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Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Series Director Ayako Kurata
Director Yuuki Itoh
Character Designer Toshifumi Akai

Nobuo Uematsu
Tsutomu Narita
Yasunori Nishiki

Animation Production A-1 Pictures (Season 1)
MAPPA (Season 2)
Premiere Date

January 21, 2017 (Television film special)
April 1, 2017 (Television series)

Granblue Fantasy: The Animation is an anime adaptation of the role-playing video game developed by Cygames. It was scheduled to premiere in January 2017, however it was delayed to April 1, 2017. A television anime special which aired the first two episodes of the television anime series was broadcast on January 21, 2017 prior to the anime series.

The anime series is animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Yuuki Itoh, featuring character designs by Toshifumi Akai, and music by Nobuo Uematsu, Tsutomu Narita and Yasunori Nishiki. In Season 1, Bump of Chicken performed the series' opening theme, titled "GO", which is also the image song for the game's "Go into the blue" commercial, and Haruhi performed the series' ending theme, titled "Sora no Parade" (ソラのパレード).

Aniplex of America has licensed the series in North America. MVM Films will release the series in the United Kingdom.

A second season was teased in March 2019 with a new key visual. A trailer for the second season was revealed during the Granblue Summer Livestream along with new poster art. Season 2 is animated by MAPPA and premiered in Japan on October 4th.


Confirmed Japanese cast members are reprising their respective character roles in the anime.

Although Gran is the main character for the anime, Djeeta will still appear as the "Promo Captain" for advertisements and promotional material.

It can be streamed in Japan on AmebaTV.

There is an English dubbed version of the anime along with the original Japanese version with English subtitles, streaming now on Crunchyroll and VRV. It can also be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and AnimeLab in English subbed only. Daisuki will not be streamed due to service being shut down on October 31st, 2017.

The German dubbed version is aired on TV5.

The French and German subbed versions are available for streaming on Wakanim.


Opening Theme:

  • Season 1: "GO" by Bump of Chicken
    • Granblue Fantasy "Go into the blue" CM Image Song
    • From the album, Butterflies
    • Lyrics, Composition: Motoo Fujiwara
    • Arrangement: Bump of Chicken, MOR
    • (High Line, Toy's Factory, Longfellow)

Ending Theme:

  • Season 1: "Sora no Parade" (ソラのパレード) by Haruhi
    • From the album, Inside Out
    • Lyrics, Composition: Haruhi
    • Arrangement: Haruhi, Ryo Hikosawa
    • (Sony Music Entertainment)

Episode List

Season 1

# Title Screenplay Storyboard Episode Director Animation Director Release Date
1 Girl in Blue Nao Takizawa Yuuki Itoh Yuuki Itoh Asami Komatsu Jan 21, 2017
Gran and Vyrn live on the sleepy, far-flung island of Zinkenstill. Their quiet lives are rocked by the sound of a sudden explosion and the sight of battleship in the sky. They follow a light that falls from the battleship into the forbidden woods, where they encounter a mysterious girl.

Note: An advance preview of this episode aired as the first half of Zinkenstill Arc television film special on January 21, 2017.

2 Departure Kyōhei Terashima Ayako Kurata Ayako Kurata Akira Takata Jan 21, 2017
Gran dreams of his youth, remembering the words his father left in a letter - "I will be waiting at Estalucia, Island of the Astrals." He awakens to find Lyria at his bedside, happy to see him well after the incident with Pommern and the Hydra. Katalina and Lyria explain to Gran the situation he now finds himself in, and that he must now make the bold action to journey with them.

Note: An advance preview of this episode aired as the second half of Zinkenstill Arc television film special on January 21, 2017.

3 Meet the Wind Nao Takizawa Toshimasa Ishii Toshimasa Ishii Ryōsuke Sekiguchi Apr 15, 2017
Gran and his party depart Zinkenstill for their goal, the Island of Astrals. However, Katalina crash lands the small airship on a nearby island, Eingana Island. A man named Rackam happens to witness their totaled aircraft. The townspeople consider Rackam an oddball for the way he’s always working on repairing a certain airship that has no chance of ever flying again...
4 A Helmsman's Resolve Nao Takizawa Masayuki Kojima Masahiko Matsunaga Keiko Watanabe Apr 22, 2017
Gran and company are under fire and trapped by Imperial Army General Furias, who intends to recapture Lyria. However, Rackam, the helmsman, gives them a way out. They propose hiring him as a helmsman to get them off the island, but he refuses and tells them he doesn’t want to fly unless it’s with the Grandcypher, the old airship that has captivated him since he was young.
5 The Storm Guardian Nao Takizawa Takahiro Miura Takahashi Hidetoshi Yū Shindō
Kazuhiro Miwa
Apr 29, 2017
Thanks to his skill as a helmsman, Rackam navigates the Grandcypher to the mass of dark clouds, where Tiamat is waiting for them. Gran and his comrades must face this great primal beast to save the Port Breeze Archipelago and its guardian deity.
6 The Veil is Lifted Chiaki Nagai Hidekazu Hara Hidekazu Hara Iori Nonoshita
Chieko Miyakawa
May 06, 2017
Gran and company set off for the Valtz Duchy. Siero introduces them to a Valtz Duchy “special operator,” who asks them to search for the missing Archduke Tzaka, the most powerful person in Valtz. They take the job and begin investigating right away, but someone is following them...
7 The Iron Giant Nao Takizawa
Chiaki Nagai
Yoshinari Saitō
Toshimasa Ishii Yoshinari Saitō May 13, 2017
Gran and company move on to a secret factory in pursuit of a clue to the missing Archduke Tzaka. Lyria says she hears a voice calling out to her and leads the group to the deepest recesses of the location, where the archduke and an iron giant await.
8 A Pair Apart Kyōhei Terashima Kiyotaka Ōhata Takashi Andō Kazuhiro Miwa
Michiko Takahashi
May 20, 2017
Gran and company visit another island for supplies, and take on an archaeological exploration job for Siero. The group reaches the ruin’s entrance, but a series of events causes them to split up into two groups. Cut off from each other, they move forward in order to meet up again, and encounter the treasure hunters Mary and Karva along the way
9 Horizon in the Clouds Nao Takizawa Yukiko Imai Yukiko Imai Komatsu Asami May 27, 2017
The group makes their way to the Auguste Isles, an island holding an entire ocean. While examining a mysterious substance, Rackam runs into an old friend who leads them to the capital city of Mizarea. There, the group splits up to tend to smaller tasks, while Gran and Lyria venture off to see the sights.
10 Separation Nao Takizawa Mamoru Kanbe Kazuki Horiguchi Yuki Imoto June 03, 2017
The Auguste Isles are taking fire from the Erste Empire’s attack. Gran pursues the abducted Lyria, rushing towards the airship landing site, where the empire’s warships have appeared. Meanwhile, Pommern makes off with Lyria, but just then, a primal beast, Leviathan, rises from the sea, along with a gigantic column of water.
11 Lyria's Wish June 10, 2017
Gran and company visit the Lumacie Isles in order to wake up the comatose Lyria. Rosetta leads them to a giant tree nestled deep in a forest. She summons Yggdrasil, the primal beast that protects Lumacie, and explains that with her help Gran can enter Lyria’s consciousness.
12 Showdown on the High Seas June 17, 2017
Gran and company return to Auguste Isles only to find out that monsters and Leviathan are rampaging through the city. Lyria convinces Eugen to save Leviathan. While many familiar faces defend the city and fight their ways through hordes of monsters the crew is determined to take Leviathan face on and end its suffering.
13 (EX1) Another Sky June 24, 2017
Djeeta is a girl who lives on the remote island of Zinkenstill. After meeting Lyria, who is on the run from the Erste Empire, they leave on a journey into the sky, as if guided by destiny. Their next destination is Auguste, where Sierokarte runs a beach bar...

Season 2

# Title Screenplay Storyboard Episode Director Animation Director Release Date
1 Skyfarers in the Blue Oct 04, 2019
Leaving behind his homeland, Zinkenstill, Gran continues his journey with the other skyfaring crew members, hoping to reach the Island of the Astrals.
2 The Albion Citadel Oct 11, 2019
Gran and the others are on the run from the Erste Empire, when out of the blue, the Empire proposes peace talks, and the crew heads to the Albion Citadel for the negotiations.
3 False Freedom Oct 18, 2019
Gran and his crew are acquitted, thanks to the Erste Empire's pardon. But the morning after the banquet, they wake up to find Katalina gone, having left behind only a letter.
4 Unconveyable Feelings Oct 25, 2019
Due to a past incident, Katalina feels indebted to Vira and wants to provide her support after the many years of pressure and loneliness Vira has endured as Lord Commander.
5 Katalina and Vira Nov 01, 2019
Releasing the primal beast Luminiera's power, Vira attacks Gran and the others. When she sees Vira in berserk mode, Katalina is consumed with guilt. And so she makes up her mind to face up to Vira's feelings, to make up for the past.
6 The Mist-Shrouded Island Nov 15, 2019
After leaving Albion, the Grandcypher lands on an island shrouded in thick mist, notorious for being inescapable.
7 The Immortal Primal Beast Nov 22, 2019
Lyria, Io, and Orchis have been swallowed by Celeste. Left behind, Gran and the others search for a way to save them, along with a ghost girl, Ferry, whom they met in the village.
8 Memories of Family Nov 29, 2019
Celeste is being manipulated by someone. Someone who has forced the primal to attack the village and devour its undead residents. Gran takes the chance to leap into Celeste to rescue Lyria, Io, and Orchis.
9 The Town of Promises Dec 06, 2019
Gran and the others head to Golonzo Island, known as the mecca of shipbuilding, in order to repair the damaged Grandcypher.
10 The Impossible Dream Dec 13, 2019
Under the command of Pommern, the imperial army takes Gran and Lyria away. Meanwhile, Noa is held captive in a research lab as he suffers from the effects of dark essence.
11 Contract Dec 20, 2019
Gran and Lyria escape from the empire's garrison and are reunited with Rackam and the others. Noa tries to resurrect the Grandcypher that had been damaged by the empire's strike, but finds himself too weak to provide sufficient power. He suggests they ask Mithra, the primal beast of promises on Golonzo, to help them.
12 Signpost Dec 27, 2019
The Black Knight, trapped by her own past, is set on attaining Lyria's power, but Gran vows adamantly to protect Lyria. Their unwavering beliefs clash, neither willing to bend.
13 Another Journey Mar 27, 2020
Djeeta and the crew head to an ancient castle after hearing rumors about the Wish Egg, a fairy tale treasure said to grant any wish.
14 The Masked Cypher Descends! / A Tale of St. Albion Girls' Academy August 26, 2020
Far away on a remote island, Gran steps into the ring for an exhibition match of ritual proportion. Once a year, top fighters from around the island must gather together for a duel to appease the gods, and anything less than victory could spell grave disaster for the locals. After grinding through some grueling training to master the art of wrestling, Gran enters his match as the mysterious masked fighter, the Masked Cypher.

Djeeta is just an ordinary student at St. Albion Girls' Academy, who one day, while spending some time in the animal shed, finds herself smitten with her upper classman. That upperclassman's name is Katalina, who is renowned for both her wit and beauty. Even as Djeeta shrinks back from Katalina's majesty, the two gradually grow closer. Unbeknownst to them, however, not everyone is excited for their newfound affection.


# Title Screenplay Storyboard Episode Director Animation Director Release Date
13.5 (EX2) Jack O'Lantern Oct 25, 2017
Djeeta and friends visit a town famous for its elaborate Halloween festivities. However, when a local child disappears on the night of the festival, it appears that there may be more to the town's traditions than meets the eye...


Season 1

  • Original Work, Series Organizer, Music Production: Cygames
  • Original Character Designer, Character Supervisor: Hideo Minaba
  • Animation Character Designer: Toshifumi Akai
  • Series Director: Ayako Kurata
  • Director: Yuuki Itō
  • Chief Animation Director: Akira Takata, Mami Komatsu, Yuki Imoto
  • OP Storyboard, OP Unit Director: Masashi Ishihama
  • ED Unit Director: Akira Takata
  • Music Director: Nobuo Uematsu (Dog Ear Records)
  • Music Composition: Nobuo Uematsu (Dog Ear Records), Tsutomu Narita (Cymusic), Yasunori Nishiki
  • Sound Director: Ryō Tanaka, Yoichi Hayakawa
  • Art Director: Masatoshi Kai (Studio KAIMU)
  • Art Design: Kazushi Fujii, Shiho Takeuchi
  • 3D Director: Shūji Shinoda (Buemon)
  • Director of Photography: Yoshihiro Sekiya (Graphinica)
  • 2D Works: Saya Utsumi (Graphinica)
  • Color Designer: Nakashima Kazuko
  • Editing: Akinori Mishima (Graphinica)
  • Effects Animation Director: Takashi Hashimoto
  • Prop Design: Akira Takata
  • Special Effects: Saya Utsumi (Graphinica)
  • Animation Production: A-1 Pictures
  • Presented By: Granblue Fantasy The Animation Committee, Aniplex, Cygames