hand, Lyria.
Vyrn: You can't be seriously thinking about letting her do something that dangerous!
Lyria: Teehee, thanks for agreeing with me. Watch me do my best out there!

Choose: I'm worried. Maybe you should reconsider.
Vyrn: See? Even (Captain) says so. Just let it go.
Lyria: No, I won't give up. I've made up my mind to help (Captain) and that's final!
Continue 1
Rackam: Yeesh, we just gonna let her do this?
Katalina: Sigh... Given the circumstances, all we can do is let her be.
Io: Hmm... I guess we'll just have to do our best to protect her then!
The contrast couldn't be any more different. Lyria is full of enthusiasm while most of the crew is apprehensive.

Irreplaceable You

Lyria tries to learn sword fighting from Katalina and shooting from Rackam, but it goes nowhere. She then asks Io to teach her magic, but Lyria's spells fail, attracting monsters instead.

Lyria is busy getting advice and learning various skills in order to do her part to protect (Captain).
Katalina, with her masterful sword skills, is the first crew member to mentor Lyria.
Katalina: Well, I'll teach you if you want, but...
Lyria: Yes! Please teach me, Miss Katalina!
Katalina: Can you not call me that, Lyria?
Lyria: I'm ready, Miss Katalina!
Katalina: Urk... All right, come! Give me all you've got!
Lyria: Um... Y-yaaah! H-hiyaah!
But Lyria's sword strikes barely make a sound as they hit. Her voice is the only thing that can be heard ringing out in vain.
Katalina: No, that won't do. I can feel your spirit, but you're not lifting your sword at all.
Lyria: Wow. I had no idea everyone was swinging such heavy swords around.
Katalina: Er, that's just a practice sword. It's the lightest one we have.
Lyria: R-really?
Vyrn: You know what, Lyria? Something tells me you ain't cut out for sword fighting.
Katalina: I have to agree with Vyrn. There must be something a little more suited to your abilities.
Lyria: Nnnrrghh...
Caving in to Katalina's suggestion, Lyria pays a visit to the ship's expert marksman, Rackam.
Rackam: There you are. I already heard about it from Katalina. You want me to show you how to shoot?
Lyria: Yes. Katalina told me to tell you to teach me using the lightest, simplest gun you have!
Rackam: Yep, I got you covered. I think this pistol should work for you...
Lyria: Oh, what's with this weird feeling? So when I pull this here, there's going to be a big bang...
Lyria: Eep! But I barely touched it!
Rackam: Hey! Don't touch anything until I tell you how to use it!
Rackam: Stop, Lyria! Stop! Put the gun down!
Lyria: Aaah! It won't stop! What's happening?
Vyrn: Yikes! This is outta control!
Rackam: Vyrn! Find some cover behind a tree!
Rackam leaps at Lyria despite the danger and snatches the gun out of her hands.
Rackam: You can't do that, Lyria. You have to listen carefully to every word I say.
Lyria: I'm sorry... I'm sure I took my finger off the trigger, but it wouldn't stop firing.
Lyria: I got really scared, and I didn't know what to do. I'm really sorry.
Rackam: What's done is done. But don't you ever forget this experience.
Lyria: Huh?
Rackam: What I mean is a gun can take a life with just the squeeze of the trigger. It's not a weapon to be taken lightly.
Rackam: Just because you didn't know that beforehand doesn't make what you did okay.
Rackam: That's what I wanted you to understand, Lyria.
Lyria: Yes, I understand. I think I've had enough of shooting...
Vyrn: Hm? There's something weird about these bullets. It's like they're all empty...
Lyria: Huh?
Rackam: Quiet, Vyrn! That's enough!
Vyrn: You thought of everything, Rackam. Knowing Lyria, you switched in blanks on purpo—Mmmph!
Rackam grabs Vyrn and covers the dragon's mouth. Smiling through gritted teeth, he offers Lyria some advice.
Rackam: Hehe... Firearms aren't up your alley, Lyria. There's gotta be something else that's a better fit for you.
Rackam's words seem to click with Lyria. She gasps with sudden realization and runs off in a hurry.
Io: Mwahaha. Good going, Rackam.
Lyria: Um, what did he do?
Io: Oh, never mind that! So you're interested in magic, huh? You've come to the right place.
Io: All right! We'll start with the basics of spellcasting. Just do what I do.
Lyria: Okay! I'll do my best!
But no matter how hard Lyria copies Io, she's unable to bring forth any magic.
Lyria: Hmm... I'm doing everything you're doing, so why is nothing happening?
Io: Yeah, it's weird... Huh?
Something suddenly catches Io's eye.
Io: Hey, wait a minute! How could this be? Your magic's not gonna to come out if this keeps up!
Io: Geez, what's going on? How's all the magic power leaking out?
Lyria: It's leaking out?
Io: It's leaking from your back, right here! It's like a hole's opened up. Probably because you're not focusing hard enough.
Lyria: I'm sorry. I didn't even notice...
Io: Yeah, this is a big problem. It's like when all the air in a balloon escapes out of the bottom.
Lyria: What will happen if all that magic escapes?
Monster: Groaaar!
Io: We attract some unwanted attention...
Io: (I'm sorry, Lyria. It's all a lie. Everything's been set up against you, but it's all for your sake...)

Irreplaceable You: Scene 2

Later that night Lyria reflects on her failures when a white feather falls from the sky. A mysterious voice helps her remember the time she was attacked at the Hall of Knowledge, providing Lyria with the catalyst to finding her own strength.

All of Lyria's attempts at training have failed. She sits alone and dejected in the breezy night.
The more she thinks about the events of that day, the more she realizes she's not cut out for the front lines.
But then she notices something white falling gently from the sky.
Lyria: Is it... snowing?
Lyria: No... It's a feather.
Lyria: But it's rare for birds to be flying at night...
Lyria scans the pitch-black sky, but there isn't a bird in sight.
She places the feather onto the palm of her hand.
Lyria: It's warm like the sun...
Lyria: Hehe. How mysterious. I feel a lot better now thanks to this feather.
Lyria: Gasp! Is someone there?
???: ...
???: ...
Lyria: The girl in blue? Do you mean me?
Lyria: Um... Then what is this unique power you're talking about? Please, I want to know!
???: ...
???: ...
Vyrn: Yikes! Guys, that halo thing is aiming for us!
Katalina: What!
???: ...!
Lyria: No, stop it! I won't let you!
Lyria: I said stop!
Lyria: ...!
Lyria: This feeling is from that time... Yes, if I could harness that power...
Lyria: I think I understand it now! Thank you, Fluffy Feather!
Lyria: Um, actually... Who are you again?
Lyria should have remembered who the person that helped her was, but the memories won't come.
Not only that, but as night turns to day, she even forgets about her failures from the previous day.
In fact the only thing she remembers from that strange night is a vague, familiar sensation.
The crew's journey continues, and a few days later they disembark from the Grandcypher.
Monster: Groaaar!
Katalina: Here it comes! Stay back, Lyria. It's dangerous.
Rackam: Yep, let us handle it!
Lyria: Um... I want to... help too...
Io: Let's do it, everyone!
Lyria: ...
The crew makes a valiant stand against the incoming monster hordes.

Irreplaceable You: Scene 3

The crew is surrounded by monsters and is about to fall when Lyria's hidden power flows forth, saving the day. As they emerge victorious, Lyria is ecstatic that she has finally proven herself.

As soon as one group of monsters is defeated, another groups appears, pushing the crew to the limit.
Fatigue from their long flight takes its toll on the crew, and they struggle to gain the upper hand.
Monster: Grooaarr!
Rackam: This is crazy! They just keep coming and coming!
Katalina: Are you okay, Rackam?
Rackam: Yeah, kinda. Whoa! Watch it, (Captain)!
A monster lunges at (Captain) with a hard-hitting attack.
(Captain), exhausted from being in battle for so long, no longer has the energy to meet the attack.
Katalina: No! I'm too far away!
But the attack is interrupted as everything becomes enveloped in a light.
Vyrn: What the? This light...
Io: Am I reading this right? This huge power is magic, but...
Katalina: It couldn't be... Is it Lyria's doing?
Lyria: I understand now there are things only I can do. The things only I can do to help.
Lyria: I don't have to shoot anything. Even if I can't swing a sword or cast a spell, I can still provide support.
Lyria: My voice will be my power, and then I'll make it everyone's power!
Katalina: I feel a tremendous strength welling up inside me...
Rackam: Yeah... I could fight for a million years with this!
Io: It's the real deal! Let's kick some butt, you guys!
The crew is reinvigorated with energy and challenges the monsters once more.
(Captain) also musters strength and unleashes devastating waves of attacks.
Monster: Guurgh!
Lyria: I did it. I was finally able to help (Captain).
Lyria: I'm so happy I could fight alongside you, (Captain). Heehee...
(Captain) is about to respond to the bashful Lyria, but decides to swallow those words.
(You say you've never helped me, but there's someone I've owed my life to since the beginning of this journey.)
(And that someone's you, Lyria.)
Those words float through (Captain)'s head, but now isn't the right time for them to be said. (Captain) gently ruffles Lyria's hair instead.
Lyria: Teehee... From now on I'm going to support everyone with everything I've got!
Lyria: I'll always be with you, (Captain).
Lyria smiles and laughs in the same happy-go-lucky way she always has.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ふふ、何だかワクワクしませんか? Hehe... Isn't this exciting?
前から一度、やってみたかったんです! I've always wanted to try this!
はわ、大変です!どうすればいいですか? Oh no! What should I do?
えーっと…まだ出てきますか? Umm... Is that all the monsters?
さあ、どんどん行きますからね Ready or not, here I come.
いつもと全然違って見えます! Everything looks so different now!
うーん、何か…前に見えますねー I see something up ahead...
どうですか?こっちでいいのかな… How was that? Pretty good, right?
ねえ、(主人公)、これがあなたの景色? Say, (Captain), do you like the view?
はい、(主人公)、私はずっと一緒です! I'll always be with you, (Captain)!

Other Appearances


SV Lyria, Azure Maiden.png SV Lyria, Azure Maiden E.png
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Fanfare: The next time damage is dealt to this follower, reduce that damage to 0. Fanfare: Enhance (8) - Put a random Neutral follower that costs at least 7 play points from your deck into your hand. Recover 7 play points.

I've met so many people on this journey. Nice people, scary people—all of the members of our crew—but most importantly of all, the one who's always there for me... you.


I don't want to watch as everyone else gets hurt protecting me. I want to protect all of you too. That's why I have to summon it!

Primeval dragon, child of flames and darkness!

Thy name is... Bahamut!

Class Neutral
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Lyria, Azure Maiden
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

Lyria appears as a main character in Season 1 and Season 2 of Granblue Fantasy The Animation.


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