Skyfarers in the Blue

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Skyfarers in the Blue
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 14
Original Title: 騎空士の空
Romanized Title: Kikuushi no Sora
Translated Title: Skyfarers in the Blue
Original Air Date: Oct 04, 2019
Next Episode: The Albion Citadel
Previous Episode: Another Sky
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Skyfarers in the Blue is the fourteenth episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation and the first episode of the anime's second season.


Leaving behind his homeland, Zinkenstill, Gran continues his journey with the other skyfaring crew members, hoping to reach the Island of the Astrals.




  • Tezcatlipoca was distributed to all players in the game to coincide with its appearance in this episode.
  • This episode marks the return of Keiji Fujiwara to the role of Eugen, having been replaced by Kazuhiro Yamaji during the previous season due to illness.