Girl in Blue

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Girl in Blue
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 1
Original Title: 蒼の少女
Romanized Title: Ao no Shoujo
Translated Title: Girl in Blue
Original Air Date: April 1, 2017
Next Episode: Departure
Previous Episode:

Girl in Blue is the first episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.

It first aired as the first part of Zinkenstill Arc television film special on January 21, 2017.


Gran and Vyrn live on the sleepy, far-flung island of Zinkenstill. Their quiet lives are rocked by the sound of a sudden explosion and the sight of battleship in the sky. They follow a light that falls from the battleship into the forbidden woods, where they encounter a mysterious girl.


The episode begun with Katalina dragging Lyria to escape from an Erste Empire airship, sweeping down Imperial Soldiers on the process. Pommern intercepted Katalina and Lyria, holding a primal crystal that resonated with Lyria, which exploded and blown open the airship, making Lyria fell off of the airship.

Gran and Aaron, who were chopping some woods in place of Aaron's dad (who was injured), saw an Imperial airship in the sky, a few moments after Aaron's dad and Vyrn were coming to bring Gran and Aaron some food. Gran went to check it out, going into the forest, with Vyrn accompanying him.

Inside the forest, Gran found an unconscious Lyria, and subsequently woke her up. Lyria told Gran and Vyrn about her circumstances before they started to look for Katalina, all while being chased by Imperial soldiers that immediately found them. Gran managed to knock the soldiers out, but one of the soldiers sent out a signal to alert the other Imperial soldiers. Fortunately, Katalina saw the signal and came to rescue them. Katalina froze the chasing Imperial Soldiers and ran with both Lyria and Gran.

Katalina explained the situation to Gran, and decided to take Gran's offer to help them escape to their airship. In the middle of their run, Gran, Vyrn, Lyria, and Katalina stumbled upon a villager and her daughter, surrounded by Imperial Soldiers looking for Katalina and Lyria.

Gran and co. continued their run, but were soon intercepted by Captain Pommern of the Erste Empire, who held the power to control beasts through a dark crystal, summoned a hydra which rammed Gran to death. Lyria then merged her soul to Gran's, reviving him back from death. As the light from the shrine shone, Gran and Lyria summoned Proto Bahamut with their combined power.



  • The episode title, Girl in Blue, is named after the game's first major story arc.
  • Aaron is a side character introduced in the anime, which marks how the anime deviates from the game.