Jack O'Lantern (Anime)

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This article is about the anime episode. For the summon, see Jack-o'-Lantern.

Jack O'Lantern
Anime Ep13.5 Infobox Screen.png
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 13.5
Original Title: カボチャのランタン
Romanized Title: Kabocha no Rantan
Translated Title: Jack O'Lantern
Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2017 (BD/DVD)
Nov 8, 2019 (TV)
Next Episode: Skyfarers in the Blue
Previous Episode: Another Sky
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Jack O'Lantern is a special episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation included with the seventh Blu-ray and DVD volume of the anime's first season. It is the second episode to feature Djeeta as main character in place of Gran.

This episode premiered on television on November 8th, 2019, a week after the fifth episode of the second season. It is an extra episode and is not part of the anime's second season continuity.


Djeeta and friends visit a town famous for its elaborate Halloween festivities. However, when a local child disappears on the night of the festival, it appears that there may be more to the town's traditions than meets the eye...




  • Ulamnuran makes a brief appearance performing for a crowd of townsfolk near the beginning of the episode.


  • Lacrimosa square.jpg Lacrimosa ×100 was distributed to all players in the game to commemorate this episode's television premiere.
  • Djeeta's Halloween costume is her Warlock class outfit from the game.
  • The outfits worn by the trick or treating children in this episode are based on the class outfits for Berserker and the Gran and Djeeta variants of the Luchador class.
  • Several of the children from Beatrix (Halloween)'s 2nd art also appear.
  • Djeeta is wielding the Five-Soul Staff