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Official Profile

Age 27 (as of Npc s 3040279000 01.jpg Percival (Light))
28 (as of Npc s 3040425000 01.jpg Percival (Grand) As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 180 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Searching for capable vassals
Likes The rule of right, people with good disposition
Dislikes The rule of might, people without good disposition

Final Uncap
Percival is the third of three brothers born into an aristocratic family. Originally, he served as deputy commander of the Order of the Black Dragons in the Kingdom of Feendrache, but left due to certain circumstances. Since then, he went on a journey to study abroad in order to learn how to build an ideal nation. Percival is unaware of it himself but the inability to stop himself from helping those in need is a part of his nature. It is a habit of his to make up a reason to help others, and he believes that reaching out to the weak is a natural reaction for a person of noble standing. He is curt to others and serious to those he acknowledges.

Character Release
Percival is the third of three brothers born into an aristocratic family. Originally, he served as deputy commander of the Order of the Black Dragons in the Kingdom of Feendrache, but left due to certain circumstances. Since then, he went on a journey to study abroad in order to learn how to build an ideal nation. Percival is unaware of it himself but the inability to stop himself from helping those in need is a part of his nature. It is a habit of his to make up a reason to help others, and he believes that reaching out to the weak is a natural reaction for a person of noble standing. He is curt to others and serious to those he acknowledges.

Character Release
Percival is the third of three brothers born into an aristocratic family. Originally, he served as deputy commander of the Order of the Black Dragons in the Kingdom of Feendrache, but left due to certain circumstances. Since then, he went on a journey to study abroad in order to learn how to build an ideal nation. Percival is unaware of it himself but the inability to stop himself from helping those in need is a part of his nature. It is a habit of his to make up a reason to help others, and he believes that reaching out to the weak is a natural reaction for a person of noble standing. He is curt to others and serious to those he acknowledges.

Character Release

Character Release


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Age 27歳 (as of Npc s 3040279000 01.jpg Percival (Light))
28歳 (as of Npc s 3040425000 01.jpg Percival (Grand) As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 180cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 有能な家臣を探すこと
Likes 王道、心根が善なる者
Dislikes 覇道、心根が悪なる者

Final Uncap

Character Release


Character Release


Character Release

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


Percival was born to Herzeloyde and Ghamuret, both aristocrats of the House of Wales, along with two older brothers, Aglovale and Lamorak. Sharing a healthy competition with his brothers and having loving parents made for a happy childhood. It was from Herzeloyde that Percival learned to be kind and offer help to those in need.

At some point, a war broke out between two countries neighboring Percival’s home. Refugees came to Wales and the noble family offered them as much help as possible. Soon, the war worsened and trouble spilt into areas of Wales. During this time, Percival, his brothers, and his mother were travelling in a carriage when it was attacked by a pair that had been some of the refugees they had aided. His mother was killed when the carriage was flipped on its side, asking Percival to not hold grudges with the last of her strength. Her parting words were that she loved Percival and his brothers.

Years later, Aglovale inherited lordship of Wales and Lamorak became a talented wandering sorcerer, leaving Percival to follow an ancient custom of his House. Percival traveled to the Kingdom of Feendrache to become a knight. He eventually took the rank of co-deputy commander alongside his rival, Lancelot, under their leader, Siegfried.

Then, the King was murdered and the culprit was believed to be Siegfried. When his once trusted commander fled, Percival struggled with his beliefs. Though he did stay to see his order of knights reformed, Percival left once Lancelot was promoted to commander. The now former knight began to travel, learning about how a country should be run. He does so in the hope of creating his own, where even the most vulnerable people can live in peace and prosperity.




  • The ability names of this version of Percival also are in German.
    • "Zerreissen", or Zerreißen, means "ripping" or "to rip".
    • "Gluehen", or Glühen, means "glow" or "to glow".
    • "Faszination" is also German, yet the meaning stays the same.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
Becoming one year older brings you one step closer to being an old timer
For us, there's no such thing as too early for fulfilling our dreams. Let's continue onwards together, (Captain).
What? Of course i want to celebrate with you as well. But I haven't got you a present or anything...
Huh? You want me to sing you a birthday song instead? As if I could do that!
Humph. Well... I guess i could, seeing as it's your birthday. Don't you dare laugh at me!
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear (Captain),
happy birthday to you!
Right, that's enough of that, surely! Now, get out of here!


Happy birthday. Why do you look so surprised? I never make the same mistake , you know.
I know everything my vassal likes. I got tickets to the concert you wanted to see, and even made a reservation for that restaurant you wanted to try.
Humph... You 're so happy you're blushing. Shall we go?
Wait, let me check you forehead... You've got a fever!
Sorry, but today's plans are canceled. No whining. Go to bed. Besides, I can rent out the restaurant anytime i want.
Let's see, I'll make you something good to eat to make up for it. It won't taste as good, but I'll suffer no complaints.
There's no making up for the concert? Well, how about I sing you a birthday song? Hey you gagged on purpose!


Happy birthday. This is a bit sudden, but come with me.
Hm? Well, the reservations for the restaurant and concert have already been booked. You weren't able to go on your birthday last year, as I recall.
What? You also made plans to hunt monsters for a mission today?
Hmm... Very well. Take me with you, and we'll clear this mission in no time.
Those reservations I made are for two, and I'm not about to wine and dine by myself.
Come. Let's be off.

Monsters turn to ash by the blade of the Lord of Flames. It doesn't take long for the mission to be completed.
And finally the sun sets.

Looks like we made it before the restaurant closed.
It's a fair bit later than I expected...
But this nighttime view is actually quite stunning.
Once again, happy birthday, (Captain). May tonight delight you to your heart's content.


Happy birthday, (Captain). This makes the fourth time we've celebrated your birthday together.
I knew you were something special from the moment I met you, and to this day I still feel the same way.
I can tell how much you treasure your crew by the lengths you're willing to go to protect them.
As a leader myself, I've been inspired by you countless times.
You're my vassal and trusted attendant, so I hope you'll continue to hold that attitude.
Hm? You don't often hear me praise your ability as a captain?
It goes without saying that you're a fine vassal, but your skill as a captain is no less worthy of praise. You deserve to hear it straight-out.
Once again, happy birthday, (Captain). I look forward to seeing your continued growth and further achievements in the years to come.
Here's to your future, (Captain). Cheers.


Heh... Take a look outside. The water birds gathering at the lake are exquisite.
This restaurant is famous not only for the food, but also for the magnificent view from its windows. It's one of my favorite places.
Celebrating your birthday half-heartedly would only taint my reputation as the Lord of Flames, after all.
But once I've built up my country and become a great ruler...
I will have the entire country celebrating your birthday in grand style.
Heh. Why do you look so embarrassed?
Stand tall and just let everyone offer you their blessings. You deserve at least that much.
Well then, it seems we're ready to have a toast.
Happy birthday, (Captain). I wish you the very best in a new chapter of your life. Cheers.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
I am still short on vassals... (Captain), will you still accompany me on my journey to find more?


I'm very grateful for everything you've done for me this past year. It's hard to believe so much time has passed since we first met.
We've battled fierce foes, but you've stayed by my side through thick and thin.
You believe in me and trust me with your life. And for that I'm deeply grateful.
So can I depend on you to serve by my side again this year?
Heh... I'm counting on you, Captain.


Look, the sun peeks over the horizon. What a sight to behold.
Having perfect weather to see the first sunrise is the sign of a good start to the new year.
You really looked out for me last year and met my every expectation, (Captain).
It's thanks to reliable people like you that I can continue to build what I deem to be an ideal kingdom.
I hope this year will be no different. Will you continue on at my side?
Heh. That's what I like to hear.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm delighted to be able to greet another year with you by my side.
Feendrache wasn't built in a day. I intend to spend this year seeking to determine what makes an ideal kingdom.
Hm? You think I ought to go into town with you?
I see. By taking part in the New Year's festivities, I can broaden my views on the people and culture of the town itself.
In that case, give me a moment to change into appropriate attire for New Year's.


Happy New Year. This year, I'm planning to continue broadening my knowledge in order to someday build the country that I envision.
So I'll be heading out to watch and learn the New Year's customs and traditions of this island.
I've already done the necessary investigations and put together an optimal schedule for enjoying the start of a new year. Here are my plans for the day.
No need to worry. I made sure to reserve some time for us to rest at a tea house.
After all, it'd be a waste if you were too tired and didn't have the energy to focus on our observations.
The slower we are, the harder it'll be to go around. We should hurry and finish with the preparations.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

So today is Valentine's... Too bad I don't care for chocolate.
Wait. Stop! Don't look at me like that. Fine, I'll take yours... But only this once, okay?


Who is it? Oh, it's you, Captain. What are you doing visiting me so early? You wanted to be the first to give me chocolate?
Humph. You'll freeze out there. Now come inside. I'll get you something warm to drink.
Hm? You made it a little less sweet this year? I suppose I can reward your effort. I'll let you try my special tea.
Now we'll just wait for the water to boil. While we wait, how about we ask each other questions to get to know each other better?
What's wrong? It's all in good fun. Ahem, I'll go first...


Are you ready? Then let us begin our inspection of the town.
Hm, I see that you're shivering, (Captain). It's because you're going out into the cold so lightly dressed.
You just bought thost clothes? Humph. You should dress appropriately to suit your surroundings. It won't do to have you catch a cold in that.
I'm going to heat things up a bit. Stand back.
Cupping the tip of his sword in his hand, Percival produces a crimson flame.
Good. It appears your shivers have stopped.
Hm? Are you giving me a Valentine's Day gift? Then I'll accept it with sincerest appreciation.
I'd rather not have the heat melt these chocolates and ruin the taste. I shall consume them with haste.


It's gotten quite late... (Captain) wanted to meet with me, but I'm sure the captain has already left by now.
Urgent business or not, it grieves me that I couldn't keep my promise. I'll have to apologize to the captain tomorrow.
Hm... Who is that standing outside my room? Oh, why if it isn't (Captain)!
Valentine's chocolates? Were you waiting here all this time just to give them to me?
Humph... How foolish. It's freezing out here. Hurry up and come inside.
I'll fix you something warm to drink. I can't have you catching a cold because of me.
Oh, I forgot to show my appreciation for your thoughtful gift. Thank you for the chocolates. I'll try one now.


There you are... It's cold outside, so hurry up and come inside the house.
Perfect timing—I just made some tea. This should warm you up.
Hm? I see... So you really did come to deliver this box of chocolates.
Your faithfulness in delivering a gift to me every single year has earned my respect. I gladly accept it.
Well then. Since you've come all this way, stay for as long as you like.
They're all to my tastes, but there are plenty of books and plays available for you to read, or board games if that's what you want.
Rest assured. I've reserved the entire day for you, so there shouldn't be any setbacks like last year.
Now, tell me what you'd like to do.

White Day Cutscenes
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I don't know why you look so surprised.
I did say I'm not one for sweets, but that doesn't make me some ungrateful monster. Here, take this.
Your dissatisfied face says it all. You're accusing me of giving you the same thing I gave everyone else, aren't you?
Don't be ridiculous. You've always been there for me, (Captain). For the last time, your present is more special than the others.


After completing a mission, (Captain) and the crew are finishing up a meeting on the deck of the airship.

Good job today, everyone. I'm sure you're all exhausted, so be sure to get some sleep.
By the way, (Captain), do you have a minute?
It's not much, but I just wanted to express my thanks to you with this gift. And don't worry. This year I had something specially made for you.
Hm? What's with that face?
Wait! Why are you leaving? I command you to tell me why!
I see. You make a valid point. It might seem like favoritism to give you something special so publicly.
If that's the case, it's fine now, right?
It's just the two of us. Go ahead, take it.


Are you there, (Captain)? I came to talk to you about White Day.
Hm? Your arm is wrapped in bandages... Did you get hurt?
So you were injured by a monster that snuck aboard? Make sure you get enough rest to heal properly.
As for the matter of why I came here, I have a present to give to you.
Ah, but you won't be able to open it with only one good hand. I'll do the honors.
It's fine. All would be lost if you dropped it and ruined what's inside.
Here. Have a taste.
Delicious? Of course they are. It's a collection of superior pieces handpicked by myself.
Still, it's quite rare that I would be the one to be taking care of you, (Captain).
You have no confidence in your non-dominant hand? Are you really that clumsy with it?


There you are, (Captain). I heard you were out on a mission, and from the looks of things it was a success.
No, I wasn't waiting. I was simply on patrol making sure my vassals were fulfilling their duties, and I lost track of time.
And besides, if anything were to happen while you were away, it would bring dishonor upon the name of the Lord of Flame.
Now then, I've droned on long enough...
Today is White Day, correct? Here's a thank-you for the sweets you gave me the other day. Please enjoy them.
And splendid work on that mission. Your diligence benefits each and every one of us, so you deserve a heartfelt reward.


Thanks for taking out the time for me today.
I'm sure you're already aware, but I've come to return the favor from the other day.
Here. Take this.
Needless to say, I had these sweets specially made for you.
By the way, (Captain)—do you happen to have some time now?
I thought it would be rather dull if I just gave you the sweets, so I prepared tickets to a concert. If you're free, I'd like us to go see it together.
Heh... I see. Then I'll wait here while you get ready.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat? I think I'll pass on both. Um... What does that look mean?
Hold on... You can't force me to wear a costume! Hey, quit it! This is embarrassing!
All right, all right! I'll wear the ears, but that's it! You have to compromise with me here!


It seems Halloween's come around again... What are these ears doing on my desk?
Hm? Oh, Captain, your timing's perfect. I hate to tell you this, but I only promised to wear these ears last year. As for this year--
Hey... What are you hiding in your hand?
What? You've got to be kidding! There's no way I'm going for this!
Making that face and shaking your tail won't work! Wait! Don't call the kiddies in here! That's not fair!


Hmm... Nothing peculiar placed on my desk this year...
I've been on edge since it's Halloween, but tonight has passed with nary a peep.
Tch... Again with those fake ears and tail. If you've got something to say to me, then just say it!
Argh! Stop scratching my armor with those claws!
You want me to put them on again? What exactly are you scheming against me this year!
Ugh... Fine. I'll wear them. Just this once...
But don't get any wrong ideas. I just couldn't bear the sound of that scratching anymore.


Humph... I see you've brought yet another new costume piece.
Every year you show up with fake ears, a fake tail, and paw gloves. It's practically a Halloween tradition at this point.
But this year is different. I refuse to let you talk me into wearing them! Year after year I tell you "just this once", but you never listen!
Just kidding. Come on now, hand over those fangs.
Heh. Surprised? A good sense of humor is vital to a proper ruler.
Now you want me to... howl?
Stop that! I don't need to hear an example!
Actually, hold on, (Captain). You call that a howl?
What's the point of the costume if you can't even produce a proper howl? I'll show you how it's done.
Awooooo... Awooooooo... Awooo!
Ngh... How did I end up playing along!
Hey, don't call the kiddies in here!


Heh... I see you've come to make me wear another one of your eccentric costumes.
You certainly don't know your place even in front of your future king, do you?
Stop wasting time and just hand over the costume. I wouldn't want any kids crying because I refused to put it on.
What? This year it's not a costume but a tricks tournament?
Wait, I didn't agree to joining anything of the sort!
Stop shooting that water gun! You're going to get my armor wet!
Fine, I'll drop by the tournament after. So stop aiming the water gun at my hair!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, the holiday season. As a child, my siblings and I would celebrate together. I remember those times well.
My word! I haven't seen this many people celebrating since my days with the order.
I suppose it doesn't hurt to enjoy yourself every once in a while, though.


Hm, have I caught a cold? Maybe I'll skip the festivities tonight and have a quiet evening to myself.
Oh, is that you, Captain? What is it? It's not good to be alone? Wait! Don't come any closer!
No! I mean, you'll catch my cold! Just listen to me!
Hm? You'll stay and take care of me?
But you promised to go see the night sky with everyone. I'll be fine, so hurry up and go.
You're pretty stubborn, you know that? Fine, you can stay, but when I'm better, I'll show you a night sky like you've never seen.


Humph. This has become quite the blizzard.
Everything was in place for a most picturesque night until the capricious whims of nature had to go and spoil it all.
Heh, it's just like you to always be optimistic. If you'd like, we can go out another time.
The weather is unfortunate, but this food is first-rate. Let's enjoy ourselves with this bounty.
What comes to mind on a night like this? Hmm, I guess I could share some memories with you.
There was a snowstorm a long time ago, just like the one we're having tonight. Mother read a story to me and my brothers.
We were so absorbed in the story that we threw tantrums and pestered Mother to continue...
Heh... What a thing to remember. Now I'd like to hear one of your memories.


Enjoying five-star cuisine created by a top-ranking chef, all while surveying the breathtaking night view outside... I can't think of a better way to spend the holidays.
Oh, a shooting star. I just caught a glimpse of one by that mountain over yonder.
Heh. Put my hands together and make a wish, you say? Very well. I suppose it wouldn't hurt.
I wish that I would continue to meet suitable vassals.
What's that? You spotted another shooting star? And you want me to make another wish? Well, if you insist.
I wish that all skydwellers would be able to spend the holidays with those dear to them.
You think the scale of my wish is too large? But that's exactly what wishes are for—the grander, the better.
I've already been blessed with precious vassals such as yourself, so I thought it only right to wish for the happiness of others.
By the way—what was your wish, (Captain)? Care to share it with me?


It was supposed to be the perfect holy night with us enjoying a scrumptious dinner cooked by a top-rate chef, over a beautiful view of the snow-laden town...
If only I didn't make a mistake in the arrangements for our carriage ride home.
I had arranged for someone I know to come, but it's my fault for neglecting to make the final confirmations. I apologize.
Hm? What are you doing, gathering all that snow?
Oho, I see. A tiny snowman, huh? Clever of you to use leaves to recreate my hairstyle.
I suppose I'll give it a try too.
Percival swiftly makes a figure out of snow. He trims a leaf into the shape of Vyrn and puts it on the figure's shoulder.
Hmph... How's that?
Since we're waiting for the carriage to arrive, I guess we might as well make the rest of the crew too.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Leisurely Lord of Flames

Percival and the crew help a little girl find her parents and resolve other resort side predicaments that pop up along the way. Later, (Captain) teases Percival about mumbling in his sleep, forcing him to admit aloud what he'd only been voicing in his dreams.

With some recreation and relaxation long overdue, (Captain) and crew arrive at the Venera Beach resort area in Auguste.
Earlier, (Captain) had gone to Percival's room to invite him to the beach.
Percival: Humph. I don't mind in the least if my vassals wish to let loose a little.
Percival: However, I've no time for dilly-dallying around a beach.
Vyrn: Boy, I should've guessed you'd be a party pooper.
Lyria: Hm, I wonder if we can convince him to come somehow.
With arms folded, (Captain) tries giving Percival a serious guilt trip.
  1. Everyone needs a vacation!
  2. You've gotta experience things!
  3. We can recruit some vassals!
  4. We might run into some goons!

Choose: Everyone needs a vacation!
Percival: A vacation? But I'm neither tired nor stressed!
Vyrn: Knowing how often you get worked up, are you sure about that?
Lyria: As your vassal, I'm worried about your health!
Percival: Hm, it's difficult to refuse now considering your concern.
Percival: Fine. I'll go along with you, but only to survey the beach.

Choose: You've gotta experience things!
Vyrn: Seeing all sorts of things'll come in handy when you build your country!
Percival: Hm, it would seem my vassals have a point.
Percival: The people of my nation shall be fluent in arts and entertainment. And I must learn more to set an example.
Lyria: You said it! And we'd be thrilled if you'd come with us to the beach!
Percival: Fine. I'll go along with you, but only to survey the beach.

Choose: We can recruit some vassals!
Vyrn: Yep! You'll need some good vassals to help build your country!
Percival: But I doubt we'll find talent like (Captain).
Lyria: We won't know till we try! Please give us a chance to find new vassals to join you!
Percival: New vassals, eh? You've got a point. I can't keep working the three of you forever.
Percival: Fine. I'll go along with you, but only to survey the beach.

Choose: We might run into some goons!
Percival: Hm... Wait, what'd you say?
Vyrn: Ah, well it's a crowded beach, you know. There's bound to be some trouble.
Percival: You mean the resort is unsafe?
Lyria: I'm sure it's safe! Most of the time...
Vyrn: Still, we could sure use Percival at a time like this.
Lyria: It'd be a lot less dangerous.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria nod and wink knowingly at each other.
Percival: Hm, although I wouldn't normally be worried, what with (Captain)'s fighting skills...
Percival: Fine. I'll go along with you, but only to survey the beach.
Continue 1
Vyrn: (Oh boy, it took him long enough!)
Lyria: (Yep! But we did it, (Captain).)
Percival: Hm? What are you mumbling about? I'm off to prepare. Be sure to lead the way afterward!
And so, (Captain) and the crew head straight to Auguste.
The crew waits for Percival at Sierokarte's beach house.
Vyrn: Hey, what's taking him so long?
Lyria: He's pretty late. Should I go back and check the airship?
Percival's Voice: Sorry for the wait.
Percival's slick summer style leaves the gang speechless.
Vyrn: He's gone all out for this!
Percival: Well, it's the most suitable attire for the beach.
Lyria: Ha-ha! It's great! So let's get going!
(Captain) and the gang shout and romp along the shore.
But Percival reclines in a beach chair in the shade and begins to read.
Vyrn: Hey, I thought you'd be hanging with us!
Lyria: Sorry, but can I ask what you're reading?
Percival: Hm? It's a book I need to read before surveying this area.
Percival: I started reading it on the way here, so I'm just finishing it up.
Recognizing a lost cause, (Captain) leaves Percival alone with his book.
After some time, the gang heads back to the beach house when they hear a young girl crying.
Percival: If this keeps up, I'll never get this reading done.
Everyone rushes over to the girl, but Percival reaches her first.
Percival: Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?
Little Girl: Waaah!
Percival: Hold on. Just calm down a second. Are you lost?
Little Girl: Waah!
(Captain) can't bear the sight of a crying child and tries to calm the little girl who sobs between words.
Percival: ...
Little Girl: I can't... find my... papa... and mama...
The girl seems to have lost sight of her parents on the busy beach.
Percival: I've assessed the situation. We just need to find your parents, right?
Little Girl: Y-yeah.
Percival: (Captain), you stay and watch her.
Vyrn: Wait! You're gonna look all by yourself?
Percival: Of course. They'll be easy to find since they're surely searching for their kid.
Percival: I don't know what they look like, but I'm sure I can spot them.
Percival: Besides, it'll be smarter to keep her here while I search.
Percival turns to leave, but the little girl tugs on his shirt.
Percival: What is it? What's wrong now?
Little Girl: I wanna... go with you.
Gazing up at Percival, the little girl tries her best to muster up a determined face.
Percival: Fine. But if she's coming, then you're all coming along.
Lyria: Of course! We'll help you find them!
Vyrn: Yeah! You'll be back to your book in no time!
Percival: Humph, it doesn't matter. I'll just begin my surveying ahead of time.
Now, my vassals, let's go!
With some clues from the little girl, (Captain) and the crew begin searching the tourist-flooded coast.
Percival: This place is more packed than I imagined. Stay close, my vassals, and don't get lost!
Lyria: Yes sir! We won't lose you! You stand out too much!
With the little girl in tow, Percival leads the way through the crowd. Suddenly, they hear people screaming.
Percival: What is it now?
The crew hurries toward the no-swimming area of the beach to find a young man on the verge of drowning.
Percival: Tch, if we don't do something about this, I'll feel guilty later.
Percival: (Captain), find a life preserver! Vyrn and Lyria! Find a lifeguard! And don't do anything rash!
Percival dives into the water without missing a beat. In perfect form, he swims to the young man.
Young Man: Help! Help me!
Percival: Sorry, but I'll need you to be still.
Knowledgable about water rescue, Percival secures the man onto his back and begins swimming toward the shore.
Percival: Nghh.
This is getting tough.
Just then, (Captain) appears and throws a life preserver into the water.
Vyrn and Lyria return just in time with a lifeguard.
Percival: Ha. I knew I could count on my vassals.
Having survived the ordeal, the young man thanks the crew.
Young Man: Thank you so much for rescuing me.
Percival: Can't you read the signs here? They say no swimming.
Young Man: S-sorry...
Percival: Humph. Don't waste the precious life you've been given. Be more careful.
Young Man: I will! I don't know how to repay you.
Percival: That's unnecessary. Just promise to save someone else in the future.
Young Man: Yes sir! You have my word!
The young man stares in awe as Percival strides away gallantly into the sun.
Young Man: (I forgot to ask his name...)
The crew sets off again to find the missing couple when they hear a shouting match nearby.
Percival: Gimme a break. Just one after another.
(Captain), look after the girl!
Vyrn: Ah, he's always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.
Lyria: Ha-ha! Even on vacation, there's no changing Percival.
Little Girl: Percival?
Lyria: Yep! He looks a little scary at first, but he's really a nice guy!
Little Girl: Yeah.
The crew decides to catch up to Percival. They run toward the shouting to find a ruffian and an old man arguing before a food stall.
The ruffian grabs the old man by the arm as a crowd looks on.
Percival: Wait. Tell me what's going on here.
Ruffian: Huh? Who are you?
Old Man: Oh thank goodness! Hurry and get this bully away from me!
Percival: Enough already. Just tell me what's going on.
Percival's authoritative tone compels the two men to calm down enough to speak.
Both men claim to have paid the rental fee for the stall, and that the other is a liar.
Percival: Hm, I see the problem. But I've no way of proving who's right.
Old Man: What?
Ruffian: Then don't go stickin' your nose in other people's business!
Percival: Now hold on. I do know that one of you is lying.
Percival: Tell me old man—or should I say, not-so-old man? Why are you wearing a disguise?
Old Man: What? What are you talking about?
Percival: Humph, keeping up the act, eh? But something's off about your voice.
With a smirk on his face, Percival swings his sword and sheathes it again in the blink of an eye.
Old Man: Aah!
Percival: Don't worry. I've only stripped you of your lies.
With the elderly disguise shredded, a much younger man is revealed.
Con Man: Curses!
Percival: Don't be a sore loser.
The con man tries to escape, but (Captain) grabs hold of him with ease.
Percival: Nothing gets past you, (Captain)!
Ruffian: Just who are you people anyway?
I'll go get Siero, so keep an eye on this guy, will ya?
When Sierokarte comes over, it's discovered that the con man had never requested a stall rental.
Patrolmen arrive and upon further investigation, it's revealed that the con man has been recently thieving in the area disguised as an elderly man.
A throng of people gathers around the crew, whose reputation is growing. Percival sees an opportunity.
Percival: Listen up, all of you.
Is there anyone here who's seen this little girl's parents?
Pointing to the girl, Percival canvasses the crowd of tourists.
Island Local: Hm? What little girl? Where?
The girl is too short to be seen. (Captain) suggests putting her on Percival's shoulders.
Percival: Whoa, wait just a minute, (Captain)! What if she starts bawling again?
Unafraid, the girl steps toward Percival.
Little Girl: Percival...
Percival: Fine. Up we go.
Percival sits the little girl on his shoulders, gaining the crowd's attention.
Island Local: Now that you mention it, I saw a couple over by the rocky stretch who said they were looking for a little girl.
Percival: You! Can you lead us there right now?
The crew arrives at the rocky stretch, but there's no sign of anyone.
Vyrn: Hm, looks like there's nobody here.
Lyria: Oh dear, I wonder where they went.
Percival: ...
Little Girl: Papa...
Percival is deep in thought, but suddenly he has an idea.
Percival: Hey, are you a local?
Island Local: Ah, yes. I fish in these waters for a living.
Percival: Is there a place you can't get to by foot because of the incoming tide?
Island Local: Huh? When the tide rises... Oh, yes! There's a cave!
Percival: Then get us a boat immediately and we'll form a search party. There's not a moment to lose!
And so, under Percival's command, (Captain) and the crew begin the search for the little girl's parents.
Percival's hunch is on the mark, and they find her parents in the cave. They'd fled inside to escape the rising tide.
The mother attends the father, who's suffered a leg injury. Both are dehydrated, but their lives are not in danger.
Percival receives much praise and thanks, but he returns to the beach house in a haste.
Percival: Unbelievable. It's been such a hectic day.
Vyrn: Yeah, a lot sure happened today.
Lyria: You said it. We've worn ourselves out.
Percival: Indeed! My vassals have worked hard today. Be sure to rest yourselves.
(Captain) smiles back at Percival, and then gazes at the child on his back.
Lyria: Ha-ha! She's really warmed up to him.
Vyrn: Yep! All she did was cry at first!
The little girl sleeps soundly as she clings to Percival's back.
The crew had agreed to look after her at the beach house while her parents recover at the hospital.
Percival: (Captain), will you take her for me?
(Captain) takes the little girl from Percival and holds her.
Lyria: Percival, you're going to make a great father!
Vyrn: Yeah! You're a natural!
(Captain) and company begin teasing Percival in baby-talk.
Percival: Hey, cut it out with the jokes.
Percival: I'm going to finish reading in my room. All of you should get to sleep.
Vyrn: Sir, yes sir.
I guess we'd better go.
Lyria: (Captain), I'll take care of her for you!
Lyria takes the girl from (Captain) and into her arms.
Lyria: Good night!
Vyrn: See you tomorrow!
(Captain) says good night to the two of them and heads for the kitchen.
After making some warm tea, (Captain) carries it to Percival's room.
Percival: Captain...
(Captain) walks over to Percival.
Percival: After all...
There's no...
Percival, with book still in hand, mumbles softly in his sleep.
Sensing a blanket placed over his shoulders, Percival opens his eyes.
Percival: Hm? Oh, it's you, (Captain).
Percival: Sorry. I must've fallen asleep.
While pouring the tea, (Captain) decides to poke a little fun at Percival.
Percival: What? I was talking about you in my sleep?
(Captain) repeats a bit of Percival's mumbling to see if he remembers.
Percival: Humph. Of course I remember.
Gran is the Main Character

Percival: (Captain), after all's said and done, there's no man more worthy of my covenant than you.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Percival: (Captain), after all's said and done, there's no woman more worthy of my covenant than you.
Percival: I want you to stay by my side.
Percival: Or something like that, is what I meant.
Feeling slightly flustered by such praise from Percival, (Captain) hastily mumbles good night before hurrying out the door.
Percival: Hm, out the door before we had any tea. What was that all about?
Percival tilts his head as he puzzles over (Captain)'s sudden strange behavior.
Percival: It's been a long day today. I'd better call it a night.
And so, Percival's hectic day on the beach comes to an end.
But word spreads of his deeds, and requests for help come pouring in.
In the end, Percival and the crew's relaxing vacation has turned into a working holiday.

Summer's Promise

Percival's peaceful afternoon is interrupted by a group of fishermen with a desperate request. To discover the cause of the fall in abalone, the crew goes out to sea and is attacked by a marmok.

Percival eyes the heaving, stormy sea.
The fishing boat sails forward, stirring up the white waves.
Percival: Humph. You must've been pretty bored to have come along with me on this.
Percival: Hm? What's wrong, (Captain)? You're looking sort of pale.
The boat rolls sharply as it's tossed about by the waves.
It all started several hours before...
Reclining in a beach chair, Percival pores over a book about oceanography.
Percival is spending a splendid afternoon in peace when a drove of fishermen interrupt his solitude.
Local Fisherman: Hey, uh, are you the guy who'll help anybody? Percival the Problem-patcher?
Percival: I don't recall ever having a nickname like that.
Local Fisherman: But you've got the fiery-red hair and everything!
Percival: Yes, yes, I'm Percival. What do you want?
The fishermen explain that the supply of abalone is falling, and hope that Percival will investigate the cause.
Percival: Hm, you mean that high-priced shellfish that's hauled in from the ocean?
Local Fisherman: You've heard of abalone?
Percival: Why yes. I was reading up on it in this oceanography book just now.
Local Fisherman: Then that saves us some time! We're beggin' you! Is there anything you could do to help? We're at our wits end.
Percival meets the looks of desperation with his own look of sincerity.
Percival: Ah well. It's a king's duty to guide troubled citizens after all.
Local Fisherman: You'll help us?
Percival: Yes. But only because I'm interested in some field research.
Local Fisherman: Thank you! The Fisherman's Guild is grateful to you!
Vyrn: Oh boy. Percival's gone and gotten himself into another mess.
Lyria: Then we'll help him out. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) can only sigh and smile at trouble-magnet Percival.
Percival: I can handle this on my own. I agreed to it, so you vassals stay here and relax.
Percival: Now let's go, fishermen. You lead the way.
The boat rocks sharply. (Captain) is thrown off balance but Percival is there to make the save.
Percival: Hey, (Captain). Are you feeling all right?
Percival: If you're seasick, look out at the horizon.
Suddenly, the boat shudders again with a jerk.
Percival: What was that?
Local Fisherman: It's a marmok!
A giant sea creature begins to attack the panicking fishermen on the deck.
Marmok: Groar!
Percival: So this is a marmok? Have we entered its territory without knowing?
Local Fisherman: Marmoks weren't this violent before, but lately they've been attacking fishing boats!
The marmok seems to have targeted (Captain) and the crew and begins to charge toward them.
Percival: Tch, I'll handle this!
Percival: (Captain), you take care of the injured!

Summer's Promise: Scene 2

Percival subdues the marmok and gains its trust. The crew decides to head back to the island to treat the marmok, but giant crabs appear to block their path.

Percival: Haa!
Marmok: Groar!
Percival blocks the rampaging marmok in one clean stroke.
Marmok: Groar!
Percival: Not bad.
With a sly grin, Percival closes the distance between him and the marmok.
Local Fisherman: Percival! You can't just waltz up to that thing and kill it!
Percival: I know. I wasn't going to kill it anyway.
Percival calmly walks up to the menacing marmok.
Percival: We're sorry. We trespassed into your territory, but please forgive us.
Marmok: Groar!
Vyrn: Hold on, Percival! If you get any closer you'll get hurt!
Percival: It's all right. It's telling me that it doesn't see us as enemies.
Percival gently lays down his weapon on the deck so as not to startle the marmok.
Percival: I've surrendered my weapon. So could you cease your anger?
Marmok: Groar!
The marmok refuses to stand down, but Percival reaches out his hand.
Percival: Nghh!
Lyria: Percival!
The marmok sinks its sharp fangs into Percival's hand.
Marmok: Groar!
Percival: Humph. Don't worry, I won't hurt you.
Fresh blood begins to trickle down his hand.
Marmok: Ggg... groar!
Percival: Everyone was causing a fuss and it got you all worked up, huh?
Marmok: Groar...
Percival: Then let's call it a draw.
Percival: I guarantee your safety. Trust me.
Marmok: Koo?
Percival's message seems to have reached the marmok, and it begins to lick the wound on his hand.
Marmok: Koo koo... Koo koo...
Percival: Is that so? You'll forgive us?
Local Fisherman: What's this? A marmok warming up to a human?
Vyrn: Is that strange?
Local Fisherman: Indeed. All the fishermen around these parts make sure to keep their distance with the marmok.
Lyria: For now, we need to treat Percival and the marmok!
After securing the marmok, the crew decides to return to the port and form a plan.
But giant crabs appear and block their path.
Local Fisherman: Why're these crabs showing up all of a sudden!
Local Fisherman: (Captain)! Could you take care of these real quick for us?
Vyrn: You got it!
Hey, Percival! This time, you relax and leave it to us!
Percival: Humph. No need for that. It's only a scratch.
Percival: Now move. You're in my way.

Summer's Promise: Scene 3

At the beach house, Percival reads up on marmoks. On a sneaking suspicion, he leads the crew and the fisherman out to sea that night where they find a ship of poachers.

Lyria: Mokky! Mokky! It's dinner time!
Marmok: Koo koo! Koo koo koo!
(Captain) and the crew are keeping the marmok at the beach house.
Lyria enjoys taking care of the sea creature, and has even given it a name.
Lyria: Wow! Come look, (Captain)!
Lyria: Mokky cracked a shell open with a rock to eat it! Look how cute it is!
Vyrn: Oh boy.
That thing isn't a pet, you know.
Just then, Percival comes in to check on the marmok.
Percival: Vyrn's right. We're going to return it to the ocean eventually.
Percival: If you get too friendly, it won't be good for either of you.
Lyria: Sorry. Mokky's just so cute though.
Percival: I know how you feel, Lyria. But you've got to think about what's best for the marmok.
Lyria: I see. I'll be more careful from now on.
Percival: All right. You keep taking good care of it.
Lyria: I will! Leave it to me!
With a satisfied smile, Percival returns to his room to read up on marmoks.
Percival: Classified in the family Marmok, of the order Mok. Likes to eat crabs and sea urchins. Dwells in kelp fields.
Percival: Its fur is valued as a luxury item that's often traded for a high price.
Percival: Hm, but those fishermen said they stay away from the marmok.
Percival has a nagging feeling. He decides to check another book.
Percival: Kelp field organisms...
Important to the food chain...
Percival: Hm... As they decrease, the balance is tipped and new kelp sprouts are eaten away.
Percival: I see. So that's what's going on.
Percival goes over the pieces of the puzzle in his mind.
That night, he goes back out into the sea with the local fishermen, (Captain), and the crew.
Local Fisherman: So you're saying that what happens tonight might solve our abalone problem?
Vyrn: Hey, Percival. You sure all we have to do is wait here?
Percival: Yes, I'm very sure. Just trust me for now.
Once near the marmok area, the lamps are turned off. They drift on the waves lying in wait.
After a short time, they sense another boat coming near.
Local Fisherman: Hm, a boat? But no one should be out here except us tonight!
Percival: Shh! Just wait.
With bated breath they wait. Suddenly, voices both pained and angry begin to echo from the ship.
Percival quietly gestures to guide their boat closer.
Vyrn: Gulp! Something's up, just like Percival predicted.
Local Fisherman: Curses! Who's behind all this?
Percival: Vassals, are you ready?
Lyria: Yes, sir! We can't let them get away with this!
Local Fisherman: Hear, hear! We'll be fighting alongside you!
Percival: That's the spirit! But I'll have you amateurs fall back.
Percival: Now, let's go! Follow me, (Captain)!

Summer's Promise: Scene 4

After defeating the poachers, Percival and the crew take the injured marmoks ashore to safety. Once released back into the ocean, the marmoks dance for Percival who makes a promise to visit the ocean again next summer.

???: So it was an ambush. How did you find us out?
???: You jerks! You wanna take our marmoks from us?
Percival: Humph. You're despicable. Don't mistake us for poachers like you.
Local Fisherman: How dare you rob our sacred ocean!
Baby Marmoks: Mew mew...
Mew mew...
On the deck of the poaching ship, injured baby marmoks cry out in distress.
Percival: You fools even dare to hurt baby marmoks.
Percival: Unforgivable. I'll turn you to cinders right here and now!
Poacher: Yikes! Spare me my life!
Vyrn: Wait, Percival, wait! Don't be hasty!
Lyria: Percival! We have to hurry and help the injured babies!
Percival: You're right. I'll handle these scoundrels later.
Percival: (Captain)! Aid the weakest marmoks first!
Thanks to Percival, the marmok poachers are handed over to the patrol force.
After the marmoks are tended to, Percival explains how he solved the case.
Percival: The marmoks likely began attacking the fishing boats as a way to defend against the poachers.
Vyrn: That thing charged at us because it thought we were poachers?
Local Fisherman: That makes sense! So, what about the abalone?
Percival: It seems the drop in abalone is related to the marmok poaching.
Lyria: How's that exactly?
Percival: Humph. First, I want you to read this.
Percival spreads open the oceanography book.
Lyria: It looks a little complicated.
Percival: Well, this book led me to my theory. To put it simply...
Percival: With the overhunting of the marmoks, the ocean's ecology lost balance. And so, the abalone decreased in turn.
Local Fisherman: Overhunting? The ocean's ecology lost balance? But marmoks like to eat abalone.
Local Fisherman: Wouldn't the abalone thrive without all those marmoks?
Percival: Yes, for a while, maybe. But the marmok's main food source, crabs and sea urchins, would thrive as well.
Percival: Didn't you say that crabs have been multiplying? How about sea urchins?
Local Fisherman: Ah, you're right! There's been a surge of crabs and urchins!
Percival: Their natural enemy disappeared, and so crabs and urchins began to flourish.
Percival: As the number of sea urchins increased, the kelp fields were eaten away.
Percival: Abalone mainly eat kelp sprouts. So what happens when the kelp sprouts disappear from the fields?
Lyria: Oh! They won't have any food and they won't survive!
Percival: That's right. I think that's the reason why the abalone have dropped off so drastically.
Local Fisherman: So that's what it was.
Vyrn: Wow, Percival. You're like an egghead.
Percival: Not really. It's still just a theory. They'll need to keep observing for changes.
Percival: But I must say, you fishermen have incredible ancestral knowledge.
Local Fisherman: Ancestral knowledge? What's that?
Percival: I mean, for generations you've been keeping your distance from the marmoks.
Percival: Surely you knew it was for the sake of coexistence between people and marmoks.
Percival: Phew, accepting this request has taught me quite a lot.
Percival's mouth curves into a satisfied smile. His deeds reach the ears of many who listen in awe.
Top oceanographers gather to draft a pact to protect the marmoks, which is key to the balance of Auguste's ecology.
With the support of the Fishermen's Guild and the locals, the pact is presented at an assembly in the Auguste capital of Mizarea.
The Marmok Protection Pact is speedily passed thanks to Percival's quick action.
Time passes, and the injured marmoks are fully recovered and ready to return to the ocean.
Percival quietly looks out over the calm sea.
The marmoks splash into the ocean as they're let go one-by-one.
Lyria: Boo hoo... Boo hoo hoo!
(Mokky, take care of yourself!)
Vyrn: Come on, Lyria! Send them off with a smile!
Lyria: I know. But, it's just, saying goodbye is so sad.
Vyrn: Well, if you say so. But look at Percival! He's playing it cool as always.
Percival: ...
Unmoved by their parting, Percival's expression remains stoic.
After seeing off the last of the marmoks, Percival turns to the crew.
Percival: Let's go.
Lyria: Percival, don't you want to say goodbye?
Percival: It's clear that if the marmoks get too used to humans, they'll only put themselves in danger.
Vyrn: Well, I won't argue with you. But this is your last chance, so why not?
Percival: It's fine, so let's go.
By his order, the boat turns around and sails away from the marmoks.
Reluctant to part with them, Lyria gazes back at the marmoks and notices something peculiar.
Lyria: Ah! Percival, please look!
With Lyria's plea, Percival turns back.
He sees the marmoks moving together oddly in a pattern.
Marmok: Koo koo! Koo koo koo!
Marmok: Koo koo! Koo koo koo!
Marmok: Koo koo! Koo koo koo!
Marmok: Koo koo! Koo koo koo!
Percival: ...
Oceanographer: Incredible!
Percival: What are they doing?
Oceanographer: It's a performance the marmoks use to express deep affection.
Oceanographer: But the entire group is moving together in unison. I've never seen such a thing!
Listening to the oceanographer speak so excitedly, Percival feels the emotions swelling within him.
Percival: (Thank you. I leave it to you to protect these waters.)
Percival: (Show me how beautiful this ocean can be. Next summer, and every summer.)
(Captain) notices a slight change in Percival, and thinks to tease him a bit.
But (Captain) thinks twice, and is content with sneaking a glance at his rare and pleasant expression.
The young man with flaming red hair stands tall, bathed in silver light glinting off the water.
Although his mannerisms may be harsh, his heart smiles nonetheless.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
やると決めたら何事も全力だ Once I set my mind to it, there's no stopping me.
たまには家臣共も羽を伸ばせ You vassals should take it easy once in a while.
やれやれ…とんだバカンスだな Well, well, this is turning into quite a vacation.
人々と自然が共存する道、か… A way for people and nature to coexist, huh?
ランスロットのヤツは浮かれすぎだ。 That fool Lancelot's getting too carried away.
やはり駄犬は駄犬だな。 Vane's a loyal pup. No more, no less.
マルモッコ達は元気だろうか… I hope those marmoks are happy and healthy.
ジークフリートはどこに埋まっている? Siegfried's got his head stuck in the sand somewhere.
やはり(主人公)は特別な家臣だ I knew you'd make an exceptional vassal, (Captain).
(主人公)…俺から離れるなよ Always stay by my side, (Captain).

Other Appearances


  • Appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Swordcraft class.
SV Percival, Lord of Flames.png SV Percival, Lord of Flames E.png
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Gain Rush while an allied Siegfried, Dragonslayer is in play.
Whenever this follower attacks, gain +X/+0. X equals the number of other allied followers in play.

Humph. Plebian riff-raff like this dares to stand in my way to royalty? What insolence. We shall conquer them, vassal! Follow my lead!


(Same as the unevolved form.)

I want to build a land without war, where even the powerless can live in peace. To do that, I'll need superlative vassals. Captain, won't you aid me?

Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Percival, Lord of Flames
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

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