The Storm Guardian

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The Storm Guardian
Anime Ep5 Infobox Screen.png
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 5
Original Title: 決戦, 嵐の守護神
Romanized Title: Kessen, Arashi no Shugoshin
Translated Title: The Storm Guardian
Original Air Date: April 29, 2017
Next Episode: The Veil is Lifted
Previous Episode: A Helmsman's Resolve

The Storm Guardian is the fifth episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.


Thanks to his skill as a helmsman, Rackam navigates the Grandcypher to the mass of dark clouds, where Tiamat is waiting for them. Gran and his comrades must face this great primal beast to save the Port Breeze Archipelago and its guardian deity.


After a crisis arises in Port Breeze, Gran and co., with the assistance of Rackam and the Grandcypher, embark on a journey to calm a raging Tiamat. With Rackam at the helm of the Grandcypher, dodging mini-islands and beams fired by the Wind Goddess, the party successfully maneuvers the Grandcypher into range, where Lyria attempts to talk to Tiamat. After finding Tiamat will not listen, she imbues Gran with the power of Proto Bahamut, and he manages to destroy a crystal that is angering and controlling Tiamat, who catches him after his reckless attack.

After a triumphant return, Rackam reminds the Port Breeze citizens that Tiamat should not be forgotten, and, later that night, he decides to join Gran's meager Crew with the Grandcypher.




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