False Freedom

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False Freedom
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 16
Original Title: 偽りの自由
Romanized Title: Itsuwari no Jiyuu
Translated Title: False Freedom
Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2019
Next Episode: Unconveyable Feelings
Previous Episode: The Albion Citadel
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False Freedom is the sixteenth episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation and the third episode of the anime's second season.


Gran and his crew are acquitted, thanks to the Erste Empire's pardon. But the morning after the banquet, they wake up to find Katalina gone, having left behind only a letter.




The original appearance of Apple Man
  • Lineage Ring ×3 was distributed to all players in the game to commemorate this episode's premiere.
  • Vyrn's sketch of "Apple Man" is a reference to Grand Blues! comic #2 from the game.