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Official Profile

Age 24
Height 169 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Sword collecting
Likes Cute things, small animals
Dislikes Bugs, cooking
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Once a devoted knight of the Erste Empire in charge of guarding Lyria, Katalina turns on her former home and vows to travel with you to protect Lyria from the Empire's schemes. Her skilled and calculated displays of swordplay with her trusted sword Rukalsa are in stark contrast to her profoundly lacking sense of direction and poor cooking skills. These things, among others, are regularly pointed out by her fellow party members.
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
Final Uncap
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 24歳
Height 169cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 刀剣収集
Likes 可愛いもの、小動物
Dislikes 虫、料理
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
Final Uncap
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]



Main Quest

You first meet Katalina in the Opening Chapter.

She becomes a constant member of your party after the events of Chapter 1: Meet the Wind.


  • A running gag with Katalina is that she is terrible at cooking, but is oblivious to it.
  • In the Grand Blues! manga, her love for Vyrn turns to obsession, much to his distress.
  • Her full name is Katalina Aryze.
  • ViraDark SSR version only has character banter with Katalina when paired in battle.
  • LowainAny version has character banter with Katalina when paired in battle.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Hmm. I'd really like to get you something, but I'm not sure what you'd want. Do you have any requests?
I know! How about I cook for you? All your favorite dishes, prepared with my tender love and care!
What? You're not hungry? Don't worry, I know you'll be starving once you smell what I'm cooking. Hahaha!


Happy birthday, (Captain). Looking back now, the first time we met seems so long ago.
You've grown so much since then. And I know you'll continue to grow from here forward.
I'll do my best to support you as we continue forward.


(Captain), happy birthday! It seems that Lyria and Vyrn have been busying preparing something for you since the morning.
They charged me with the honor of escorting you to a secret spot.
Well, (Captain), right this way...
We're always together with Lyria and Vyrn, so walking together like this feels kind of new.
Hmm... Do you think you've gotten a little taller?
I guess children do grow up quickly.
Whatever kind of trouble we encounter in the coming days, we'll face it head on with our trusted friends.
But before that, there's nothing stopping us from having some fun. Right this way, (Captain)! Everyone's waiting for you!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I can't believe we've been celebrating your birthday for the fourth time already.
Because of your continuous efforts, we've been able to continue this journey together.
Everyone's always depending on you, and you've always been there for all of us. We can't thank you enough.
But surely tending to all our needs must take its toll.
So that's why today, whatever you need—I'm all yours!
It isn't healthy to keep pushing your body all the time. Sometimes it's good to just take a load off your shoulders every now and then.
Right! Don't be shy. I'll hear all of your requests for today!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Today, I'll listen to any request you make of me. You're the star of the day, after all.
But you hardly make any selfish requests...
In my opinion, you should go ahead and do more of what you want to do on a regular basis...
I can't help but think that you go through so much trouble for the sake of your friends, sometimes even sacrificing yourself...
Of course, everyone in the crew sees and respects that side of you.
At the same time, I'm worried about you. Whenever you need help, don't be afraid to tell me.
I will gladly lend you my strength. That's what a friend does, right?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Captain, it's time to ring in the new year!
Let's go and get started on our first training session!


Happy New Year. It looks like we've safely made it to the beginning of another year.
But I guess we did run into a little trouble along the way!
Hehe. Our travels have been filled with all kinds of ups and downs. I apologize for the trouble.
That said, through it all, we learned that there's nothing we can't overcome if we work together.
At least that's what I think. I look forward to another year with you, (Captain).


We sure have been through some tough times. I'm thankful we're able to reset and reflect on days like today.
It's just a momentary break, but it's a welcome one nonetheless.
Haha. Yes, I'm well aware we don't have time to waste on lounging around, but constantly barreling ahead at full steam is bad for the body.
You always worry me, (Captain), with the dangerous things you get into.
Should I call it bravery—maybe recklessness?
Then perhaps... (Captain), would you care to learn a few techniques? Knowing you're out there fighting with knowledge would—
Haha. Sorry. I was just telling you to take it easy, but here I am also telling you to go as hard as you can.
Seems I need to take this resting business seriously myself.


Sorry, (Captain)... I got lost on the way here and wasn't able to make it in time for sunrise...
The sun's already high and shining.
Hmm? The sunrise is also pretty looking from the mountain path I took to get up here?
Heh, thanks for your reassurance. You're always so kind to me, (Captain).
But I mustn't be spoiled by that kindness.
I'll take this failure to heart and improve myself with a year's worth of activities.
Now then, I guess I should start by leading us down the mountain path.


I can't think of many sights more spectacular than the year's first sunrise at the top of a mountain.
Doesn't seeing it make you feel like you've somehow entered the new year earlier than everyone else?
Hehe, I feel lucky to have seen it, and the lack of insects due to the cold weather certainly makes the experience better.
You know, thanks to you, I feel like this year is going to be another special one.
But enough of that. It's about time for us to return. You should watch your feet on the way down.
Oops, I almost forgot. Happy New Year. I look forward to spending it with you.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Whew. Okay, here they are! How are they? They're the best you've ever had, right?
Like I said, I've made chocolate countless times! Maybe now you believe me.
Ahem. Well, here you are, (Captain).
Hehe. I guess Valentine's Day really is good for showing people how you feel.
Which is good because I really wanted to show you how much I appreciate you and Lyria.
I originally came with you both to protect you, but now it seems you both are the ones keeping me in good spirits. I have you both to thank.
Huh? What's wrong? Why are you looking down? Or is it that you don't want the chocolates?
Ah... I get it now. You want me to feed them to you!
H-hold on, now! You don't have to act so flustered. If I don't oblige you, then I'm going to feel bad too!
Tch. I guess I have no choice! You are the captain, after all. Come on now, open wide!


(Captain)! Happy Valentine's! Here are the chocolates you've been waiting for.
They're a sign of gratitude for everything you've done for us. Won't you accept them?
Hmm? What's the matter? No need to be shy...
Or maybe you'd prefer that I feed them to you.
Gulp. If it's a request from the captain, then I guess I have no choice...
Okay, open wide!


I thought I would make some homemade chocolate, but someone was using the kitchen.
So I got you store bought chocolate instead—but it's a popular one. Here, take it.
Huh? Why do you look relieved?
Well, not really... Wait. Are you embarrassed?
Ah. What should I do? If your face turns that color, then I'll start to flush too.
We've been traveling together for so long, and yet we still have these moments. Haha.


Ah, (Captain). There you are.
Um... I thought I'd try making you chocolate this year.
But every time I went to the kitchen, other girls in the crew would tell me they wanted to use it first.
Everyone was so serious in their request, so I kept letting them go ahead of me.
And before I knew it, my time to use the kitchen had completely run out.
So because of that, I was only able to get you something from the store.
I put a lot of thought in choosing them as thanks for all you've done. I hope you like it.


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Yes, these chocolates are for you. I hope you don't mind that I made them myself.
I know these past couple of years have been a bit chaotic around Valentine's.
But this year I made sure to reserve the kitchen and make something for you.
Now, open wide... Hehe, very good.
I'm pleased to see you enjoy my homemade chocolates after so many years without.

Katalina's Chocolate
White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Huh? What is it? You're acting so strangely. Do you have something for me?
This is... for me? Oh, I remember now! It's White Day.
You know, there's something nice about receiving a gift on White Day.
When I was living in Albion, I was always the one giving gifts on White Day.
I worked so hard to cook something for the girls that gave me chocolate. But they each liked something different.
Anyway, thank you. I'll be sure to treasure your gift.


This is... in return for the Valentine's Day chocolates?
You must have thought hard about how you feel and taken the time to choose a special gift. And that makes me very happy.
I guess this means I have to prepare something for Valentine's again next year.
Hm? No, I'm not going to hold back this time! I hope you look forward to it!


You found time to get me a present, even with everything going on. Thank you.
Did you make these macarons yourself, (Captain)? Haha. I'm a lucky one, then.
They're beautifully decorated and look delicious. Let's try one. Munch, munch...
A-astounding! This crust has a light, crunchy texture... And this caramel cream has a wonderful bittersweet taste!
This is seriously addictive stuff. When did you get pastry skills like this, (Captain)?
Haha. Now that I see how good you've gotten, you've ignited my passion. I match your technique with my own.
(Captain), you should be excited for next Valentine's Day!


In appreciation for Valentine's Day? Thanks, (Captain).
This packaging, and this sweet aroma... Chocolate cake this year?
Hehe... The macarons from last year were delicious. I can't wait to bring this back to my room and eat it.
All right. I've made up my mind.
Next year I'll start using the kitchen as soon as the new year starts and definitely make you something of my own.
So look forward to Valentine's Day next year!


(Captain), is this... a gift in return for Valentine's?
Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Oh, this is... Hmm, a canele, I believe?
You're getting better and better at making sweets every year.
I wonder if I'm the reason you've been trying so hard to improve?
Hehe, perhaps that's too conceited of a thought. Anyway, thank you. I will make sure to savor it.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Let's see... Cookies, candy, and chocolate! Looks like I've got everything!
I'm ready for whatever today brings!


I dressed up in costume and gathered candy around the neighborhood when I was young.
Hehe. I looked forward to it every year.
Now it's my turn to make Halloween just as much fun for the children on the ship.
Best to just let them play as many tricks as they like today.
Go ahead (Captain). Trick to you heart's content. Happy Halloween!


Haha. Everyone seems to certainly enjoy being dressed up this year. It brings a smile to my face.
Hah, trick or treat? Sure, you can have some candy.
What's wrong, (Captain)? You don't want anymore candy?
You think I'm going to pull a trick on you? That's not really something that adults—
Haha. Fine, I can tell you saw right through me.
So how about it, (Captain)? Want to go prank Rackam and Eugen?


Huff... Puff... Oh, (Captain)...
Say, um... You know how we prepare the candies for Halloween every year?
It seems that this information has been going around the kids onboard.
They all showed up at once, and now the candy's all gone.
But they've been chasing me all day... Sorry, (Captain), but could you hide me for a while?
S-say... Why are you giving me that look?
Trick or Treat? What!
Don't tell me you've become a Halloween trickster yourself!


Eek! O-oh, it's you, (Captain)... Thank goodness.
Me? Well, actually... Today's Halloween, right?
I went out thinking I could go for a walk and enjoy the festivities in town... but before I knew it, I was lost.
Since everyone is in costume, I couldn't find anyone I knew...
Speaking of which... Haha, I see you're all dressed up and ready to enjoy Halloween.
Would you mind if I joined you? I have a feeling I'll be able to enjoy the festivities more with you as company.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Season's greetings!
Tonight I'll be serving a cake I baked all by myself! Hey wait, where are you going!


Ugh, I'm exhausted. Huh? Oh, hello, (Captain).
I was thinking of baking a nice cake and giving some to everyone.
And when I said I was going to cook something nice for dinner, they all hurriedly dragged me out of the kitchen.
I wonder why they did that...
Oh, did you want my help with something? Okay, I'll lend you a hand.
It's too bad about the cake, but it gives us something to look forward to next year.


(Captain), perfect timing! I need your help! On my signal we're going to smash through the kitchen doors!
Every single year others cook while I don't even lift a hand—and that's inexcusable.
I conjecture that Farrah and Vira are simply looking out for me.
And as their superior officer, I can't bring myself to ask them for their assistance in baking a cake.
So this year I'll break into the kitchen and spearhead a cake-baking operation.
It is my duty as someone they look up to. Don't you agree, (Captain)?
Now, let's head for the kitchen... Remember, when I give the signal—
Huh? (Captain), where did you go? You completely disappeared...


Season's greetings, (Captain)!
Have you seen the tree yet? Lyria decorated it with Vyrn.
He flew up and put the star on the top for us.
He looked so proud... Hehe, it was adorable.
Lyria would ask me if each ornament she put together looked pretty.
She worked diligently, but she still enjoyed every second of it.
In fact, I baked them some cookies for all their hard work.
See? They're shaped liked stars. I'm pretty confident in my own recipe, but would you try a bite for me?


Hehe, I see you're excited for the holiday party.
Everyone else is as well. Actually, the kitchens are so full right now I can't even squeeze in.
I expected as much, so I went ahead and baked a cake last night.
The only step left is to prepare it for serving... I'm sorry to ask, but could you help me with that?
It ended up bigger than I thought it would. In fact, it's been continually expanding since last night.
Of course, I'll pay you back with the cookies I baked.
Very good. This cake will be sure to surprise and stun everyone once we're done with it!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Operation Picnic

The crew decides to take advantage of a day off by going on a picnic. Katalina wants to make a packed lunch for Lyria, but, when she goes to town to buy ingredients, she's ambushed by monsters.

In the beautiful grasslands on the outskirts of Port Breeze, (Captain) and company are enjoying a brief respite from their journey.
Vyrn: What lovely weather. Wouldn't it be nice to just spend the whole day napping in the grasslands?
Katalina: As much as I'd love to watch you sleep, I think it's a perfect day for a picnic.
Lyria: A picnic? What's that?
Vyrn: Ah, so you've never had a picnic before? A picnic is... well...
Katalina: You find a great natural locale, enjoy the scenery, take walks, and eat with your friends.
Katalina: Eating under a blue sky makes anything taste that much better.
Vyrn: And it'd definitely be nice to cut loose for a change. Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Wow! I want to go on a picnic! I want to eat good food!
Katalina: Of course you do. And I can make lunch! It'll be delicious.
Vyrn: Ok! But wait a second... Are you sure you really want to cook?
Vyrn: No one's forcing you to. Everyone is cut out for dif—
Katalina: It's fine! I can do it. I'm sure I can!
Vyrn: What should we do, (Captain)? This could get ugly.
Katalina: All right! Now to go to town to gather ingredients!
Vyrn: Y-Yeah! (She sounds so confident...)
Though the gentle winds generally bring a bountiful harvest and peace to this town, the crew witnesses a terrible sight.
Monsters have suddenly started appearing, and the people are living in fear.
Vyrn: So much for having a picnic! What should we do, (Captain)?
Katalina: We can't very well ignore the people of this town if they need our help!
Katalina: Let's move, (Captain)!

Operation Picnic: Scene 2

(Captain) and company are given plenty of ingredients as thanks for defeating the monsters. Katalina is sure she'll be able to make a great lunch, but monsters attack the crew to get at the ingredients.

After chasing off the monsters that appeared in town, (Captain) and company are thanked by the overjoyed people.
To show their appreciation, they give the crew ingredients of the finest quality.
While Katalina is now even more motivated, a pall of anxiety hangs over (Captain) and the others on their trek back.
Vyrn: Hey, guys... I'm so worried about what's going to happen to all those nice ingredients.
Katalina: Hm? Did you say something? Still, what a wonderful bunch of ingredients they gave us.
Vyrn: Tell me about it! I think it would be better if we just eat them as-is!
Katalina: All right! I'll definitely make a wonderful lunch!
Lyria: I just can't wait! My first picnic and a lunch from you!
Monster: Grrr...
Katalina: ...!
Katalina: It seems that I need to rein in my enthusiasm, because these monsters managed to surround us. Are they after the ingredients?
Vyrn: What? I know these monsters came to the city and all, but they've got some pretty refined tastes!
Katalina: I will defend these ingredients! For my friends, for justice... and for lunch!
Vyrn: Whatever you say! Let's just get them, (Captain)!

Operation Picnic: Scene 3

Katalina cuts down the monsters with remarkable ease, but the lunch she makes is... less impressive. While the crew tries to enjoy the picnic in spite of this, more monsters attack.

Vyrn: Awesome, Katalina! Those are some nice sword skills!
Katalina: But of course. As a team, my sword Rukalsa and I are peerless.
Vyrn: Makes it even more surprising that she can't handle a kitchen knife, right, (Captain)?
Katalina: Hm? Did you say something?
Thanks to Katalina, the crew brings the ingredients back safely. The crew looks on with bated breath as Katalina starts making lunch...
Vyrn: Hey! Are you trying to lose a finger or what? You can't use knives like that!
Katalina: Vyrn... Would you please not shout in my ear? It'll make me slip and... Ahhh!
Vyrn: Whoa! Watch it! I can't bear to watch this... (Captain), do something!
While everyone looks on, Katalina manages to finish preparing the food.
Katalina: How about that? Told you I could cook if I cared to try!
Lyria: Wow! Your lunch is so colorful!
Vyrn: A little too colorful, if you ask me...
Vyrn: But Lyria seems happy, so let's just try to enjoy the picnic!
Katalina: I'm glad you're having fun, Lyria. Come, everyone! Ready for the picnic?
Vyrn: Maybe...
Vyrn: So it's time to eat "lunch"... Can't say my stomach's been looking forward to this. Are you ready, (Captain)?
Lyria: Yay! The picnic lunch is finally here!
Katalina: You're very welcome. Now eat up!
Vyrn: What's the matter, (Captain)? What? You hear monsters?
Katalina: More monsters... I bet they're here for my lunch this time.
Katalina: This lunch was made for Lyria, and no monster will touch it while I still stand! Hop to it, (Captain)!

Operation Picnic: Scene 4

When a monster convulses in pain after eating Katalina's lunch, the crew can only shudder. Lyria is depressed by the ruined picnic, so Katalina tries to cheer her up by volunteering to make dinner, not realizing how reckless she's being.

Vyrn: Look out! There's one monster left!
Monster: F-Food... Food?
Lyria: Ahhh! It's eating Katalina's lunch!
Katalina: No! That's Lyria's! And my sweat and blood went into it! How dare you!
Katalina: You will pay for this, you fiend! I'll... Huh?
Monster: B... Blargh!
Vyrn: Wha? The monster just collapsed! Katalina's cooking is even more devastating than her sword!
Katalina: It seems that human food doesn't sit right with them.
Vyrn: I... don't think that's the case here, but let's just leave it alone.
Lyria: Ugh... Our picnic lunch is ruined, and after all of Katalina's hard work...
Katalina: It pains me to see you looking so upset, Lyria. Try to smile for me.
Lyria: Katalina... But...
Katalina: We can always have another picnic.
Vyrn: Yeah! And the news isn't all bad! Thanks to the monsters, we didn't have to ea—
  1. Too bad we didn't get to try your fine cooking!
  2. I can't wait for the next picnic!

Choose: Too bad we didn't get to try your fine cooking!
Vyrn: You're braver than me, (Captain). Just thinking about that pile of colors is almost too much for me.

Choose: I can't wait for the next picnic!
Vyrn: Are you sure you should be saying that? I get cold chills just seeing Katalina holding a kitchen knife! I've had enough already!
Continue 1
Vyrn: What? I should shut up now for Katalina's sake?
Katalina: I have to live up to (Captain)'s expectations, too. I'll make an even better lunch next time!
Lyria: Yeah! I'll be looking forward to it!
Katalina: I know! Since you missed out on lunch, how about I make dinner tonight?
Lyria: Really? I'll help out! It'll be even more fun with the two of us!
Vyrn: Uh-oh, (Captain)... Looks like the nightmare continues.
What should have been a relaxing interlude for the crew ends in disappointment.
But Katalina's kindness strengthens the bond between her and Lyria even more.
Lyria: Right! (Captain), I need you to be my taste-tester. Let's make tonight's dinner one to remember!

Farrah Flounders

Farrah is going a little stir-crazy with no missions to complete, so Katalina takes her into town to relax. There they end up thrashing a pair of ruffians who were terrorizing the townsfolk. Vyrn chides the pair for wasting their precious time off, but Farrah was thrilled just to spend that quality time with Katalina.

(Captain)'s crew stops by an island for supplies.
The local monsters appear docile, leaving the crew to enjoy their stay in peace. More or less.
Farrah: Miss Katalina! I took the liberty of mending your cloak!
Katalina: Ah. Thanks, Farrah.
Farrah: Miss Katalina! I've got tea on! And all the sweets you could ask for!
Katalina: Thanks, Farrah.
Farrah: Miss Katalina! I'm going to clean my quarters, but just let me know if you need any—
Katalina: H-hold on! What's going on here, Farrah? You're like a woman possessed!
Farrah: I was just bored, is all...
Farrah: N-not that taking care of you is just a way to kill time!
Farrah: But what's with this island? It's too peaceful! The people are too relaxed!
Farrah: Gah! All this easy island living... I'll be rusted solid in a week!
Katalina: Even so, emergencies can arise even in a place like this. You'd better save your energy just in case.
Katalina: Not to mention you've been working all morning. You've done enough chores for the day. How about a break?
Farrah: What? We're stopping already?
Vyrn: Yeah! You need a day off from taking care of everyone!
Vyrn: Am I right or am I right, (Captain)?
  1. I'm with Katalina.
  2. Yeah, Vyrn will handle dinner tonight.

Choose: Yeah, Vyrn will handle dinner tonight.
Vyrn: What! I will?
Vyrn: Hmm... I guess it's better than letting Katalina do it...
Choose: I'm with Katalina.
Farrah: I see... If you say so...
Vyrn: Yeah! We've got this! So you just get on with the relaxin'!
Farrah resigns herself to a disturbingly relaxing day.
Farrah: ...
Katalina: What's wrong, Farrah? You look a bit out of it...
Farrah: I give up... What the heck am I s'posed to do with all this free time?
Vyrn: You've finally got a day off—why don't you go somewhere?
Farrah: That's the thing... I can't think of anywhere.
Vyrn: Sounds like she needs a tour guide, Katalina!
Katalina: Me? Not that I mind... But where would we go?
Vyrn: Don't sweat the details—just go where the wind takes ya! The important thing is that you both get off this ship!
Katalina: So, erm... Here we are in the town market...
Farrah: Hehe! This is the first time you and I have been out together!
Katalina: You're right... We never got the chance when we were in the army.
Merchant 1: Oh! You, there! Noble knight! Lay your eyes upon the finest swords you will ever see!
Katalina: This blade has quite a rare inscription...
Merchant 2: Fresh sweet potatoes for the young miss! One taste and none other will do!
Farrah: Oooh! We used to have these all the time back home! I never thought I'd see them again!
Katalina: Wow... How exactly are you supposed to prepare them?
Farrah: I liked mine in a nice, hot soup... but you can steam 'em, too!
Katalina: I see... I'll be sure to keep that in mind...
Woman's Voice: Aaaah!
Katalina: Rrgh!
Farrah: It came from over there!
Scoundrel 1: Wahaha! Get 'em! Nothin' but a buncha yellowbellies!
Scoundrel 2: Ahaha! It's a simple deal! Your lives for your valuables!
Merchant 3: Some strangers are attacking people! Please, help!
Katalina: Hold it right there! What do you think you're doing?
Farrah: Miss Katalina and I will put a stop to your little crime spree!
Scoundrel 1: What? This doesn't concern you!
Scoundrel 2: Hah! Big words from a twig and a fun-sized knight! Get 'em, bro!
Scoundrel 1: Meep!
Scoundrel 2: Forgive us!
Katalina: Have you had enough? The next time you pull something like this, you won't get off so lightly!
Scoundrel 1: Eek!
Farrah: You're the best, Miss Katalina! Those thugs didn't stand a chance!
Merchant 1: Wow! It sure is handy to have a knight or two around!
Merchant 2: Thanks a million! You really saved our bacon!
Vyrn: So? How was your day out with Katalina?
Farrah: It was the best! We took on some no-goods who were causing trouble in the market!
Farrah: Hehe. And look at this! We have these sweet potatoes back home too! One of the merchants gave 'em to us as a reward!
Katalina: Haha. Sounds like we'll be enjoying some of Farrah's local cuisine for dinner tonight.
Vyrn: Hrm... You beat up some ne'er-do-wells and got us ingredients for dinner...
Vyrn: Hey! That's no different from what you always do!
Katalina: Ack. That's right, we were supposed to take the day off, weren't we?
Vyrn: Geez... This is why you guys can't have nice things...
Farrah: Hehe! I was happy just getting to spend time with Miss Katalina!
Katalina: Yes, I enjoyed spending some quality time together too.
The Grandcypher takes to the skies once again.
More than vacation time or even sweet potatoes, the time these two knights spent together this day will replenish and sustain them on the adventures to come.

Lyria's Birthday

The party was busy arranging a surprise party for Lyria. The biggest surprise of all was that she didn’t even know it was her birthday. Vyrn stayed behind on the ship while Katalina and the others left early in the morning to find a nice present. Not seeing her made Lyria more an a bit uneasy. Once Katalina had returned, they all shared a nice dinner together. Lyria grinned from ear to ear. Friendship really was the best seasoning.

Rackam: Lyria’s still out like a light...
Vyrn: Sigh... well. It’s still pretty early. I don’t think she’s gonna be up for a while.
Rackam: Alrighty, then... Vyrn, (Captain). Hold down the fort while we’re out.
Io: What fort... just keep an eye on Lyria, ‘kay?
Vyrn: Leave it to us! Right, (Captain)!
Katalina: Hey... uh, (Captain)? Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I could stay...
Io: Oh, jeez! What the heck does that mean?! This was your idea in the first place!
Katalina: Yeah... it is quite a bit...
The sun rose on the Grandcypher.
Rackam, Io, and Katalina had gone out, leaving Vyrn and (Captain) behind.
Io: Hey! How about we get going before Lyria wakes up!
Katalina: I-I’m just saying... we don’t HAVE to give her a surprise party. Maybe we could?
Rackam: Aw, rubbish. A nice surprise is half of the fun!
Rackam: And it’s not like we actually know if her birthday’s today, right?
Katalina: Yeah... I can’t say I know much about where she came from.
Katalina: It’s just... it’s so sad...
Katalina: Today’s the day Lyria and I met.
Katalina: She was so different back then... although she might not remember.
Io: But that makes it perfect! And since she doesn’t have a birthday, we can make today her special day!
Rackam: Yeah! So let’s get moving and get the girl a present.
Katalina: But... it’s like we’re tricking her. I don’t think we need to do all this...
Katalina: And we’re together every day... I think she’ll be worried if I’m not here...
Rackam: Jeez... sometimes you gotta leave the nest, Katalina.
Katalina: Nest?! What nest?! I have no idea what you?
Katalina: Wait a minute! Are you saying I look old enough to be Lyria’s mom?!
Io: Aaaanyway! It’ll be fine! Vyrn can stay back on the ship! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Exactly! Me and (Captain)’ll be here to keep an eye on things!
Io: Hey! So we won’t have to worry even if the Empire comes sniffing around...
Io: And besides... you’ve spent the most time with her, right?
Io: How the heck are we supposed to pick out a present without you?
Katalina: Well... yeah, you do have a point...
Rackam: Then there we go! We’re counting on you, (Captain)!
Rackam: We’ll be back as soon as we can manage it. Just make sure to keep everything hush-hush!
Lyria: Yawn... ahh. Good morning, Vyrn. Good morning, (Captain).
Lyria: ... hm? Is it just me, or is it a bit quiet?
  1. Late sleepers, eh?
  2. You just missed them...

Choose: Late sleepers, eh?
Lyria: Oh... then I’ll just go and wake up Katalina!
Vyrn: Whoa! W-wait! Don’t do that! They just went out for a bit...
Lyria: Wha...

Choose: You just missed them...
Vyrn: Wha?! Why the hell did you just blurt it out?!
Lyria: Did everybody go out?
Lyria: Hm? But we already did the shopping yesterday...
Vyrn: No, uh... y’see... they had some stuff... business stuff they needed to do. Yeah, that sounds about right!
Lyria: Wait... really?
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Vyrn: Anyway! They’ll be back in a jiff! You don’t need to look all worried!
Lyria: Okay...
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Erm... are you going out too, (Captain)?
  1. Sure am.
  2. No way.

Choose: Sure am.
Lyria: ... oh.
Vyrn: Hey! What the hell’re you talking about?! We’re supposed to stay here, dummy!
Vyrn: It’s fine, Lyria! (Captain)’s not going anywhere! Right?! I said RIGHT, (Captain)?!

Choose: No way.
Lyria: Oh...
Vyrn: Yeah! Me and (Captain) here decided to stay back!
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Lyria: That’s a relief... I don’t know what I’d do if you guys weren’t here...
Lyria: Sigh... so everyone else is gone. I hope they come back soon...
Vyrn: ...
Just them...
Io: Ah! Look, look! That would be pretty good, don’t you think?
Rackam: Hey! Quit running around! Don’t expect us to come find you if you get lost!
Io: No one asked you! And it’s not like I’m going to get lost, anyway!
Io: Hey, Katalina! You think Lyria would like this?
Katalina: ... what? Oh... yeah. Maybe...
Rackam: Sigh... dagnabbit. Katalina here’s too worried about Lyria to even pay attention...
Io: Hey! Snap out of it, Katalina!
Io: You know how strong (Captain) is, don’t you? She’ll be fiiine!
Io: And we’re not that far from the Grandcypher in the first place...
Katalina: Ah... yeah. You’re right. They’re okay... definitely.
Io: Sigh... she’s sick, I swear. You can’t even function if Lyria’s not around!
Io: Fine, then. We’ll find a present ourselves!
Io: Oh! Look! How about that shop? Let’s take a look! Right, Lyr?
Rackam: For the love of... hey, pot? I’d like you to meet kettle...
Io: Grr...
Rackam: Let’s just find a present and get back to the Grandcypher...
Rackam: I got the weirdest feeling that something’s gone wrong!
Rackam: Whew... how’d we end up getting so much stuff...
Io: Hrm... I think she’ll like it. But maybe we should’ve picked something else...
Vyrn: Oh! Look who the cat dragged in!
Katalina: Lyria! Sorry for being out all day... did you behave yourself?
Lyria: ... snff.
Katalina: Lyria?
Lyria: Hic... snff... K-Katalina...
Katalina: Lyria?! What did you do?!
Vyrn: I, uh... I don’t know...
Vyrn: She hadn’t seen you since morning. Looks like she went and worked herself into a funk...
Lyria: Hic... a-a-and... snff... you d-didn’t e-even t-tell me... waaah...
Lyria: I-I was... snff... worried sick! I k-kept thinking, snff... wh-what if I n-never saw you again!
Katalina: I understand... I’m sorry, Lyria. I should’ve known better...
Lyria: Mmhmm... snff... b-but you came b-back...
Katalina: I did... and I’m not going anywhere ever again. So don’t you worry... you’re safe.
Katalina reached out to stroke the sobbing girl’s hair.
Rackam: Well, now... this isn’t exactly the kind of surprise I had in mind...
Io: Yeah... I kind of feel bad now...
The party sat Lyria down to explain exactly what they’d been planning.
Lyria: Waught!
Io: And you know what? We just couldn’t pick one out...
Io: Like, we weren’t sure what Lyria would like best...
Rackam: I dunno if I’d give a young lady food as a birthday present... seems kinda bland...
In the end, they brought back a veritable mountain of sweets and snacks.
Lyria: I’m so happy! Wow... these all look so good!
Rackam: Haha... guess a bland gift’s not so bad if it’s tasty.
At Lyria’s request, they spread the food out and began to eat.
Lyria: Nom... hehe.
Io: Hey, Lyria! Did’ja try this one yet?
Rackam: Hey, dagnabbit! I was gonna eat that...
Io: What, you’re going to eat all of them yourself? Oh! Lyria! What about this one? It’s absolutely delish!
Vyrn: Oh, damn! We gotta get another one of these apple tarts! Am I right or am I right?!
Katalina: Hehe. Yeah. The bakery’s a little ways away from town. It shouldn’t take too long to get there from here.
Lyria: Heehee... hey, Katalina.
Katalina: Hmm? What?
Lyria: Hehe. It’s just... food always taste so much better when I eat it with you guys.
Katalina: You’re right... definitely. Hehe. There’s nothing better than having everyone together.
They say in a happy circle under a night sky blazing with stars.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
美しい剣だろう?ルカルサと言うんだ Such a beautiful sword, isn't it? It's called Rukalsa.
モフモフとはいえ魔物は斬らねば…! Monsters must be dealt with, no matter... how adorable...
悪く思うな…私も譲れないんだ Don't take it personally, but I can't afford to yield here.
ヒッ!!む、虫が…!! Eep! A bug!
喜ぶルリアを見ると幸せな気持ちになるよ Seeing Lyria happy fills me with joy.
ルリアは必ず守ってみせる! I'll do whatever it takes to protect Lyria!
道に迷っては…ないよな、うん I'm not... lost here, am I?
困ったな…この地図はどう読むんだ? Hmm, how does this map work?
(主人公)、ルリアを頼むよ (Captain), please make sure Lyria's okay.
(主人公)はルリアと仲が良いな (Captain) and Lyria get along so well.

Other Appearances


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Cannot receive more than 3 damage at a time.

The day I freed Lyria... That's when I vowed to protect her with everything I have.


(Same as the unevolved form.)

It was a mistake to ally myself with the empire... You can throw whatever you like at me, but I won't let you lay a finger on Lyria!

Class Neutral
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Katalina, Sky Guardian
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

Katalina appears as a main character in Season 1 and Season 2 of Granblue Fantasy The Animation.


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