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Official Profile

Age 32
Height 180 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Training
Likes Meditation
Dislikes People who are all talk

Final Uncap

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 32歳
Height 180cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 稽古
Likes 瞑想
Dislikes 口だけの人間

Final Uncap

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


Ten years ago, Siegfried was recruited into the Royal Knights of Feendrache by King Josef, who personally instructed him on knighthood. Although his dubious origins and rough mannerisms caused conflict with many other knights, Siegfried slowly grew in reputation. Along with Gunther and Hagen, Siegfried was one of the commanders in the Fafnir Suppression Force; however, mid-battle, Hagen initiated his plan to have the other two knights slain in the battle and steal glory for himself. Siegfried sacrificed himself to defeat Fafnir, and his life was only spared by drinking the dragon's blood.

After apprehending Hagen and returning to Feendrache victorious, Siegfried became known as the "Dragonslayer" in honor of his valiant actions and King Josef appointed him as his personal bodyguard. Soon, the Royal Knights of Feendrache was reorganized as the Order of the Black Dragons, with Siegfried as its new captain. Gunther and Kriemhild, Josef's attendant, married and moved to the region of Burgundy.

Over the years, Feendrache grew ever more prosperous with the help of Isabella and the primal beast Sylph, who used Fafnir's blood to create a magical elixir called alma. As Feendrache's fame grew and its military might distinguished itself from surrounding kingdoms, the Order of the Black Dragons attracted the likes of Lancelot and Percival—both who became his co-deputy commanders.

Then a village became inflicted with a mysterious epidemic. The villagers came to the King for aid and Josef sent Siegfried to investigate. There, the knight discovered that alma created a poisonous by-product that was dumped into the river by soldiers of Feendrache. Seeking to inform the King, Siegfried came back to the castle only to be framed for his liege's death by the true culprit of conspiracy. The King told Siegfried how to escape with his dying breath and he escaped into the rainy night. Branded the "Kingslayer," Siegfried became a fugitive and worked behind the scenes so he could one day expose the true villain.

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Time would pass and a certain crew would visit Feendrache when Siegfried unsealed Fafnir to lure the person who framed him. That crew and the knights who had once served their Kingdom next to Siegfried discovered his innocence. They worked together to bring the truth to light and out the conspirators poisoning the Kingdom.

Even though his name was cleared, Siegfried turned down the offer to become the captain of the White Dragon Knights. Taking responsibility for the uproar he caused and for the knights he harmed in the process, Siegfried left to go on a journey. Though he can return to Feendrache any time he wishes, Siegfried continued to search for ways to help his country from afar.

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  • Siegfried's first skill, "Verdrangen", is German for "suppress".[6]
  • "Mirage" is named after the first track from the power metal band Manigance's album D'un autre sang.
  • "Salvator" is Latin for "savior".[7]
  • "Gewaltfaenge" is German for "violent/powerful talons".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
Allow me to join you in with your birthday celebrations. I hope you have a wonderful day.


Time passes, day by day, month by month, and soon an entire year has already moved on.
I was thinking about what to surprise you with and I've come up with the perfect gift for you. Are you ready?
Speechless, are we? Okay, here it is!

(Captain) immediately braces for the worst. Paying no mind, Siegfried begins contorting his body into a bizarre dance.

Old stories claim that it's easier to be possessed by evil spirits on your birthday.
I stumbled across this dance in old literature. It's said to be especially potent at warding off evil.
With this dance, I wish you happiness and good health. Care to join me?


Happy birthday to you.
This will be the third year I get to celebrate this day with you, isn't it? Time goes by so quickly.
This year I got you a tongue tingling gift, (Captain). Would you like it?
Siegfried takes out a handful of bright red fruit. They're long and slim with pointy ends.
This is a special seasoning that grows on a certain island. Not only is it extremely spicy, it's said to ward off evil spirits with its spiciness.
Or rather, it's supposed to help boost your immunity so you don't fall ill.
I also got a recipe to go along with the gift. Let's head to the kitchen and cook it up at once!
I'm quite curious to know how spicy it is. Shall we eat it together when it's all done?


Happy birthday, (Captain). Time passes oh so quickly.
This is a present from me to you. It's supposed to be a decoration for your room.
Siegfried hands (Captain) a peculiar object that resembles neither an animal nor a fish.
On certain islands, this doll is said to ward off evil spirits. Leave it where all can see.
I have one in my own room. It's unique appearance helps me gaze at peacefully for long periods of time.
If we wish for the safety of the Grandcypher, we can even place one on its nose.
(Captain), if you have a moment, would you like to come with me and do just that?


Happy birthday, (Captain). I see you've made even further progress since last year.
To commemorate your growth as a fine skyfarer, I'd like to give you a present.
(Captain) opens the package to find a cloak with strange designs embroidered on it.
I've been told that this cloak has a story behind it and is something given on birthdays.
The embroidered designs are meant to be blessings, in hopes that the wearer's dreams will come true, and also to protect the wearer from harm.
Actually, this cloak seemed so impressive that I bought one for myself as well.
What do you say we wear this together today, (Captain)?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
A new beginning is upon us. This year I hope to grow even stronger by your side.


It's been exciting, hasn't it?
Today should be spent surrounded by family, or so everyone says.
Humph. Well, I don't really have any family, so it doesn't concern me I guess.
What? What's with that face? Yes, the crew and I are friends but...
You're right, I suppose. In a way, we're also a family.


Is that you, (Captain)? What's the matter? Hm... You've come to wish me a happy New Year?
I see. You brought me some New Year's snacks as well? Mm... Then I gratefully accept.
Don't be shy. Please come inside. You wanted to eat them with me here, no?
Mm... Your heart is just easy to read is all, (Captain).
Food is more delicious when you're sharing it with others. Am I right?
I'm sure the crew has been at your side all day, so I'm touched that you'd go out of your way to come see me.
Now let's not stand and chat! Have a seat while I make some warm tea!


Happy New Year.
What now? You're surprised I came to see you just to say that?
Well, you're always going through the trouble of coming to see me, so I thought I'd return the favor.
But I thought it might be a little strange to come empty-handed.
That's why I brought the Lucky Laugh game. You know it?
You're blind-folded and try to build a face from pieces you have. Then everyone laughs with you at the silly face you've made which brings luck.
You seem to know what I'm talking about already.
Heh heh... Want to play?
Let's say that the person who makes the funnier face wins.


It seems that people tend to set new goals and make their wishes at the start of a new year.
I tried following everyone else and writing down a resolution. What do you think?
Siegfried holds up a piece of paper with the words "Loyal Knight" on it.
You have quite the expression on your face. This is the title I received from His Highness—there is a special meaning to it.
Feelings are something that change over time. I chose to write this so as to remind myself that I must not forget what I had originally set out to do.
Heh. I'm glad you understand.
Have you set any goals for yourself, (Captain)? Why don't you tell me about them?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day. Today is the day you give sweet tokens of gratitude to others.
Hm? Only the female crew members are giving gifts today, you say?


I kind of messed up last year's Valentine's Day, didn't I, (Captain)?
For this year, I practiced what to say a few days ago. I'm prepared for any present you give me.
So go ahead, (Captain), and give it to me whenever's convenient for you. Hm?
Ah, I see... I'm supposed to be spontaneous, not rehearsed.
Shoot... I failed again! Wait, wait, give me another chance. Just come in from the door and start over. Is that okay, (Captain)?


It's Valentine's Day... I need to make sure I don't do anything off-putting to (Captain)...
(Speak of the devil! Now's my chance... I'll watch her from afar while pretending not to notice her...)
Hm? I don't look well? No problem. I'm just perfect.
Hm? Don't tell me... I stirred up worry by pretending not to notice you?
I see... In order to pull off a surprise, acting natural is the key.
Ah... Look what I've done another year in a row!
Greeting, light chat, and eye contact... Good. I've got it.
(Captain), I'm sorry about this once again. But could you please give me another chance? Just one more...


Is it Valentine's Day already?
I'll need to take the steps necessary to properly accept (Captain)'s gift this year.
First... Casually say.
"What a surprise to see you here..."
I think...
Then I exchange pleasantries...
"It's cold out. Take care not to get sick."
Yes... That'll do...
Then (Captain) will present the present and I'll kindly respond...
(Captain), did you see all that?
This box... Oh, you brought me chocolates? Thank you.
Oh no... All that preparation for nothing...


(Ah, there's (Captain). All right, now to act like how I'd practiced earlier...)
Oh, hello, (Captain)! It's pretty cold lately, huh?
Looks like it snowed quite a lot yesterday. While walking down the street, I saw some boys beating the cold and making a snowman.
It looked like they were having trouble putting the head on the body, so I gave them a hand.
By the way, (Captain)... Did you want to talk to me about something?
Is this... chocolate? Thank you, (Captain). I'll take my time to enjoy it later today.

White Day Cutscenes
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White Day is finally here, it seems. And I'd like to thank you for all you do. Let's see... How about a lesson in sword fighting?


Do you have a moment, (Captain)? Seeing as it's White Day, I've prepared a small gift for you.
I'm not well versed in such customs, so I hope it's to your liking, (Captain).
I give this not out of duty, but of my own volition. Please accept it.
Why are you hanging your head? Have I erred again?
No? You're... happy? Well, I'm relieved, if that's the case.
After all, this gift for you, (Captain), is heartfelt.
Let's continue exploring the unknown together.


(Captain), thank you for the chocolates on Valentine's Day.
The flavor was exquisite... I was surprised to learn that it was homemade.
I want to repay you for your kindness, (Captain). So I brought sweets for you as a token of my thanks.
Go ahead and take it. Of course, these chocolates are especially for you.
You think I don't know what I'm saying? Heh... I know very well. And I've come to know more than you think...
When I think of someone I want to hold dear to me, you're the first person I think of, (Captain).
Hm... Now why are you looking at me with that face? Could I have said something to upset you?
Oh, you're just surprised? Ah, I see. I'm sorry. I mistook your reaction for something else...
I want you to continue being my ally in battle, (Captain), as we continue to support each other. I trust you want the same.


(Captain), can I borrow you for a moment?
I need to let you know how I really feel. So here...
I just need to get this off my chest and into the right words...
(Captain)... I...
Hm? Why are you looking down? Did I say something wrong...
Oh, you're just surprised? Then I have succeeded!
I wanted to say that I... respect you as a great leader. That is all.


Sorry for calling you out here all of a sudden,(Captain).
I've brought you something in return for your gift the other day.
But I have something I want to say before giving it to you.
I'm afraid I've been wrong in the way I expressed my gratitude up until now.
You were always so thoughtful and sincere toward me—I apologize for how ill-mannered I've acted in return. I'll show you here just how sincere I am as well.
(Captain), your homemade chocolate was delicious.
Here's something from me in return. Yes, I baked it myself.
Did I leave it in the oven for long enough? Okay, that's good. I'm glad I did my research before attempting to make it.
Actually, I have another recipe I'd like to try sometime. Will you taste it for me when I make it?

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
5th year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
Pranks are not my strong point. Would some candy suffice?


It looks like the season of costumes is upon us once more.
I'm no good at pranks, so I couldn't join in on the fun last year.
But after traveling with this crew, I think I have a few ideas up my sleeve.
So, what kind of pranks do you enjoy, (Captain)?
Don't be shy. What prank would you play on me? Tell me!


When the weather starts to get this chilly, it means the Halloween festival has come back around.
Now then, you've come up with a special trick to play on me this year, haven't you? Go on and give it your best shot.
Hm? Rather than play a trick, you want to be tricked instead?
Hm... I see. This is a bit difficult... What sort of trick would be good to try?
How about if I switch your weapon with my giant sword, (Captain)? It'd be a bit annoying to get used to!
Hm... A more playful trick, you say? What should I do...
Well, they say it's best to watch an expert if you wish to get good at something. So let's go and see what the kids are up to!
We'll have them play a trick on us. That should give us some real food—or tricks—for thought!



(Captain) is invited by the hiding Siegfried to join him.

You're here just in time. I'm getting ready to scare some children who will be coming by any moment...
I was able to master the art of hiding, but I'm not sure exactly how I should scare them.
I supposed something frightful will do the trick, eh? I can mimic the movements of the undead quite well.
Hm... I see your point. It may not be wise to put fear into the children's hearts... A simple startle should be sufficient.
Here they come. Will you help me give them a good trick!


Oh, is that what you're going with for this year's costume, (Captain)? It looks good on you.
Actually, I tried dressing up this year myself...
The cloak I wore had wings and the children loved it, so they're borrowing it for the time being.
No, it wasn't a bat costume. It was a dragon.
I sewed scales from a real dragon onto the cloak, so it feels quite real too.
Heh. Since everyone loves it so much, venturing deep into the mountains of Feendrache to gather the scales was worth it.
I'll show you the cloak once I get it back. Then you can tell me what you think of it.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays. Santa's on his way, but have you been good this year?
I see... You're not a kid anymore, eh?


Even I could stand to relax every once in a while, right?
This time of year always reminds me that I'm not a child anymore.
Anyway, I'm off to deliver presents now.
There's no need to worry. I'll wear the red suit instead of my usual armor.
You've been good this year, (Captain). Perhaps there'll be a present waiting for you as well.


Happy holidays! Good to hear you sounding so cheery, (Captain)!
On the way here, a group of children I'd given presents to last year ran up to me. It's clear they've got their hopes up for this year.
But giving a child a gift with their promise that they'll be good for a whole year is a flimsy bet when it comes down to it.
But their bright smiling eyes looking up at me as they asked about their presents was proof enough. They'd honestly kept their promise all year long.
Now then, I think it's time for St. Nick and his reindeer to make an appearance and drop off these gifts!
But don't fret... I was sure to get a gift for you too, (Captain)!
Everyone knows that you've been good this year, (Captain). You deserve a present!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
You want to know what this big bag is for? I'm going to go pass out presents to the children.
Last year, I promised the kids if they were good, I'd visit. I can't let them down.
Heh heh... I like the ring of Siegfried Santa anyways.
Hm? You'll help me pass out the presents?
That'd be much appreciated.
It's not like these are heavy or anything, but some of the stuff just won't fit in my one bag.
You'll get a present too once we pass all these out.
Come on, (Captain). Let's go.


When I went to give the children their presents as usual, they gave me an invitation to a party.
On the back of it, there's even a drawing of me looking like quite the hero. I'm honored.
I'm very touched that someone like me would receive such a heartfelt invitation—I never thought that day would come.
On the invitation, it says that I'm welcome to bring a friend to the party. Would you like to come, (Captain)?
All right, then change into this costume.
It's time for St. Nick and his reindeer to give the children a nice surprise!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Aloof Knight

A few days after the incident with Gunther comes to a close, Siegfried prepares to set off on a journey alone to find a way to halt his body's transformation into a dragon. (Captain) and the crew catch him on the way out.

A few days pass since the incident with Gunther, captain of the former Royal Knights of Feendrache.
Once the dust settles, (Captain) and the crew get ready to return on their journey and make their way toward the port.
Lyria: Huh? Isn't that Siegfried walking over there?
Vyrn: Heeeey, Siegfried! Wait up!
Siegfried: Hm?
Siegfried: Oh, well if it isn't (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria. Leaving the island?
Lyria: Yes! Are you headed for the port as well?
Siegfried: Indeed. Somewhere out there I'll hopefully find a way to stop this dragon transformation from progressing.
A long time ago, Siegfried fought to seal the dragon Fafnir in the Howling Valley of Feendrache and was bathed in its blood.
As a result of that incident, he received powers beyond the capabilities of a normal person. One such power is his body's extraordinary regenerative abilities.
However, these powers did not come without consequences. Siegfried recently confirmed that his body is slowly turning into that of a dragon's.
He lost control of himself in a rampage of destruction during the incident with Gunther.
Lyria: Stopping you the first time was tough enough... I really hope we won't have to do it again.
Siegfried: Lancelot and the rest promised to stop me if I ever lose control again.
Siegfried: And while I am grateful and believe in their abilities to uphold that promise...
Siegfried: I won't sit around and do nothing myself. There has to be a solution out there somewhere.
Vyrn: I get what you're tryin' to do, but are you really gonna run off on your own again?
Lyria: Is it really safe for you to leave by yourself? What if you suddenly transform again?
Siegfried: The alma I took has cured everything Gunther did to me, so there should be nothing to worry about at the moment.
Siegfried: My body is functioning as normal, and as long as I live my life as usual, the transformation shouldn't progress significantly.
Lyria: That's a relief to hear, but...
While Lyria hesitates to speak further, (Captain) fixes a concerned gaze onto Siegfried too.
Siegfried: Heh, looks like I've even made you youngsters worry after me.
Siegfried: Or perhaps this is a natural response, considering these transformations are unpredictable.
Vyrn: You got that right. So rely on others a little bit more, you hear?
Siegfried: Hmph. I really should have learned my lesson after all that's happened.
Siegfried: But it's hard to shake these loner habits of mine. It's quite frustrating.
He gives a wry smile as he reflects on his past actions.
Lyria: Why do you do things alone so often?
Lyria: It doesn't seem like you don't believe in other people...
Siegfried: Hmm. If I had to give a reason, I suppose it's because of the way I grew up.
Siegfried: You're not the only ones who've pointed this out to me either. King Josef once spoke to me about it long ago.
King Josef: Siegfried, it's not as if you're especially poor at cooperating with those around you.
King Josef: As a leader, your commands are precise and lead Feendrache to victory. I have no doubts as to your capabilities there.
King Josef: However, you never seem to know what to do when others reach out to you in your times of need.
King Josef: Surviving through countless harsh circumstances has given you strength, but also left you accustomed to solving issues on your own.
King Josef: That independence is your strength, as well as your weakness.
King Josef: I'm sure you yourself are quite familiar with this fact.
Siegfried: Lancelot captures people's hearts with humor, upholds honor and order, and is an exemplary knight who unites his troops.
Siegfried: Percival requests assistance straightforwardly from those he sets his sights on and works tirelessly toward his ideal self.
Siegfried: And Vane respects others regardless of station and strives to become a better protector of the people. Not to mention the next generation of knights following after their leads.
Siegfried: They all have one thing in common—they become incredibly strong when they band together with others. I would do well to learn from their examples.
Siegfried: And of course, I can't forget the people that I've had the luck and pleasure of becoming friends with and the worry they display over my current issue.
Siegfried: I have all the help I can ever need, but whether or not I can change...
Staring up at the clear sky, Siegfried trails off halfway through his own mumblings.
  1. Then let's start changing right now!
  2. Are you scared of change?

Choose: Then let's start changing right now!
Siegfried: Hm? What are you proposing?
Lyria: I think (Captain) means you should come aboard and travel with us!

Choose: Are you scared of change?
Siegfried: I wonder. I've never consciously felt scared, but...
Vyrn: Don'tcha think you're thinkin' about this too hard, Siegfried?
Lyria: When you tried to save Gunther, you made sure to ask for help, which just goes to show you can do it if you try!
Lyria: We want to help you too, so why not travel with us and search for a solution together?
(Captain) gives a big smile as well and invites Siegfried aboard with a bright "Come on, join us!"
Siegfried: Heh, such a lighthearted invitation is befitting of someone so cheerful. It's certainly one of your good qualities.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Well, we're not sayin' that it's impossible to figure it out on your own, but don't feel pressured to join us if you don't wanna.
Vyrn: On the other hand, don't feel like you're imposin' either. We've known each other long enough, and we'd love to have you aboard!
Lyria: We definitely want to do what we can for you! Right, (Captain)?
Siegfried: Given all that, I don't believe I can refuse.
Siegfried: I hope I won't be too much of a handful for you, (Captain).
With his overwhelming strength comes solitude.
Now confronted with an issue that is difficult to tackle alone, however, his stubborn heart may slowly begin to change.

Burdens of a Loyal Knight

(Captain) and company visit a dragon researcher, seeking his advice on how to stop Siegfried's transformation. They get a little sidetracked as Siegfried and the researcher reminisce about the days when King Josef ruled, but they eventually focus on the main topic at hand and discuss an herb they need to analyze Siegfried's blood.

When Siegfried was the leader of the Order of the Black Dragons, there was a researcher in Feendrache at the same time.
He studied the dragons of Feendrache and was regarded as an expert in the field, trusted by King Josef himself.
Perhaps he would know of a way to prevent these fits of dragon transformation.
With that hope in mind, Siegfried, (Captain), and the crew travel to the island where he has retired to.
Researcher: Yes, who is it?
Researcher: Oh my, if it isn't Siegfried! Look at how much you've grown!
Siegfried: I apologize for the sudden intrusion. You haven't changed one bit, I see.
Researcher: Come in, come in. I've been eagerly awaiting your arrival since your letter came.
Researcher: Please make yourself at home. The rest of you are also welcome to join us.
Lyria: Thank you very much.
Vyrn: I was expectin' someone scary when you mentioned he's famous, but he's actually pretty nice.
Siegfried: There should be nothing to worry about, as I wrote ahead to say you're simply a lizard. He won't try and study you.
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard! But, uh, thanks for worryin' about me, I guess.
Siegfried: Heh. Let's head inside.
The researcher serves everyone tea and spends a while chatting animatedly with Siegfried about old times.
Researcher: You know I left Feendrache right after the king was murdered.
Researcher: I can't even express the amount of relief I felt when I heard that the real culprit wasn't you.
Researcher: And now that we've had the chance to meet again, well, I'm absolutely tickled pink.
Siegfried: That incident truly put my comrades and kingdom through some hardships.
Siegfried: But thanks to them I was able to clear my name completely and join them in their battles once again.
Researcher: How wonderful! The people must be delighted to have a knight as amazing as you return.
Siegfried: Not quite. With Lancelot and the other knights that have since protected the country in my stead, I merely support them from time to time.
Vyrn: You two sure are havin' a grand ol' time. How did you meet anyways?
Researcher: Well, as unexpected as it may sound, I used to give the occasional advice to the knights.
Siegfried: His extensive knowledge on dragons and other monsters in Feendrache was indispensable.
Siegfried: If there was anything out of the ordinary regarding the monsters, he would assist in planning the corresponding defense of the people.
Siegfried: I joined the knights around the same time he began to help us, and since then I've been saved by his guidance countless times.
Researcher: Heh heh heh, I still remember what you were like back then.
Researcher: I believe it was ten years ago, give or take.
Researcher: You were such a boorish young man, completely unwilling to get along with others. I even doubted that you were truly a knight.
Lyria: So even someone like Siegfried had that kind of youth.
Siegfried: It's quite embarrassing to remember how I used to be. You were right to doubt my knighthood at the time.
Researcher: At the time, perhaps. But then you worked your way up and became captain, and even now you're still quite the outstanding knight.
Researcher: From the way you carry yourself, I can tell how much effort you've spent on your own betterment.
Siegfried: I would have been nothing without King Josef, so the credit really goes to him.
Researcher: King Josef, hmm?
Researcher: Seeing you again takes me back to when he ruled over Feendrache.
Siegfried: A fine king widely known for his great wisdom. I am proud to have served under his rule.
They take a moment of silence and nod at one another, paying respect to the great ruler's memory.
Siegfried: Well, I hate to take up more of your time, but could I discuss something else with you?
Researcher: Oh, that's right. I apologize for getting so off track.
Researcher: What did you come to discuss? You wrote of some problem involving Fafnir, but the letter wasn't quite clear what that problem was.
Siegfried begins to give a general explanation about what has happened to his body.
Researcher: Preposterous! How could such a thing happen to you!
Lyria: You've never heard of this happening before?
Researcher: Unfortunately this is the first I've heard of it.
Researcher: However, this is not the first instance of a dragon's life force exceeding our expectations.
Researcher: I would not be surprised to find it affecting a person's body, given the right circumstances.
Siegfried: So it is an isolated case after all. I expected this much, but I had hoped otherwise...
Researcher: Siegfried, would you allow me to run a few tests on your blood?
Researcher: Before a solution can be found, I believe the best course of action is to determine the current state of your body.
Siegfried: I shall procure anything you need. Thank you for your help.
Researcher: In that case, could I ask you to gather a few special herbs I need to study dragon components?
Researcher: I'm afraid they only grow where monsters make their dens, otherwise I'd get it myself.
Vyrn: You can leave that to us! Those monsters won't stand a chance!
Siegfried: You're already going out of your way for my sake. This is the least I can do, and I would be happy to be of use.
Researcher: Still, I appreciate it. Let me just grab the map where I've marked their growing locations.
Once Siegfried's blood is collected, (Captain) and the crew pull out their map and set out.

Burdens of a Loyal Knight: Scene 2

As (Captain) and company head out in search of the herb, Siegfried shares a story about the ceremony held long ago in honor of his appointment as captain of the Order of the Black Dragons. Following that story, he continues with another tale which shows a different side to the King Josef that everyone knew and loved.

Lyria: According to the map, we should follow this path... here?
Vyrn: (Captain) says we should turn right.
Which I hope is right, 'cause this path is lookin' dicey enough without us goin' the wrong way...
Siegfried: I was more worried when he mentioned the herbs were special like they weren't going to be growing on this island.
(Captain) and crew follow the map and walk along the hazardous mountain path.
Lyria: I've been wondering about something for a while now.
Lyria: What was King Josef like? Do you have any stories about him?
Vyrn: He's gotta be different than the fatherly type of person the current king is, right? I'm definitely interested in hearin' about him!
Siegfried: If you're fine with a storyteller like me, then I'd be happy to share.
Siegfried: King Josef was, as you've already guessed, a very strict man.
Siegfried: He never let anyone close and focused only on what was ahead. Perhaps the word "aloof" would have described him perfectly.
With that introduction, Siegfried begins to tell them about a ceremony that was once held for Feendrache's people.
King Josef: Loyal subjects of Feendrache, thank you all for joining me at the castle.
King Josef: I have an important announcement to make today. Please listen carefully to what I am about to say.
King Josef: Our royal knights have finally sealed away the menace that has terrorized us for far too long—the dragon Fafnir.
King Josef: Rejoice, for our days shall no longer be shrouded in fear! Today we are triumphant!
Citizen 1: Fafnir was sealed?
Citizen 2: No way! How in the world did they deal with that powerful beast?
The people fall into stunned silence at this revelation before breaking into excited murmurs.
King Josef: I have one more announcement to make.
King Josef: In commemoration of this great achievement, the Royal Knights of Feendrache shall be renamed to the Order of the Black Dragons.
King Josef: And to lead them we have appointed a worthy knight.
King Josef: Siegfried, if you will step to the front.
Siegfried: Yes, Your Majesty!
King Josef: Siegfried assisted greatly in the sealing of Fafnir without any regard to his own safety.
King Josef: His innate strength and will are more than enough to fill this position of leadership.
King Josef: Thus I beseech you, Siegfried, to take up this mantle and guide our great country to prosperity!
Siegfried: There could be no greater honor! I pledge myself with pride!
King Josef: Loyal subjects, let us celebrate our new captain!
King Josef: May he protect Feendrache as its sword and shield, and remain a pillar of strength and pride!
Citizen 1: Heck yeah, Captain Siegfried!
Citizen 2: Nothing can stop our country now!
Siegfried: ...
Siegfried's expression tightens as he gazes over the celebrating citizens.
They cheer with envy in their eyes for him and their wise, aloof king.
Their shouting is music to his ears, and he stands a little taller, reflecting on the joyous honor of being able to serve the country he loves and respects.
Siegfried: That's how I remember it going at least.
Lyria: He sounds like he was an amazing king. I almost can't believe he was King Carl's brother.
Siegfried: I should mention that this is how he appeared in public. In private he was a cheerful and friendly man.
Vyrn: Really? Lancelot and the other guys never mentioned anythin' like that.
Siegfried: Of course he always remained collected like a king should be in front of his subjects.
Siegfried: But in front of an eccentric fellow like myself, he was sometimes able to show his other sides.
Siegfried: You know, we actually had a conversation about this that night.
He begins to speak once more, a nostalgic smile showing as he does.

Burdens of a Loyal Knight: Scene 3

Starting his tale, Siegfried speaks of a night during which he went on a walk in the gardens with King Josef and showed him how to approach a small wind rabbit that had wandered inside the castle grounds. He finishes speaking right as they reach the herb's growing location.

Siegfried: Your Majesty, I apologize for my tardiness.
King Josef: No need, no need. I'm the one who called you out here.
King Josef: We should hurry though, so let's be on our way.
The night of his appointment as captain, Siegfried is called to escort King Josef for an evening stroll.
They do not travel past the castle's walls, instead opting for the safety of the castle gardens.
However, Siegfried's back is ramrod straight as he attempts to be the perfect guard, fretting over his ability to do so.
Siegfried: ...
King Josef: There's no need to be so stiff. No one else is here aside from the two of us.
Siegfried: But... you were the one who said that a knight should always act as if someone is watching them.
King Josef: Heh, well let's just call this garden a special place where you don't have to.
King Josef: We are free to enjoy ourselves for a fleeting moment here where we can attempt to forget our troubles and obligations.
His eyes are at peace, a complete contrast from the stern focus he displayed earlier in the day.
Siegfried: Very well, I will also attempt the same.
The knight pulls at his collar and loosens it up.
King Josef: Siegfried, as you very well know, I am the king at all times. This is a mantle I can't put down, not until another person succeeds me.
King Josef: But there are times when I need a moment to remember who I am as a person, not a king.
King Josef: Otherwise I might just break at the pressure from continuously acting as an almighty leader forged by an iron will and endless wisdom.
King Josef: Enjoying the evening breeze and plant life of this garden every so often is enough to remind myself that I am but one single person.
Siegfried: ...
Josef seems to be speaking more to himself than giving any advice in particular, but Siegfried listens quietly nonetheless.
Wind Rabbit: ...
Some nearby shrubbery unexpectedly rustles, and a single wind rabbit hops out.
King Josef: A wild wind rabbit? Looks like you've wandered a long way from home, my friend.
King Josef: Come here now. I promise I won't hurt you. Just hop on over.
Wind Rabbit: Squeak?
When Josef approaches with his hand extended, the rabbit scurries away in fright and hides in the bush it came from.
King Josef: Hmm. It seems this is out of my area of expertise.
King Josef: Though I can't say I'm surprised. My brother was always better at gaining the trust and love of animals and children.
King Josef: It appears my form instills fear no matter who I face, but there's nothing that can be done about it.
Siegfried: Heh, so even Your Majesty worries about such things.
King Josef: Of course. I've worried about it since I was young, but that's a secret that doesn't leave this garden.
Siegfried: If I may offer a word. Wind rabbits are small creatures, and like many other small creatures, they are extremely wary of anything bigger than themselves.
Siegfried: You should crouch down and appear harmless while you wait for any opposition to your approach.
King Josef: I see. Like this?
Siegfried: It's also important not to stare either, as that might make you seem like a predator. Perhaps focus your gaze slightly to the side.
King Josef: O-oh, all right, gaze a little to the side then.
Under Siegfried's guidance, Josef crouches to the ground and waits quietly.
Wind Rabbit: ...?
King Josef: ...
Wind Rabbit: ...
King Josef: ...!
Wind Rabbit: Squeak...
King Josef: Ah! It hid again.
King Josef: Sigh. What did I do wrong?
Siegfried: If you'll excuse me again, Your Majesty. You need to relax a bit more.
Siegfried: If you aren't relaxed, then the rabbit won't relax its guard either.
Siegfried: Any hint of danger is enough to scare it away, so keeping a level head is key.
Siegfried crouches down next to Josef and calmly reaches his hand out.
Siegfried: Come here.
Wind Rabbit: ...
Siegfried: Heh, good rabbit. You're a friendly one.
King Josef: Well now... This is quite surprising.
King Josef: For someone so boorish and unaccustomed to working with others, you are unexpectedly skilled at gaining the trust of those weaker than you.
Siegfried: I don't believe I've done anything out of the ordinary. Knowing the behavior and characteristics of monsters is essential when facing them in battle.
Siegfried: Naturally those studies extended to small monsters too. That's all.
King Josef: You have quite an interesting view of things.
King Josef: Quite fitting for an eccentric fellow like yourself.
Siegfried: Eccentric?
Siegfried: Well, putting that aside, this is a good chance to get that rabbit to warm up to you, Your Majesty. Why don't we try again?
King Josef: Heh, I'm sure I'll accomplish it in no time with such a reliable teacher.
Lyria: It's adorable that he tried so hard to get the wind rabbit to like him!
Siegfried: I found that aspect of him charming as well, though I have to wonder if he worried only because he was such a dignified ruler.
Vyrn: I bet Lancelot and the other guys'll be so surprised when they get a load of this story! They're gonna be so jealous we heard it first, (Captain)!
Siegfried: Now then, it seems we've arrived in the time it took to share those stories.
He points at their destination as monsters prowl in front of the prize.
Vyrn: Let's get this over with and knock 'em down!
Siegfried: Yes, let's!

Burdens of a Loyal Knight: Scene 4

They return with the herb in hand and start the blood analysis. Siegfried visits the researcher's room later that evening and, upon receiving the result of the analysis, learns that the transformation of his body is steadily progressing. Before he can spiral downward into worry, he is reassured by the knowledge that his friends will stay by his side throughout this ordeal.

Herbs in hand, (Captain) and the crew return to the researcher.
The blood analysis will take most of the night to finish, leaving the crew to rest in the researcher's home as they wait.
Late into the evening, Siegfried visits the researcher while the chirping crickets accompany his footsteps.
Siegfried: I apologize again for making you do so much work. Is there anything I can do to help?
Researcher: Oh, Siegfried! You're still awake?
Siegfried: I merely lost track of time maintaining my sword, so please don't worry that you'll be keeping me up.
Siegfried: (Captain) and the others have already been put to bed too. I told them to go to sleep first.
Researcher: Heh heh, I see, I see.
Researcher: You've got some good timing then. Would you like to discuss the results that just came out?
Siegfried: I would greatly appreciate it if we could.
He sits down in a nearby chair and turns to the elderly man.
Researcher: From what I've gathered, it seems your suspicions are correct.
Researcher: Your blood contains dragon cells, and the number of these cells are steadily increasing over time.
Researcher: I believe eventually your Human cells will be completely consumed by dragon cells.
Siegfried: So my body is no longer purely Human.
Siegfried: And eventually it won't be Human at all.
Researcher: As much as it pains me to say it, but yes.
Researcher: There is some good news, however. While your body did transform a few days ago, and you lost control, I don't see any signs of that happening again soon.
Researcher: No rapid changes should occur at all, actually, if these blood results are correct.
Researcher: Whatever magic that caused the dragon cells to activate was cleared away by the alma you drank.
Researcher: Good thinking there, by the way. I can't think of anything better you could have done in that situation.
Siegfried: I'll have to properly thank the ones who gave me the alma.
Siegfried: From the way you phrased your explanation though, I assume more alma won't rid me of this problem.
Researcher: Indeed. Alma may be a powerful medicine, but the most it can do is control aging and heal sicknesses.
Researcher: These dragon cells are already a part of you too, so I would advise against forcefully removing them.
Researcher: That's why if you drank more alma, it might not give you the desired result.
Siegfried: ...
Researcher: I'm sorry that I don't have better news to share.
Siegfried: Please don't apologize. I'm grateful you shared the whole truth.
Siegfried: For the time being, just knowing that I can live without fear of succumbing to a sudden transformation is enough.
His gentle expression never changing, he lowers his head into a deep bow.
Researcher: I have pills here made from an herb known to repel dragons.
Researcher: It's been rumored to suppress dragon magic as well. Maybe it might help slow the change in your cells.
Researcher: Though it's nothing but a shot in the dark, I hope it helps.
Siegfried: Did you go out of your way to get this? Thank you, I'll give it a try.
Researcher: I'll contact some other researchers in the meantime and see if they don't have any information to share.
Researcher: And if anything else changes, don't hesitate to see me again. I'd be more than happy to help.
The researcher tidies up his workspace and excuses himself, leaving first to finally turn in for the night.
Siegfried: ...
Now alone in the room, Siegfried folds his arms over his chest and heaves a sigh, his expression grim.
Siegfried: (I expected this. I was prepared to expect this.)
Siegfried: (The price to pay for a monstrous power is my humanity.)
Siegfried: (But this means I've been reduced to a threat to my own country.)
Siegfried: (How can I uphold my duty to the king now?)
King Josef: Siegfried.
King Josef: We promoted you to captain solely based on Gunther's recommendation, but it appears that we weren't mistaken in our decision.
King Josef: I have every bit of confidence you will prove to be the glorious, guiding sword of our people and the stout shield to protect our country.
King Josef: It will be exciting to see what you do from now on. You will do great things, Siegfried.
Siegfried: (He said that to me that night.)
Siegfried: (Though with my body like this, do I even have the capabilities to keep trying?)
Vyrn: Well, we're not sayin' that it's impossible to figure it out on your own, but don't feel pressured to join us if you don't wanna.
Vyrn: On the other hand, don't feel like you're imposin' either. We've known each other long enough, and we'd love to have you aboard!
Lyria: We definitely want to do what we can for you! Right, (Captain)?
Siegfried: ...
The tight, worried tension in his furrowed brows finally vanishes.
Siegfried: (No, for the sake of King Josef and all my allies, I can't give up. I must find a way to fix this.)
Siegfried: (Before I do anything else, I'll meet with (Captain) and the others in the morning and let them know what I've learned tonight.)
He unfolds his arms and slowly stands.
A bit of worry still lingers in his mind. However, knowing there are kind friends watching after him puts the aloof knight at ease.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
悪いな、通らせてもらおう Sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to move.
グンター……すまなかった Gunther... I'm sorry.
掠り傷だ、すぐに治る It's just a scratch. I'll be fine.
ヨゼフ陛下に誓った騎士道を俺は行く I'll become the knight that His Majesty wanted me to be.
祖国のために、俺は…… I will do what I can for my country.
竜化の発作だけは勘弁してもらいたいものだ It would be nice if I never transformed again.
もっと人を頼れるようにならないとな…… I have to learn how to rely on others.
(主人公)、俺に合わせられるか? (Captain), do you think you can keep up with me?
本当に化け物になってしまったらしい…… It really felt like I became a monster...
(主人公)、俺に何かあったらその時は…… (Captain), if anything happens to me, I can count on you, right?


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