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Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 10
Original Title: 解離
Romanized Title: Kairi
Translated Title: Separation
Original Air Date: June 03, 2017
Next Episode: Lyria's Wish
Previous Episode: Horizon in the Clouds

Separation is the tenth episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.


The Auguste Isles are taking fire from the Erste Empire’s attack. Gran pursues the abducted Lyria, rushing towards the airship landing site, where the empire’s warships have appeared. Meanwhile, Pommern makes off with Lyria, but just then, a primal beast, Leviathan, rises from the sea, along with a gigantic column of water



  • A character wearing the Priest Class Outfit can be seen tending to the wounded after Leviathan's tidal wave.
  • Timber Wolves/Alpha Wolves make an appearance inside a cage in the imperial facility.
  • The summon Lyria uses to destroy the imperial facility in Katalina's flashback is Lich.