The Masked Cypher Descends! / A Tale of St. Albion Girls' Academy

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The Masked Cypher Descends! / A Tale of St. Albion Girls' Academy
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation
Episode 27
Original Title:
Romanized Title:
Translated Title:
Original Air Date: August 26, 2020
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Previous Episode: Another Journey
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The Masked Cypher Descends! / A Tale of St. Albion Girls' Academy is the twenty-seventh episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation and the fourteenth episode of the anime's second season. This episode is split between two stories, one featuring Gran and the other featuring Djeeta.


Far away on a remote island, Gran steps into the ring for an exhibition match of ritual proportion. Once a year, top fighters from around the island must gather together for a duel to appease the gods, and anything less than victory could spell grave disaster for the locals. After grinding through some grueling training to master the art of wrestling, Gran enters his match as the mysterious masked fighter, the Masked Cypher.

Djeeta is just an ordinary student at St. Albion Girls' Academy, who one day, while spending some time in the animal shed, finds herself smitten with her upper classman. That upperclassman's name is Katalina, who is renowned for both her wit and beauty. Even as Djeeta shrinks back from Katalina's majesty, the two gradually grow closer. Unbeknownst to them, however, not everyone is excited for their newfound affection.




During the scene at the school shop, several characters from previous episodes appear in the group of students.

Near the end of the episode when all the students are crushed together by Yggdrasil's appearance, several other characters briefly appear.


  • The old woman who trains Gran in the art of the Wrestler is presumably the same old woman who appears in the quests involved with unlocking the Row IV and Extra II Classes
  • The events of the second half of the episode are a fantasy dreamt up by Lowain and co, similar to the events of the Lowain Bros event series.
  • The first half may also fall under this delusion due to Titan being refered to as a "Macho", a term only applied to him in-game by the Lowain Bros
  • Gran's ring name, "The Masked Cypher", originates from the story event A Thousand Reasons in which the Main Character enters a fighting tournament as the Luchador class.